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THURSDAY , JULY 16, 2015







As you can see my leg is getting rotten and from the time I was attacked up to now I continue
to experience severe pain all over my body. - Madam Mary Walker, 48, Victim of chimps attack

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MONDAY, JULY 13, 2015



TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2015




These are indicative rates based on results of daily surveys of the foreign exchange market
in Monrovia and its environs. The rates are collected from the Forex Bureaux and the
commercials banks. The rates are not set by the Central Bank of Liberia.
Source: Research, Policy and Planning Department, Central Bank Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

ong before the emergence of social media and the art
of selfies, rebels bearing catch-phrase names were fond
of posing in front of human trophies which sometimes
included dead bodies, skeletons, or some body parts of a
victim which had just fallen prey to an M-16, AK-47 rifle or sharp
object used to slaughter those in their capture.
More than a decade later, those images are said to be coming
back to haunt some prominent figures of the Liberian civil war
and, according to various war crimes investigators speaking to
FrontPageAfrica on condition of anonymity, which could now be
among key pieces of evidences being lined up as international
stakeholders embark on a pursuit of those responsible for
committing atrocities during the war.

Images recently obtained by FrontPageAfrica capture key

moments of some prominent figures from the war.
One of the images show the late Lt. Col. Maccus Tailey in bulletproof vest and his principal deputy, Bobby Kpoto pictured at the
St. Peters Lutheran Church on Tubman Blvd, shortly after the
massacre at the church.
Tailey and his squad reportedly led the massacre at the church
and other massacres in Sinkor, Congotown, YWCA, UN Drive
Compound, J.J. Roberts School on 12th Street. Two of Taileys
deputies, Kpoto and Nezee Barway are said to still be alive.
FrontPageAfrica has learned that Kpoto is currently residing in
the U.K. while Barway is said to be somewhere in Grand Gedeh
The team was also allegedly responsible for the deaths of a
lot of prominent Liberians including the late Naomi Gooding
proprietress of the former Sinkor Shopping Center; Mr. & Mrs.
Sam Greene; Johnny Kpor, Mr. Solo Paypay in Sinkor, the Cassell
family in Fiamah and an Indian national on the Old Road.
On July 30, 1990, hundreds of men, women and children who
had taken refuge in the Lutheran church were massacred.
Eyewitnesses told the Truth and Reconciliation Commission(TRC)
that the slayings were carried out by troops loyal to President
Samuel Kanyon. Doe, whose Government was under a ferocious
rebel siege here in the capital.
At the time, the U.S. State Department put the death toll at 200
to 300 while some witnesses put the tally to 600. There were
reportedly 2,000 refugees seeking refuge at the church. Some
who survived the attack pointed the blame on soldiers loyal to
Doe who had broken into St. Peter's Lutheran Church and killed
men, women, children and babies with knives, guns and cutlasses.
Most of the refugees were from the Gio and Mano tribes, which
have supported the rebel armies that now control most of
Monrovia. The refugees fled to the church hoping to avoid
Years later, Winifred Kemo, a survivor would tell the TRC how
her entire body was draped with blood as soldiers of the Armed
Forces of Liberia (AFL) killed hundreds of fellow refugees in the
St. Peter's Lutheran Church. Kemo explained that on the night of
the massacre soldiers of the AFL demanded ransom from some
of the refugees after scores of them said they were tired killing.
"After they had killed and killed, then some of the soldiers said
they were tired killing. So they decided to collect money from the
few of us there in order to allow us to leave the compound."

Last week the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for

the first time announced that it is involved in the process of
pursuing alleged violators of human rights during civil crises.
The FBI seeks information from diaspora members, refugees,
and asylum seekers here in the U.S. with knowledge of human
rights violations committed abroad. If you have any information

Rodney D. Sieh,

about perpetrators of genocide, war crimes, or other related
mass atrocities, please submit it to us at or contact
your local FBI office, domestically or internationally, reads a
statement posted on the bureaus website on July 10, 2015.
The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcements (ICE)
Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), according to the FBI is
also pursuing more than 1,900 leads and cases on individuals
from about 96 countries, working in collaboration with the FBI
and special prosecutors at the Human Rights Violators and War
Crimes Center in Northern Virginia.
Managing the FBIs role in identifying, locating, and investigating
these cases is the Bureaus International Human Rights
Unit (IHRU), which the FBI says, works closely with partner
intelligence agencies and the Department of State to identify
subjects and gather leads. Agents in the unit then coordinate the
FBIs approach in the fieldwhether its collecting intelligence,
developing sources, or just meeting leaders in diaspora
communities to make them aware that the FBI is seeking tips on
the whereabouts of suspected war criminals and human rights
Thomas Bishop, head of the IHRU says the bureau is asking
Diaspora communities to step up to the plate and come forward.
If you know somebody or if you have heard of somebody who
has done those things, let us know and then well go from there,
said Thomas Bishop, head of the IHRU. I think in a lot of these
communities, people know someone who was involved with
somethingor they hear about somebody being involvedbut
they may not know what to do with it. All we need is a tip so we
can see if theres anything to it.
According to the report on the FBI website, the bureau has had
an expanding role investigating human rights crimes since 1988,

Lt. Col. Marcus Tailey(In bullet proof vest), and his principal deputy, Bobby Kpoto pictured here at the St. Peters Lutheran Church on Tubman Blvd,
Sinkor during the early days of the war. This team reportedly led the massacre at the church and other massacres in Sinkor, Congotown, YWCA, UN Drive
Compound, J.J. Roberts School on 12th Street. Tailey is reportedly dead but two of deputies, Kpoto and Nezee are still alive. Kpoto is said to be in the UK.

when Congress added genocide to the U.S. criminal code. Torture

was included in the code in 1994 and war crimes in 1996. The
most recent addition, in 2008, was the recruitment of child
soldiersan offense exemplified at the time by fugitive Ugandan
warlord Joseph Kony, who famously recruited children into his
notorious Lords Resistance Army.
The report continued that following the Presidential Study
Directive on Mass Atrocities in 2011, the FBI formalized an
international human rights program to leverage its intelligence
capabilities and vast network of field agents and analysts. The
genocide and war crimes program, as it was then called, was
originally part of the FBIs Counterterrorism Division, but last
fall it was reorganized under the Criminal Divisions Civil Rights
Program and given its current name. Jeffrey Sallet, head of the
Bureaus Public Corruption/Civil Rights Section, which includes
IHRU, said the shift creates a one-stop shop of experts on human
rights and public corruption matters, which often go hand-inhand.
Diplomatic observers say new interests from the Netherlands and
the U.S. are being triggered by the deaths of citizens from those
two countries during the civil war.
In the last few months, war crimes investigators from both the
U.S. and Holland have paid separate visits to Liberia to explore
extradition possibilities of the civil war, particularly those
linked to Charles Taylors National Patriotic Front of Liberia, in
particular, the Operation Octopus, said to allegedly responsible
for the killing of a Dutch woman reportedly around the same time
five American nuns were killed in the battle.
FrontPageAfrica recently reported the Dutch government after
years of hesitation, has finally given the greenlight to pursue
alleged war crimes figures linked to the killing of one of its citizens
in the same norm that the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation is
using to pursue justice for five of its citizens, catholic nuns, killed
during Octopus.
The Dutch government had initially commenced its own
proceedings into the womans death but reportedly hit a wall
until new evidence and witnesses surfaced in recent years.
The Dutch citizen, a woman was reportedly married to Liberian
man at the time of her death and ran a school in the Bardnersville
area. Her husband, who has not married since is said to still be
traumatized by his wifes death. The womans name is being
protected due to the obscure nature of the investigation, said a
source privy to the proceedings on strict condition of anonymity
in an interview with FrontPageAfrica.
FrontPageAfrica has been informed that representatives from
the Dutch prosecutors office which recently visited Monrovia
reportedly held discussion with Justice Ministry officials in
Monrovia but are said to be unhappy with the governments
lukewarm response when queries were made about the possible
extradition of those identified as having knowledge to the killing.
Solicitor General Betty Lamin Blamo who has been out of the
country for more than a month, denied when FrontPageAfrica
recently contacted, regarding inquiries made about possible
Earlier this year, the investigative journal, ProPublica reported
that a request to the FBI to release the file on the nuns case was
declined as the FBI claimed that the files are now applicable to
a pending or prospective law enforcement proceeding and
could reasonably be expected to interfere with that proceeding.
However, authorities have been busy in recent months with the
arrests of several key figures of the civil war.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


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A look at recent action taken against some major
players in the Liberian civil war by the U.S. and the
international community


The former President was found guilty in
Leidschendam on April 26, 2012 by the Special
Court for Sierra Leone which unanimously ruled
that he was guilty of all 11 counts of "aiding and
abetting" war crimes and crimes against humanity.
He is currently serving a serving a 50-year sentence
after his appeal was rejected, with the court ruling
that his guilt had been proved beyond doubt.


The son of the former President was sentenced in
January 2009, to 97 years in prison in a landmark
torture case stemming out of a U.S. investigation
into arms trafficking in Liberia. ''Chuckie'' was
convicted in October of leading a campaign of
torture against people opposed to his father's rule.
Although he wasn't charged with killing any of
them, his indictment alleged that he killed at least
one of the seven victims.

George Boley, 64, the former leader of the Liberian
Peace Council (LPC) who committed human rights
abuses during the civil war in the 1990s, was
deported to Liberia from the U.S. in March 2012,
capping an effort by U.S. Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE) to investigate the case and win
the former warlord's removal from the United

In May 2014, Mr. Jucontee Thomas Woewiyu, a former Defense

Minister in Charles Taylors National Patriotic Front of Liberia was
arrested by the Department of Homeland Security as an alleged war
crimes criminal. Woewiyu is currently released but is under house
Similarly, two other figures, Martina Johnson, an NPFL Front Line
Commander was arrested in Belgium last year for her alleged role in
wartime atrocities and weeks later, Alieu Kosiah, a former commander
of the United Liberation Movement of Liberia for Democracy (ULIMO),
a rebel group that fought against Taylors National Patriotic Front for
Liberia (NPFL) in Liberia's first civil war, was also picked up.
Both cases marked the first time that former war commanders were
charged with international crimes committed during Liberias civil
Kosiah was arrested on November 10, 2014 for his alleged implication
in war crimes committed between 1993 and 1995 in Lofa County,
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in Liberia collected
some 20,000 statements from Liberians from all walks of life and heard
direct testimony from over 500 Liberians chronicling those findings
in a report which documented a wide variety of crimes committed
during the war. The report made a wide range of recommendations,
including recommending reparations to affected communities and the
need for reconciliation through a palava hut process.
The report also listed 98 perpetrators that the TRC found responsible
for various kinds of gross human rights violations and war crimes and
recommended that these people be investigated and prosecuted by the
Liberian courts. The Commission concluded that "All warring factions
are responsible for the commission of gross human rights violations
in Liberia," and therefore recommended for prosecution the heads of
eight warring factions during both civil wars.


The report recommended that some 21 people be investigated
and prosecuted for economic crimes along with 19 corporations,
institutions, and state actors. Another 52 people were recommended
for public sanction and being barred from holding public office again
while 54 other individuals and entities were recommended for further
investigation. An additional 36 people were identified as perpetrators,
but the TRC recommended that they should not be prosecuted because
they "cooperated with the TRC process, admitted to the crimes
committed and spoke truthfully before the Commission and expressed
remorse for their prior actions during the war," the reported noted.
Despite the TRC recommendations, Liberia has appeared reluctant to
implement the findings or at least tackle the next phase of the process in
which the legal system was expected to conduct its own investigations
into the actions of those people listed by the TRC's report.
According to TRC Act, the president must report to the Legislature on
the implementation of the TRC's recommendations three months after
the delivery of the report, and thereafter every three months. If the
TRC's recommendations are not being followed, the president must
show cause to the Legislature why this is not the case.
That process has since been stalled. But new interest from both the
U.S. and the Netherlands is reopening the ugly chapter of Liberias
painful but rugged past in hopes of curbing impunity.
International stakeholders agree that dealing with the crimes
committed by various warring factions of the civil war remains
probably one of the biggest challenges facing post-war Liberia. But
with both the legislature and the executive branch of government
dragging its feet, the quest for justice for many who lost their lives
during the course of the war appear to be on the verge of getting back
on the burner with some suggestions that donors may likely begin
tying extradition and cooperation requests to donor funding.

Martina Johnson, the NPFL frontline Commander
was picked up in Belgium for her alleged role in
wartime atrocities.

