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a) The decorations were absolutely beautiful and what's m

, the children had made

them themselves.
b) California, along w

Florida and New York, is among the most popular US tourist

c) In

to his flat in London, he has a villa in

Italy and a castle in Scotland.

d) Not only is the city violent, b

also very

e) I want to visit Paris as w

as London.

f) We missed the train, and on t

of that we had

to wait for two hours for the next one.

g) The author's wife was a good editor, b


a great writer herself.

h) I suggest we use Barkers as our main suppliers - they're
good and f

they're cheap.

i) The whole report is badly written. M

, it's

a) I always keep fruit in the fridge so a

to keep insects off it.

b) Profits have declined a

a result of the recent drop in sales.

c) He came home early i

order to see the children before they went to bed.

d) Leave the keys out so t

I remember to take them with me.

e) A lot of her unhappiness is d
f) It's t

to boredom.

to Sandy that I heard about the job.

g) They planned to reduce staff and t


cut costs.
h) We were unable to get funding and t


to abandon the project.

i) She stands a good chance, s

only two

people are contesting the seat and the other candidate is

very unpopular.

a) She walked home by herself, a

she knew that it was dangerous.

b) This is one possible solution to the problem. H

c) In s

, there are others.

of his injury, Ricardo will play in Saturday's match.

d) The plan for a new office tower went ahead r

e) E

of local opposition.

though he left school at 16, he still managed to become prime minister.

f) She's one of those guests who does nothing b

g) I'd like a job which pays more, but on
the other h

I enjoy the work I'm

doing at the moment.

h) I still enjoyed the week d


i) There are serious problems in our country.

, we feel this is a good

time to return.
a) As f

as unemployment is concerned, a change of government would be a good idea.

b) In t

of money, I was better off in my last job.

c) When it c

to fishing, John is an expert

d) I am writing to you w

regard to your letter of 15 March.

a) That sum of money is to cover costs s

as travel and accommodation. (example)

b) In the electronics industry, for i

, thousands of jobs are being lost. (example)

c) He was active in poorer parts of the church, n

in inner London and Manchester.

d) I thought I heard him come in w

we were having

dinner. (ordering)
e) He must be about sixty, w

his wife looks about thirty.

f) She is without a d

the best student I have ever

taught. (intensifying)
i) I think I'd like to stay at home this evening r
g) To s

up, (conclusion)

h) In c

, (conclusion)

than go out.