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The Idiotization Of Our Politics, Continued

June 18, 2015 10:33 pm
by Francisco Tatad/Manila Times

I   wrote   my   last   piece—the   first   part   of   this   article—in   the   midst   of
EDSA’s horrible traffic, going to and coming from the Ninoy Aquino
International   Airport   to   talk   to   a   friend   who   was   departing   for
Washington, D.C. and Quebec on some speaking engagements. As soon
as it was done, I had to look for a free wifi zone along EDSA to beat an
inflexible deadline. I found one in a friendly hotel, but in my rush to
dispatch the article, I failed to copyread what I had written.
This is a recurring failure. As a student of Chesterton, I have tried to
justify this failing by quoting the old literary giant, “Having written it, no
power on earth could compel me to read it.” Or words to that effect. So
very early the next morning, a friend called to say I had done a great job,
except that I had left a couple of sentences unedited, and omitted most of
the things I should have put in. He was absolutely right, so this is an
attempt to make amends.
SEVERAL issues contribute to the continuing idiotization of our politics.
As   noted   earlier,   the   propaganda   surveys   are   its   most   deceptive
instrument. But we have to consider the roles of the oligarchy and big
business, the military and the police, foreign governments, foreign NGOs
and   foreign   institutions,   the   Church,   the   bureaucracy,   the   political
dynasties, and the electoral process itself.
All   of   these,   in   varying   degrees,   contribute   to   the   idiotization   of   our
politics. Except that we cannot hope to cover all of these even in a series
of   columns.   A   younger   person   with   more   years   ahead   of   him   should
probably embark on this project.
Whoever   is   in   power,   the   oligarchy   and   big   business   like   to   exercise
control.   They   try   to   own   not   just   Congress   or   the   Cabinet   or   some
members thereof, but the President  himself. Thus, a group of tycoons
reputedly headed by someone known as RR, whose power and influence
have   risen   beyond   all   proportions   from   Erap   to   PNoy,   is   reportedly
planning to bankroll the presidential bid of Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares,
even though she is not even a natural born Filipino—she is also married
to an American citizen—­and therefore not qualified to run for president
or vice president or even to continue sitting in the Senate.

It was apparently to satisfy their insatiable greed that Aquino transferred to the private sector. This refers to the old Hyatt­10. This is how wild and dangerous they have become. public utilities and other basic . without   having   to   lift   the   existing   term   limit   that   bars   a   president’s reelection.   Once   in   office. But PNoy believes he is above the Constitution and the law and may want to impose Ms. As a lawyer who knows his law.” The only way for this idea to prosper is for PNoy to assure the LP and the nation   that   this   is   merely   a   swindle. Senate President and Liberal Party stalwart Franklin Drilon knows that Grace Poe is not qualified to run for president. In a Times article on Wednesday. so he will not push for it. But that after they are “machine­elected” by Smartmatic’s PCOS. former Defense Secretary and National Security Adviser Norberto B. other infrastructure.   she   would   be   the easiest to control and manipulate. as she did with   the   2013   senatorial   elections.   and   he   would   become   president   all   over   again.   He   would   run   as   Poe’s   vice presidential candidate. Poe would be swiftly removed   from   office. Yet they could not have done half of what they have done without the active collaboration of the business cronies. and the policy to privatize many of the essential duties and services of government. without any accountability. which   Gloria   Macapagal   Arroyo   ousted   from   the   Cabinet   before   they could   move   to   oust   her. the government’s duty to provide roads. bridges.   they   now   wield   the   sharpest   knives   in   the criminal syndicate disguised as a student council. but it is reportedly supported by some of PNoy’s big business cronies. or even to remain in the Senate. This could provoke a “revolution. resulting in untold profits for the cronies and untold misery for the people. and rig the elections in their favor. she could easily run away with the elections. Gonzales warned against a group of non­ elected political lackeys now exercising the vast powers of the Aquino presidency.The group seems to believe that their money alone could overcome her citizenship problem. almost whole and entire. Poe upon his party and the nation. and with the infected PCOS machine still in charge of the voting. The idea is absurd. They are the ones behind the massive unauthorized fund transfers that scandalized even the Supreme Court.