A former commander of the United Liberation
Movement of Liberia for Democracy (ULIMO), a
rebel group that fought against Charles Taylors
National Patriotic Front for Liberia (NPFL) in
Liberia's first civil war was arrested November
2014 for his alleged implication in war crimes
committed between 1993 and 1995 in Lofa County,
A Swiss judge decided on 13 November 2014
that Mr. Kosiah will remain in detention for at
least three months. It marked the very first time
a former ULIMO member has been charged with
international crimes committed during Liberias

Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Liberia Not Dumping
Ground For Experiment

IN 1974 THE New York Blood Center conducted an experiment

on about 200 Chimpanzees in Liberia with a commitment to
provide the animals with lifelong care.
ACCORDINGLY, THE RESEARCH was conducted from 1974
to 2005 and the New York Center is believed to have realized
millions of dollars from the research.
AUTHORITIES AT THE Liberia Institute for Biomedical Research
(LIBR) confirmed that the New York based group committed to
provide around US$30,000 monthly as funding to feed and care
for the chips used for the research that are living on Islands in
Charlesville, lower Margibi County.
OVER US$ 500 million is said to have been earned by the New
York Center from royalties and discoveries made using the
Liberian chimps.
BETSY BROTMAN, WHO directed the program in Liberia is
quoted as saying Liberia was chosen because of the availability
of the facility; the cooperation of the government; and the large
number of chimps who could no longer be kept by locals as pets.
IN 1984, MS. Brotman is believed to have acknowledged the
obligation of the New York Blood Center to provide the chimps
with a humane retirement: Its our responsibility to try to pay
them back by letting them live out their lives in their natural
environment, the lead person in the research said.
THE NEW YORK Blood Center, which has reportedly earned
over $500 million in royalties for discoveries made at the
chimp research center, has neither denied the allegations nor
responded to repeated inquiries from advocacy groups around
the world.
MS. Brotman REPEATED THE assertion in The Real Planet of
the Apes, a 2014 documentary film about her research and the
islands on which the chimps were retired: If youre going to do
work in chimpanzees, you should set up a system so that at the
end of the research they have a place where they can . . . live a
nice chimp life to the best of whatever is available.
AFTER MORE THAN 40 YEARS since the research, the Chimps
have been abandoned in Liberia and left roaming the islands in
search of food.
THE LIBERIA INSTITUTE for Bio medical research has indicated
that the New York Center has failed to live up to the commitment
to provide food for the Chimps.
CARE HAS TO be provided for these animals in retirement on
the islands where they are safe from human predators and local
people and animals which have lost their fear of people can be
vicious, said Dr. Fatorma Borlay from the LIBR.
DR. BORLAY EXPLAINED that the NYBC initially began
implementing the agreement but has stopped its support to the
BECAUSE THEY WERE raised in captivity, the chimpanzees
have to be fed by handlers whom they have come to know and
trust and provided with other care at a cost of about $ 30,000
per month, Dr. Borlay said.
THE ABANDONMENT OF the Chimps is creating harm to locals
as the animals have begun attacking people who also go out in
search of food on the islands.
MARY WALKER, 48 who had gone with her friends in search of
food was attacked in March of 2014 and is now losing her left
AS YOU CAN see my leg is getting rotten and from the time I was
attacked up to now I continue to experience severe pain all over
my body, Mary narrated her ordeal.
THE ACTION BY the NYBC to abandon the Chimps after realizing
millions from the experiment is a disservice to Liberia and it is
time for the government to pursue the matter and ensure that
the organization lives up to its promise.
ANIMALS CANNOT BE unleashed on humans with a struggling
Liberian now feeling the pinch of an experiment that raised
millions for others living in luxury in some other parts of the
THE GOVERNMENT OF Liberia must act to seek the interest of
its citizen who is losing a leg to hungry chimps and ensure Mary
gets the required compensation as a consequence of the damage
sustained from the experimental animals.
LIBERIA SHOULD NOT be used as a dumping ground for
experimental animals that are left unattended to, putting the
citizenry at risk.
NYBC MUST ACT fast and solve the mess created by the
experimental Chimps and also compensate the victim.




By Felton D. Clarke, Contributing Writer

ne cannot be quite certain about the reasons for which President

Sirleaf sacked Robert L. Kilby from the position of Auditor
General of the Republic of Liberia. I say this because there are
many conspiracy theories associated with his unprecedented
removal. Nevertheless, what stands out clearly is the indelible imprint he
left at the General Auditing Commission (GAC), which is now his legacy
that will forever be told in Liberia by generations unborn.
But even as the tale is told, it seems his successor, Liberias first female
Auditor General; Yousador S. Gaye appears not to be listening. Maybe,
she doesnt hear at all. This is why as an ardent employee who so dearly
love the GAC, have faith in transformation and believe in other methods
of reaching out to obstinate people like Yusador and her likes, I have
decided to instruct her to proceed with caution, or she could end up like
her predecessor, Robert L. Kilby.
For fear of being possibly reprimanded, as it is obvious in the GAC when
employees speak out, I elected to signal my advice to her under a penname
hoping that, perhaps she will read. Who knows?
Before moving on to Kilbys legacy, let me state for the record that
assertions made in this article are derived from my observation of the
current state of affairs at the GAC since Madam Gaye and Foday G. Kiazolu
joined Winsley S. Nanka in September 2013. They are at liberty to defend
themselves or prove me wrong.

Kilbys GAC Legacy

It is no secret! Robert L. Kilby was an ignominy to the auditing profession
in Liberia and elsewhere. He remained a person of interest and a source
of controversy from the day he was appointed by President Sirleaf to
take over the GAC, up to June 2013, the day he was dismissed by her for
conflict of interest. I have even lost track about his proposed book on
corruption in Liberia he promised to publish last year. Anyway.
For instance, upon his confirmation by the Liberian Senate in August 2012,
Kilby dismissed 43 experienced auditors of meager salaries for what
he termed, financial constraints. When he was pressured by the angry
public, and repeatedly quizzed by journalists, he cited depoliticizing the
GAC as the rationale behind his action. However contradictorily, Kilby,
within that same budget year, hired 69 audit neophytes, most of whom
were his cronies from the USA and paid them far higher remunerations
compare to the staff he had earlier terminated.
Again, dazed with power, the old man got involved in what the
Government of Liberia regarded as shady deeds. It is said that as a siting
Auditor General, he used GAC assets for personal gains, and set up a shell
company to obtain contracts from the Government of Liberia. As the GAC
boss with the shortest term of office, he did not only ruin the institution
financially in a space of 10 months, but he also locally and internationally
damaged the credibility and reputation of the commission.
His notorious legacy of not producing a single audit report until he left the
GAC will forever linger in the archives and the minds of Liberians. It will
be unfair to his record, if it is not penned here that GAC inherent Deputy
Auditor General, Winsley Saye Nanka was his deputy in chief. Eager to
be appointed as the head of the GAC, he would take over for less than
3 months, as acting Auditor General for the third time, following the
dismissal of Kilby.

Rebuilding the GAC

September 2013 saw an emergence of what seemed like a light at the end
of the leadership tunnel at the GAC. Liberias first female Auditor General,
Yusador S. Gaye was appointed by the President. Unlike her predecessor
who credentials remains questionable to date, she professes to have a CPA
and holds a graduate degree in Public Administration.
But like Kilby who had the fastest confirmation as a public official in the
history of Liberia, after being previously rejected by the Senate, Madam
Gayes confirmation was done in the corridors of total secrecy. She and
little-known Foday G. Kiazolu, her Deputy for Administration who himself
holds a Bachelor degree and an ACCA certification were confirmed behind
close doors for imprecise reasons.
Combining with Deputy for Audit, Winsley S. Nanka, who it is rumored
holds an MBA and CPA credentials, GAC staff who were recovering from
the stings of Kilbys credential degradation and administrative ineptitude,
considered Gaye and Kiazolu as symbols of hope. Every employee longed
for the better, eagerly doing their chores to impress their new bosses.
For the preceding 2 months, I could hear auditors whispering in the
corridors, even though the AG is an old lady, her young deputies will help
her make a difference this time around. But there loomed an eminent
disappointment for us as the story absolutely changed over the course of
time! There were exploitation plots in the making.
Yusador and Fodays Exploitation Strategies
Our new bosses became swiftly aware of the caliber of staff they have
inherited. They knew auditors appetite for change for the better was
huge. Recognizing these, both Gaye and Kiazolu colluded with Nanka and
indulged in the act of pretense and rhetoric. They decided to exploit our
vulnerability in the pursuit of happiness.
I recalled Foday Kiazolu shouting, there will be no business as usual at
the GAC in a general staff meeting at the pavilion in October of 2013.
He continued his rhetoric by saying, all promotions, placement and
reclassification of staff will be on the basis of merit. But within less than
2 weeks after these comments, he unilaterally appointed a former Audit
Trainee with acute limitation in everything professional, to head the
Management Internal Control (MIC) Department of the GAC. That did not
go unnoticed by GAC staff who began questioning the move. While this
was happening, Madam Gaye turned a blind eye.
For her part, Yusador Gaye took upon herself the liberty to get rid of the
remnants of the Kilbys senior management staff, most of whom were
allegedly educated in America. She introduced a purported background
check strategy aimed at quietly executing her hoax and requested the
USA Schooled Auditors to avail their Social Security numbers to the GAC
Human Resources Department. According to her trickery, the numbers
would be used to verify their qualifications and work experiences in the
This scheme played out well enough for Madam Gaye, as most of the USA
Schooled Auditors refused to give up their Social Security information,
citing confidentiality. Many of them voluntarily resigned, while others
hanged on until they were redundant.
Furthermore, contrary to her initial loud pronouncements that she
would not dismiss any GAC staff like her predecessor, Yusador engaged

in bullying and threatening auditors that we could lose our jobs if we did
not have professional certifications. When a team of auditors with CFE
designations argued that they too were professionally certified, she and
her deputies insisted that they were referring to GAC auditors obtaining
ACCAs and CPAs, certification that only three of them already possess.
Another design by the old lady was her public proclamation of
professionalizing the GAC on one hand, and failing to support her
statement with material actions on the other. Realizing this, auditors
decided to make efforts on their own. When some of us insisted on seeking
scholarships, take leave from job to travel abroad for advance studies and
professional certifications, Madam Gaye and her deputies again employed
a policy that there will be no further long term international trainings for
auditors, or we should resign and leave the GAC.
With motive to thwart their promoting, Yousador embarked on a
campaign to trash Masters degree as being non-essential to GAC under
her administration. This argument was amplified by Foday Kiazolu who
highest academic qualification is a BBA from United Methodist University
on Ashmun Street in Liberia. Madam Gayes criticism of Masters degree
was yet, another scam to discourage some auditors who had returned to
the GAC after obtaining Masters from the USA, Kenya, Ghana, China and
For me, its improper and reeks intellectual honesty and maturity for an
Auditor General with an advance degree to endeavor to run a supreme
integrity institution like the GAC on the basis of peer fear, and choose
to reward chatter haulers while trying to please half-baked deputies of
immense inferiority complex.
As if Madam Gayes ignorance and swindle havent been well marketed,
she went on to dissolve all departments and positions within the GAC, and
fib again, that reclassification was underway in 6 months. Her apparent
reason for taking this action was to deny heads of the various dissolved
departments from receiving their benefits in GAS and Scratch Cards even
though these benefits continued to be budgeted by the GAC. You will be
stung to know that as a consequence of her missteps, Audit Reports issued
under the signature of Madam Gaye do not undergo Quality Assurance
review, a fundamental requirement in auditing.
But recently, as if there was brain-drain at the GAC, she hired a Director for
Administration and a Manager for Fleet and Assets Management, both of
whom do not possess professional qualifications, her so called benchmark
for promotion.
Another flop on the part of Madam Gaye which whips my imagination is
her lending of continues support to the unprovoked arrogance of gossip
transferor - Joseph King - the self-appointed lackey and wannabe parrot of
the Auditor General. This clown claims to hold a BBA degree in Accounting
from the prestigious University of Liberia, but his incompetence has
cornered him to low chores like being an errand boy, a driver, a secretary
and a special assistant, doing everything special - day and night - for his
boss lady. His trading of blather about the auditors to the Auditor General
has gone way too far to go unnoticed. And he makes a little over US$ 2000
for doing that courtesy to Yousador Gayes bias salary increment early
this year which saw her cronies received 110% increase.
In a conversation with a Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Finance during
our recent audit of that Ministry, I was asked whether Yousador was up to
the task for the sort of economic reforms and fiscal discipline that Liberia
so fervently desire. My simple answer to him then, which I will state now,
is that she is too unsophisticated for the job. Weak is an understatement or
no better choice of description for this Auditor General who is a personal
friend to all heads of public institutions.
The gaffes on the part of the first female Auditor General of Liberia makes
her seem like a gun for hire from imperialists the Robert Kilby replay. A
successful end cannot be promised. Perhaps not now!
The Role of the Media and Civil Society to GAC
Some of us may have rented our mouths under this circumstance, but our
pens cannot permit us to sit supine and watch GAC fall into another gutter.
We have account to give to posterity, not just as employees of the GAC
but also as tax paying Liberians. And because my taxes pay the likes of
Yousador, Nanka and Kiazolu of this world, I am obliged to document their
leisurely and noiseless misdemeanors.
That all these events are happening at the GAC under the noses of
the Liberian media and civil society, yet they are so silent, shows the
paradoxical relationship between the spectacles they viewed Kilby
before and the ones they are using to view Yousador now. This raises
more questions than answers. Perhaps I should definitely lookup GAC
communication budget for 2013/2014 2014/2015 and match them
against its expenditure reports submitted to the Ministry of Finance.
As watchdogs of the society the media and civil society have crucial roles
to play in the affairs of the GAC. This is a challenge for them to make a
difference. Publish this article and start asking questions at the GAC. The
sort of answers you will obtain will interest you. I will be waiting to see!
My Final Comments
As I indicated earlier, this is a caution to Madam Gaye. Some of us believe
in the doctrine of redemption. If the Auditor General takes keen note of
the assertions made here, begin to consider and take actions to correct
them, she may end up well and Robert Kilby story will be his own. I am old
enough to know how Liberia politics works. Today you can be the darling
of the President and tomorrow you are her serious enemy. Robert Kilby
understands this too well. His lesson was taught at the GAC.
I am therefore recommending that the Auditor General subordinates her
pride and begin to respect the experiences and qualifications of auditors
she met at the GAC. We are there to help her. She must as well begin to
understand that Foday Kiazolus inferiority complex is his own making. It
has nothing to do with the auditors, as such; it should not adversely affect
us. Madam Gaye should advise him to therefore begin threating us with
courtesy, not bully. And the Auditor General should beware that Winsley
Nanka is an angry man who is bitter from serving as Deputy Auditor
General forever. His laisse fare attitude towards the auditors and their
welfare is well calculated.
Finally, that the office of the auditor General is a serious place and people
working there should act accordingly. Hence, Joseph King must stop
whispering gossips about auditors. Or you should let him talk but NEVER
act on it.
A hint to the wise is sufficient!
Thank you.

