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Cadillac Area

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JULY/AUGUST 2015 Volume 21-NO. 4

Business Magazine

Hunter & Paulin

honored by the Chamber
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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce


A Salute to Community Volunteerism 2015

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Mission Statement

The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is

a visible business leader that advocates and
drives business opportunities. Through business
alliances, we are a catalyst for our membership
and provide a persuasive regional voice
benefiting our communities.

2015 Board of Directors

Kelly Smith, Executive Director
Baker College of Cadillac

Cadillac: A place where

people make things happen

Dave Cox, Vice Chair

Wexford Missaukee ISD
Trent Mulder, Treasurer
Baird, Cotter & Bishop, PC.
Kelly Cater, Past Executive Director
Rec Boat Holdings
Doug DeYoung,
Consumers Energy
Don Schepers,
Schepers Agency, Inc.
Kyle Hogg,
Dental Health Professionals
Melody Hurley,
Walmart Superstore
Stephen King,
Law Office of King & King
Tim Knaggs,
Fekete Knaggs & Burr Insurance
Karl Marcusse,
Dan Minor,
Cadillac Castings, Inc.
Pete Stalker,
Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Brian Williams,
Blue Heron Caf & Bakery
Bill Tencza, President

Doreen Lanc, Director of Membership Services
Deb Gillies, Leadership Director/Accountant
Amanda Hamilton, Administrative Assistant

Kent Wood, Director of Government Relations
Mike Acosta, Great Start Consultant
Printer:Pleasant Graphics
Publisher:Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

The Cadillac Area Business Magazine is a publication of the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce. The
Chamber reserves the right to edit or refuse articles
and advertisements submitted to the Cadillac Area
Business Magazine and reserves the right in its sole
discretion to accept or refuse inserts and other materials to be distributed through the publication.
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
222 Lake Street

Never doubt that a small group of

thoughtful, concerned citizens can
change the world. Indeed it is the only
thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

love this quote by Margaret Mead,

and I believe it describes the caring, thoughtful community we
enjoy in Cadillac.
I am not a Cadillac native, having relocated here five years ago, however, my
heart feels like I have been here a lifetime. I have found the collaboration and
partnerships this community offers a
refreshing change from past communities in which I lived.
Upon arriving in Cadillac, I was quickly
embraced by the Chamber, city officials,
and many active members of the community. Almost immediately, I sensed
that this community could make things
happen. Some examples that come to
mind include:
The work by a few concerned citizens
in making sure that the Wexford County
Civic Center continued to be a vibrant
part of our community
The support that has been given to
the Cadillac Area YMCA and its mission
to help all members of our community
live healthy lifestyles
The hospitals new surgical wing
The ability of our local manufacturers
to meet the need for a skilled workforce
by joining forces with the college to grow
their own with the Michigan Advanced
Technician Training (MAT2) program
The Chamber Leadership program
and its projects, including my own
classs contribution of the patio at After
26 Caf`

JULY/AUGUST 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

The Rotary Club of Cadillacs commitment to many projects including the

pavilion and the new bathroom facilities
These are just a few of the many visionary and progressive accomplishments of
a small group of thoughtful, concerned
citizens in this community.
As president of Baker College of
Cadillac, I know the important role that
the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
plays in our community and its connection to the Cadillac business and manufacturing sector.
We support the many efforts of the
Chamber by allowing our facility to be
used for its monthly lecture luncheons.
This series of lunch and informational
meetings is always well received by
our business partners. Additionally, the
quarterly Leadership Learning Series
programs are also well received and
usually focus on how an individual can
increase his or her leadership skills or
how a company can cultivate a positive
work environment.
Baker College is a also proud host of
Rise Up! Cadillac each year. This monthly event allows our chamber partners to
get up early and learn more about each
others businesses and the many happenings within the community.
A relatively new Chamber project is
connecting Young Professionals with
others in their age group and helping
to address issues that might keep this
demographic group from staying in
or returning to our community. Some
of these issues include isolation, inadequate social interaction opportunities,
a shortage of housing, and other agespecific concerns. Just like when I first
arrived, these young professionals are
connected to one another right away
through Chamber-sponsored events.
Continued on page 3

Visionary Partners:

There are some wonderful new developments in our downtown that the
Chamber is supporting. Many individuals are working together to build on
some of the new investments that have
taken place in the last two years.
We are dedicated to keeping the
momentum going so that our beautiful downtown can continue to flourish
and grow through place-making strategies. This all means that we must work
together, pool our resources, and be positive and compromising.
This Chamber has been guided forward by some incredible past leaders. I
hope to be able to build on their successful foundation. My goals as we move
into this next year will be to continue
to connect young people from all professions to our community so that they
stay, buy homes, and raise families in

this wonderful area.

Secondly, I want to continue to support the work underway to bring our
downtown to life, making it a vibrant
city center where local people come to
see one another and enjoy local food
and shopping favorites.
Our downtown has additional potential to become a destination for people
from around the state who are willing to
drive for hours to be a part of what we
have built.
Thirdly, I want to continue to work
developing positive relationships among
all of our local partners. When everyone
comes together in order to share common vision, pool limited resources, and
work together in a collaborative way
exciting things happen. It is the only
way to move forward. And it is the only
way everyone wins!


Kelly Smith,

Cadillac Hospital

Chamber Executive Director

Baker College of Cadillac, President
A Zhongding Sealing Parts (USA) Inc. Company

Business Directory




(231) 775-1773 (231) 775-0703 FAX

9051 E. 48 1/2 Road Cadillac Shop Junction of M-115 & US-131

Craig Johnson, CEO 231-878-3550 Bonded & Insured

Concrete Construction

Edward Dracht

Build Contracting
Serving the greater Cadillac area since 1972.


