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force cooperation or implement punishment for the natural

exercise of Judgmental Positional Discrimination.
Reverse Discrimination The act or policy, by the use of
law, of preventing discrimination against a person, persons or
groups, which act or policy at the same time discriminates
against the one accused of discrimination.
Anti-Rights & Anti-Freedoms Discrimination Any form
of behaviour or laws that goes against the legitimate rights
and freedoms of humanity (not added or trumped up rights
and freedoms).
Moral Preference By the use of freedom of thought,
freedom of opinion, freedom of choice and by the use of
discretion and the forming and adopting of a moral view ad
position that is in accordance with freedom of conscience,
one has Moral Preference. Why should a persons sexual
preference trump anothers moral preference?
Discriminatory Equal Opportunity Legislation Equal
Opportunities). To attach these provinities, especially
marriage, to equal opportunity is to still deny marriage
equality to others. For example Polygamists and Pedophiles.
Sexual orientation and sexual preference must not be the
subject of Equal Opportunity Legislation. Sexual behaviours
practices or habits can never be a Right. They are based on
peoples choice. Marrying to gratify those habits is not a
right. It is merely a provided opportunity or provinity.



Compiled by Anesia O. Baptiste

10. The Supreme Court must reverse their decision and let
individual states decide!

Associate Director
Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty Inc.

Thusian Ins tute for Religious Liberty Inc.

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Dear Reader,
The following is compiled from a video called An address to
the Supreme Court by Bro. Nyron Medina, a Minister of the
Gospel in the Thusia Seventh-Day Adventist Church and
Associate Director of the Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty
of Trinidad & Tobago.

they have no authority to do so and where laws do not exist for

any such interpretation and ruling.

1. In Summary the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on samesex marriage declares the following:
-That the 50 states of the Union are required to grant
Marriage Licenses to same-sex couples
-That the 50 states of the Union are required to recognize
valid same-sex marriages from other states.

The following terms are coined and explained to help you

understand what has been done in this matter:

The most appropriate action for the Supreme Court would be to

follow the advice of the dissenting judges and leave the matter up
to the individual states to decide on it.

Despite the above facts, the Supreme Courts ruling dares to

redefine marriage and to dictate the licensing of same-sex
marriage for all the 50 states of the Union. This is the Supreme
Court writing law from the judicial bench decreeing laws where

1. More Equal Legislation This is legislation which grants

provinities (provided opportunities) to special interest groups
and call them Rights and Freedoms, thus making such groups
possess more rights and freedoms than the average person
possesses under the law. Legislations which justify same-sex
marriages and call upon Christians and other conscientious
persons to cooperate with it against their liberty of conscience
are called More-Equal Legislation. This breaks the principle
of equality of ALL under the law (even under the U.S.
2. Meta-Gender Legislation Meta means beyond. Any
legislation which goes beyond the two (2) common genders
into which ALL people already fit, for the sake of including
some peoples choice and habits of sexual preference and
sexual orientation, is called Meta-Gender Legislation. It is
wrong. Laws must not be written for genders which do not
3. THREE (3) Types of Discrimination: i. Judgemental
Positional Discrimination and ii. Reverse Discrimination
4. Judgemental Positional Discrimination Everyone has this.
This is the individuals exercising of values, discretion and
adoption of a lone position among many to resonate with the
conscience. This is freedom from God: freedoms of thought,
belief, conscience, opinion and choice. These freedoms are
right and true existing under a Constitution. No court should

Reasons Why the Ruling is Wrong

A. The U.S. Constitution neither speaks about gender nor the
new definitions of genders currently in American thought.
B. The U.S. Constitution outlines Rights & Freedoms reasonably
assumed to be for ALL, covering both genders-male and
female into which all the human race falls.
C. Marriage is not defined in the U.S. Constitution and is not an
issue in that document. However, marriage is assumed to be
between one man and one woman as was held by the
Founders of the United States of America.
D. The Supreme Court of the U.S. is not the legislature. It
therefore has no authority to create and write laws for the
Union of 50 states. The judges have no authority to rule on
marriage for all the Union because they are not the Congress
or the highest law of the land-the Constitution.