Thursday, July 16, 2015








Any discussion of these unconscienciously(sp?)
outrageous salary and perks should commence with the publicly
availed corresponding salary and perks of HER EXCELLENCY
ELLEN JOHNSON-SIRLEAF, her personal staff and the office of
the Ministry Of Presidential Affairs-POST HASTE!
For heavens sake why is the President, by example, not the first
to also bear the burden of her own belated austerity initiatives?
Why are her salary, perks and associated benefits not available
for public scrutiny? Has the GAC audited HER EXCELLENCY? If
not-WHY NOT,I ask?
Specifically, yet again, I ask the HONORABLE LEGISLATURE,
GAC, etc to demand a line item forensic accounting of her
reported US$30million arbitrary travel budget! To whom
belong the millions of accrued FREQUENT FLIER MILES?....the
President personally or the LIBERIAN PEOPLE?!
It took ten years to realize that your employees are overpaid,
underutilized, and underperformed. Wow!
At times I wonder if Liberian Journalists can research their
story or they write because there is computer before them. How
can Atty Kofi Woods lied to you. When he served as Minister
of Labor and Public Works, he took Board Fees as Statutory
Board members. The records are there. I was part of several
different audit teams that came across Kofi Woods name. Please
check LEC Board Fee payment records, NOCAL, National Social
Security and Welfare Corporation Board Fee payment and list
goes on. The writer of this story can come to request these
entities under the Freedom of Information Act and you will get
it free. Stop being lazy and stop misleading your readers!!!!!
This a blatant lie prove it
Mr. Vaye, What's the difference between a statutory board
member and a board member? Are there differences in board
fees and benefits for these two members?
Pay cut my foot, she will replace the so called cuts with board
fees; she will appoint her friends to various boards in order to
compensate them for the "cut in pay." Another thing I noticed
about this government is that it keeps appointing individuals
to positions that may/may not be enacted by the Legislature,
for example, Asst. Superintendent for this and that; I wander
whether the Senate is checking as to whether these positions
are included in the Acts creating these entities or are they just
blindly confirming those appointed by Madam President?
At times I wonder if Liberian Journalists can research their
story or they write because there is computer before them. How
can Atty Kofi Woods lied to you. When he served as Minister
of Labor and Public Works, he took Board Fees as Statutory
Board members. The records are there. I was part of several
different audit teams that came across Kofi Woods name. Please
check LEC Board Fee payment records, NOCAL, National Social
Security and Welfare Corporation Board Fee payment and list
goes on. The writer of this story can come to request these
entities under the Freedom of Information Act and you will get
it free. Stop being lazy and stop misleading your readers!!!!!
And our GOVERNMENT calls this austerity measures (after
2006-2015)? Belated! This is hypothesis; there r overwhelming
loopholes to get them back to the former.
Complete nonsense this government is sick
Massa Washington Top Commenter Clinical Supervisor/
Therapist at Wes
Is this not double standard at most, to have past Ministers in
Ellen government now making noise about salary disparity
when many of them were with the government for up to ten
years, collected their share of the bonanza salary and benefits
and made their millions. Did these people not know then that
their huge salaries and benefits was unfair to the rest of Liberia
people? They sat there, supported Ellen rogue government,
got their share of the loot and now want to preach equality
and human rights. We are not fooled though, it is this type of
hypocrisy that is killing Liberia.


The comments expressed here are those of our online readers and
bloggers and do no represent the views of FrontPageAfrica

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The Editor,

he CDC wins in a landslide victory if it

puts on the ticket the no nonsense former
Auditor General of the General Auditing
Commission, (GAC) Mr. John Morlu either as
President or Vice President. I still maintain that Mr.
Morlu was/is the only most principled, professional,
trusted, honest person to have worked in the
government since the now corrupt President Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf took office in January 2006.
But that will not be enough to win the 2017
presidential elections by CDC. The National Elections
Commission (NEC) and the Supreme Court of Liberia
are extensions of Ellen's ruling dis-Unity Party and
if the opposition parties don't press for changes on
the NEC, they will be singing the Blues in the 2017.
The record of the NEC speaks for itself in both the
2005 and 2011 presidential elections. Why and
how the political parties allowed a former ID card
carrying member, Jerome Korkoya of Ellen's ruling
Unity Party who contested for a Legislative seat
on the Unity Party ticket to chair the supposedly
nonpartisan NEC is mind boggling?
The only reason Mr. George Weah won the December
2014 Montserrado County senatorial election was
because the outcome was not even close. It was a
political tsunami of a victory that the NEC could not
try any shenanigan. Notice that President Sirleaf's
aborted Decree #65 contained provisions that said
NEC elections results could not be challenged "until
after 30 days" when declared "winners" shall have
already taken the oath of office, and the losers must
thereafter file complaints to the NEC and then later
to the Supreme Court, a process that could take
Any attempt to have denied Weah and the CDC the
victory in December would ended the Sirleaf regime
from a people power protest revolution. So the NEC
knew better and could not declare Ellen's son Robert
the winner.
Now, we know if the elections are free, fair and
transparent, the CDC will win the 2017 presidential
elections as it did win the 2005 and 2011 races but
was cheated by the NEC, and my critics can argue that
till judgment day. Ellen herself confessed to how the
2005 elections were rigged in her favor, of all places,
here in America at the historic black Abysennia
Baptist Church in Harlem, New York City. Then
there was the famous November 2011letter to the
CDC from former NEC Chairman James Fromoyan in

which he said he and the NEC had cooked the books

and switched the numbers by giving CDC's first place
votes to runners-up Unity Party of Ellen.
When CDC demanded an open recount of the votes,
the NEC said no and protest by CDC supporters
on their party headquarters compound resulted
to the November 7, 2011 massacre of CDCians
by government police. Former Police Chief Marc
Amblard who took the blame was later rewarded
with a $150,000.00 no-bid security job at Roberts
International Airport. Indeed Liberia, what a sweet
country where crime pays for some.
So the CDC should dancing even before 2017
because Ellen is the master of dirty politics in
Liberia from her role in the bloody civil war to how
she cleverly out maneuvered and delivered Taylor
to the International Criminal Court and her clever
manipulation of the outcome of the two presidential
elections. Ellen will make sure she turns power
over to her chosen crony who will not go after her
for corruption, let alone who would implement the
TRC recommendations that will send Ellen to join
her former battlefront rebel commander, General
Charles McArthur Gangay Taylor now locked away
for life in an British jail.
CDC must recruit credible Liberians for 2017 that
the outcome will be so overwhelming that the NEC
won't try any Deedeba, or else. And if the results
are so close, the NEC will declare Ellen's anointed
successor "winner" and its argument would be that
the CDC didn't cry foul when it declared George Weah
winner in the senatorial races over Robert Sirleaf,
son of the President So why now accuse the NEC of
cheating the same CDC in the 2017 pre-presidential
elections? Think hard CDC for the political game is
now underway. Don't wait till it is too late. Call John
Morlu, Kofi Woods, Tiawon Gongloe, Jerome Verdier,
Togba Nah Tipoteh and other credible Liberians and
it will be a tsunami victory in 2017. As for those who
say Weah doesn't know "book", we see now what the
bookish Ellen from Harvard University has done to
our country. Da the book the hungry Liberian people
will eat? Don't say I didn't warn you in advance. Da
me again.
Jerry Wehtee Wion,
Journalist and Political Commentator,
Washington, DC, USA


Rodney D. Sieh, Managing Editor, 0886-738-666;

Samwar S. Fallah, News Desk Chief, 0886-527
Danesius Marteh, Sports Editor, danesius., 0886236528
James-Emmanuel D. Cole, Jr, Graphics Designer
& Layout Editor,;
0886 211 390, 0777 027 030
Henry Karmo, Reporter, henry.karmo@
Bettie Johnson, Reporter, , / betty.johnson@

Al-varney Rogers, Reporter,, 0886-304498
Kennedy L. Yangian, Reporter, kennedy.yangian@ 0777296781
A. Macaulay Sombai, Sports Reporter, macaulay.sombai@, 077217428
Grand Bassa, Alpha Daffae Senkpeni, 0777432042
Bong County, Selma Lomax, selma.lomax@, 0886-484666
Kadi Coleman Porte, 0886-304-178/ 0777832753,

Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Monrovian July 9 a member of

the Liberian Senate,
Senator Dallas A.V.
Gueh (River Cess
County) wrote Senate Pro
temp, Senator Armah Z. Jallah
requesting the Senate to
review and amend concession
agreements signed between
Liberia and concessionaires
and if possible cancel some of
these agreements.
Senator Gueh contends in
his communication that the
country has signed over 16.5
billion dollars foreign direct
investment but in terms of job
creation, the country is not
feeling the impact.
in the letter that these
adding value and he wants the
senate to act in ensuring that
concessionaires add value to
their products here, which
the Senator said will shift the
burden of job creation to the
private sector instead of the
Why cant the logging
companies construct sawmills
that will add value to our wood
products and inversely create
additional jobs? Why cant
Arcelor Mittal establish a steel
factory and manufacture steel
here instead of shipping the
raw ores? Why cant Firestone,
LAC and those in the rubber
industries establish factories
that will manufacture rubber
products here?, Senator Gueh
inquired in his communication.
He requested the Senate to
review and possibly cancel
some of the agreements if they
fail to add value.

We who are familiar with these agreements and their implementations know very well that iron ore price is down
by 50 to 60% as compared to 2010 or even before then. Similarly rubber price is down. Now for me, our position is
weak. If we were to go to ask for review, because the prices of these commodities are down, the concessionaires are
in a stronger position to for example negotiate so that the social benefits that they are paying today will be reduced
because they are getting much less from operating than they were getting before and also the fact that they did not
operate the whole of 2014 due to Ebola, Cllr. Varney G. Sherman, Senator, Grand Cape Mount County.

Stated Senator Gueh If these

concessions to be reviewed
cannot agree to add value to
their products, it will be in the
best interest of this country
and posterity for us to cancel
these agreements than allow
these concessions to flourish
at the detriment of our country
and its people.

communication has been sent
to committee room for further
reported Wednesday that
(Unity Party, Grand Cape
Mount County) is against a
review of the concessions.
Following the publication,

Senator Sherman told FPA

that his call for concessions to
not be reviewed now is based
on the prevailing situation in
the country which could put
the country in a disadvantage
position if attempts are made
to review concessions at the
moment giving the drop in the
process of raw materials such
as rubber, iron ore and others
on the world market.
I dont believe it is timely for
us, the government and people
of Liberia to ask for these
reviews. I really, orderly do
not believe it is timely, said
Senator Sherman.
The lawyer explained We
these agreements and their
implementations know very
well that iron ore price is down
by 50 to 60% as compared

to 2010 or even before then.