Commercial Industrial Institutional Agriculture Churches
Offices Rubber Roofs Concrete Flatwork Complete Turnkey Projects
23350 100th Ave. Marion, MI 49665

office: (231) 825-0035

fax: (231) 825-0038
cell: (231) 357-8718

Providing Your

Complete Marketing Solution

11014 S. Morey Rd., McBain, MI 49657 231-825-8051

Christopher Schepers, Owner

At the Cadillac News, were about finding a variety

of solutions for the marketing and branding of your
unique business.
Our mission is to learn more about your business
goals, trends and long term objectives and to utilize
a variety of promotional options to accomplish them.
Options include: Newspaper Marketing, Niche
Marketing, Online Promotions & Services, Classified
Marketing, Web Design & Development Services and
Commercial Printing.


Trusted. Local. Connected.

To discuss a program thats right for your business.

Call Katheryn Kidder, Senior Sales & Marketing Specialist at (231) 779-4142.

Leadership Partners:
AAR Mobility Systems
Belle Oakes Living Center Inc.
BorgWarner Thermal Systems
B&P Manufacturing
Cadillac Area Public Schools
Consumers Energy
DTE Energy
Fekete Knaggs & Burr Insurance Agency
FIAMM Technologies LLC
Fifth Third Bank
Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Rexair LLC
Walmart Supercenter Store
Wexford-Missaukee ISD

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - JULY/AUGUST 2015 3

It all adds up

Hunter is a dedicated nutty guy

Two hundred people at the Cadillac Area Chamber of
Commerce Annual Meeting & Awards Dinner quickly identified the 2015 Outstanding Citizen as nominator John Bishop
began to describe him.
The recognition came after Bishop said, he followed a cute
blond up north, needing a job. And luckily, a local organization hired him as a beginning accountant.
Scott Hunter, managing partner of the accounting firm
Baird, Cotter and Bishop, P.C., needed a moment to regain
his composure when he approached the podium during a
standing ovation.
I moved here in 1986 and there was this one guy in the
office, John Bishop, and he was there nonstop every night
and weekends, volunteering all the time, Hunter recalled
with emotion. I said, This guy is nuts, no way am I going
to do what he does. But somewhere, I turned into that nutty
old guy.
Hunter was hired by Bishop, the firms former managing
partner, in 1986.
John Bishop was his mentor, explained Hunters wife,
Roxanne. He was a very positive influence and Scott has
never forgotten it. I cant tell you how many hours he gives
above and beyond, taking a vested interest in giving back
to the community. This was something that John Bishop
instilled in him strongly.
Scott is not out there in front, Bishop explained. He
never looks for the limelight. But he gives up his time and
talents for the community late at night at home at his desk.
He pays the bills for nonprofits, working behind the scenes.
Nobody realizes how many organizations he helps.
In 2001, Bishop chose Hunter to succeed him as the firms managing
partner. Although Hunter was the youngest partner, he showed the
most dedication to the community as well as the office.
Bishop noted that Hunter has provided pro bono accounting work
for the 45 different funds of the Cadillac Area Community Foundation
since its inception, paying their bills and doing their financial statements. He has also provided accounting guidance for countless other
You might get the impression that Scott is standoffish, explained
Bishop. Hes not. Hes approachable and unassuming, and a fun guy.
You want to be around Scott.
His success in business is a given, but his desire to mentor, encourage and willingness to assist others is not known, said Cadillac Area
Chamber of Commerce President Bill Tencza. Community matters to
Scott as demonstrated through his countless hours of volunteerism,
but, most importantly, his ability to make organizations better.

2015 Outstanding Citizen

Scott Hunter

As the managing partner of Baird, Cotter and Bishop, P.C., Scott

Hunter has expanded the number of employees and overseen the
expansion of their downtown offices. Hunter donates his professional expertise to many area organizations and nonprofits, including the
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce, serving on the board for two, sixyear terms; the Cadillac Area Community Foundation, where he served
three terms on the board and has been the treasurer all nine years. He
also serves as the treasurer for the Cadillac Country Club, Pop Warner
football and has served on the United Way Board of Directors.

JULY/AUGUST 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Its not about him

Mike Paulin volunteers for the right reasons

Mike Paulin received a long, standing ovation
when he received Spirit of Community Award at
the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Annual
Meeting and Awards Dinner.
When he accepted his award, his comments
proved nominator Jackie Soltman right, Paulin
volunteers for the right reasons, to make a difference in peoples lives. And its never about him.
Living in Cadillac has been wonderful, he
said, holding his award. And then he deferred
to all of the many volunteers who have donated
their time and efforts to make this a better community. I thank you all.
His volunteerism spans decades, which is truly
remarkable, when factoring he could be doing
less in retirement, but chooses to contribute
through a pathway of unassuming leadership
with his volunteerism, said Chamber President
Bill Tencza. He is phenomenally genuine, committed, and selfless.
Soltman added that Paulin is a blue collar,
behind the scenes volunteer. On the night of the
Annual Dinner, he was in the parking lot helping
direct traffic. At Project Christmas and during the
food truck program, he bags groceries and helps
people to their cars. At Habitat for Humanity, in
addition to serving as the founding director and
on the board for many years, he pounds nails
and does electrical and plumbing work. For the
YMCA Dancing with the Stars, he climbs the ladder up into the ceiling to run the lights.
Mike is unassuming and modest, Tencza continued. Thats the nature of the great ones.
Paulin, a retired radio broadcaster, is known for
his radio voice and humor. He moved to Cadillac in 1964 and worked
for WATT and WTCM, becoming known for his tagline, Paulin
My brother has made the world a better place, said James Paulin.
And his world was Cadillac, the community he embraced and loved.
His sister Dorothea Paulin added this praise: His humility is just who
he is. He does things with others in mind; he never looks for recognition. Hes a Christian man who lives his faith every day and serves others with no regard for himself.
Im really proud of him, stated Dawn, his wife of 30 years. His
whole family is very giving.

