Hopefully this should be up by Thursday or even sooner then that but i want to do atleast 15 pages so you’ll have to be patient

ill have this up as soon as i can!! Thanks for reading comment please. Sunday. 22nd September. We woke at ten again and we all got ready and we were in seattle at 12. Me and Edward walked off without the others and we went into random shops. I walked to a sale section on shoes and who do you think i happen to bump into !??? TANYA! I looked at Edward but he hadn’t noticed her yet so i grabbed him by his arm and took him

towards an isle that was empty and she wouldn’t be able to see us. “what are y- !” i cut him off. “Tanya’s here!” i whisper yelled. “oh” he whispered. “yeah oh!” i whispered. I looked around me and i saw a nice top for Edward i picked it up and showed it to him. “well do you like it” i asked. “ actually i do!” he replied and took it out of my hands. I went to the end of the isle and peered out. Tanya was still by the shoes. I sighed. She picked up a pair of shoes i wanted. “NO not them shoes i wanted them ones! Edward come on!” i yelled over my shoulder. I walked over back to the shoes and pretended to bump into Tanya. “ oh sorry i did- oh Tanya its you” i said rolling my eyes. Edward came beside me. Tanya looked at him then back to me.

“ why are you talking to me?” she asked raising her eyebrows. “um i don’t know. But any way bye come on Edward lets go over there” i said grabbing Edwards wrist and dragging him to a shirt section. I pretended to be looking. “is she watching us?” i asked. He turned around then turned back to me. “yea” he answered. “ so why did you do that?” he asked. I touched the crease on his forehead and then looked into his eyes. “ i actually don’t know!” i answered. I saw a hint of amassment in his features and he laughed. “ you just wanted her to see us didn’t you?!” he laughed. “maybe ...!” i said mysteriously. “maybe not...!” He rolled his eyes and kissed me quickly then pulled back wayyyy too soon for my liking. I pouted and that just made him laugh again. He

touched my lip with his finger and then moved on to the boy tops. I followed him and we looked at some tops he could have for the cruise. I looked for Tanya and we made eye contact but she quickly looked away. Me and Edward went to the cash registrar and on the way we walked passed the shoes i wanted so i grabbed them and then carried on walking. Once we paid for them we walked off and we went to river island. We came out of there with 3 bags and then we made our way to the sports shop because we needed some more sports things for the garden. We bought 4 bats 5 nike foot balls both Edward and i bought trainers then Edward bought a foot ball top and then a skate board(don’t ask why). We went back to the car and put all the things we had so far n the boot and then we went back.

We spent the next 3 hours shopping around at random stores and then i got a text from jasper. Hey bells meet us at the food court’s in ten. Jazz xx Hey jazz Will do, well be there in a minute just in line to pay. Bells xx We finished paying for our stuff and made our way to the food courts. “guy’s over here!” emmett boomed across the room. I rolled my eyes, i took Edwards hand and we made our way to the table. “so have fun shopping.” Alice asked. “yeah guess who we bumped into?” i said. “Tanya!” rose answered. I looked at her.

“how’d you know!” i asked. “we saw her too” emmett answered. “of course” i mumbled. “ right, im going to get my things i’ll be back in a min, what do you want bella?” Edward asked. “fries and nuggets please” i answered. He nodded and walked off. “so what did you get bella? Any thing nice?” rose asked. “yeah i got these really nice shoes that i wanted and when we hid from Tanya she picked them up nut i ‘accidently’ bumped into her and she dropped them and totally forgot about them so before any one else could have them i grabbed them.” I answered. “oh great we can look at them when we get home .” alice joined in. “ yeah !” i replied. Edward came back with my things and then the others went to get their things. Once

they were seated we ate in comfortable silence and we all finished our things. “ lets get going then shall we ?” Edward said. “yeah we’ll meet you at the house !” emmett said. Me and Edward walked off to the car and made our way home. 6pm: Every one made it back and we put every thing in our rooms. Us girls shared our things with each other and then it reached 11 o’clock. Because we had school in the morning we went to sleep . Monday 23rd we woke up at 5 because we had the football game so we all used the showers and got ready as fast as we could. “bella pass me my big brush please!” rose called from her

dressing table. I grabbed the brush and threw it to her. “thanks !” she called back. I put on my black leggings then my blue faded jean shorts and i put my black tank top with a white cardigan on top. I curled my hair and then put some pins in so it would stay out of my face then i clipped my side fringe. I went through my bag and made sure i had every thing. Once i knew i had every thing i went down stairs and had my breakfast . soon the others joined me and we were soon in the garage with our bags. “has every one got their camera’s ?” alice asked. She was making us do a check. We all replied with a ‘yes’. “great, um.... tooth brushes, brushes, tooth paste, and hair spray ?” she continued. “alice we have every thing ! we have all checked our bags and coach told

us we had to be there first because we have to get our things in the coach and make sure every one we need is there. Then we have to be on the coach by 7:15 and if you do this check we aren’t going to get there on time oh yeah by the way we are on the double Decker but we are down stairs, do you know they have tables !” i said quickly. “ fine one sec though we need to say good bye !” she called the adults into the garage. “ remember to come pick up the cars !” Edward said. We said bye and then we were off in the car’s. The ride was quiet but comfortable . We pulled into the parking lot and the boys got out at the same time as we did. “get all the bags make sure no one forgets any thing !” rose ordered . we did as she said and we made our way to the hall.