Similarly rubber price is down.
Now for me, our position is
weak. If we were to go to ask
for review, because the prices
of these commodities are
down, the concessionaires are
in a stronger position to for
example negotiate so that the
social benefits that they are
paying today will be reduced
because they are getting much
less from operating than
they were getting before and
also the fact that they did not
operate the whole of 2014 due
to Ebola.
He admitted that although
most of these concession
agreements provide that every
five years there will be a review
so that in the event of profound
changes in circumstances,
the concession agreements
will be readjusted to affect
these profound changes in
circumstances but should
Liberia review now it will be at
a disadvantage standpoint.
Lets not ask or review now,
because when you ask for
review from one company,
every other company is going
to ask for review, said the


Senator Sherman said it will

be a good idea to review the
concessions but it will be
timely when concessionaires


should have invested in the

country to the extent that they
cannot let it go, before Liberia
can call for review.
Said Senator Sherman If
you really want to review,
wait for the concessionaires
to put money in the ground,
because they cannot take it
and carry, than you are in a
stronger position. But what
have these people put in the
ground, not much, so what
is your negotiation strength,
He observed that one thing
concessionaires will raise is
the issue of Ebola during the
entire 2014 and part of 2015.
We have to be cautious how
we exercise our rights, because
if not the concessionaires will
take advantage of us exercising
our rights, he noted.


Senator Sherman said while it

sounds good for concessions to
add value, the circumstances
have to be favorable including
the market and other raw
materials that are used in
deriving finished products.
It is good to have factories
here but look at iron ore for
example; another raw material
used before getting steel is
limestone, where will be get
it from to mix it with the iron
ore? Another thing is electric
power; we cannot even put

electric power in Monrovia,

will we put it in Yekepa, to
be able to produce there?, he
According to Senator Sherman,
from the perspective of cost,
benefit analysis, the cost of
producing one steel rod in
Liberia will be two to three
times higher than the cost of
importing and selling it on the
Liberian market.
I told them there is something
call the Law of Comparative
Advantage, produce what you
are able to produce cheap and
sell it and the one you are not
able to produce, the money you
earn from what you produce,
you use it to buy what you
cannot produce, he explained.
If you produce what is too
expensive for you to produce,
you are wasting your country
Additionally, Senator Sherman
said should Firestone for
producing tyres, the Liberian
market is small to buy the new
tyres that will be produced and
bulk will have to be exported.
If Firestone starts to produce
tyres, who will buy your tyres?
Right now on the Liberian
market, most car owners buy
used tyres, they do not buy
new tyres, new tyres are too
expensive for them. Come and
produce tyres here where the
cost of producing is two times
what it will cost to import
it, who will buy it here, he
The lawmaker said he is
proposing for a committee
at the Senate to handle the
communication where relevant
government officials and other
Liberians will be invited to
provide their views on the
issue to help the Liberian
senate make an informed


Henry Karmo (0866522495)

its Committees on Justice,
Foreign Affairs, Labor and
Gender, Children and Social
Protection to make a follow up
with the relevant ministries
and agencies of the Executive
Branch of government to
ascertain the status of some
14 Liberian ladies brought
from Lebanon with a report to
plenary within one week.
The decision was reached
as a consequence of a

is Chairman of the House
National Defense.
requested that body to invite
some senior officials of the
executive to update the body
on the current status of the
Liberian ladies brought back
home from Lebanon.
communication requested that
the Ministers of Justice, Foreign
Affairs, Labor and Gender,

Children and Social Protection

be invited before plenary to
provide explanation.
Dr. Chambers stated in his
communication: Hon. Speaker
and esteemed members, it has
been several weeks now since
these ladies were brought back
and placed under custody of
government and, as such, it is
important for us to have some
information as to actions that
have been taken to cater to
their welfare and what is also
being done to bring to justice
the alleged traffickers here
in Liberia, along with their
collaborators in Lebanon.

The Maryland Lawmaker

communication is the first from
a lawmaker on the situation
surrounding the Liberians girls
that were allegedly trafficked
to Lebanon by some Lebanese
and their collaborators.
Like Representative Chambers
recently two professional
women groupings called on
the government of Liberia to
speedily try the case involving
the alleged abduction and
trafficking of the young
Liberian women to Lebanon.
The Association of Female
Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL)
and the Female Journalist
Association of Liberia [FeJAL]
in separate interviews with
FPA early this week expressed
disappointment over the delay
in prosecuting those accused
of subjecting the girls to illtreatment.
Association of Female Lawyers,
Esther Seton-Cee says much
more needs to be done to
ensure that justice is delivered
as soon as possible. Shaking
her head upon hearing that 14
of the young women who were
brought to Liberia four months
ago are yet to have their day
in court, the women lawyer
leader expressed shock.

We are calling on the

the judiciary to take full
responsibility to send those
girls to court. Let us hear
their side and the side of the
accused. We want to know
both sides of the story. As a
women organization this is a
case of interest to us. We want
to know who were involved
and how those girls were taken
there, said Cllr. Seton Cee.
While addressing the legal side
of the issue Cllr. Seton-Cee is
also apprehensive about the
well-being and safety of the
rest of the girls in Lebanon who
are yet to be brought home.
We are also calling on the
government to find means
to bring the rest of the girls
home. They are Liberians and
we know that they are suffering
over there. I am personally
appealing to the government

to make it possible that the

other girls return to their
families here in Liberia, she
added. For Cllr. Seton-Cee, the
government should not be the
only party interested in justice
for the girls but the families of
the young women should be
concern too.
More than 50 young women
were reportedly trafficked over
the period of three years to
Lebanon to accordingly work
as domestic servants and sex
slaves. Before leaving Liberia,
some only girls at age 16, 17
and 18 were told that they were
going to work in factories and
supermarkets. Upon arrival in
Lebanon different people who
had paid 3,500 United States
dollars as the price for their
independence, freedom and
the right to say no to sex came
at the airport to pick up their
new slaves.

Thursday, July 16, 2015




Monroviauring the observance

of World Toilet Day,
NGOs called on the
government to up its
allocation, and on international
donors to reprioritize funding
to stamp out cholera and cut
child mortality. But despite the
call, the Liberian Government
appears to be dragging its feet.
Just one-third of Monrovia's
1.5 million residents have
access to clean toilets, and 20
to 30 cholera cases reported
weekly according to IRINs
One of the transmissions of
Ebola is through feces or fluid
which someone can contact
the virus.
There are over 40 slums
capital and most of them lack
access to furnished latrine and
health care facility.
In the Billima Community over
80% of the residents there do
not have access to a toilet as a
result they toilet in the plastic
and throw it anywhere they
Kamath Willie, a 60-yearold woman who said she has
been living in the community
for several years said since
the establishment of the
community there are no toilets
but upon a promised made
by CEMENCO to break down
the only makeshift facility to
construct a modern one, the
community residents adhered
to the request.
She said that it was
community has over 10,000
dwellers with no toilet area for
citizens to attend to nature.
You know we are very
disappointed in the leadership
of this community including
our lawmaker and the

Bettie Johnson/

CEMENCO management who

have stayed here over 20 years,
we dont even know what to
do, she said.
Madam Willie continued: The
toilet was here but as time went
by the toilet was not working
so the people decided to fix the
place but the chairman came
and said Cemenco asked him
to break the toilet down so he
told the boys to break it down
and we are getting nothing
from them since they asked us
to break our toilet down so we
cant waste time so our pupu
we can fly it in their fence the
chairman came to talk but we
cant do anything because it is
a part of nature.
She complained of the
CEMENCO stating that the
company can pollute her
houses, clothes, and food.
I was born here, when we
cooking and the cement dust
coming no way to cover it
because you want stir your pot
and when dust comes it enters,
the water in the gallon if you
try to use it the water turn to
cement water, our room can be
dusty if you cover the clothes
with plastic its still not safe

the cement penetrate. Our

children can get sick from the
dust and no hospital in the
entire community that only
one woman get drug store that
is where, most people can get
the treatment from, Madam
Willie explained.
Jebbeh (not her real name)
said that her children had to
leave the community because
they continuously get sick
from the cement pollution.
I have three children and their
aunty took them away because
the cement giving us hard time
and when we walking we walk
in the dust especially when
they bring in their cement
the dust can really affect us.
When you enter our room you
will say this is not a young
girl room because every cloth
you touch has cement even
the clothes when you see it, it
looks like you cant wash, when
CEMENCO ready our children
have to leave the area because
the cement can disturb us, she
Madam Jebbeh said she
blames the area lawmaker and
CEMENCO stating that with the
pollution from the company
they are compelled to purchase

medicine from the pharmacy

in the community something
she said is dangerous to their
The children can mostly be
affected and they can really
get sick because all the time
we have to go Redemption or
Mawah because no hospital
here. Our lawmaker can only
come say your bear it so we
will get sick and die and just be
bearing your bear it, we tired,
she decried.
Madam Jebbeh continued: We
are not receiving anything from
CEMENCO; the main thing we
want is that they should stop
polluting the place because
our bed and clothes get dirty
and our children get sick from
the dust.
SB medicine store, the only
pharmacy that serves the
community is very hot and it
is owned by a local nurse who
lived in the community before
but had to leave because of the
same pollution.
Aminata Ballah a first aid
student runs the pharmacy.
She says she hardly sits in
the pharmacy because of the
hotness and the pollution from

You see this is the only

pharmacy here and I dont
hardly sit in this place because
its hot and I have to clean it
every morning because the
cement can disturb us as you
can see my aunty put a glass
door but whenever a customer
opens the door the cement
dust enter by force and all of
the medicines get affected,
Aminata says.
Madam Ballah further stated
that the pharmacy was
established in 20008 following
several illnesses that led to the
death of some residents of the
She disclosed that she
sells medicines including
Amoxycilin, Tricep, Relief, and
the prices of the drugs fall in
line with the Liberia Medical
Health Regulatory Authority.
It can be recalled that
Florence F. Brandy called
for the relocation of the
Liberia Cement Corporation
(CEMENCO) on the Somalia
Drive in Monrovia.
CEMENCO is a company
that has been producing
construction cement in the

virus can be contained and

For his part, Chief Prince
Kermuka of Sierra Leone
speaking in Mende called
on the leaders of the three
countries to collaborate in
fighting the EVD.
All I can say is let the three
leaders work together because
what comes in to Liberia also
goes to us and if we dont
contain this virus it means we
will struggle with it, said Chief
The two Chiefs from Guinea
and Sierra Leone came to
Liberia by a proposal from the
National Traditional council
through its counties chiefs
namely Chief Musa Kamara
of Lofa County and Ma Yatta
Fahnbulleh of Grand Cape
Mount County.
Other members of the
Sekobah Kamara of Guinea,
Felix Fassa Ifono of Guinea, and
Amoh Pabai of Sierra, among
disclosed that the chiefs from
Guinea and Sierra Leone
will also join the Traditional
Council to honor President
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the
numerous efforts towards the

The way your here your will
join us to tell Mama Ellen
thank you for her hard work,
now she is still working for this
bad virus to leave this country,
Chief Kawor said
warned people to stay away
from dead bodies as one of the
precautions against further
spread of the deadly virus.
Liberia, Sierra Leone, and
Guinea relatively share similar
tribes that engage in the same
traditional practices including
the washing of dead bodies.
The three countries are greatly
affected by the virus which is
hindering economies, health
system, education among
According to the World Health
Organization, statistical report
July 8, 2015 there are 30
confirmed cases of Ebola virus
disease (EVD) reported in
the week to 5 July in all three
countries with 18 in Guinea,
3 in Liberia, and 9 in Sierra
Although the WHO has said that
this is the highest weekly total
since mid-May, improvements
to case investigation and
with enhanced incentives to

Page 7

country for over 50 years.