Mike Paulins community service:

Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, helps with all functions

and served on the Chamber board of directors; Habitat for Humanity
one of the original organizers and first executive director; still
works on build sites; Silent Observer member and volunteer since
its founding in 1991; organizes the Chili Cookoff every year for the
North American Snowfest; Cadillac Area Rental Housing Association
current president. Other involvement includes; Project Christmas,
Northern District Fair Board, YMCA, and St. Marys Episcopal
Church. Twice a month, he volunteers at the food truck. This year, he
dug holes in the ice for the OASIS Polar Dip; also a United Way volunteer and Red Cross blood donor.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - JULY/AUGUST 2015 5

Outstanding Citizen
1980 Carl T. Johnson
1982 Patricia Anderson
1984 Keith McKellop
1985 Jim Comp
1986 Bill Winn
1987 Jim McGuire
1988 Carl T. Johnson
1989 Craig Weidner
1990 Dr. Charles Dumanois
1991 Larry Davy
1992 Gerard Winkle

& Della Garneau
1993 John Horrigan
1994 Jim Anderson

& Kathy Balzuweit
1995 Cindy Gorman

& Esta Emmons
1996 Doug Brown
1997 Ron Andrews

As your business
expands, so does
your need for
proactive advice.

1998 Jack Benson

1999 Keith Merchant

& Tom Huckle
2000 Maynard Thompson
2001 Steve Anderson
2002 Pete Stalker
2003 Dennis Benson
2004 John MacLeod
2005 Todd Bennington
2006 Darlene Merritt
2007 Chris Huckle
2008 Ron Blanchard
2009 Paul Liabenow
2010 Bruce Schafer
2011 Jon Catlin
2012 Jeremy Winkle
2013 Dan Minor
2014 Barbara Darrigan

Comprehensive Services for

any size business from FirstMerit
Increased demand for eco-friendly solvents meant
exponential growth for Lisaand a conversation with
FirstMerit Bank. With their Treasury Management,

Spirit of Community
1997 Dr. Glenn Verbrugge
1998 William Rzepka
1999 Regan ONeill
2000 John Bishop
2001 Sue Westhauser
2002 Carol Potter
2003 Jackie Soltman
2004 Mary Blackmer
2005 Judy Coffey

2006 Sue Peterson

2007 Pat Goggin
2008 Mickey Putman
2009 Matt Gibson
2010 Katy Huckle
2011 Tracey Kanouse
2012 David Burrill
2013 Vickie Essenmacher
2014 William Panasiewicz

Payroll, International Services and more, Lisa not only kept

up with increasing demand, but also created a new model for
order fulfillment. Now, thanks to the help of FirstMerit,
Lisas business no longer qualifies as small.


John Alef, Vice President, Business Banking,

at 989-344-4003 or
Follow the latest market trends

JULY/AUGUST 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Member FDIC


Thank YoU
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
Annual Meeting & Awards Dinner Sponsors

Minds at work
for a brighter future
9&10 News/Fox 32
Avon Automotive
Avon Protection Systems, Inc.
Baker College of Cadillac
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Bluecare Network of MI
Cadillac Castings, Inc.
Chemical Bank
Consumers Energy
Fifth Third Bank
FirstMerit Bank
Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital
Michigan Rubber Products, Inc.
Piranha Hose Products, Inc.
Rec Boat Holdings, LLC
(Four Winns, Glastron, Wellcraft &
Scarab Boats)
Rexair LLC
Wolverine Power Cooperative

The idea that we can create a better future,

with brilliant MINDS AT WORK
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - JULY/AUGUST 2015 7

May 2015

Rise Up! Cadillac

Deadline for the September/
October 2015 Cadillac Area
Business Magazine is
August 7, 2015. Share your
business/organization news!

Hosted by:

Sponsored by:

Agape Care
Essential School

of McBain

Chamber Calendar

JuNe 2015

Rise Up! Cadillac


Rise Up! Cadillac 7AM

Hosted By: Evergreen Resort



Rise Up! Cadillac 7AM

Hosted By: The Lakeview

Online registration and additional information

is available for upcoming chamber programs
through our website Please
contact Amanda at if you need
assistance with registration.

Hosted by:

Rexair LLC

Sponsored by:

Dynamic Physical

Lecture Luncheon Noon - 1:15PM

Imagination Library
Presented By: Pam Hunsaker
Regional Director for the Dollywood

Hosted by:

McCurdy, Wotila,
& Porteous, PC

JULY/AUGUST 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce


Cadillac Summer Police Patrol

Legislative informat
ion as well as
Northern Michigan
Chamber Alliance
updates can be found
at: un
der Legislative
Advocacy, click on No
rthern Michigan Bl


Lecture Luncheon
Cyber Security: fraud and ID theft
Presented By:
Michelle Thren | Assistant Vice President of Chemical Bank,
Loss Prevention Fraud Specialist / CFE (certified fraud examiner)


Learning Series
Creating & Modeling
a Culture of Excellence
Presented by :
Tami Milligan, MSN, RN
The June Leadership
Learning Series welcomed
Tami Milligan, Munson
Healthcare Cadillac
Hospital, presenter of
Creating and Modeling a
Culture of Excellence.
Mrs. Milligan, a 25 year
inspirational speaker, shared
ideas and tools on how to
master the skills to enhance that first 20
second interactive, customer experience.
Tami introduced the AIDET strategy
Acknowledge-Introduce-Duration-ExplanationThank you! Utilizing this method will help build
and sustain a lasting customer relationship.
For information about the Leadership
Learning Series, please contact Deb Gillies at

Within minutes, anyone, anywhere can quickly become the victim

of identity theft.
But Michelle Thren, assistant vice president of Chemical Bank,
said there are ways to prevent, identify and recover from fraud and
identity theft.
Thren was speaking at the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
Lecture luncheon at Baker College of Cadillac Student Center.
Thren, a certified fraud examiner, said among the most common
methods of identity theft are dumpster diving and computer hacking.
She said fraudsters often obtain personal information from their
victims to access bank account information, apply for credit cards,
receive medical treatment or apply for jobs. She said scammers may
also obtain personal information to gather tax return information.
Thren said identity thieves often gain access to personal information on your computer through spam email responses or by accessing
simple passwords. Thren warned computers users that passwords
should never be a single word.
If you are cruising the Internet on a regular basis, you already
have spyware and viruses that are watching what you type and the
sites you visit, Thren said. If I type in a word, its going to memorize what I typed and ship that out to the fraudsters.
That information is then run through a translator in order to access
password information, she said. Capitalizing letters, adding exclamation points or adding numbers can create a stronger password.
Social engineering or impersonation is another way scammers
access personal information. Types of social engineering include
email and phone call scams.

