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European Patent Office | 80298 MUNICH | GERMANY Ms Nadja Lefévre Director Internal Communication a.i ISAR - R.720 Techrights in the EPO Blacklist Dear Ms Lefévre, The CSC has recently become aware that the website of Techrights is no longer accessible from within the Office. The error message received when trying to access the site seems to suggest it has been black-listed. We respectfully ask to be informed: — which other websites have been thus blocked, — who has taken the decision to block access to these / these website(s), and — for what reasons these sites have been blocked? Blocking regular, publicly available websites from access by EPO staff, presumably because the content is critical of the President, is censorship ata level that we would not expect to see in Europe in this century. We therefore express the hope the practice of blocking such sites will be discontinued. Sincerely yours, The Central Staff Committee Europe Patent Ofce ease munen Zonusler Fersonaiausschuss ena! Stat Contes Us Comite Cenzal su Personnel Tol 49 088 2300-435 Fax 49 (68 2989-6470 rrnskomgepe or ome 007 2015 European Patent es SGasterr 9 038 muner Germany Annex ‘Screenshot of the page shown by Internet Explorer when accessing the website of Techrights from within the Office We confirm that the above letter has been legitimately decided by the Central Staff Committee: 2i4 3/4 ANNEX: ‘Screenshot ofthe page shown by Intemet Explorer when accessing he website of Techrighs from within the Office fe Gait View Favorites Tools Help | Access Denied (content_filter_denied) ‘Your request was denied because of its content categorization: “EPO_Blacklst:Technology/intemet” Fer assistance, contact IM Serve Desk 7978, (miblony0?)