 at the cost of P14 billion. which would allow utmost transparency at the least possible cost to the government.   but   which   has   not   announced   any   candidates   for   2016. which now stands as the only credible opposition to the Aquino regime.   Aquino   has   ignored   the widespread   public   clamor   for   the   Commission   on   Elections   to   ban Smartmatic and junk its PCOS voting machine. and sparked some hope that we might finally have a real election in 2016. The   poor   and   the   unemployed   have   to   pay   for   every   public   good   at skyrocketing prices.   and   the   2013 senatorial elections proclaimed Grace Poe and 11 others as senators. .goods and services and allowed that sector to tax the public for the use of these facilities.   is demanding   an   overhaul   of   the   electoral   system   as   an   integral   part   of regime and system change. This is how crazy and hopeless the elections have become. “The very meaning of “reinventing government.” once a noble notion when it was first espoused by Osborne and Gaebler. The   Comelec   humored   opponents   of   the   PCOS   machine. The demonstration earned rave reviews from those who witnessed it. which the Comelec had illegally   divested   of   all   its   safety   and   security   features   and   accuracy mechanisms   in   order   to   rig   the   2010   and   2013   elections. PNoy does not want to risk losing the 2016 elections and spending the rest of his life in prison.   The   2010 presidential   election   proclaimed   PNoy   as   president. Only the National Transformation Council. But   authoritative   sources   tell   us   that   Malacanang   has   just   told   the Comelec to clear all obstacles to the use of Smartmatic’s PCOS machine all over again.” * * * IN   THE   RUNUP   to   the   2016   elections. There are no longer any free services from government. none of those avowedly interested in the presidency are demanding a cleanup of the electoral system.   like   former Comelec Commissioner Gus Lagman and Philippine Computer Society president   Toti   Casino   and   Nelson   Celis. has been completely perverted and idiotized. as a conditio sine qua non for the holding of the 2016 elections. Despite all this.   by  allowing   them  to   make  a presentation on an alternative “hybrid” (manual and electronic)  voting system.

So   why   are   we   still   talking   about   the   Senate   and   those   ambitious senators? Sen.   Grace   Poe   on   the   other   hand   became   the   mysterious. and 16 other senators were all completely muddied in that anti­Corona bribery   scandal. “ * * * IN   THE   SEARCH   for   presidential   possibilities. By July 11. even in places where the voters had never heard of her at all. has been completely perverted and idiotized.   The   common   good   is   the   first victim they have fed to the beast of selfish ambition.” once a noble notion when it was first espoused by Osborne and Gaebler. Francis Escudero.   This   is   absolute   nonsense.   all   our   presidents   were   once members of the Senate. To this day. So the Senate used to be known as the training ground of presidents. “The very meaning of “reinventing government. The mystery has never been explained. this was reduced to 16. 2013. most of whom are still in office.147. Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes 4th. the presidential wannabes would rather invest all their time.   The neophyte   Sen. unheralded and unexplained topnotcher in that senatorial election. On May 18.   Except   for   Ramon   Magsaysay. even in anti­administration constituencies.340.423 votes. Diosdado   Macapagal   and   Fidel   Ramos. Magsaysay and Macapagal themselves were not exactly   strangers   to   the   Senate.   no   matter   how   foul­smelling.327 votes.Instead of working to clean up and invigorate the system. however.   the   fully   discredited Senate  continues  to  be mentioned  as  a  possible  source  of  presidential candidates. . to convict and remove Chief Justice Renato Corona on a non­impeachable offense. and when he presided over the 2013 electoral  operation to force a 60­30­10 win of  his senatorial candidates. But PNoy completely destroyed it when he bribed 19 senators.333 votes.333. nobody could say what really happened.   they   were   members   of   the   House   of Representatives. this went back to 20.333. the Comelec website gave Poe 20. this rose to 20. In the final count.   they   have   never   been   investigated   nor   cleared.327 votes. A few days later. effort and money in a scheme to   capture   and   control   the   crooked   electoral   system   and   ensure   their victory.

 some “pundit” would now come forward to commend the fraudsters for their forecast. So even if the masses had stopped voting for movie stars. as now. we were merely told how we voted. So not all the voters vote for a certain candidate because they have been brainwashed by the surveys.   where   people   do   not   normally   vote   for   national candidates but leave it to their local leaders to decide how many votes should   finally   go   to   which   candidate. Someone has tried to shoot down my naysaying the propaganda surveys by asking this rather embarrassing question: If the propaganda surveys were all manufactured. The   more   realistic   explanation   is   that   it   is   the   cheating   machine   that makes use of the surveys to ensure the pre­determined results. But then. the myth persisted that the masses always went crazy for movie stars. how come the election results usually manage to confirm the published forecasts? One theory suggests that the propaganda surveys are used to condition the minds of voters. even if . or crooked. Yet in 2010. We no longer have a real election. After   the   process   is   completed   and   all   the   “winners”   have   been proclaimed. This is what we must restore. a group of fishmongers told me that although they were unschooled movie “fans.   They   would   therefore   not   be bamboozled into making a senator out of any movie star just because he or she is a movie star. and the loser cannot prove that he lost.   and   any   portion   of   the   population accepts them as fact. the   political   operators   running   the   elections   continue   to   use   the   myth about movie stars in order to elect celebrities and movie stars.   depending   on   the   financial arrangement. and we were expected to accept what we are told.The PCOS voting has been described as one election where the winner cannot prove that she won. so they end up voting according to the surveys. In 2010 and 2013. But how many voters ever get to read about the surveys? Very few. how accurate!” So accurate indeed that they were able to predict with amazing accuracy the results in certain places   in   Mindanao. the political operators on the ground immediately get to work and use the “survey” to guide them in designing the actual election results. Once the “survey   results”   are   disseminated. The large syndicate at the Comelec then delivers the pre­ determined results. “Wow. fudged.” they knew the distinction between   movie   stars   and   senators.

people had stopped voting for them. instead of simply saying that our people are ignorant. It is time to throw out the rascals and institute real electoral reforms. . so our system is rotten.