June YP Link Hosted by:
Rec Boat Holdings | Consumers Energy | Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
YP Link is a Young Professional networking program of the Chamber.
The June program offered an opportunity for young professionals to attend
a networking reception and a short presentation at Rec Boat Holdings Test
Center. It was followed by boat rides, burgers, and brats. To find out how
you or one of your young professionals can be involved email Deb Gillies at

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - JULY/AUGUST 2015 9

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce


A Salute to Community Volunteerism 2015

Melinda Cucinella

........................................ 11

Recognizing the passionate, selfless, positive

and committed volunteers and organizations
that continue to live, work, play and worship.
Celebrate with us as we salute that amazing
community servants who take care of
business.and community.

Mary Jo Binkley

College of Cadillac
........................................ 11

Heather Martinson

....................................... 12

Jim Crain

Boat Holdings, LLC
....................................... 12

Deb Ballard

Bank of Cadillac
....................................... 13

Dr. James Whelan

....................................... 13

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. - - - Helen Keller

Cadillac Rotarians work together for a common cause and continue to impact the lives of area
residents and others throughout the world. Taking a look back at the accomplishments of just the
past 12 months we would see:
Completion of the new restroom facilities at the Cadillac Performing Arts Pavilion with a Rotary
contribution of over $100,000.
Assisting eight Strive students raising their grade point average and helped make it possible for
them to remain on a course toward high school graduation.
Awarded five $1,000 scholarships to Cadillac Area High School seniors.
Provided sponsorship to the Rotaract Club of Cadillac, which helps post-high school residents
embrace the Rotary ideal of Service Above Self.
Cadillac Rotarians assist twice a month at the food truck that gives out 240,000 pounds of food per
year to residents in need.
Cadillac Rotarians read books to 56 area classrooms during March reading month.
Rotary supports the Cadillac High School Interact Club which helps high school students embrace
the Rotary ideal of volunteerism, leadership, and fundraising for local and international projects.
Rotary Club of Cadillac purchased two freezers and a refrigerator for a local food pantry, purchased
a commercial mixer, commercial meat slicer and also serving trays for Shepherds Table. These
items were purchased with matching funds through a grant program with Rotary District 6290.
Rotary Club of Cadillac supports the exchange student program, by sponsoring exchange students.
Through Rotary Club of Cadillac fundraising efforts, $3,000 was contributed to Camp Torenta which
supported low income families to send their child to experience camping, fishing, and other
outdoor activities.
Rotary Club of Cadillac supports UpBeat! Cadillac, which brings musicians to perform at the
Cadillac Performing Arts Pavilion.
With Cadillac Rotarians working together we have accomplished all of the above tasks and so much
more. Rotary Club of Cadillac members truly practice the Service Above Self motto.


JULY/AUGUST 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Difference Makers 2015

Melinda Cucinella

Wexford-Missaukee CTC
Teacher Consultant for Special Education
Melinda believes people who love their
community naturally desire to give back
to it through service. That is certainly
true for her.
Through various organizations she
demonstrates an eagerness to give back
and change her community. Melinda
even founded of the Cadillac Area Food
Allergy Support Group in order to connect and
support families with food allergies.
Volunteerism is important to her because of her
parents, who inspired her value for service and
leadership through their own selfless acts. She says
people from her generation do not value volunteerism
as much those from her parents generation, and
believes if everyone gave a little bit of their time there
would be large differences in communities.
People say they are too busy to help out,
Melinda says. My thought is that if a person has
time to sit and watch TV, play video games or go on
Facebook they have time to make a difference.
Her advice to young professionals is to stop
focusing on the problems of society and instead be
part of the solution. She assures people they have the
leadership skills to become involved and encourages

investments of time, talents and treasures into communities.

Melinda is described as a hard worker and very determined. She loves
God and her family, saying the key to a happy life resides in healthy
relationships with both.
Few people may know that Melinda was bullied in middle school. It
took her many years to regain her self-esteem and feel like she belonged,
but now she says she knows people cannot be allowed to define your
own self-worth.

Wexford -Missauke ISD

Helping School Help Students



Proudly Serving Cadillac, Lake City, Manton, Mesick, Pine River,
and other Northern Michigan Districts

231-876-2200 9901 E. 13th St., Cadillac

Mary Jo Binkley

Baker College of Cadillac

Director of Facilities and Residence Life
Someone who had a profound impact on Mary Jos life was her
adoptive mother, who raised her and shaped her into the dependable
woman she is today. In turn Mary Jo desires to make a difference in
the lives of others through volunteering.
Her track record for community service is nine organizations long
since 2005. Mary Jo enjoys service as a way to make a difference,
believing volunteerism is rewarding because of the connection it

gives her to the community.

Her role in Baker Colleges
administration connects her to the
youth in a special way. She advises
young professionals to volunteer
for a better sense of belonging and
personal satisfaction, as well as
the networking
opportunities it presents.

