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Summary Chart

Holland’s Self-Directed Search
Material compiled from:



The “Do-ers”


The “Thinkers”


The “Creators”


The “Helpers”


The “Persuaders”


The “Organizers”

Enjoy manual/mechanical activities, athletic activities, being
outdoors, using machinery, tools, and objects
Likes working with things more than people
Are reliable, straightforward, self-reliant, frank, humble,
genuine, and natural
Value nature, common sense, honesty, and practicality
Enjoy analytical/intellectual activity and learning by
observing, reading, studying, or investigating
Likes to explore, problem solve and understand events or
Are curious, logical, precise, analytical, reserved,
methodical, precise, and rational
Value inventiveness, accuracy, achievement, independence
Enjoy creative work in music, writing, performance,
sculpture, and intellectual work
Likes to work with creative ideas and self-expression in
unstructured situations
Are creative, innovative, imaginative, intuitional,
independent, open, unconventional and original
Value beauty, self-expression, imagination, creativity
Enjoy working with others, prefer team approaches and will
sacrifice personally to forward the group goals
Likes to help, teach, enlighten, inform and counsel people
Are friendly, trusting, helpful, kind, generous, warm, and
skilled with words
Value service to others, fairness, understanding, empathy

Enjoy leading, selling, motivating, influencing, persuading
others, producing a lot of work
Likes to persuade or direct others
Are ambitious, extroverted, enthusiastic, persuasive, selfconfident
Value success, status, responsibility, initiative
Lead or manage for organizational goals or economic gain
Enjoy working with things, numbers, or machines to meet
precise standards
Likes to follow orderly routines and meet clear standards
Are practical, efficient, generally conservative, attentive to
Value accuracy, honesty, persistence, order

Sample Occupations
Auto Mechanic • Carpenter
Air Traffic Controller
Farmer • Cook • Paramedic
Electrician • Surveyor
Industrial Arts Teacher
Materials/Mechanical Engineer
Metal Shop Supervisor
Chemical Engineer
Computer Programmer
Drafter • Pharmacist
Biologist • Chemist • Physicist
Laboratory Assistant
Surgeon • Veterinarian
Systems Analyst
Medical Technician
Actor • Dancer • Writer
Composer • Stage Director
Advertising Executive
Architect • Author
English Teacher • Film Editor
Interior Designer • Musician
Counselor •Political Scientist
Teacher • Religious Worker
Elementary School Teacher
Employee Relations Specialist
Occupational Therapist
Personnel Manager
Police Officer • Nurse
Psychologist • Speech Therapist
Financial Planner • Judge
Business Executive • Salesperson
Buyer •Sports Promoter
Lawyer • Project Director
Management Trainee
Operations Manager
Urban Planner • Sales Manager
Accountant •Bookkeeper
Building Inspector • Banker
Editorial Assistant
Investment/Financial Analyst
Mortgage Processor
Payroll Clerk • Website Editor
Administrative Assistant

The RIASEC model of occupations is the copyrighted work of Dr. John L. Holland, and his publisher,
Psychological Assessments Resources, Inc. (PAR)