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2015 Buffet Menus

Menu A 38.50 per person

Spiced Indian free-range chicken curry with toasted coconut and steamed jasmine rice
Ground veal and beef fresh tomato and basil sauce meatballs
Green Asian slaw of Chinese cabbage rocket sliced sugar snap and green beans with black
sesame seeds
Ribbons of carrot red quinoa salad with honey lemon dressing and toasted sunflower seeds
Roasted tomato black olive and feta salad
French lemon and raspberry dusted tarts served with vanilla crme fraiche

Buffet B 46.50 per person

Irish beef braise with root vegetables and lemon horseradish dumplings
Chargrilled piri piri flat roasted free-range chickens
Warm baby potato salad with a whole grain mustard and chive dressing
Chunky Greek salad with plump black olives cucumber feta and sliced red onion
3 bean salad with chickpeas, cannellini and borlotti beans
Green salad with shaved Parmesan
Chocolate and vanilla chiffon cakes

Buffet C 60.50 per person

Slow cooked leg of lamb served with a cucumber and lemon zest tzatziki
Selection of Irish seafood: fresh crab cakes, prawns, Irish salmon with fresh soda bread
Roast hasselback potatoes
Heirloom tomatoes buffalo mozzarella & fresh basil
Baby leaf salad sugar snap broccolini toasted sunflower seeds & lemon vinaigrette
Spicy chickpea coriander red onion & feta salad
Raspberry & white chocolate franzipan in Spring/Summer and pear & dark chocolate ]
franzipan in Autumn/Winter
All food prices are subject to 9% VAT

Grainstore Sharing Menus 2015

Ali Davis Food suggested seasonal canaps such as:
Chicken and spring onion gyoza served with ponzu dipping sauce
Wasabi pea and goats milk feta crostini
Golden puff pastry toasted sesame seed chipolatas served with a sweet tomato relish
Mediterranean layered pots of tapenade, artichoke & Parmesan,
sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil pesto
Ham hock, cornichon & sweet homemade mustard terrine
Smoked trout, fresh horseradish & pickled cucumber pate
All of the above served with dressed garden greens and crispy flatbreads
Spicy tomato gazpacho
Chilled pea and apple
Main 1:
Slow roasted garden mint and lemon leg of lamb
Main 2:
Caramelised apple and walnut stuffed porchetta
Main 3:
Free range spatch-cock thyme and lemon roast chicken
The above is served with a seasonal shaved raw salad and warm herb buttered baby

Sugar dusted chocolate ganache doughnuts
Zesty lemon meringue tarts
Fresh berry franzipan
Almond toasted chocolate macaroons
Please choose two of the above sweet desserts with one of the below
Irish artisan ice-creams:
Chocolate peppermint
Salted caramel
Wexford strawberry
Tea & freshly brewed coffee
Late night snack
A selection of gourmet sandwiches

Menu 1: 80.00
Menu 2: 75.00
Menu 3: 65.00
All food prices are subject to 9% VAT

2015 Wedding BBQ Menu

Char grilled soy marinated beef sirloin, thinly sliced and served with
a grainy mustard and tarragon sauce
Butterflied lamb leg with salsa verde
Spicy chilli marinated spatchcock free-range chicken
Slow-cooked Asian spice rubbed pork
Warm vinaigrette baby potatoes with spring onion and toasted herb breadcrumbs
Chopped baby gem lettuce, cucumber ribbons, Caesar dressing and shaved aged Parmesan
Heirloom tomatoes, soft goats milk feta and shaved red onion
Fresh sweet corn, avocado and chilli lime dressing
Lemon meringue tart
Glazed chocolate caramel tart
Tea & freshly brewed coffee
50.00 ex VAT per person
Additional extras: Canaps and late night snack 17.50, ex VAT per person
All food prices are subject to 9% VAT