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Analysis of ini al scoping survey for Camelford Neighbourhood Plan.

The survey went live on 11 November 2014 and was live un l
16 March 2015. There were a total of 44 unique responses.


Par cipants were given thirteen op ons for their priority areas for a Camelford Neighbourhood Plan and
asked to pick a maximum of five. The chart shows what percentage of respondents picked each category.


Twenty nine par cipants made addi onal comments










Bring back Fun week! We have all witnessed how much the town gets together for
rare events such as WW1 vigil. We need more community events. Fun week gave
many of us memories including duck race.
Don't know what NP is. Need a bypass, town more a2rac ve to visitors, need a
supermarket. Houses being built locals can't afford and services (like Drs) not improved to cope
Educa onal opportuni es/facili es for post 16.
I believe support should be given to maintain the library service in Camelford providing access to computers and a lifeline to many elderly people and young families.
I'd like to build a bungalow for Mother and me on our field as no suitable accom in
Helstone. How can we try to include our land on the new building boundary as it
was excluded last me.
It's a no to being involved as my wife is already involved and it would be wrong for
both of us to have a say
Keeping free parking is essen al to keeping our town alive. Traffic flow could be
improved by making the priority (give way) sign more obvious as you come into
town past the old police sta on…
Make Camelford drs surgery bigger! And there is a lot of room for improvement to
the so called new school
More support should be available for alcohol and drugs abuse. We can't ignore
that there’s an issue in Camelford even though the Council may feel the issue
would be highlighted by crea ng a support centre
My selec on of other is specifically to draw a2en on to the need to a2ract tourist/
tourism interest in all its forms to develop further the economic and social wellbeing of the community.
Areas of concern - bypass, supermarket, health centre, free car parking, post 16
educa on, public transport, leisure centre. Happy to elaborate if required; I am a
previous resident
New medical centre to include dental surgery and pharmacy able to carry out minor procedures. Update sewage system. Build distributor road. Housing to encompass ALL age groups not just young people.
No den st. What happened to the supermarket and new medical centre?
Such wonderful history and old buildings. Traffic is a major concern increasing
yearly and the large vehicle traffic makes it unpleasant and unsafe to visit the town

15) There are too many houses being built and not enough other facili es to provide
for all the people living here! The school isn't big enough and there is nothing for
parents with young children to do.
16) Too many houses are being built without sufficient infrastructure to sustain it.
Town has gone downhill so much in the last 10 years, no longer a nice place to live.
17) 200 characters wasn't enough so I will just say what people are thinking. Stupid
idea from people who don't care about people that already live in Camelford
18) We desperately need a supermarket in this town. We need to stop accep ng trouble families from up country. We used to have a lovely town and now it’s a disgrace due to people that have moved into the area.
19) We have enough housing here - what we need now is larger medical facili es i.e.
doctor's surgery
20) What about more facili es for our children? More opening hours for the library.
21) When on the Town Council in the 90s we said that too many houses were being
built and it would turn it into a dormitory town unless more commercial sites were
made - proved right. NO MORE HOUSES!!!!
22) With all the new housing, can the sewage, water, schools and doctors cope? I
would like to shop more locally however the choice of food is limited.
23) The Council needs to focus on drawing in long-term business/job opportuni es and
not on the crea on of more houses that Camelford's infrastructure cannot support.
24) Increased housing needs increased employment space. I ask the council to back
development at Tregath business park, an established industrial area with room,
and plans, to expand
25) Heritage encompasses retaining historic appearance including shops and houses.
Retain library and toilets.
26) I've been concerned with the talk of a high number of affordable housing being
planned for the area. There doesn't seem to be the infrastructure to support a
large influx of people.
27) Camelford and surrounding areas badly need NHS den st also be2er shopping eg,
possible supermarket and upda ng medical centre.
28) Camelford's reputa on as a good place to live is becoming tarnished, the general
level of facili es available, along with the transport and u li es networks, have not
kept pace with housing devel
29) Several buildings need to be died and painted in High St. HGVs shouldn't come
through the town. It is too dangerous for my son to walk next to me holding hands
when the lorries are coming through.

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