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\lsdpriority99 \lsdlocked0 FollowedHyperlink.\lsdpriority99 \lsdlocked0 Normal (Web). at a bazaar in a large building.\lsdpriority99 \lsdlocked0 Plain Text.\lsdpri ority99 \lsdlocked0 Normal Table. }{\fs24 \ke rning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \line }{\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 Other Neighbor: Companions of the narrator. He is a companion and neighbor of the narrator.\lsdpriority99 \lsdlocked0 annotation subject.\lsdpriority9 9 \lsdlocked0 HTML Acronym. The climactic scene takes place in South Dublin. Mangan.ority99 \lsdlocked0 Hyperlink. across the River Liffey from central Dublin. Such a bazaar\uc1 \u8212 ?billed as \uc1 \u8220 ?Araby}{\f s24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \par }\pard \plain \qj \li0 \ri0 \ sb100 \lisb0 \sa100 \lisa0 \nowidctlpar \adjustright \lin0 \rin0 \itap0 \fs21 \k erning2 \dbch \af2 \hich \af0 \loch \af0 {\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af6 \hich \af6 \loch \f6 CHARACTERS: }{\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \par }\p ard \plain \qj \li0 \ri0 \sb100 \lisb0 \sa100 \lisa0 \nowidctlpar \adjustright \ lin0 \rin0 \itap0 \fs21 \kerning2 \dbch \af2 \hich \af0 \loch \af0 {\fs24 \kerni ng2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 Narrator: Boy of about twelve who becomes in fatuated with the sister of his friend.\lsdpriority99 \lsdlocked0 Document Map.\lsdpriorit y99 \lsdlocked0 HTML Typewriter.\lsdpriority99 \lsdlocked0 HTML Variable.\lsdpriority9 9 \lsdlocked0 HTML Cite.\lsdp riority99 \lsdlocked0 Strong.\lsdpriority99 \lsd locked0 HTML Definition.}}{\*\ generator WPS Office}{\info {\title ARABY by JAMES JOYCE:}{\operator Kenneth}{\c reatim \yr2015 \mo7 \dy14 \hr21 \min19 }{\revtim \yr2015 \mo7 \dy14 \hr21 \min20 }{\version1 }}\paperw12240 \paperh15840 \margl1800 \margr1800 \margt1440 \margb 1440 \gutter0 \ftnbj \aenddoc \dghspace0 \jcompress1 \viewkind4 \viewscale100 \f tnlytwnine \useltbaln \alntblind \lytcalctblwd \rtlgutter \asianbrkrule \viewkin d4 {\*\fchars {\uc1 \u33 ?}{\uc1 \u41 ?}{\uc1 \u44 ?}{\uc1 \u46 ?}{\uc1 \u58 ?}{ \uc1 \u59 ?}{\uc1 \u63 ?}{\uc1 \u93 ?}{\uc1 \u125 ?}{\uc1 \u168 ?}{\uc1 \u183 ?} {\uc1 \u711 ?}{\uc1 \u713 ?}{\uc1 \u8213 ?}{\uc1 \u8214 ?}{\uc1 \u8217 ?}{\uc1 \ u8221 ?}{\uc1 \u8230 ?}{\uc1 \u8758 ?}{\uc1 \u12289 ?}{\uc1 \u12290 ?}{\uc1 \u12 291 ?}{\uc1 \u12293 ?}{\uc1 \u12297 ?}{\uc1 \u12299 ?}{\uc1 \u12301 ?}{\uc1 \u12 303 ?}{\uc1 \u12305 ?}{\uc1 \u12309 ?}{\uc1 \u12311 ?}{\uc1 \u65281 ?}{\uc1 \u65 282 ?}{\uc1 \u65287 ?}{\uc1 \u65289 ?}{\uc1 \u65292 ?}{\uc1 \u65294 ?}{\uc1 \u65 306 ?}{\uc1 \u65307 ?}{\uc1 \u65311 ?}{\uc1 \u65341 ?}{\uc1 \u65344 ?}{\uc1 \u65 372 ?}{\uc1 \u65373 ?}{\uc1 \u65374 ?}{\uc1 \u65504 ?}}{\*\lchars {\uc1 \u40 ?}{ \uc1 \u91 ?}{\uc1 \u123 ?}{\uc1 \u183 ?}{\uc1 \u8216 ?}{\uc1 \u8220 ?}{\uc1 \u12 296 ?}{\uc1 \u12298 ?}{\uc1 \u12300 ?}{\uc1 \u12302 ?}{\uc1 \u12304 ?}{\uc1 \u12 308 ?}{\uc1 \u12310 ?}{\uc1 \u65288 ?}{\uc1 \u65294 ?}{\uc1 \u65339 ?}{\uc1 \u65 371 ?}{\uc1 \u65505 ?}{\uc1 \u65509 ?}}\fet2 {\*\ftnsep \pard \plain {\insrsid \ chftnsep \par }}{\*\ftnsepc \pard \plain {\insrsid \chftnsepc \par }}{\*\aftnsep \pard \plain {\insrsid \chftnsep \par }}{\*\aftnsepc \pard \plain {\insrsid \ch ftnsepc \par }}\sectd \sbkpage \pgwsxn12240 \pghsxn15840 \marglsxn1800 \margrsxn 1800 \margtsxn1440 \margbsxn1440 \guttersxn0 \headery720 \footery720 \pgbrdropt0 \endnhere \pard \plain \qc \fi720 \li0 \ri0 \sb100 \lisb0 \sa100 \lisa0 \nowidc tlpar \adjustright \lin0 \rin0 \itap0 \fs21 \kerning2 \dbch \af2 \hich \af0 \loc h \af0 {\fs28 \kerning2 \dbch \af4 \hich \af4 \loch \f4 ARABY by JAMES JOYCE:}{\ fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \par }\pard \plain \qj \li0 \ri0 \sb100 \lisb0 \sa100 \lisa0 \nowidctlpar \adjustright \lin0 \rin0 \itap0 \fs21 \ kerning2 \dbch \af2 \hich \af0 \loch \af0 {\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af6 \hich \af6 \loch \f6 SETTING:}{\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \par }\pard \plain \qj \li0 \ri0 \sb100 \lisb0 \sa100 \lisa0 \nowidctlpar \adjustright \lin 0 \rin0 \itap0 \fs21 \kerning2 \dbch \af2 \hich \af0 \loch \af0 {\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 North Richmod street.