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Jordan Ryan Somner

I am attempting to make a life in stratford and am looking for a position to help me support
my living needs; I can adjust to many different environments of work while learning my
duties quickly. I enjoy working as part of a team as I find the responsibility of supporting
others to be a strong motivator. I am also capable of completing tasks independently to
satisfaction within deadlines. I am a friendly individual and am always considerate towards
customers,clients and colleagues.

Work Experience
Sep 2013
Redditch Skip Hire
Jan 2014
Redditch Worcestershire
I worked in the sorting shed where skips are emptied ready for sorting. In order to sort the
skips properly I worked with a team which separates wood, cardboard, paper, metal,
plastic, hardcore and general waste into piles. Any recyclable materials are recycled, the
rest are sent to waste. I was required to work alongside large machines which are used to
manage large heavy materials. This gave me some experience with working safely in a
potentially dangerous environment.
Aug 2012
Studley Window Cleaning Services
Jul 2013
Studley, Warwickshire
My main duties were to assist the business owner who was preparing for retirement. I was
frequently doing the higher windows up the ladder and cleaning very low window sills to
help my boss as he suffered with a bad back. I also managed any book keeping such as
information on streets and house numbers of houses we cleaned in order to maintain the
window cleaning round in a punctual and manageable manner. I often had to deal with
customers and discuss matters such as prices, quality of work our firm delivered and
July 2006
CTT/Tyco Electronics
Oct 2006
Redditch, Worcestershire
My main responsibilities were to prepare customers orders and handle inward deliveries. I
was expected to locate specific products in various parts of the warehouse, prepare the
products for delivery, ship them and then perform the various administrative tasks
associated with this such as modifying the stock values of products depending on what has
been received or shipped.

July 2014
July 2014
Redditch, Worcestershire
Counter Balance FLT Certificate: Pass
Sep 2010
June 2012

North-East Worcester New College
Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

IT Practitioners BTEC National Diploma: Triple Pass (PPP)
Modules included:
• Web Design
• Software Design and Development
• Communication technologies
• Computer Systems
• IT Technical Support
• Event Driven Programming
• Digital Graphics
• Database Skills
• Computer Maintenance
Sep 2001
Studley High School
July 2006
Studley, Warwickshire
English Literature:
English Language:
Science (Double Award):
Design & Technology, Resistant Materials:
Religious Studies:

Entry 3

I am competent in many areas of computing such as software design and development,
web design and development and I have experience with day-to-day IT administration such
as upgrading and installing software and bug troubleshooting. I am able to learn quickly
and put ideas into practice quite easily. Alongside these skills I am competent in several
computer languages including HTML 4.0 and 5, CSS3 and JavaScript. I also have a basic
knowledge of PHP and MySQL. I am however a very quick learner and in the right
environment feel I would quickly be able to improve these skills and become a competent

Hobbies and Interests
I enjoy watching films and regularly go to the cinema; I also enjoy music and browsing the
Internet. I like to keep up to date with the ever changing world of IT and regularly visit the
BBC tech news site along with Facebook and Reddit.
I am also a keen gamer and enjoy the aspect of working in a team to achieve goals and
objectives. I feel this ability to work well in a team will be an asset when working in a team
in a work environment.

Sharon Hall
Bromsgrove Campus
Slideslow Drive
B60 1PQ
01527 570020

Adam Wood
Redditch Skip Hire
Weights Lane
B97 6RG
01527 540011