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The sky above Sardukar was the colour of charcoal, roasted by the flickering flames below. Skaz shouldered his way through the hulking mulebloods standing watch over the door of the Cascade. Cool air and mist flowed around him as he stepped in; the Cascade wasn't a tavern for blazers. You could drink there for a week and not see a single spark. Today, however, was not a typical day. At a far corner table sat Ella herself, surrounded by cheap hired blazers. One of them gestured towards Skaz, his flamebonded knuckles glittering with sparks. Skaz found his way to the table, pushing past a group of Kiora warriors, with muscled chests covered in ritual scarring. "I see you got yourself all ashfaced, Skaz." Ella said, as Skaz settled across from her. "Business not so good?" Skaz shrugged. Behind him, the Kiora started singing a drunken chant. "I keep myself busy enough." he said, "So what brings you to a icepit like this?" A broad smile spread across the face of the Queen of Cinders. "You." -William Gibson's Pyromancer Follow the Money, and you'll find the Man. Follow the money and it will lead you to the mighty Guilds; binders and cindersmiths, merchants and fleshshapers. These conglomerates, rich and decadent, hold sway over the cities of brass. Guildmasters command private armies and flamecraft beyond imagining, and squabble amongst themselves in subtle wars for power, wealth, and status... The Church of the Holy Flame is perhaps little more than a tool of the Guilds for controlling the populace, but it is nonetheless a powerful tool. Great cathedrals rise in its name. Its priests are often skilled binders, and they command the loyalty of the faithful. And woe betide he who offers prayers to the Old Gods, for the Inquisiton of the Cleansing Flame gives no mercy to idolators and demonworshippers... The Hadar families are criminals whose power rivals that of the Guilds. With fingers in every pie and at every level of society, they are dealers in sin and blood without equal. The Hadar tattoo themselves with images of black flames; it is whispered that they have made pacts with dark elemental lords, who grant them the power to douse flames and shatter lights... In the slums and poorhouses of the growing cities, forces have begun to arise that challenge the system; youths who chafe at the bit and gangs who fight to tear down the structures of society. The disenfranchised want to hit back; and they have the tools to do it. Gang members with nothing to lose have elementals bound into their very bodies; sparkflash eyes, flamebound knuckles, and tongues of flame. Other, bolder souls take up the deadly art of flamerunning, projecting themselves into the Realm of Flames itself, where flame can be manipulated from afar and the souls of the dead can be found. Within the Realm, the laws of the physical world are less important than willpower and emotion... a

sword is forged from the feeling of hate you have when you hit someone, a candle from desire to be protected against the dark. System: Fate 3.0 Die: d6 Setting: Flamepunk Player: Punks, young men and women looking for oppotunities, freedom and richess in a world where only the strong survive.

On October 31st, 1969, Hell came to West Virginia. For one night, the Devil danced through the foggy, Appalachian hills. Those with sin in their hearts set upon their neighbors, friends, and family like rabid hounds. Violence and chaos reigned. Blood flowed in the streets. God returned with the dawn. He banished Satan from the city limits and revealed the Truth to those who had survived: The world was no more. The weight of Man's sin had finally tipped the scales and doomed the Earth to a thousand years of torment. Only this one town remained, but it would be the seed of a new Eden. God's chosen people renamed their home Covenant, to honor His faith in them. 40 years later a group of outsiders find themselves in covenant. Their arrival will upset the delicate balance in Covenant and as the mystery begins to unravel they must find out whats true to get home safety. As we all know the world didn’t end in 1969 but then what happened. System: secrets & lies Die: d6 setting: Covenant Players:turists of some kind.

-SciFi Noir January 4 1932 Today exactly 10 ago the great war ended and everything started to change I know I was there. now Europe is in ruins and the world in financial chaos but in one city on the east coast of this country called America its different in that city in my city everything is different. They call it the city of tomorrow its actually called Morrowtown. I’ve heard the settlers called it that because they had so great hopes for the future I’m sorry to say it didn’t work out. The city is a shithole well lit and filled with big glass and steel skyscrapers but a shithole none the less. Sure we got zeppelins, data-terminals (even heard rumors of robots) and all the other new tech and the10 biggest and richest cooperations the world but they brought all the filth and corruption with them you see in morrowtown technology and progress reigns supreme. 10 years ago city hall passed a law, the Edison act that removed restriction on research and development to attract the brightest richest and most ruthless scientists and firms with that came the human guinea pigs and crazy public experiments all in name of science. There’s a lot of desperate people out there willing to pay