\lsdpriority99 \lsdlocked0 HTML Address.\lsdpriority99 \lsdlocked0 Balloon Text.\lsdpriority99 \lsdlocked0 HTML Sample.\lsdpriority99 \lsdlocked0 HTML Code. }{\fs24 \kerning2 \db ch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \line }{\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch .\ lsdpriority99 \lsdlocked0 No List.\lsdpriority99 \l sdlocked0 E-mail Signature.\lsdpriority99 \lsdlocked0 HTML Keyboard.\lsdpriority99 \lsdlocked0 HTML Preformatted.\lsdpriority99 \lsdlocked0 Emphasis.}{\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hic h \af5 \loch \f5 \par }\pard \plain \qj \li0 \ri0 \sb100 \lisb0 \sa100 \lisa0 \n owidctlpar \adjustright \lin0 \rin0 \itap0 \fs21 \kerning2 \dbch \af2 \hich \af0 \loch \af0 {\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 Boy about the same age as the narrator.

his uncle arrives home. Th ese games end when the sister of one of the boys\uc1 \u8212 ?named Mangan\uc1 \u 8212 ?calls her little brother in to his tea. He withdraws from play and wanders thro ugh the upper empty rooms of the house. in a house formerly occupied by a now deceased priest. and finally arrives there at 9:50 p. The image of this girl standing in the lighted doorway so fixes itself in the boy\uc1 \u8217 ?s imagination that h e begins to pursue her shyly in the street. a pious tract. at n ine o\uc1 \u8217 ?clock. tea sets. Finally. the boy finds that he is alone on the special train arranged for the bazaar. }{\fs24 \ke rning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \lang1033 \langnp1033 \par }\pard \plain \qj \li0 \ri0 \sb100 \lisb0 \sa100 \lisa0 \widctlpar \adjustright \lin0 \rin0 \i tap0 \fs21 \kerning2 \dbch \af2 \hich \af0 \loch \af0 {\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af 5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \lang1033 \langnp1033 The Saturday of the bazaar is acute ly agonizing for the boy. }{\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \lang1033 \langnp1033 \par }\pard \plain \qj \li0 \ri0 \sb100 \lisb0 \sa100 \lis a0 \widctlpar \adjustright \lin0 \rin0 \itap0 \fs21 \kerning2 \dbch \af2 \hich \ af0 \loch \af0 {\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \lang1033 \langn p1033 The action of the story begins with the children\uc1 \u8217 ?s games. In his haste. but he undertakes to go and bring her a gift instead. while the other little boys are playing. Even in the bustle of the weekly gro cery shopping. and a detective autobiography\uc1 \u8212 ?and other remi nders of the previous tenant. }{\fs24 \ kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \line }{\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hic h \af5 \loch \f5 \par }\pard \plain \qj \li0 \ri0 \sb100 \lisb0 \sa100 \lisa0 \n owidctlpar \adjustright \lin0 \rin0 \itap0 \fs21 \kerning2 \dbch \af2 \hich \af0 \loch \af0 {\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af6 \hich \af6 \loch \f6 PLOT:}{\fs24 \kerni ng2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \par }\pard \plain \qj \li0 \ri0 \sb100 \lis b0 \sa100 \lisa0 \widctlpar \adjustright \lin0 \rin0 \itap0 \fs21 \kerning2 \dbc h \af2 \hich \af0 \loch \af0 {\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \l ang1033 \langnp1033 The little boy lives with his aunt and uncle on a dead-end s treet in Dublin. He has to wait all day long for his uncle to come home and give him the required pocket money. one selling pottery. }{\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \line }{\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \l och \f5 Narrator's Uncle. The boy is impressed and somewhat mystified by the moldy books\uc1 \u8212 ?a historical romance. dreaming of the girl. only to