The company is surrounded by
several communities, including
Billima, Cow Factory and Doe
Community and it is located
opposite two other companies,
including Premier Milling
According to Madam Brandy,
the company is causing
serious health hazard to
community dwellers within its
area of operations.
She said the company must
relocate out of the capital in
order to curtail the situation
adding that the residents are
compelled to hang their clothes
and cook in their houses due
to the evaporation of cement
dust from the company.
stated that authorities from
the county would shortly
meet with the management
of the company to look at the
possibility of relocating the
The Montserrado County
Superintendent maintained it
would be better to relocate the
company than the numerous
However, responding to the
Montserrado Superintendent,
the General Services Manager
of CEMENCO, Mr. James D.
Gibson, Jr. said the assertions
made by the Montserrado
cannot be substantiated.
He said the administration of
the company has not received
any complain from community
dwellers within its operational
area regarding the issue of
According to him, the company
has a brand new production
mill, saying it is operating
in what he called a control
Mr. Gibson stated that the
company poses no threat to the
lives of citizens in the Somalia
Drive area and the company is
not thinking about relocating
its operations to another area.


Bettie Johnson/

Monroviaraditional beliefs and

practices in West
African countries are
some of the leading
causes for the continuous
spread of the deadly Ebola
Virus which has killed more
than 10,000 people since the
start of 2014 to current.
On Thursday at the National
Monrovia, chiefs from the

gathered to strategize how

they can help in fighting the
Chief Zanzan Kawor of Liberia,
Chief Varlie Kamara of Guinea,
and Chief Prince Kermuka of
Sierra Leone dressed in their
traditional attires spoke in
their vernaculars through
Speaking to FPA, Chief Kawor
commended his counterparts,
the two chiefs from Sierra
Leone and Guinea for accepting

his proposal to visit Liberia

stating that what affects
Liberia affects the other two
Today, I consider the two
chiefs visit as pleasing to this
country, because the book
people say two heads better
than one and I say if we sit and
talk it will help us take this bad
virus from our countries, so the
way your here I say welcome
and feel this is your country,
said Chief Kawor.
Chief Kawor continued: All the
health people say we should do
is wash our hands and obey the
things they say, so as we here
today let go back to our people
and tell them because da us
they believe in.
Kola nuts and rice as a practice
of tradition were handed over
to the two chiefs from Sierra
Leone and Guinea.
Guineas Chief from Macenta
in Mandingo said he was
overwhelmed to be in Liberia
as the two countries (Liberia
and Guinea) share a lot in
He added that though the
virus affects the 3 countries
but if they remain united, the

encourage case reporting and

compliance with quarantine
measures have led to a better
understanding of chains of
transmission than was the case
a month ago.
The WHO says this, in turn,
has resulted in a decreasing
proportion of cases arising
from as-yet unknown sources
of infection (5 of 30 cases in the
week to 5 July), particularly in
previously problematic areas
such as Boke and Forecariah in
Guinea, and Kambia and Port
Loko in Sierra Leone.
However, the WHO states that
significant challenges remain.
A residual lack of trust in the
response among some affected
communities means that some
cases still evade detection for
too long, increasing the risk of
further hidden transmission.
The exportation of cases to
densely populated urban
areas such as Freetown and
Conakry remains a risk, whilst
the origin of the new cluster of
cases in Liberia according to
Ministry of Health is also due
to dishonesty.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Liberia Airport Authority

Liberia Airport Authority

The Liberia Airport Authority applies portion of its approved Internal Revenue Budget, Fiscal Year 2015/2016 to the


acquisition of SECURITY UNIFORMS for RIA.

As prescribed by the new SBA (SMAAL BUSINESS ACT) through PPCC, this invite is limited to ONLY LIBERIAN

The Liberia Airport Authority applies portion of its approved Internal Revenue Budget, Fiscal Year
2015/2016 to FUMIGATION at RIA.
As prescribed by the new SBA (SMAL BUSINESS ACT) through PPCC, this invite is limited to ONLY

1. Liberian Owned Business
2. Current Business Registration
3. Current Tax Clarence

1. Liberian Owned Business
2. Current Business Registration
3. Current Tax Clarence
4. Must be in the process of completing registration with PPCC.

4. Must be in the process of completing registration with PPCC.

Item No. Description of Items

Minimum Specification


Collar T- Shirt With RIA Embroiled Logo


Uniform Shirt Short Sleeve

Slate Gray

Schedule of Requirements
The RIA is the only standard Airport in Liberia, thus on a daily basis traveler enter and leave the country
through this facility. To this end, keeping the Airport clean everyday is a top priority of the Management
of the Airport.


Uniform Shirt Long Sleeve

Slate Gray


Officers Shirt



Officers Shoulder Cord


Uniform Trouser Navy Blue

Security Boot


Officers Shoes

Scope of Work
The Contractor shall be responsible to collect and dispose all garbage within the Airport and its
Managers Quarter for the Fiscal Year 2015/2016.


Security Face Cap

G-1 Boot, Black

High Gross Ox-ford
Cotton, Adjustable and Black

Belt Brown

Officers Belt


Officer Security Badge

A. Manpower Requirement
1. Manpower
a. The Contractor shall provide appropriate number of workers, as follows:


Security Badge

Silver Color Pair


Shoulder Cord

SG-1 & 11 Blue


Whistle with Chain

Gold Color


Whistle with Chain

Silver Color



Liberia Flag

Cotton Clothe



Blue & White

Work Description No. of Workers

Schedule Equipment/Tools/Accessories


Hand Cuff

Silver Color

Spraying/disinfecting of , the Airports Airside

Once every month

Flash proof circulation tans

Baton Expandable Black

(Weekends Preferably)

Respirators and respirators canisters

Fumigation detection apparatus

Once every month

Item No. Description of Items

Spraying/disinfecting of , the Airports Landside

Spraying/disinfecting of , the Airports

Managers Quarter and Clipper camp

(Weekends Preferably)

Once every month

(Weekends Preferably)

Gold Color Pair


Delivery Date

Flash proof circulation tans


Collar T- Shirt With RIA Embroided Logo 150

30 days after signing of contract

Respirators and respirators canisters


Uniform Shirt Short Sleeve


30 days after signing of contract

Fumigation detection apparatus


Uniform Shirt Long Sleeve


30 days after signing of contract


30 days after signing of contract


30 days after signing of contract


Officers Shirt

Flash proof circulation tans


Officers Shoulder Cord

Respirators and respirators canisters


Uniform Trouser


30 days after signing of contract

Fumigation detection apparatus


Security Boot


30 days after signing of contract


Officers Shoes

30 days after signing of contract

b. The Contractor shall ensure that each worker assigned to render work shall be proper uniform (Plastic Suit and


Security Face Cap


30 days after signing of contract





30 days after signing of contract

c. The Contractor shall ensure that each worker is equipped with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as


Officers Belt


30 days after signing of contract

described below, when working:


Officer Security Badge

15 pairs

30 days after signing of contract

1. Dusk Mask


Security Badge

135 pairs

30 days after signing of contract

2. Glove


Shoulder Cord


30 days after signing of contract


Whistle with Chain


30 days after signing of contract


Whistle with Chain


30 days after signing of contract


Liberia Flag


30 days after signing of contract

1. Contractor




30 days after signing of contract

a. Undertake the service required on time;


Hand Cuff


30 days after signing of contract

b. Obey port rules and regulations;


Expandable Baton


30 days after signing of contract

d. Obligation and Responsibilities


c. Dispose collected garbage at Government of Liberia recognized disposal facility

d. Perform other attendant works that Authority may require
Procurement Unit
Liberia Airport Authority/RIA
Robertsfield Liberia
Head of Procurement
Liberia Airport Authority /RIA
Cell: 0770555069
Deadline for submission is August 11, 2015 at 1PM. NO LATE SUBMISSION WILL BE ACCEPTED! Interested
bidders may obtain bidding documents from the Procurement Unit of the Liberia Airport Authority at RIA beginning
Thursday July 16, 2015 from 8am to 4pm for a fee of USD75.00
Bid opening will be held at the conference room of the Liberia Airport Authority /RIA in the presence of bidders or
their representatives who choose to attend on August 10, 2015 at 12:00 noon.
Liberia Women Owned businesses are encouraged to participate and will have an added advantage!
Head of Procurement
Liberia Airport Authority/Roberts International Airport

Procurement Unit
Liberia Airport Authority/RIA
Robertsfield Liberia
Head of Procurement
Liberia Airport Authority /RIA
Cell: 0770555069
Deadline for submission is August 11, 2015 at 1PM. NO LATE SUBMISSION WILL BE ACCEPTED!
Interested bidders may obtain bidding documents from the Procurement Unit of the Liberia Airport
Authority at RIA beginning Thursday July 16, 2015 from 8am to 4pm for a fee of USD75.00
Bid opening will be held at the conference room of the Liberia Airport Authority /RIA in the presence of
bidders or their representatives who choose to attend on August 10, 2015 at 12:00 noon.
Liberia Women Owned businesses are encouraged to participate and will have an added advantage!
Head of Procurement
Liberia Airport Authority/Roberts International Airport

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Liberia Airport Authority

Liberia Airport Authority

The Liberia Airport Authority applies portion of its approved Internal Revenue Budget, Fiscal Year
As prescribed by the new SBA (SMAAL BUSINESS ACT) through PPCC, this invite is limited to
1. Liberian Owned Business
2. Current Business Registration
3. Current Tax Clarence
4. Must be in the process of completing registration with PPCC.

A. Objective

Schedule of Requirements
Garbage/Refuge Collection Services Scope of Work

The RIA is the only standard Airport in Liberia, thus on a daily basis traveler enter and leave the country
through this facility. To this end, keeping the Airport free of pests and insects everyday is a top priority
of the Management of the Airport
The Contractor shall be responsible to collect and dispose all garbage within the Airport and its
Managers Quarter for the Fiscal Year 2015/2016.
C. Area of Coverage
The contract shall provide and implement services comprised of activities enumerated under t5ghe
Delivery Schedule Section of the Bidding Document, as follows:
a. RIAs Airside
b. RIAs Landside
c. RIAs Managers Quarter
d. Clipper Camp

Page 9


The Liberia Airport Authority applies portion of its approved

Internal Revenue Budget, Fiscal Year 2015/2016 to Employees
Parboiled Rice of RIA.
As prescribed by the new SBA (SMAAL BUSINESS ACT)
through PPCC, this invite is limited to ONLY LIBERIAN OWNED
1. Liberian Owned Business
2. Current Business Registration
3. Current Tax Clarence
4. Must be in the process of completing registration with PPCC.
Items No. Description
Quantity Delivery Time


Parboiled Rice

25 kg 910

Monthly after
signing of contract

D. Manpower Requirement
1. Manpower


a. The Contractor shall provide appropriate number of workers, as follows:

Work Description

No. of


Procurement Unit

Liberia Airport Authority/RIA

Three (3) times a week, excluding

holidays and weekends

A. Coco brooms or
B. Shovel/Spade
C. Dirt Bags

Robertsfield Liberia

Cleaning/clearing, collection
and disposal of garbage/waste
RIAs Landside

Three (3) times a week, excluding

holidays and weekends


Cleaning/clearing, collection
and disposal of garbage/waste
RIAs Managers Quarter and
Clipper Camp

Three (3) times a week, excluding

holidays and weekends

D. Coco brooms or
E. Shovel/Spade
F. Dirt Bags
G. Coco brooms or
H. Shovel/Spade
I. Dirt Bags

Cleaning/clearing, collection
and disposal of garbage/waste
RIAs Airside

b. The Contractor shall ensure that each worker assigned to render work shall be proper fumigator attire
(Plastic Suit and Boot)
c. The Contractor shall ensure that each fumigator is equipped with appropriate Personal Protective
Equipment (PPE), as described below, when working:
1. Nose Mask
2. Glove
d. Obligation and Responsibilities
1. Contractor
a. Undertake the service required on time;
b. Obey port rules and regulations;
c. Perform other attendant works that Authority may require


Head of Procurement
Liberia Airport Authority /RIA
Cell: 0770555069
Deadline for submission is August 11, 2015 at 1PM. NO LATE
SUBMISSION WILL BE ACCEPTED! Interested bidders may obtain
bidding documents from the Procurement Unit of the Liberia Airport
Authority at RIA beginning Thursday July 16, 2015 from 8am to 4pm

Procurement Unit
Liberia Airport Authority/RIA
Robertsfield Liberia
Head of Procurement
Liberia Airport Authority /RIA
Cell: 0770555069
Deadline for submission is August 11, 2015 at 1PM. NO LATE SUBMISSION WILL BE ACCEPTED!
Interested bidders may obtain bidding documents from the Procurement Unit of the Liberia Airport
Authority at RIA beginning Thursday July 16, 2015 from 8am to 4pm for a fee of USD75.00
Bid opening will be held at the conference room of the Liberia Airport Authority /RIA in the presence of
bidders or their representatives who choose to attend on August 10, 2015 at 12:00 noon.
Liberia Women Owned businesses are encouraged to participate and will have an added advantage!
Head of Procurement
Liberia Airport Authority/Roberts International Airport

for a fee of USD75.00

Bid opening will be held at the conference room of the Liberia Airport
Authority /RIA in the presence of bidders or their representatives who
choose to attend on August 10, 2015 at 12:00 noon.
Liberia Women Owned businesses are encouraged to participate and will
have an added advantage!
Head of Procurement
Liberia Airport Authority/Roberts International Airport

Thursday, July 16, 2015

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...GAC Clarifies Placement Exams
The General Auditing Commission (GAC)
wishes to clarify that it has no plan to
dismiss or redundant any of its employees
as a result of the recent Placement Exam
The GAC wants to make it clear that the
placement examadministered is part of a
comprehensive review program involving
both administration and audit service and
serves two purposes: to categorize staff in
the new GAC organizational chart in line
with the African Organization of Supreme
Audit Institutions of English-Speaking
Countries (AFROSAI-E) Institutional
Capacity Building Framework-ICBF and
to identify training gaps.

