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For sales in the small and midsize enterprise(SME) market, you should
focus only on executives at the c level
a. True
b. False
Ans: b
2. Which of the following should you find out to determine whether a
prospect is engaged in a serious selection project?
a. Which of your competitors they are considering.
b. Whether they have an approval process in place.
c. Whether they developed a through needs analysis for themselves.
Ans : a
3. The ideal presales consultant will have knowledge and skills in which
three vital areas?
a. Product Knowledge, Industry Knowledge and Implementation
b. Product Knowledge, Industry Knowledge and training experience.
c. Product Knowledge, Industry Knowledge and sales skills.
d. Product Knowledge, Industry Knowledge and Presentation skills.
Ans : d
4. During which two stages of the Synchronized CEL sales process do
software demonstration usually take place?
a. Stages F (Assessment) and E (Understanding)
b. Stages D (Solution) and C (Proof)
c. Stages B (Justification) and A (Agreement)
Ans : c
5. To earn the SAP Level 2 Presales Consultant Qualification you must:
a. Take and pass the introduction and presales Basics web assessment
and successfully complete all 3 presales workshops.
b. Successfully complete all three presales workshops.
Ans : a
6. What is the initial step in the buying process of prospect?
a. Identify a need.
b. Get the decision-makes to approve the requirements
Ans : a
7. A Value proposition should be expressed using the prospects
a. True
b. False
Ans : a
8. It is the responsibility of the presales to :
a. Rely on prospects to identify what they want.
b. Inform prospects about what is important.
c. Explore all of the applications features and functions with the
Ans : b
9. The best way to demo your software for a prospect is to :
a. Tell a story
b. Ask what the prospect wants to see.
Ans : a

10. The content of your sales proposal will reflect the value of the value
a. True
b. False
Ans : a
11. SAP Business One uses two different itemtypes: one is fixed assets. Which
of the following is the other item type?
a. Inventory
Ans : a
12. In addition to Drag& Relate functionality and the query generator,
which module provides advanced reporting functionality for SAP B One?
a. Dunning Wizard
b. Payment System
c. Query Analyser
d. XL Reporter
Ans : d
13. The Materials requirements planning module in SAP Business One
Produces recommendations for production orders and which other
a. Purchase Order
b. Sales Order
Ans : a
14. The customers core business requirements are focuses on productivity.
a. True
b. False
Ans : b
15. The size of the prospects company is the most important factor, when
determining the suitability of a particular SAP product.
a. True
b. False
Ans : b
16. Which of these areas tends to be of most interest to the prospects C-level
a. Business Process
b. Value chains
c. Implementation strategy
Ans : b
17. Which type of SAP Business Partner is prevented from updating the
General Leder?
a. Leads
Ans : a
18. How many segments are supported in an SAP Business One segmented
Chart of Accounts?
a. 9
b. 6
Ans : a
19. Discussing the benefits of standard software with best practices in the
process, address the context part of the customers business.

a. True
b. False
Ans : a