The Planned Destruction of Bible-based Christianity

by Jeremy James

In an earlier paper [on website] we discussed the coming New World Order and the various secretive groups which are working in concert to bring it about. We noted that these individuals, families and groups are heavily oriented towards the occult. Many are Freemasons. They subscribe to the belief that Lucifer, the Light-bearer, is the true saviour of the world and that Christianity is for those who lack the strength to enter into the self-realised state of the perfected man. They believe the world is on a downward spiral unless its governance is assumed by a cadre of wise or perfected men. This is an ancient idea, going all the way back to Plato, who sets out this philosophy in The Republic and other works. Francis Bacon repeated the same idea in his book, New Atlantis, published in 1623. Numerous modern authors have strongly advocated the same idea. The writings of Karl Marx are probably the best known example, but other influential authors held firmly to the same conviction, including H G Wells, Aldous Huxley and Bertrand Russell. The ruling elite, which in former times comprised most of the royal families of Europe, are naturally of the opinion that they are the ones who should rule, not covertly as at present, but in a more transparent and far-reaching manner. Their programme of change includes the elimination of Christianity, or at least its corruption to the point where it is nothing more than a harmless curiosity in a world where Lucifer rules. One of the great tragedies of our age is that most Christians are completely unaware that such a plan exists and that it has been under way for some time. The Bible gives many warnings on this score, but somehow most Christians see them as a reference to the rather abstract battle between good and evil and not, as they are, a stark indictment of the ongoing supernatural attempt, through human agents, to undermine and pervert the Word of God. The wolves in sheep’s clothing, whom Jesus warned about, are trusted insiders – people who purport to support and uphold the Gospel of Christ when in reality they are working night and day to destroy it. Here are some of the methods that the real power brokers in our society are using to undermine and destroy true Bible-based Christianity: They arrange the production of supposedly objective television documentaries which purport to show that the Bible was written by fallible men or that Christ never died on the cross or that he married and had children. They fund countless New Age organisations and groups which spread the Babylonian religion and corrupt uninformed Christians.


They fund and publish endless translations of the Bible in order to create confusion among Christians and slant fundamental Biblical doctrine towards the New Age. They ban prayer in schools and make it extremely difficult for Biblebelieving Christians to express their beliefs in a public forum. They create and fund new Christian churches which focus on success and material goals, social reform, contemplation, visualization, signs, healing miracles, dream interpretation, and various feel-good philosophies – but not the Gospel of Christ. They promote rock music on a global scale, with its unqualified rejection of traditional values and its riotous celebration of sexual pleasure, drug use, and anti-social behaviour. They continually attack Christian fundamentalists in the media, portraying them as intolerant and bigoted. They finance big Hollywood movies and prime time television series which glamourise the occult, magic, witchcraft, astrology, mediums, and the paranormal. They bankroll the feminist and homosexual lobbies, as well as other organisations which undermine family values and promote moral relativism. They extol the merits of abortion and try to portray it as a lifestyle choice. They ensure that porn pervades the Internet without restrictions of any kind. They make only cosmetic attempts to combat the use of illegal drugs. They pass laws which restrict the issues that pastors can discuss in church. They give high-profile coverage to occult literature aimed at children, such as the Harry Potter witchcraft series and the Twilight vampire series, as well as the many Disney movies with obvious occult content. They fund ecumenical and inter-faith organisations whose main purpose is to undermine and destroy Bible-based Christianity. They place unbelievers in key positions in Christian seminaries and in the religious and Bible-study departments of colleges and universities. They admit Muslim, Hindu and Catholic immigrants into the US in large numbers, thereby diluting the political influence and traditional culture of the Christian majority. The same is happening in Europe. The most popular boy’s name in the UK is Muhammad.


They pass stringent ‘equality’ laws which make it difficult, if not impossible, for Christians to condemn sinful behaviour without committing a criminal offence. They fund the creation and operation of television channels which preach, in the main, an empty and debased form of Christianity. They fund archaeological research designed to find ‘evidence’ that would conflict with the Bible. They fund academic research designed to raise doubts about the authenticity of the manuscripts on which Scripture is based. They push Darwinian evolution as the only way of explaining the origin and diversity of life. Huge claims are made on the flimsiest of evidence. Newspapers and television carry countless reports which imply that Darwinian evolution is correct. Any academic who professes doubts, even in private, about the validity of evolution, will risk the loss of research funding or academic advancement, or even the loss of tenure. They fund and promote those branches of Psychology which ‘prove’ or simply assume that man is just a biological machine and that he has no eternal spiritual dimension. They fund academic chairs into paranormal research. They extensively promote the Big Bang theory, which purports to explain the origin of the universe. The number of scholarships awarded for postgraduate work in this field over the past 40 years, as well as the related field of String Theory, is exceptionally high. They constantly promote the idea of alien life, that man is just one of many kinds of intelligent being and could not possibly be made in the image and likeness of God. They constantly promote the notion that scientific progress is inevitable and that advances in technology will eventually solve all human problems. Whether or not you find this list credible will depend in part on how closely you have been observing the world we all live in, and in part on whether you believe any group of people could be so well organised or so strategic in their approach. After all, it has been argued, how could they keep something like this a secret? But all kinds of organisations have secrets or sensitive information which they never allow to enter the public domain. For example, psychiatrists and psychotherapists are routinely privy to information of the most embarrassing and scandalous kind, but they never divulge it. Exactly the same may be said of Catholic priests, who never divulge the secrets of the confessional. It is even easier to ensure compliance among a group whose members must swear a blood oath – as do the Freemasons and the secret Catholic fraternities. The penalties for violating a blood oath can be severe, not just for the subject himself but for close members of his family.


In the final analysis, your acceptance of this thesis will depend on how literally you take the warnings that Jesus gave in the Gospels. The “synagogue of Satan” is found, not in the high mountains or remote deserts, but in the capital cities and large urban areas of all developed economies.


Copyright Jeremy James, February 2010


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