She prefers to support organizations that

directly affect the community and make a lasting,
personal change in peoples lives. That is why she
is currently an Eagle Village mentor, Ambassador
for the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce and
part of the Michigan Driver and Traffic Safety
CALL: (231) 876-3119
Education Association.
Mary Jo is described as dependable, loyal, kind
VISIT: 9600 E. 13th St., Cadillac, MI 49601
and more. Her life philosophy is to surround
herself with positive people and to be positive in
Go out on a limb sometimes and experience
An Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Institution
SUMOTEXT Promotional Alerts (max8msg/mo). T/Cs & Privacy Policy at Reply STOP to opt out or HELP for help.
something new and exciting, Mary Jo says.
Msg & Data rates may apply.


Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - JULY/AUGUST 2015 11

Difference Makers 2015

Heather Martinson
Accounting Administrator Senior

Fear of heights may keep organizational boards and was a CASA soccer coach for four
Heather off ladders, but little stops seasons.
Described as dependable and a hard worker, Heathers
her from helping others. Pay it
forward is her motto and she philosophy for a happy life is to be thankful for the days spent
has decided to dedicate her life to with family and friends. Her grandmother serves as inspiration to
aiding area youth, whom she calls her due to her resiliency in raising seven children and generous
the future of the community.
One of Heathers life goals is to be a model
of volunteerism for her son. She urges young
professionals to make a difference in the lives
of others, and believes there is something for
everyone to help out with in the community.
Big or small, a persons contribution to society
Our products lead the commercial diesel industry.
can go a long way, says Heather. She believes
valued organizations and community events
would no longer exist without other peoples
Thermal Shutter
volunteerism efforts.
Among other acts of kindness, Heathers
family has been a part of the Adopt-A-Family
program for the past two years. She is also
highly involved in the leadership of three
Cool Logic

Cadillac Plant

Jim Crain

Rec Boat Holdings, LLC

Quality Technician
Few things are as pleasurable to Jim as teaching young people
new skills and watching their eyes light up with purpose. Jim
wants to help the boys in the scouts achieve their goals and thinks
helping them become valued members of the community is a
worthy task to undertake.
Believing young adults to be the worlds future leaders, Jims
main focus in volunteerism has been on the boy scouts. His
enthusiasm for the institution might be contagious, considering

Fun enjoyed around the world Built in our


two of his grandsons are part of

the Eagle Scouts, an elite group
in the organization.
Jim is described as someone
always willing to go the extra
mile, a highly valued trait by the
scouts. His work ethic impacts
the boys as he tries to help them
realize their full
community! potential and finish the tasks they are assigned.
Eagle Scouts are usually assigned the task of
designing a project to aid the community, and
both of his grandsons completed construction
projects when they joined the group.
In addition to being a scout leader, Jim also
endeavors to help change peoples lives by
working with the Tight Lines for Troops to
aid veterans. He thinks the ability to change
anothers outlook on life is something very
special and encourages others to practice
volunteering as well.
Few may know it, but one of Jims hobbies
include working in his garden and growing
roses. His mother had a hard life, so he considers
her perseverance to be an inspiration to him.

JULY/AUGUST 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Difference Makers 2015

Deb Ballard

Chemical Bank of Cadillac

Assistant Vice President/Branch Manager
Hoping to become a grandmother excites Deb and is an activity she recommends for meeting
someday, Deb is a model of industry interesting people. Her mother is an inspiration to her because she
as she works to balance her home battles a debilitating disease but continues to press on each day.
Deb says the organizations she helps often only need to give
life with work and volunteering. She
says, It is not how much you can people a hand up, not a hand out. She is happy to help provide
do, but how well you can do what those individuals with direction.
you commit to.
What Deb enjoys most about giving her
time in service is the knowledge that she has
helped make a difference in her community. In
addition to her leadership position at the bank,
Deb also volunteers for several organizations
Chemical Bank would like to thank Deb Ballard for her commitment
and their events.
Passion is the leading characteristic Deb
to the Cadillac Community. To learn more about a bank that believes
advises people to follow when choosing
in the great state of Michigan, visit one of our convenient locations or
service projects. Her role at the bank requires
her to be a numbers person. Deb says thats
why she prefers to do more artistic projects
like building purses and baskets for auction
fundraisers, which she jokes is the extent of
her artistic talent.
Overall, volunteering is something that


Dr. James Whelan

Cadilllac Area YMCA

Jamess passion for hockey and lacrosse were not to be denied.

He says he was lucky in life for knowing what he loves to do and
making it his job to share it with others.
Youth sports became the medium James used to impact this
communitys children for the past 22 years. In recent years he
coached up to four YMCA lacrosse teams at once and has been
the leader of the lacrosse committee for the past two years.

Community volunteerism is
important to James because of
the changing of the times. He
says when community budgets
can no longer support programs
like local hockey and lacrosse
teams, it is important to keep
them available
through the efforts of volunteers and donors.
The rewards to be the volunteer are softer
but no less important, James says. I have felt
I would rather be known as Coach Whelan for
that reason.
James is described as smart, caring and
reliable. He says his wife and kids are the reason
he wants to be all he can be, pushing him to
learn how to embody unconditional love.
Something very few people know about
him is his undergraduate degree is in Natural
Resources and Wildlife Science. That would
have been his career path if he had not been
accepted into medical school.





Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - JULY/AUGUST 2015 13

Difference Makers 2015

Cadillac Area Chamber Ambassador Club

An Ambassador is a Chamber
member business representative who
links the Chamber and the business
community. The club assists the
Chamber in retaining and recruiting
business members through personal
contact. They answer questions and
provide information on membership

and programs.
The Cadillac Area Chamber of
Ambassador Club is made up of 24
members from variety of professions
and meets monthly. The club handles
ribbon cuttings and the Chamber
bricks award. They are the volunteers
you see at Briefcase Open Golf Outing,

Saluting a Few of the People

Making a Difference in the Cadillac area
Cadillac Area Womens
Giving Circle

The Missaukee Area

Community Foundation
A geographic component fund of the
Cadillac Area Community Foundation.