anything if they think some new tech can change their lives and in morrowtown misery is buisness as usual. I became a cop after the war I wanted to help people I thought I could make a difference I was really naive back then. But of course then came the police strike and now 8 years later the police department is still officially on strike in reality it does not exist anymore. The job now fall to the many private eyes. If you want to report a crime you have to talk the bureaucratic Morrowtown Private Eye Control Department must people just don’t. I’m a P.I now but I don’t work for City hall or one of the big corporations I don’t always get paid but its honest work at least. guess I’m still trying to make a difference. Its raining again today but I’ve got a case so I need to get outside. Someone paid me a lot of money to look into ThuleCorps founder and genius inventor Aaron Boreas. Diary. Last entry. Max Steinway (deceased) My inspiration is Detective story as mentioned before and the samurai jack episode called X9 Bladerunner of course Dark City Batman TAS Sin City and anything like the maltese falcon The setting is set in the Morrowtown a city essentially controlled by a number of big corporations and the only policing going on is done by private detectives. Its the nineteen twenties, and it is always raining or snowing. Thats the noir part now the scifi part. Morrowtown is a city where technology and science runs amok. The big corporations invent and/or sell really futuristic. Its always raining or snowing because of a weather-control experiment gone wrong. So its a nineteen twenties noir city with scifi technology. System: fate 3.0 Die: fudgedie or d6 Setting: The great city of morrowtown Players: PI, gumshoes, former cops, hit men, reporters, bruisers, gorillas, femme fetales, guns for hires, agents, sentinels, watchmen, androids or any other of morrowtowns extraordinary inhabitants.

Victorian Bebop
-space colonization in style James looked at his pocket watch. He was sitting in his new Swordfish 11 M Aether plane in a jungle on Venus. He had been fishing. “where is he?” he thought. Edward was never late, unless something was wrong but they knew where the idol were and he had the guide with him, Ed would be back soon James assured himself. He threw the fishing line in the water, put on his sunglasses and leaned back. Time passed, James woke up when the fishing rod nearly got pulled in the water. Something was on the other end of line, is could a Venus green eel a delicacy back on mars. “Thank the Stars” James cried. They hadn’t eaten meat in weeks. Then James heard yelling he looked up. Out from the bush Ed came running his vest and shirt in terrible state, his hair in disarray, he still wore his beloved hat. James stared, Ed was yelling something. What in Lunar is going on. James thought, he could see Eds Aethersword shine brightly but he didn’t have the idol with him. James was still fighting with the fishing rod, now he could hear what Ed was yelling, “Start the engines!!”. James looked up and saw a whole Lizard tribe in pursuit of Ed. James thought about the nice feast he was about to catch, when he heard a mighty roar and a Saurus emerge from the jungle. That settled it, he dropped the fishing pole and turned on the engines.

in 1879 when the British empire was flourishing and had just embarked on space travel the world changed. Something happened in Lunar and the moon crashed into the Atlantic. Now the headquarters of the British empire is located on Mars. With colonies all over the solar system. From Victoriania on Mars the Council of Queens rule along side Parliament. They oversee the trade with the native martians. The war over artifacts on Venus. The exploration of Europa and the spice trade of Saturn. Earth is not completely destroyed a belt of floating earth extends for miles outwards from the planet. Gravity and Aether hold them in place and atmosphere makes them small pockets of civilisation and lives. On Earth Proper the moon cult and Earth nationalist fight and giant Clockwork automatons prowls the land. Some come looking for remnants of Lunar but few return. Timetable of VBbop

Travel from planet to planet is done Aether portal or bridges through the Aetherplane. The Spaceblimps and Spaceships all uses forms of Aether fuels to generate thrust and lift, skillful captains can travel at impressive speed with only a ship and a Aethercompass by “riding the Aether. Even the weapon trade uses Aether but good old rifles and rapiers are still most commen. If you very rich (and reckless) you can always buy a raygun. System: Fate 3.0 Die: Fudgedie or d6 Setting: The widespread British Empire. Players: Bounty hunters, mercenaries, Space pirates and other fine gentlemen.

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