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Progress and Promise for Living Liberally March 2006

Broadway’s Spotlight Shines on Liberal Laughter

rom the beginning of Drink-
ing Liberally, nearly three
years ago, we've always said, On Saturday, February 4, 1,300 liberals
“It's not about drinking, it's about and laughers packed Town Hall on Times
being liberal.” Bars are democratic Square for Laughing Liberally. The audi-
spaces, where you share booths, ence roared and political spirits soared as
pitchers and conversations—and are seven performers entertained and electri-
a natural social scene to welcome fied the crowd, launching a new era of
progressive politics.
political comedy… dedicated to saving
Now, we are bringing the larger democracy, one laugh at a time.
vision to fruition. In February, 1,300 Jim David (Comedy Central), Dean
liberals gathered for an evening of Obeidallah (Air America), Julie Goldman
political comedy on Times Square (VH1) and Rick Overton (Dennis Miller
at Laughing Liberally. Over a dozen Live) were joined by newcomers Katie
chapters from around the country
Halper, Baratunde Thurston, and Jamie
gathered away from their taverns for
group showings of Robert Green- Jackson in an evening of laughter from the
wald's documentary Wal-Mart: The left. This was no simple night of Bush-bashing (the Bush-bashing was
High Cost of Low Price, and a new actually quite sophisticated). From the suspicious looks Dean gets for
partnership, Screening Liberally, his last name, to Julie's mom kvetching about her daughter's gay
will create more chances for liberals marriage, the comics delivered a side-splitting, paradigm-shattering
to view socially meaningful feature blend of satiric savviness and political punch.
films and documentaries.
As Laughing Liberally prepares its encore New York performances
On a more serious front, bloggers and national tour, the Laughing Liberally Lab continues to provide a
are gathering regularly to hear from workshop for experienced and emerging comedians each week in
policy guests at Blogging Liberally, New York City. Visit for more on the
and an exciting book tour collab- ongoing shows and the big plans for the future of liberal laughter.
oration with national bloggers will
energize Reading Liberally.

This isn't a pint-sized vision. Our

movement was born in the taverns,
but it's not confined to them. As you
read the articles in this issue of the
Cosmos, you'll agree: it's not just
about drinking, laughing, screening,
blogging, or reading—Cosmopolity is
creating opportunities in all areas of
life to be Living Liberally.

— The Cosmopolity Team

David Alpert Justin Krebs
Katrina Baker Matthew O’Neill
and many more

The Cosmopolity Cosmos – Promoting Democracy One Newsletter at a Time

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Drinking Liberally City More Ways to Live Liberally
Profile: Milwaukee
Screening Liberally launched
on March 16th with a preview
screening of Thank You For
It has been called "the nation's watering hole", with Smoking. Giving liberals a
more bars per capita than any other large city in chance to enjoy films with like-
America. It’s the home town of Miller and where minded, left-leaning compan-
Schlitz got his start. Oh, and the Brewers are the ions, Screening Liberally will
home team. host advance showings of pol-
It was only a matter of time. itically-oriented feature films and special presen-
“We founded this chapter to help Milwaukee tations of socially-conscious documentaries. We
recover from the grip the right has had on this area are excited to welcome Time Out New York, the
for far too long,” explains Drinking Liberally popular weekly guide to city entertainment, as our
Milwaukee co-founder Jason Haas. media partner on this project. Visit our Web site
at for details.
“Wisconsin was once a progressive state, but now
it’s gone in the opposite direction, and we need Reading Liberally: when popular bloggers Markos
bring Milwaukee back to its political roots,” like Moulitous Zuniga of and Jerome
1924 Progressive Party Presidential candidate Armstrong of go on tour with their new
“Fighting Bob” La Folette, longtime Senator, Gov- book, Crashing the Gate, Drinking Liberally will
ernor and founder of The Progressive magazine.) be hitting the road with them. The book tour’s
schedule, not yet public, will include stops at DL
Haas started the Milwaukee chapter with Stacie chapters across the country.
Rosenzweig and Scott Feldstein over a year ago.
Now, Club Garibaldi, on the south side of Mil-
waukee, welcomes between thirty and forty liberal Visit a DL Chapter Near You
drinkers twice a month in a setting that Jason
describes as “dark, smoky and informal,” and has Wherever you live, chances are there’s a DL
become a stop for candidates for Congress, the chapter nearby. Here are a few that are near most
judiciary, and sheriff. The chapter even scored a 4- of our Cosmopolity Cosmos subscribers, or check
minute special report on local WTMJ TV news out the full list at
(available at New York
“Club G doesn’t only like us for our politics,” Thursdays, 7:30 pm at Rudy’s, 9th Ave and 44th St.
explains Haas. “Apparently we’re also better than
Plus chapters in East Village, Park Slope, Queens,
average bar patrons. Big tips and no fights.”
Upper East Side, West Bronx, Williamsburg, and
So, if you are thirsty and near the nation’s watering DL Steps Out (in Manhattan gay bars).
hole, swing by Club G. As Jason explained to an
Washington, DC
NBC news crew, “Grassroots politics starts with a
glass of beer. Huge political change and new ideas Wednesdays, 6:30 pm at Mark & Orlando’s, 2020
start with conversations like these.” P St NW; Thursdays, 6:30 pm at Timberlake’s,
1726 Connecticut Ave NW.
Cambridge, MA
About Cosmopolity
Cosmopolity promotes progressive political Tuesdays, 8:30 pm at Middlesex Lounge, 315
engagement through social networks and Mass. Ave in Central Square.
entertainment events. You can learn more San Francisco
about Cosmopolity at, Mondays, 7:00 pm at Dalva, 3121 16th St. between
and send us questions, ideas, or letters to the Valencia and Guerrero.
editor at
Plus chapters in Oakland, Palo Alto, and San Jose.

The Cosmopolity Cosmos – Promoting Democracy One Newsletter at a Time

425 West 45th St 3FE, New York, NY 10036 • 212-489-7982 •