Cadillac & Kellogg for

Youth Advisory Committee
Executive Committee

Veterans Fund


JULY/AUGUST 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Greater Cadillac Area Business Expo,

Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner,
Governors Breakfast, Rise Up! Cadillac
and more. The club members are
dedicated and committed volunteers
of the Chamber.

The Cadillac Area

Chamber of Commerce
staff thanks our volunteers!

Difference Makers 2015

Cadillac Leadership
Service Projects
1992 Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Relocation packets
1993 City of Cadillac - Cadillac welcoming signs
1994 Council on Aging, Community Mental
Health, Mercy Hospital, Lakeview
Lutheran Manor & Autumnwood of
McBain Day Break - Adult Day Care
1995 Michigan Dept. of Transportation Highway clean up
1996 Cadillac Teen Center - Chaperoned
1997 Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Spirit of Community Award
1998 Cadillac Leadership Program Extensive re-development of existing
leadership program
1999 Jaycees - Kenwood Community
2000 American Heart Association - Jump
Start Your Heart defibrillators for local
emergency vehicles
2001 Wexford County - The Wex Floor
and More!

2002 CASA/City of Cadillac - Field of

Dreams Bridge Project
2003 Wexford Co. Habitat for Humanity Nehemiah II Reading Book Project
for second grade students
2004 OASIS/Family Resource Center Project Warm Welcome building
improvements to the womens shelter
2005 Cadillac Area Public Schools - Cooley
School I Can Project, renovations to
the student center and enhancements
to the entryway and gymnasium
2006 Northern Lakes Community Mental
Health - Club Cadillac Hope for the
Future enhance, update & redesign
the training area and improve the
Lobby/Library area.
2007 Cadillac Area Public Schools Camp TorentaAnother 100 Years.
Construction of a new cabin
2008 New Hope Shelter Organization Renovation of a transitional home for

Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital is

very grateful for the many volunteer board
members who contribute their time and
talents to us. We express our deepest
appreciation for your service, your loyalty,
your leadership and your guidance.

Hospital Board
of Trustees
Alan Conrad, MD
Sheryl Davide, MD
Dianna Haines
Mike Hamner
Chris Huckle
Virginia Mackey
Bob Marcus
Dave McCurdy
Owen Roberts
Susan Rogers
Beth Rzepka-Alto, MD
Jerry Sinkel
Joseph Santangelo, MD
Dan Wolf

2009 United Way of Wexford County Wexford County Get Connected

bringing 2-1-1 to our area
2010 Cadillac Area Public Schools - CAPS
Quest Initiative
2011 City of Cadillac - Cadillac Leadership
Pride Lakeside Pavilion at Kenwood
2012 After 26 Project - Building Hope The
After 26 Patio Project
2013 Wexford County Council on Aging DayBreak...The Next Generation New
roofing, windows and siding.
2014 City of Cadillac - Lakefront Play
Project Construction of an ADA
compliant play structure.
2015 Stehouwer Free Clinic Stehouwer Free
Clinic Improvement and Awareness
Project Supplied the entire clinic with
new medical equipment

Hospital Foundation
Board of Trustees
Pam Anderson
Patrick Carroll
Alicia Elmore, DO
Greg Glasby
Greg Lambourne, MD
John MacLeod
Marcia Rackov
Jerry Sinkel

Volunteer Services
Board of Trustees
Tamara Denning
Thelma Ferguson
Sharon Flewelling
Sherry Holliday
Jill Irey
Carole Savage
Cindy Sayles
Mary Shaw

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - JULY/AUGUST 2015 15

Thank You

Cadillac Leadership Class & Sponsors

The Leadership Class extends their sincere appreciation
to everyone who helped educate and inspire them, about
our wonderful community. Also, because of generous
support from community members, businesses,
employers, family and friends, we reached our project
goal. Through this effort, the Stehouwer Free Clinic will
receive new medical equipment and supplies to better
serve their patients, volunteers and staff. Thank you
to everyone who supported the Stehouwer Free Clinic
Awareness and Improvement Project.

Deb Gillies, Leadership Director

Jojo Allen, Fekete, Knaggs & Burr Agency
Bob Badner, Rexair LLC
Matt Boersema, Wolverine Power Cooperative
LeAnne Bush, WMISD/MI Works/CAHRA Scholarship
Kendra Dolorfino, Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital
Cassandra Drys, Wolverine Power Cooperative
Eric Gildner, Cadillac Casting Inc.
Karie Hankins, Piranha Hose Products
Darin Kearns, WMISD/Baker College
Carl Kielbasa, Fifth Third Securities
Stefanie LaRoque, Avon Protection Systems


Proudly Sponsored by:

BobbiJo McNeilly, 9 and 10 News/Heritage Broadcasting Co.

Jamie Mielke-Mitchell, Kettunen Center/RJ Blanchard
Memorial Scholarship (B&P Mfg. & Mercantile Bank)
Michelle Norton, Evergreen Resort
Joshua Patrick, BorgWarner
Craig Peters, Cadillac Casting , Inc.
Kerry Porter, Club Cadillac
Bill Rickard, Piranha Hose Products
Jason Roderick, BorgWarner
Jerry Roth, Rexair LLC
Jenifer Smith, Avon Automotive
Becky Voelker, Baker College

JULY/AUGUST\ 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

July/August Health Tips

8 Summer Steps for Healthy Living

1. Give Your Diet a Berry Boost
If you do one thing this summer to
improve your diet, have a cup of
mixed fresh berries blackberries,
blueberries, or strawberries every

4. Get Outside to Exercise

Pick one outdoor activity going on
a hike, taking a nature walk, playing
games such as tag with your kids,
cycling, or swimming to shed that
cooped-up feeling of gym workouts.