Consistent with AFROSAI-E guidelines,

the GAC will continue to undertake
measures aimed at enhancing the
capacity of its employees.
Signed: ________________________________
Jacqueline M. Cheeks
Manager, Dept. of Communications



Alpha Daffae Senkpeni,

Big Joe Town, Grand Bassa

15 saw the resolution of few
new projects with several
abandoned or impending
projects now prioritized
for the next fiscal year. The
county development sitting
also saw delegates electing
the new Project Management
Council (PMC) a committee
mandated by the budget law
to manage the county and
social development fund with
the consent of both the county
legislative caucus and local
county officials including the
The county sitting was held
outside Buchanan City in the
Electoral District Four town
of Big Joe Town. Delegates
of all eight administrative
districts concluded on few
new projects and agreed to
prioritize already abandoned
or delayed projects in the
Several projects including
the completion of a 26
bed room hospital in the
(Wee Statutory District), the
construction of a presidential
guest, the construction of a
high school in St. John River
City and the construction of a
modern check point in Owens
Groove (District One) the
entrance of the county.
The delegates also earmarked
Barconnie Clinic outside
Buchanan as one of the
county priorities as well as
the sanitation and cleaning
services for Edina, St. John
River City, Monrovia Junction
area and Buchanan City.
Residents of Barconnie have
over the last two years decried
the lack of a functioning clinic
ever since the United Nations
turned over a clinic building
to the county but the lack of
furniture and logistics have
prevented the opening of the


climaxed with the election of
the new PMC members which
reportedly went without
hitches or grievances. T.Y
Bedell, manager of the
Evening Rest Funeral Service

is now the PMC chair after

defeating Paul Piah, an
employee of the Liberia
Bank for Development and
Investment (LBDI) 41 to 32
votes. Moses Henry and Urias
Bryant were both elected
Treasurer and Controller
The new PMC is now tasked
with a challenge to ensure
completed and at the same
time initiate new ones
earmarked by the delegates.
Legislative Caucus Chair
Senator Nyonblee KarngaLawrence wished the PMC
accountability and mutual
respect as all stakeholders
work to move the county
forward. Several observers
hailed the voting process and
some termed it as the most
transparent election for PMC
members in the county.

Many had predicted a

tension-parked sitting due
to weeks-long feud amongst
members of the county
legislative caucus, county
administration, students and
youth of the county over the
caucus decision to suspend
the June 29th county sitting.
Alleged irregularities in the
selection of delegates by
students and youth demand
for delegate status prompted
the caucus action.
But Wednesday July 15 sitting
appeared quite calm despite a
roar between outgoing Chair
of the PMC and the caucus
over her failure to make a
report of the county last

projects before the this years

refused to give financial
report justifying that she
was dismissed by the caucus
while the caucus on the other
hand claimed she wasnt
suspended. After 45 minutes
of tension and argument,
walked out of the sitting,
taking along with her a
which had important PMC
documents belonging to the
For County Superintendent
details as requested by the
Head of County Legislative
Caucus and Chair of the
Senator Cooper revealed
that the county expended
US$600,000.00 in two years
although there were concerns
by lawmakers that some
projects were abandoned by
contractors. Cooper wailed
about several contractors
that were paid but abandoned
named a famous abandoned
project Bassa-Gio road
which has over the last years
raised concerns from many
people in the county.
With the exception of Electoral
District Two representative,
Hon. Mary Kawor and her
husband, Chief Zanzan, all the
other lawmakers were in full
attendance and with police
presence there, disturbance
was unforeseen allowing
the process to sail through.
There was not much tension
students and youth were also
keen on successful process.

Thursday, July 16, 2015





As you can see my leg is getting rotten and from the time I was attacked up to now I continue to
experience severe pain all over my body. - Madam Mary Walker, 48, Victim of chimps attack


ary Walker, 48,

along with her
friends went in
search for kiss
meat (a local swamp creature)
around the home of a group of
chimps abandoned after being
used for experiment on a local
island- Money Island but the
search led her into danger.
While picking the kiss meat,
unexpectedly madam walker
and her friends were attacked by
abandoned chimps.
Ma Mary as she is commonly
called by her friends, ran in a bid
to get away from the chimps; but
in no time the chimps caught her
thus inflicting severe wound on
her left leg.
Walker was attacked in March
of 2014 by ten of the many
abandoned chimpanzees on
the Island in Zangar Town,
Charlesville, Lower Margibi
The chimpanzees attack left
Mary with cut over her left
breast nipper and her right
pointing finger cut off also with
deep wounds on the right hand
and foot muscles as well as on
top of her feet.
The New York Blood Center
which used the Chimps for
animals during which time they
began looking for food and
resulted to chasing humans in
search of meal.
A chimps handler said, that

Al-Varney Rogers 0886304498

he has heard about the incident

but added that the locals have
not brought it to the intention of
Liberia Institute for Bio medical
Research (LIBR) which locally
spearheaded the research for the
New York group.
The Handler added, that locals
have been warned not to fetch

food around the island where the

Chips normally roam.
We have told these people not
to go near the monkey island
because when the chimpanzees
dont know you they will attack
Following the Chimps attack,
Mary was taken to a herbalist

in Jar Town District number one

Grand Bassa by her family.
My mother is presently in
Jar Town, District Number
One, Grand Bassa County
where she is being treated by
a herbalist. Jar Town is over
two-hour motorcycle ride from
the Monrovia Buchanan

Highway, Titus Somah, a son to

the victim explained.
Since the incident occurred more
than a year, the condition of
Mary is deteriorating on a daily
In a sad mood, Somah, 25, said
currently his mother is unable to
move adding that she is always
in-doors due to the seriousness
of the wounds sustained from the
Said Somah: When the incident
occurred few days to the heat of
the Ebola outbreak in the country
she was receiving treatment at a
local clinic in Margibi but could
not continue with the treatment
when hospitals and health centers
across the country closed.
He said due to this she was
taken to Jar Town to be treated
by herbalist but currently her
condition is going from bad to
worse saying she is dying slowly
if help is not provided.
Because of her present health
condition, I am appealing to
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,
Lawmakers of both Grand Bassa
and Margibi as well as local
County Authorities, local and
international NGOs including
well-meaning Liberians to help
my mother [Mary] to undergo
medical treatment at any local
health facility in the country
Somah plead.
Following the attack, Madam

Page 11

Walker was later brought outside

with the help of her son as she
explained her ordeal that they
were five women and two boys
who had gone on the island to
get some kiss meat to sell and for
Madam Walker a native of Bassa
who spoke to FrontPageAfrica
through an interpreter recounted
that when they got on the island
they all went their separated way
in search for kiss meat.
She said within an hour the other
women heard the sound of the
Chimpanzees adding that they
called on her for them to escape.
Mary said, with the loud noise
she ran in the direction the
chimpanzees came from and she
was attacked.
The boy who came to my
rescue was attacked but later he
managed to run away and jumped
into the water, leaving me in the
middle of the chimpanzees
Mary added.
As you can see my leg is getting
rotten and from the time I was
attacked up to now I continue
to experience severe pain all
over my body, Madam Walker
The Chimps used in an
experiment by the New York
Blood C enter were left with
the underfunded Liberia Biomedical Research Institute to
be catered for something the
institution is finding difficult to
Dr. Fortama Borlay said the
agreement between the U.S
Institution and the government
of Liberia provided that NYBC
will provide care for the chimps
in retirement.
Care has to be provided for
these animals in retirement on
the islands where they are safe
from human predators and local
people and animals which have
lost their fear of people can be
Dr. Borlay added that NYBC
initially began implementing the
agreement but has stopped its
support to the chimps.
Because they were raised in
captivity, the chimpanzees have
to be fed by handlers whom they
have come to know and trust and
provided with other care at a cost
of about $ 30,000 per month,
Dr. Borlay added.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Monroviaape cases continue

in the country at
an alarming rate
despite the law passed in late
2009 by the 52nd Legislature
making the crime a nonbailable offence.
Some of the rape cases are
mostly committed by older
and young men against
children below the ages of
18 and sometimes result to
Some of the victims who
psychological trauma said
one social worker from the
Sexual and Gender Based
Violence Section (SGBV) at
the Ministry of Justice.
forwarded to the Monrovia
City Court defendant Eddie
Freeman 50, for allegedly
raping a 13 year-old girl
(name withheld).
The arrest of defendant
Freeman on July 9, 2015 was
based on a complaint filed to
the police by the girls mother
alleging that the defendant
has been in the habit of
sexually abusing her 13-year
old daughter since December
According to the police, the
alleged victim mother said
she got to know of the rape
when she discovered the
amount of LD$350 in the bag
of her daughter while going to
school and upon questioning,
the little girl confessed the
name of the defendant.
Police said during an interview
with the victim she explained
that since December 2014 the
defendant has been having
sexual intercourse with her in
a marked building on the Old
According to the police
during an interview with the

defendant he admitted been

a friend of the 13-year old
girl whom he also admitted
offering, clothes and shoes
but denied having sexual
intercourse with her.
The Police stated that
rape in violation of Section
(14.70) of the new penal law
based on his admission that
he offered the victim shoes
and clothes coupled with a
medical report from Hope for
Women International Clinic
on the A. B Tolbert Road
that established the victim
was penetrated through her
private part.
Outside of the court while
on his way to jail defendant
Eddie Freeman who claimed
to be an Assistant Pastor of
the Bethel Temple Ministry
in Sand Community in
Paynesville ELWA Junction
told FPA he has known the
victim since 2014 at the time
he served at musical pastor at
the Jubilee Church on the Old
He continued that he got to
know this girl when she used
to pass in front of the Jubilee
Church when he was with the
church where he decided to
offer her these clothes.
Defendant Freeman denied
having any sexual intercourse
with the girl adding that he
could not do that because he
is a father of two children, a
daughter 9 and son 10.
The police has falsely
accused me today, I am
charged with rape but my
fate lies in the hands of God
said defendant Freeman who
pondered as he walked with
court officer to jail.
A source close to the Public
Defense Office responsible to
defend indigent clients who
spoke to FrontPageAfrica


Kennedy Yangian/ 0777296781

Wednesday on the basis of

anonymity said from June
2015 up to present there
are 263 pre-trial detainees
charged for rape at the
Monrovia Central Prison in
Monrovia alone.
The source disclosed that out
of the 263 pre-detainees 29
have been sentenced while
234 are languishing in jail
awaiting for their day in court

but felt short to say what are

periods of sentences though
most rape convicts are
sentenced to 15-years and life
in imprisonment depending
on the gravity of the case.
The public defender who
begged not to be quoted
frowned on the slow pace of
adjudicating rape cases at
the Criminal Court E at the
Temple of Justice.



A. Macaulay Sombai, 0777217428

football tournament
organized by the
Foundation (BIF) in order to
sensitize citizens about the
danger of the Ebola virus
kicked off over the weekend
at the Balawala football pitch
in the GSA Road community.
Mr. Kekula Kamara, the
President of BIF said the
aim of the tournament is to
sensitize the public about the
danger of the deadly Ebola
He said they believe football
is one of the key sports that
can bring people from diverse

backgrounds together so the

organization thought it wise
to use the game to educate
members of their community
about the danger of the virus.
Said Mr. Kamara: One of the
best ways for us as citizens
of this country to really get
rid of this dangerous virus
that has caused the death of
people is to
thousands of our
keep on sensitizing our people
and we think football is one of
the key sports that can bring
people of diverse background
to stand together against any
problem they are faced with
in their communities and at
the same time overpower that
He added that teams from
other communities are taking
part in the tournament with
the hope of these teams
taking the message of the
danger of the Ebola disease
to their community members.
We have included teams from
other communities around
the GSA Road community in
the tournament in order for
them to be able to properly

of this inhuman disease
among their people and the
preventive measure they are
to take so that we all could
be saved from the disease
because the disease is still
around and I hope we all will
listen and take the preventive
measures against the virus,
Kamara said.
Mr. Kamara emphasized that
good conduct is the hallmark
of the tournament and that
players and officials of the
participating teams need
to be very polite in dealing
with one another in case of
any problem and not through
violence and that every
yellow card awarded will cost
125 LD and a red card would
cost 250 LD.
Thirteen (13) teams are
taking part in the tournament
which started on Sunday July
12, 2015 and that the teams
are divided into two zones.
Zone one consists of Nimba,
Grand Bassa, Grand Gedeh,
Rivercess, Maryland and
Gbarpolu counties.