“oh guys your here just like i asked great, so no one else is here but you can all go and put your things on the coach and then come back !” the coach said as he walked in . we picked up our bags. “ okay coach be back in a minute !” Edward said wrapping an arm around me. We walked out side again to see a double Decker coach and a driver was sitting in his seat reading the New York times. He looked up when he saw us and smiled. “you lot must be the CSH ?!” he said. “yeah that’s us!” emmett boomed “how’d you know ?” emmett continued. “who doesn’t and well you’re coach told me you would be the first one’s here !” he said. He pressed a few buttons then climbed down the step’s of the coach. Just then the

compartment of the coach opened up and he motioned for us to put our bags in. Once we were done he closed it up and he walked with us back to the hall. “ great you met our coach driver Phil !” coach said. (A.N. guy’s i cant think of a name for the coach so im gonna keep calling him coach so bare with me . ! ) I got bored standing up so i walked over to the stage and sat down on the edge . “ who wants’ to go get the list ?” coach asked. “ i will ... is in your office ?” i asked. “yeah on the desk .” coach answered . i got off the stage and started walking . “ im coming !” i heard jazz call when i had closed the door of the hall . suddenly the door opened and jasper came out .

“ why are you coming ?” i asked him . i carried on walking . “ i was bored too and i wanted to walk with you . i feel more calm and knowing around you !” jasper said , following me . “ yeah i do feel calmer when im around you too !” i said . i walked down the corridor and we walked into coach’s office . I looked on the desk and i saw the bag that he usually used when we went away . I picked up the bag and i grabbed his list and then i got a pen and pencil . “ so what do you think we will do on the coach ?” jasper asked as i closed the door behind me . “ well we will just talk and i’ve got my ipod touch so i can use that and im sure we have a flat screen in the coach if not i packed my portable DVD player and sat nav ... i felt like it so don’t give me that look !” i

said . we were almost by the hall now. “ a sat nav come on bella !” he said . “ i want to nw how fast we are going to get there and what routes cause you know what im like and besides we could get lost and you’ll have my to thank !” i said . we walked into the hall and i gave the coach his bag and the rest of his things. “ thanks i almost forgot that then !” he said with a thankful look . i nodded then went to into Edwards arms where i felt like i belonged. Edward and bella forever <3 I looked at my wrist and the bracelet was still there . I hadn’t taken it off ... okay when i was in the water i did but i put it back on strait away . 7:05 Soon enough Jessica Angela mike Eric Ben Tyler and a few others started to arrive. After 5 minutes the

hall was full of the foot ball team and cheer leading squad . “ guys do you want to take the registrar for me ?” coach asked us . “ yeah okay .” alice answered . she took the list from him and then we went through it ticking off the names as we went . “ here you go .” i gave the coach the list back . every one was here . “ thank you bella !” coach said . “ okay guys listen up !” coach called over the rest of the students. “ good every one is here okay so this is our coach driver Phil , he will take us for the 4 and a half hour journey so we want to be there by 12 . so when you go out side emmett jasper and Edward will put the bags on the coach and you can get on but we have to be quick and every one try to fill up as much space as you can up stairs please !” he continued . every one got up and started

heading for the door . me alice rose emmett Edward and jasper went through the short cut and waited by the coach . soon enough every one was there . they put their bags by the coach and the boys started to put them on . 7:15 Every one was on the coach and only jess Angela mike Tyler Kate Tanya Irina had to stay down the bottom with us . yeah Tanya happened to be at the back of the queue now she is down with us ! We got on the coach and i sat by the window . Alice sat in front of me and Edward sat beside me . Tanya sat beside him and then jasper beside alice . he looked at me then at Tanya rolled his eyes then got his phone out . i got a text .... i looked at jasper and he grinned .

To b This is going to be a long ride Jx J You got that right Bx “ okay guys we can move around down here but only to swap seats cause we have about another 8 seats . but don’t stand up too long you’ll end up falling !” coach said . if only Tanya would then i would have some thing to laugh at . I got my ipod out after 5 minutes and we were soon driving out of the school gates where people were starting to arrive in their cars . I looked out the window . the trees were going by one by one .

“ argh i bored all ready !” Tanya half shouted . i glared at her then i looked back out the window . “ we don’t really care !” alice said . i looked at her and tried to hide my giggle but it didn’t work . jasper grinned and went back to playing on his ipod . “ bella ? can i play on what you told earlier ?” jasper asked not looking up from his game . I went into my carry on bag and got out the sat nav . he turned it on and typed in the address . he started laughing and then fixd his eyes on the screen . “ bella why did you bring that ?” rose asked from across the coach . “ i knew we would get bored and i had a felling we were going to want it !” i simply replied . she laughed then went back to her conversation with emmett , Tyler and Jessica .

Edward took my hand and started playing with my fingers . i looked at him and he didn’t look up just continued with playing with my fingers . Tanya glared at me then turned back around . i gave her the finger , alice and jasper Bursed out laughing . she turned back around but i was looking at the spot between alice and jasper . alice sniggered and i narrowed my eyes at her . Edward looked between us then shook his head . i feel like a kiss . as if Edward had read my mind he looked up and stopped playing with my hand . he leaned in and brushed his lips against mine and then pulled back . he smiled . “ BORED BORED BORED BORED BORED !!” Tanya HAD to ruin the moment didn’t she . “ SHUT UP NO ONE CARES GET OVER IT !” i shouted .

“ make me !” she growled back . “ oh she can make you alright !” alice backed me up . “ any day !” rose joined in . “ any second .” emmett said . Tanya backed down and looked back to her phone , she frowned and glared daggers at the phone . sad . was all i thought . i leaned in to Edward and he leaned in too . “ OH FOR GOD SAKE !”

Haha lol finally i done it woooo xx

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