7. Alcohol: Go Lite
Summers a great time to skip drinks
with hard alcohol and choose a light,
chilled alcoholic beverage (unless
you are pregnant or should not drink
for health or other reasons).

2. Get Dirty and Stress Less

To improve your stress level, plant a
small garden, cultivate a flower box,
or if space is really limited, plant a
few flower pots indoors or out.

5. Be Good to Your Eyes

To protect your vision at work and at
play, wear protective eyewear. When
outdoors, wear sunglasses that block
at least 99% of ultraviolet A and B

8. Sleep Well
Resist the urge to stay up later during
long summer days. Instead pay
attention to good sleep hygiene by
keeping the same bedtime and wakeup schedule and not drinking alcohol
within three hours of bedtime.

3. Floss Daily
You know you need to, now its time
to start: floss every single day. Do
it at the beach (in a secluded spot),
while reading on your patio, or when
watching TV and the task will
breeze by.

6. Vacation Time!
Improve your heart health: take
advantage of summers slower
schedule by using your vacation time
to unwind.

There they are: Eight super simple

ways to boost your health this
summer. Try one or try them all.
Theyre so easy you wont even know
theyre shhhh good for you.
Provided by: WebMD

Local Faces.
Local Commitment.

Making a d


Mercantile Bank
Michigans Community Bank
Community to some its just a word, but to us its
a way of life. Thats why almost anywhere you go in
Cadillac youre likely to see a member of our team.
Working, Serving, Volunteering. Whether it is Habitat
for Humanity, Rotary Club, The Community
Foundation or our local schools; were there,
making a difference.

It is just part of our commitment to your community, because its our community too.

Member FDIC
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - JULY/AUGUST 2015 17

Save the Dat


23rd Annual

ctober te8r
y Civic Cen


2015-2016 Cadillac
Leadership Class Program

Minds at work
for a brighter future

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

r the Expo yet?

Have you registered fo

hips, cultivate
Build new relations
usiness services,
ts, & be a part
of our diverse eco

on line, July 15th at

Registration opens
or contact Doreen
ail membership@c


Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Wednesday, December 16, 2015
Wednesday, January 20, 2016
Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Retreat: *Thursday and

Friday September 17 & 18,
2015 - Two Day, Overnight
Stay - Kettunen Center
Other events class
members are expected
to attend:
Governors Breakfast

Health & Human Services:

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

State Government
Trip to Lansing

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Awards Dinner

Closing Retreat:
Friday, May 20, 2016





Orientation: *Thursday,
September 10, 2015 4pm

Program Dates:

The service is freethe result is just the person youre looking for.


JULY/AUGUST 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Schedule subject to
change if necessary




Ready. Trained. Hire.

Thank You

to all of our Sponsors, Golfers, & Volunteers!

22nd Annual Briefcase Open Golf Outing

107.9 CDY
9and10 News/Fox 32
Alro Steel
Avon Automotive
Avon Protection Systems
Baker College Cadillac
Blue Cross Blue Shield Bluecare Network of Michigan
Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau
Cadillac Casting, Inc.
Cadillac Family Physicians, PC
Cadillac News
Charter/Spectrum Business
Chemical Bank
Clam Lake Been Company
Dennis, Gartland & Niergarth, CPAs
DK Design
Edward Jones
Evergreen Resort
FirstMerit Bank

Fox Motors of Cadillac

Godfrey Chevrolet Buick
Highpoint Auto & Truck Center
Huntington Bank
Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Merrill Lynch/The Kulhavi Team
Michigan Rubber Products, Inc.
Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital
Northern Michigan Digital
Piranha Hose, Inc.
Rec Boat Holdings
Servpro Manistee Ludington Cadillac
Springfield Commercial Roofing
Wexford Missaukee Career Tec Center
Wolverine Power
Mulligan Ticket Sponsor: Lakeside Title, LLC
Buy-a-Foot Sponsor: Chemical Bank

Special thanks to Lakewood on the Green &

Evergreen Resorts Staff, Golf Teams, & Volunteers!
*Proceeds benefit Chamber Programming,
Services and Legislative Advocacy.


2015 Champs

Schneider & Company Team

Cadillac Plant


Our products lead the commercial diesel industry.


Cool Logic

At Autumnwood of McBain...

Get Well. Go Home.

Thermal Shutter



220 Hughston St., McBain

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - JULY/AUGUST 2015 19

Baker College adds masters

in nursing to fall roster
Baker College will offer a Master of Science in Nursing
(MSN) online beginning fall quarter. The Baker College
MSN is an advanced-level, postgraduate degree that provides education for registered nurses who wish to be
employed as nurse educators, nurse administrators, nurse
managersandhealth policy experts. The program includes
practice hours performed in the students community.
Graduates of Baker Colleges new MSN degree will be
prepared for positions in nursing administration and nursing education, said Lesley Morgan, Ph.D., ARNP, Dean of
Baker Colleges School of Nursing. This program will help
meet the needs of administrators at our partner hospitals
who are telling us that they would like more registered nurses to be academically qualified for leadership roles.
The flexibility of this online masters program is ideal for
working nurses. No matter where they are located, students
can log in online, when convenient for them, to pursue the
next step in their education.

Peterson moderates at Upper

Michigan Legal Institute
David Peterson, of the Cadillac law firm of Law Offices of David
R. Peterson, P.C., recently participated as a moderator at the Upper
Michigan Legal Institute. The two-day conference featured prominent
speakers provided lectures and workshops on current developments in
various legal topics, and was attended by approximately 90 attorneys
from across the state. Peterson has been selected to serve as a moderator at the conference annually since 1998.

Baker College of Cadillac

Baker College of Cadillac recognized 304 graduates at the 2015 commencement ceremony.
While graduation signals the end of a course of study, the word
commencement means beginning, and that is what the class of 2015
is doing, said Kelly Smith, Baker College of Cadillac president. The
knowledge and skills that these graduates acquired at Baker College
will help set them on meaningful and rewarding career paths as they
begin the next chapter of their lives.