Zone two is made up of Bomi,

Lofa, Bong, Sinoe, Margibi,
River Gee and Montserrado
The first round of the
tournament will be completed
on the 14th of August and
that the Quarter and semi
finales will be played from
August 16 to the 21st and the
grand finale would be played
on august 24th Flag Day.
Eight teams four from each of
the two zones would qualify
for the quarterfinals stage
of the tournament and four
out of the eight will advance
to the semifinals while two
advance to the grand finale,
Kamara disclosed.
The tournament group,
quarter and semifinal stages
are expected to be played on
Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
and Saturday and that players
from all divisions of the
highest football house in the
country the Liberia Football
Association (LFA) will be
allowed to play for any of the
participating teams.

With just one judge sitting

at the Criminal Court E the
public defender said that the
rape court is structured in a
way that it operates for six
months and operates two
jury trials.
With all of these cases
pending realistically, this
court can run for five months
based on the technicality
involved during trial, but

with the appointment of

another Judge, I hope things
improves said the source.
According to the public
because most people are
reporting rape cases but what
the court needs is to hold
speedy trial.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Page 13

On Chinese Constructed Konola Bridge In Bong County

Selma Lomax,, (0886484666, 0775986858 )

By Edwin G. Genoway, Jr

Monroviaiberias Transport Minister, Angela Cassell Bush says

Liberia is committed in creating a new International
Climate agreement.
The Liberian Transport Minister noted that if global
climate change is left unchecked it could leave millions of the
worlds population vulnerable to flooding due to sea level rise.
Nations are working toward a new global climate change
agreement this year in Paris and these negotiations offer
governments a critical opportunity to craft a broad, balanced
and durable agreement strengthening the international
climate effort.
The talks are taking place under the U.N. Framework
Convention on Climate Change, a treaty adopted in 1992 that
includes virtually every nation on earth. They will conclude
at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP 21) in December in
Minister Bush expressed Liberia willingness to creating a
new International Climate agreement. Minister Bush made
the remarks when she delivered the keynote address at the
National Stakeholders Inception Workshop on Intended
Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCS) at the Monrovia
City Hall.
For ages, humankind has looked at climate change as if it were
a fiction that would suddenly disappear, she said, stressing
that available evidence has made it so glaring that climate
change has now become a subject not just for the experts and
scientists but also for the ordinary people.
She said the socio-economic and livelihood conditions of
Liberians and the corresponding exposure of our ecosystems,
made the country particularly vulnerable to the impact and
effects of climate change.
This vulnerability stems from its low economic base,
dependence on rain-fed agriculture and huge reliance
on biomass energy, plus the low capacity to adapt at the
community and national levels Minister Bush said.
Liberia ratified the United Nations Framework Convention on
Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto protocol in 2002 and
has started implementing a number of Climate change related
programs and activities over the past few years through the
Environmental Protection Agency regardless of herculean
But efforts to see further reduction in global emission were
accelerated in the last few years, with countries committing
to create a new international climate agreement by the end of
the Paris Climate Summit in December 2015 in order to limit
temperature increase to 2 degree Celsius.
The Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs)
are country commitments to climate change. The commitments
made by countries between now and December will measure
the concrete commitment of the global commitment to tackle
climate change.
The two day multi stakeholders inception workshop is
designed to draw a road map leading to the creation of a
new international agreement to limit temperature increase
to 2 degree Celsius at the end of the Paris Climate Summit in
December, 2015.
The inception workshop was graced by the Ambassador of the
Republic of France, His Excellency Joel Godeon, the Economic
Counsellor of the United State Embassy representing
Ambassador Deborah Malac, Mr. Johnson Nken of the
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa as well as
Stakeholders from all sectors of the Country.

Monrovia-Ganta Highway
ess than one year
the Konola bridge on the
Monrovia-Ganta highway, the
bridge has developed fresh
A section of the concrete
that the steel beams are

supporting has developed
new cracks that could
attention is not paid to the
current condition.
The cracks mostly confined
to the area that developed
the deep cracks that were
constructed a few months ago
have exposed some of the
iron rods in the concrete.
A visit to the facility on
Wednesday, July 15, 2015 by
FrontPage Africa revealed
that although some attempts
had been made to seal some
of the cracks, further cracks
kept occurring causing some
of the concrete to peel off into
the water beneath.
Sources close to the Chinese
construction firm CICO the
company that renovated
the bridge told FrontPage
Africa that the cracks were
first detected in early May,
this year.
According to the sources, the
continued use of the bridge
by heavy trucks with loads
exceeding the stipulated
30 tones had adversely
compromised the safety and
stability of the 26-year-old

The sources said the danger
being posed by the overloaded
trucks had persisted due to
the reported extortion of
money from drivers by some
To escape the attention of
those who are concerned
about the safety of the 805feet bridge, most drivers of
the overloaded heavy trucks
often park their trucks during
the day and cross it either late
in the evening or at dawn.
We do not blame these
recalcitrant drivers who flout
the safety measures on the
bridge, since those who are
responsible to check their
illegal act have turned a
blind eye to the safety of the
bridge, the sources added.

Fear of that possibility has

led to a situation where
many more commuters have
resorted to many residents
bypassing. Some residents of
Weala told FrontPage Africa
reporter that the problem
was first detected about
two months ago by some
residents of the Weala town
who made several reports to
the engineering department
of CICO.
The seriousness of the
situation became clear on
engineers of the authority
inspected the bridge to
access the extent of damage
and find out what could be
done immediately to save the
After the inspection, the

engineers told FrontPage

Africa that it was too early to
comment and that they would
do so after they had prepared
a full report on the cause and
extent of the damage.
A CICO staff who spoke
to FrontPage Africa on
said as part of measures to
prevent the problem from
deteriorating, the company
would use an alternative
route soon the bridge from
for repair works expected to
be completed before the July
26 independence celebration.
During the works, he said,
CICO would tackle the major
cracks on the steel beam,
while minor problems would
also be given due attention.
To reduce the pressure
exerted on the bridge by
heavy duty vehicles, the CICO
staff said another toll booth
would be placed at an end
of the bridge, while a mobile
axle weighing equipment
would be installed to check
the weight of heavy vehicles
that used it.
Our source said although the
specific cause of the cracks
on the steel beams had not
been established, they could
be the result of overloading,
frequent use of the facility,
vibration and fatigue.
On maintenance of the facility,
he said the pending repair
works would be the first
to be carried out since the
company began constructing
roads in Liberia.

skills to youth, partly because

national programming has
for a long time treated the
children and youth class as
cross-cutting in all national
In order to maximize the
observed opportunities that
sports present for converging
large numbers of young
people and passing new skills
to them in practical ways, the
Gbowee Peace Foundation
Africa (GPFA) will Wednesday
July 15 commence its 2nd
Annual Youth Camp under the
theme: Peace Through Fair
-Play (PTFP).

Nobel Peace Laureate Madam

Leymah Gbowee, Director
and lead facilitator of the
champ said the four days
diurnal event will provide a
sensitization framework to
increase awareness among
young people on their
roles and responsibilities
in promoting respect for
person, and law and order
as a basis for responsible
citizenship and peaceful
social interactions.
Madam Gbowee noted that
during the event, the kids will
visit the three branches of
Government- the Legislature,
Executive and interact with
their officials.
Madam Gbowee further said
that over 40 kids between
the ages 1016 years old
from various communities
are expected to form part
of the day camp that will
last for four days. Other
events include a career day,
learning about peacemaking
from real-life activists, and
a farm excursion to learn
about farming, culture and
traditional values.
The objective of the Peace
through Fair Play Youth

Camp is to promote sharing

integrity and accountability
as a basis for fostering peace
among youths in Liberia.
The core objectives, based
robustly on the tenets of
good sportsmanship, are to
accomplish the following as
follows-provide a platform
for youths from diverse
backgrounds to interact with
each other in promoting
peace and reconciliation;
increase youth understanding
of the concepts of gender,
peace, and reconciliation and
increase their willingness to
seek alternatives to violent
settlement of disputes and;
promote civic responsibility
and rule of law through peer
education and sports.
Meanwhile a one day clinic for
the Camps eight Volunteers
took place on Monday July
13th, at the Gbowee Peace
Foundation Africas Head
Office in Congo Town.
Reason for the clinic was
to inform the Volunteers
about the basics rules of
safeguarding the children
on camp and following strict
rules of the EBOLA prevention
Protocols during the Camp.



Monroviat has been observed that

sports in Liberia have
not been sufficiently
used as a platform or a
tool for helping young people
improve their life-skills and
develop new behavior as well
as attitudes that promote
respect for the rule of law and
peaceful coexistence.
At the national level many
sporting activities aimed at
promoting national unity
are being held but have not
been strategically narrowed
down to specifically target
the teaching of peace and life-

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igeria's government has vowed to shut down an

illegal radio station operated by people sympathetic
to the breakaway state of Biafra.
The ministry of information said it has "successfully
jammed the signals" of the station.
However, the BBC's Abdussalam Ahmed in Enugu says Radio
Biafara is still broadcasting.
It is not clear where it is based but it mainly broadcasts to the
Igbo-speaking south-east of the country.
The first republic of Biafra declared its independence from
Nigeria in May 1967, but was eventually defeated after a threeyear civil war that cost more than one million lives.
Our correspondent says the station hosts phone-in programmes
with listeners calling to talk about issues affecting their region
and their desire to break away from Nigeria.






Obama defends Iran deal as only option


Washington (AFP) ore than 50 African and global human rights

groups are calling on US President Barack Obama
to publicly meet democracy activists when he visits
Ethiopia and Kenya later this month.
In a letter delivered to the White House, groups welcomed
Obama's planned visit but voiced concerns about "grave and
worsening human rights challenges" in his host countries.
Signatories included a host of African non-governmental groups
as well as Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, the Open
Society Foundation and the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights
"We believe it imperative that you take the opportunity of your
visits to meet publicly with pro-democracy and human rights
activists," the letter said.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

he rising chorus of voices rising up against scandalplagued comedian Bill Cosby has increased by one.
Former The Cosby Show actor Joseph C. Phillips,
who played Denise Huxtables husband Lt. Martin
Kendall on the NBC sitcom, has pointed a finger at his former
TV father-in-law in a column on his website titled, Of Course
Bill Cosby Is Guilty!
In the lengthy blog post, Phillips recalls that, during his Cosby
Show tenure, my attitude was that if Bill was cheating on
[his wife] Camille, I am fairly certain Camille knew. Hey, if
everyone who claimed to know actually knew, then certainly
Camille knew, and had long ago made her peace with it.
He added, I never saw Bill engage in any inappropriate
behavior. I certainly never saw him drug anyone. So, all I have
is the same gossip as everyone else.

day after the U.S., Iran and

the deal, Obama said the U.S.
faces a "fundamental choice"
whether or not to embrace the
opportunity to resolve the Iranian nuclear
issue peacefully. His remarks in a White
House news conference appeared aimed
squarely at Congress, where lawmakers
are discussing legislation to try to stop the
deal's implementation.
"I expect the debate to be robust, and that's
how it should be," Obama said, imploring
lawmakers who are skeptical of the deal to
"remember the alternative."
Yet critics of the deal including Israeli
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
were only growing more outspoken.
Addressing his country's parliament on
Wednesday, Netanyahu insisted Israel was
not bound by the agreement, suggesting
Israel could still take military action
against Iran's nuclear program even if the
deal proceeds.
"We will reserve our right to defend
ourselves against all of our enemies,"
Netanyahu said. "We have strength, and it
is great and mighty."
Under the deal announced Tuesday, Iran's
nuclear program will be scaled back and
closely monitored as the U.S. and world
powers seek to cut off Iran's ability to
develop a nuclear weapon. In exchange,
Iran will see biting economic sanctions
eventually lifted, freeing up billions of
dollars in oil revenue and frozen assets.
Obama, taking questions from reporters in
the East Room, said that in the absence of a
deal, the international economic sanctions
that brought Iran to the negotiating table
will unravel, and the world community
will be unable to put the sanctions regime