find that the bazaar is just about to close and the day\uc1 \u8217 ?s take is being counted. and similar wares at the Araby b azaar. }{\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \lang1 033 \langnp1033 \par }\pard \plain \qj \li0 \ri0 \sb100 \lisb0 \sa100 \lisa0 \wi dctlpar \adjustright \lin0 \rin0 \itap0 \fs21 \kerning2 \dbch \af2 \hich \af0 \l och \af0 {\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \lang1033 \langnp1033 Then. Hesitantly. The young lady in charge of this . She is unable to go because of religious activitie s at her school. named Araby. }{\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \lang1033 \langnp 1033 \par }\pard \plain \qj \li0 \ri0 \sb100 \lisb0 \sa100 \lisa0 \widctlpar \ad justright \lin0 \rin0 \itap0 \fs21 \kerning2 \dbch \af2 \hich \af0 \loch \af0 {\ fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \lang1033 \langnp1033 When he set s out at last. Two Englishmen: Young men with whom the stall attendant flirts. he approaches one of t he few stalls still open. He greets the boy\uc1 \u8217 ?s anxious reminder of his trip with some patroniz ing cliches. This brie f conversation and the prospect of the trip to the bazaar causes the boy to lose concentration on his lessons and regard his playmates with disdain.\f5 Mangan's Sister: Girl to whom the narrator is attracted. he pays the adu lt fee at the turnstile. His apprehension d uring suppertime is compounded by the chatter of a visiting woman. he carries with him a feeling about her that amounts to something like mystical rapture. one day. }{\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \ loch \f5 \line }{\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 Stall Attendant : Young Englishwoman who sells vases. for his dinner. play ed in the lanes and backyards of the neighborhood during the winter twilight.m. she asks him if he is go ing to a bazaar. Aunt: Relatives who are rearing the narrator.}{\fs24 \ kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \par }\pard \plain \qj \li0 \ri0 \sb100 \lisb0 \sa100 \lisa0 \nowidctlpar \adjustright \lin0 \rin0 \itap0 \fs21 \kernin g2 \dbch \af2 \hich \af0 \loch \af0 {\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 Schoolmaster: Narrator's teacher. somewhat drunk.

Joyce based characters. that he at once decides no t to buy anything. although he altered reality from time to time . it becomes clear that he represents the author. Bu t to readers familiar with the life and works of Joyce. Instead. }{\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \lang13321 \langnp13321 \par }\pard \plain \qj \li0 \ri0 \sa200 \lisa0 \sl276 \slmult1 \nowidctlpar \adjustr ight \lin0 \rin0 \itap0 \fs21 \kerning2 \dbch \af2 \hich \af0 \loch \af0 {\fs22 \kerning2 \dbch \af7 \hich \af7 \loch \f7 \lang13321 \langnp13321 \par }} .}{\fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \lang1033 \langnp1033 \par }\pard \plain \qj \li0 \ri0 \sb100 \lisb0 \sa100 \lisa0 \nowidctlpar \adjustrig ht \lin0 \rin0 \itap0 \fs21 \kerning2 \dbch \af2 \hich \af0 \loch \af0 {\fs24 \k erning2 \dbch \af6 \hich \af6 \loch \f6 \lang13321 \langnp13321 POINT OF VIEW:}{ \fs24 \kerning2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \lang13321 \langnp13321 \par }\p ard \plain \qj \li0 \ri0 \sb100 \lisb0 \sa100 \lisa0 \nowidctlpar \adjustright \ lin0 \rin0 \itap0 \fs21 \kerning2 \dbch \af2 \hich \af0 \loch \af0 {\fs24 \kerni ng2 \dbch \af5 \hich \af5 \loch \f5 \lang13321 \langnp13321 An adolescent boy na rrates the story in first-person point of view. incensed at the betrayal of his hopes and the shattering of his illusi ons. places. he simply stands there in the middle of the darkenin g bazaar. He does not identify himself.stall pauses momentarily in her flirtatious banter with two young men to attend to the boy\uc1 \u8217 ?s diffident interest in her wares. and events in the story on recollections from his boyhood. however. He is so put off by al l his disappointments and her tone of voice.