Sit Back & Enjoy the Ride!

2015 Jeep Cherokee

Latitude 4x4 ChSectokp itInou&t!

Honesty and Integrity are the Foundation of Our Business!

1110 N. Mitchell, Cadillac, MI 775-2413
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 AM-5:30 PM, Sat. 8 AM-2 PM, Other by Appt.


JULY/AUGUST 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

June 2015

Riemer Eye Center

Ground Breaking

Does your business or

organization need a website?

We can do that!

Special guests and

city officials helped
Riemer Eye Center
celebrate the ground
breaking for their newest
Cadillac facility

Richards and Boatright

are C.H.E.K. certified
Carolyn Richards and Bo Boatright from Pine Grove Athletic Club
recently attained Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2 by using cutting-edge techniques of world-renowned Holistic Health Practitioner
and Certified Neuromuscular Therapist Paul Chek; founder of the
C.H.E.K Institute in San Diego, California.
The program combines an intensive study of the relationship
between food and lifestyle habits and the tools to recognize and create
individualized eating plans to improve their clients health and overall
In addition both have completed additional education and
Certification in Healing Parasites and Fungal Infections.

Let us build a website that works for you...not us.

Website Design and Development

A fully customized, professionally-designed website that is imaginative

yet highly professional
Content Management System (CMS) - This system allows you, if you so
choose, to manage, make changes, add inventory and upload photos to
your website - entirely yourself, without hitting you with extra charges.
Mobile and tablet friendly version
Search Engine Optimization - We will help you develop SEO Optimized
content for your website, weaving an established list of keywords/
phrases into the customized content that we write for you.
CMS Training/Support

Mobile Marketing


starting at $495

If you already have a website, we can take your exisiting site and make
it smartphone functional. Stay connected with customers no matter what
device they are using.

We are very fortunate to have a place

like The Lakeview in our community.
Highly skilled medical professionals,
caring upbeat attendants, and committed
therapists make the facility one I would
recommend to anyone. I cant say enough
about the terrific care I received.
~ Don Samardich
Longtime Attorney & Cadillac Resident

For as low as $245

Contact us today to set up your FREE consultation.

Gracious Rehabilitation, Memory Care

and Skilled Nursing Services
by Lutheran Social Services of Michigan
th l k i
f dill
| (231) 775-0101
460 Pearl Street | Cadillac, MI 49601

You have a vision. We have the resources.

Chris Eastway,

Digital Solutions Sales & Marketing


Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - JULY/AUGUST 2015 21

Springfield Construction receives the Chairman Award

Duro-Last Roofing, Inc. honored Springfield Inc. of Kingsley,
during Duro-Lasts National Sales Seminar held in Galveston,
Texas. In recognition of outstanding achievement in quality
workmanship, customer satisfaction, and 2014 sales excellence,
Duro-Last presented Springfield Construction with the Chairman

It is a great honor for us to receive the Chairman Award, said

Nick Jacqmain, Director of Operations at Springfield. We are
very excited about the terrific growth of our business and our
ability to effectively serve commercial customers throughout the




2015 GMC yUkON



2015 GMC yUkON



MICHIGAN. Scott Leesch is one of Chemical Banks many experienced
business banking professionals. For the individualized attention you
deserve from a Michigan based financial institution, contact Scott
today at 231.942.8089 or

South End Business US-131, Exit 177, Cadillac

(231) 775-1222 1-800-828-9852


JULY/AUGUST 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Welcome New Members

Allegra Marketing
Print Mail
Roger Leask
1215 North Mitchell Street
Cadillac, MI 49601

King & King, PLLC

Steven & Lorri King
140 Paluster Street
Cadillac, MI 49601

Michigan Blood
Susan Street
2575 Aero Park Drive
Traverse City, MI 49686

Schepers Concrete
Christopher Schepers
11014 South Morey Road
McBain, MI 49534

Data track 2014-2015

Wexford County Jan. 15 Feb. 15 Mar. 15 April 15 May 15 June 14 July 14 Aug. 14 Sept. 14 Oct. 14 Nov. 14 Dec. 14
Labor Force
14,613 14,603 14,575 14,523 14,979 13,754 13,968 13,533 13,317 13,255 13,193 13,277
13,379 13,483 13,465 13,628 13,891 12,429 12,417 12,504 12,224 12,258 12,242 12,293

Unemployment 1,234 1,120 1,110 895 1,088 1,325 1,551 1,029 1,093 997 951 984

8.4% 7.7% 7.6% 6.2% 7.3% 9.6%
11.1% 7.6% 8.2% 7.5% 7.2% 7.4%
Missaukee County Jan. 15 Feb. 15 Mar. 15 April 15 May 15 June 14 July 14 Aug. 14 Sept. 14 Oct. 14 Nov. 14 Dec. 14

Labor Force
7,131 7,140 7,226 7,014 7,344 6,043 6,106 5,938 5,769 5,742 5,713 5,817

6,534 6,583 6,666 6,560 6,856 5,448 5,442 5,480 5,358 5,373 5,366 5,388

Unemployment 597 557 560 454 488 595 664 458 411 369 347 429

8.4% 7.8% 7.7% 6.5% 6.6% 9.8%
10.9% 7.7% 7.1% 6.4% 6.1% 7.4%
For more information go online to


24/7 Emergency Service.
We make it our responsibility
to keep you dry!

Home of the Springfield SmartRoof

Phone 231.263.5300 Toll Free 888.469.0059
Fax 231.263.5723 6509 M-37 Kingsley, MI 49649

An Authorized Duro-Last Contractor

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - JULY/AUGUST 2015 23

Chamber of Commerce
222 N. Lake St.
Cadillac, MI 49601-1874