"Without a deal, we risk even more war
in the Middle East, and other countries
in the Middle East would feel compelled
to develop their own nuclear weapons,"
Obama said, adding that such a chain of
events would risk a nuclear arms race "in
the most dangerous region in the world."
As Obama defended the deal, his allies
were mounting a concerted push to sell
the agreement to skeptics, while the deal's
critics warned of dire consequences.
Vice President Joe Biden spent the morning
on Capitol Hill briefing House Democrats,
and told reporters he was confident that
lawmakers would get behind the deal. Yet
in Jerusalem, Israeli leaders were planning
what is expected to be a lobbying effort
in the U.S. Congress ahead of a review of
the deal, starting with a visit to the U.S. by
Netanyahu's political rival, Isaac Herzog.
In Tehran, Iranians took to the streets to
celebrate the accord, and even Iran's hardliners offered only mild criticism a far
cry from the outspoken opposition that
the White House had feared.
President Barack Obama walks with
Vice President Joe Biden, after delivering
remarks in the East Roo
Opponents of the deal, including Israel,
have lambasted the Obama administration
for granting sanctions relief to Iran while it
continues to fund terrorist groups in places
like Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. Obama said
the U.S. would keep trying to gain Tehran's
cooperation on other security issues, but
acknowledged the Islamic republic might
not change its behavior.
"We're not betting on it," he said.
Aiming to frame the parameters for the
growing debate, Obama bemoaned that
his political opponents have wielded

"speculation or misinformation" about

the deal. While he said he hoped Congress
would approve the deal based on the facts,
he conceded that "we live in Washington,
and politics do intrude."
"I am not betting on the Republican Party
rallying behind this agreement," Obama
With a cornerstone of his foreign policy
legacy on the line, Obama sought to rebut
specific critiques that have been lobbed
at the deal such as concerns about
whether sanctions can really be "snapped
back" into place if Iran cheats. Obama
insisted that they could, even if Russia or
China object.
He rejected concerns that Iran could use
procedural delays to stop inspectors from
examining suspicious military sites until it
was too late by arguing the world would
have a full year to intervene before Iran
could feasibly put together a bomb.
Although a longstanding embargo on
selling arms to Iran will sunset in five
years, Obama shrugged off that concern,
too. He said the U.S. and its partners have
other ways to prevent Iran from sending
weapons to militant groups to spread
chaos in the Middle East.
The historic engagement with Iran
a top U.S foe since the 1979 Iranian
Revolution has sparked optimism in
some diplomatic circles that it could lead
to a broader detente between the two
countries, with the U.S. and Iran teaming
up to confront mutual concerns like the
Islamic State group. American and Iranian
forces that are both fighting IS in Iraq have
sought to stay out of each other's way.
Obama insisted there would be no formal
cooperation with Iran on the IS threat
despite the nuclear deal.




he police dashboard
cameras that captured
Ricardo Diaz-Zeferino
only depict part of the tragedy
of his death in a Los Angeles
suburb two years ago.
Video released by a federal
judge Tuesday after news
media organizations argued
the public had a right to see the
footage showed Diaz-Zeferino
disobeying orders to keep his
hands up, but with his palms
open by his waist.
Judge Stephen V. Wilson
unsealed the video so the
public could see what led the

city of Gardena to pay $4.7

million to settle a lawsuit
with Diaz-Zeferino's family
and another man wounded
in the shooting that followed
a botched report of a bicycle
theft early the morning of June
2, 2013.
"The fact that they spent the
city's money, presumably
derived from taxes, only
interest in seeing the videos,"
Wilson wrote in a 13page decision. "Moreover,
defendants cannot assert a
valid compelling interest in
sealing the videos to cover up
any wrongdoing on their part

or to shield themselves from

Against a backdrop of intense
public scrutiny of police
shootings nationwide, a lawyer
for The Associated Press,
the Los Angeles Times and
Bloomberg argued the videos
should be unsealed under
a First Amendment right to
access court documents.
"The Associated Press, joining
with other news organizations,
believes it's important that the
public has access to videos like
this to better understand the
actions of their police officers,"
spokesman Paul Colford said.
The ruling comes amid public
debates over what footage
should be made public as
police officers and cruisers are
increasingly equipped with
cameras to capture evidence
that can be used against
criminals or to hold officers
accountable for their own
Michael Overing, a lawyer

and journalism professor at

the University of Southern
California, said that in addition
to being cited in future court
arguments the ruling could
help provide guidance as
lawmakers grapple with those
"Right now video is being
suppressed," Overing said.
"This is going to help open the
floodgates so the public can
see it ... and see if actions are
Gardena was joined by police
chiefs and officer groups
around the state in arguing
that making such videos public
would dissuade cities from
employing the technology.
Wilson said that was a political
consideration and not for him
to judge.
The city of Gardena argued that
releasing the footage would
create a "rush to judgment"
about the officers' behavior,
but Wilson dismissed that idea
during arguments Monday. The
judge said the public may see
the videos and conclude the
shooting was justified, which is
what prosecutors decided.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Bility still harbors dreams of succeeding Sepp Blatter; is he looking for another Bin Hammam?

president Musa Bility
says not only will he
be a formidable candidate in
the ensuing Fifa elections but
is poised to succeed Joseph
Sepp Blatter.
Blatter, 79, quit as president
of world football's governing
body on June 2, having been
elected on May 29 in a vote
overshadowed by arrests
and corruption allegations in
Zurich, Switzerland.
A final decision on the
date for a presidential
election is expected to be
announced when Fifa holds an
extraordinary meeting of its
executive committee later this
Fifa audit and compliance
Domenico Scala, who will
oversee the election and
attended Blatters resignation
announcement, said it could
take place between December
2015 and March 2016.
"It requires an extraordinary
executive committee that
needs to confirm a date and
agenda for the extraordinary
committee will convene in July.
For this extraordinary elective
congress [to elect Blatter's
successor] there are currently
various date options for
discussion," he explained.
Scala said that at least four
months' notice was required
for a presidential election to be
"Fifa must also consider
appropriate time to vet
candidates and allow them
to present their ideas for the
organization that set forth
their vision," he said on June 2.
Jordan's Prince Ali bin alHussein, who lost to Blatter, is
tipped as a possible candidate

Danesius Marteh,

while Chung Mong-joon, the

billionaire scion of South
Korea's Hyundai conglomerate,
is also weighing up a bid to
replace Blatter.
But Bility said Fifas 209
members will elect its first
African president, who will
come from Liberia.
[You should] keep this
recording. I am the next Fifa
president. You [now] have the
privilege to be talking to the
next Fifa president. You better
interview me now [because]
you may not have the chance,
he told FrontPageAfrica in
an exclusive interview at his
Srimex office on Tuesday.

Bility said he wants to

transform Fifa, which has been
rocked by series of allegations
but his records at home are a
stark contrast to reality.
In September 2012, Tax Court
Judge Mozart Chesson upheld
a June 2012 ruling by Judge

Eva Mappy Morgan that Bilitys

Gulf Trading and Srimex
Enterprises were liable (guilty)
for evading tax payments of
US$190,800 for several years.
The case started on May 3,
2010 when government filed a
complaint, claiming more than
US$300,000 in overdue and
outstanding duties, including a
six percent interest.
Cllr. Theophilus Gould failed to
appear before the Tax Court on
October 24,
2014 to answer why the full
payment of US$47,700, which
constitutes 25-percent of the
taxes due government hasnt
been paid. Bility has paid
Gould was also summoned on
August 6, 2012 in connection to
his clients inability to abide by
the stipulation requirements.
Bility, who served as board
chairman of the Liberia
Airport Authority, was indicted
along with former Roberts
International Airport manager
director Ellen Corkrum for

of property and criminal
conspiracy among others in
August 2013 by the grand
jury of Montserrado County
for transferring more than
US$200,000 from the Liberia
Bank for Development and
Investment (LBDI) to a bogus
company, Diaspora Consulting
Others indicted were Melvin
Johnson, Corkrums fianc,
Senegalese Momar Dieng
of the Diaspora Company,
Jeremi Tegle, former head
of operations for First
International Bank and Justine
Ogugua, a Nigerian also of the
The case is yet to be completely
adjudicated as the government
supinely awaits the extradition
of Corkrum and Johnson, who
fled to the United States of
America with the help of Police
Director Chris Massaquoi.
With Scala having underscored
the need for candidates to
undergo an integrity check,

Former captain Oliseh appointed Nigeria coach

(Reuters) ormer national team

captain Sunday Oliseh
has been appointed
coach of Nigeria, the
countrys football federation
said on Wednesday.
Oliseh takes over from sacked
Stephen Keshi and is set to
be unveiled in Abuja after
impressing Nigeria Football
Federation (NFF) bosses with
his plans for the team.
On Tuesday evening, Oliseh
and his assistants had a
robust 90minute meeting
with the NFF Technical and
headed by Chief Felix AnyansiAgwu, where he unfolded his
plans for the Super Eagles, the
NFF said in a statement.
After the meeting, a meeting of
the NFF Executive Committee
received the report of the
Technical and Development
Committee, and unanimously
adopted the recommendation
to hire Oliseh as the new Super
Eagles Head Coach.

Bility said hes one of the

cleanest men in Liberia.
You know I am not corrupt. I
am a hard working guy. Today
in my country, I have over
US$35 million of investment.
I challenge any Liberian to
put their hands up to show
that [he or she has that kind
of investment]. You saw my
partners walking out of my
office. US$35 million [is what]
they are investing [in the
economy]. And the investment
is large. You can go and see it,
Bility said.
He promised to donate his
yearly salary, a reported
US$500,000, to charity.
I will put it [my yearly salary]
towards the school fees of
girls and boys that dont have
it. I will make Africa proud. I
will make the world to know
that there are many [Barrack]
Obamas out there, Bility
It remains to be seen whether
Bility is looking for the next
Mohammed Bin Hammam,
who spent more than US$5
million in preparing his
presidential ambition and
influence votes for Qatar in the
run-up to the 2018 and 2022
World Cups bids selection.
Montserrado County Senator
George Weah received more
than US$100,000 from Bin
Hammam to support Izetta
Wesleys candidacy during the
LFA 2010 elections.
Not only did she not receive a
dime, Izetta has since said she
didnt authorize Nagbe and
Weah to solicit campaign funds
on her behalf.
Bin Hammam, who was a
vice president and executive
banned for life by Fifa for
violating its code of conduct.
assignment will be in the away
African Nations Cup qualifier
in Tanzania in September.
Nigeria won their opening
match of the pool phase 2-0 at
home to Chad, but Keshi was
sacked soon after by the NFF
for lacking commitment after
it was alleged he applied for the
vacant Ivory Coast head coach
role, something he denied.
Oliseh, a former defensive
midfielder who played at Ajax,
Borussia Dortmund and briefly
Juventus, featured for the
national team between 1993
and 2002.
He won the Nations Cup as a
player in 1994 and Olympic
gold in Atlanta in 1996.
He had fiery reputation as
a player, missing the 2002
World Cup for disciplinary
reasons and was later sacked
by Dortmund for allegedly
punching a team-mate Vahid
Hashemian during a loan spell
at VfL Bochum.

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ker Casillas is the

greatest goalkeeper to
have ever played for
Real Madrid, according
to the club's head coach Rafa
The 34-year-old was Carlo
Ancelotti's No.1 in 201415 after 18 months of
being benched for La Liga
matches and criticism over
his performances was one of
themes of the Blancos' belowpar season.




revealed how
Bayern Munich for a chance
to work with Louis van Gaal
atManchester United.
The 21-year-old left PSV
this summer to join the Red
Devils on a four-year deal for
a fee in believed to be in the
region of 30 million.
Paris Saint-Germain have
Manchester United hijacked
their deal for the Netherlands
international and Depay has
revealed that there was plenty
of interest in his signature.


nter summer signing

hopes to "tear things up"
like Zinedine Zidane as
a Serie A player.
The midfielder, 22, broke
into the global football
consciousness in 2014-15
with a starring season for
Monaco, who finished third
in Ligue 1 and reached the
Champions League quarterfinals.
Kondogbia, who cost the
Nerazzurri 40 million, is
excited by the opportunity to
play in Italy having witnessed
the development of Paul
Pogba at Juventus and noting
the effect the league had on
the career of Zidane, who
later became an icon at Real
Madrid and a World Cup
winner with France.




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Bility still harbors dreams
of succeeding Sepp Blatter;
is he looking for another
Bin Hammam?
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