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The Amazing Bible Codes (ELS Codes) Part One

Proverbs 25:2 2It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to
search out a matter.

Some Information has been taken from Grant R Jeffrey’s books: ‘The Signature of God’, and ‘The
Handwriting of God’. Also from Yacov Rambsel’s ‘His Name Is Jesus’ and other reputable sources.

Some History
Towards the end of the twentieth century, computer scientists in Israel discovered a
staggering phenomenon: encoded words hidden within the surface text of the Bible.

Within the Hebrew text of the Old Testament they found hidden codes that revealed
an astonishing knowledge of future events and personalities. The existence of these
codes can only be explained if God inspired the writers to record His precise words.

Dov Weissmandl’s Contribution

Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl, a brilliant Czechoslovakian Jewish Scholar in
astronomy, mathematics and Judaic studies, found an obscure reference to these
codes in a book written by a fourteenth-century rabbi, Raddeynu Bachayah. This
reference described a pattern of letters encoded within the Torah, the first five books
of the Bible.

Dov Weissmandl read of this discovery during the years preceding World War One,
and in doing so inspired him to do his own research and look for other examples of
these codes hidden within the Torah. He found that he could locate certain
meaningful words, phrases, and word pairs, such as ‘hammer’ coupled with ‘anvil.’ If
he started on a certain letter, and then skipped until he found a second letter that
might make sense within a word. He would then skip again the same amount of
letters as the first skip, to see if a third would present itself, and so on, and so on.
This was the very basic and simplistic beginnings to the story of these codes.

As an example, he found the Hebrew letter tav, the first letter of the word Torah,
which is the Hebrew word for ‘Law’, within the first word of Genesis 1:1, “Beginnings”
Bereishis. Then by skipping forward fifty letters, he found his second letter vav. He
continued to skip forward fifty letters more and found reysh, and finally the last letter
hey, completing the spelling of the word Torah.
The rabbi was astonished to find that many ‘significant’ words were hidden within the
text of the Torah at equally spaced intervals, yet found himself frustrated at the
manual approach and only approach available to him at that time, and although
Rabbi Weissmandl found many encoded names by manually counting to letters in
the text, he did not record his findings, but fortunately his students did.

Over the following decades, students in Israel heard of Weissmandl’s discoveries,

and began to search the Torah scriptures for themselves, to determine whether or
not such a code existed. Their discoveries ultimately resulted in research studies at
Hebrew universities that have proven the validity of the codes, now known as ELS
Codes, or ‘Equidistant Letter Sequencing’.

In Came Modern Computers

In the last couple of decades, the introduction of high-speed computers, has allowed
Jewish Scholars at Hebrew Universities to explore the text of the Torah in ways that
were unavailable to any previous generations.

Witztum Rips

Witztum, Rosenberg & Rips Contributions

In 1988, three mathematicians and computer experts at Hebrew university and
Jerusalem Collage of Technology (Doron Witztum, Yoav Rosenberg and Eliyahu
Rips) completed an astonishing research project, that followed-up Rabbi
Weismandl’s original research. As a result, they published a paper in August 1994
entitled “Equidistant Letter sequencing in the book of Genesis”, in one of the
most prominent mathematical and scientific journals in the world, “the American
Mathematics Journal”.

During this first paper, they were astonished to find meaningful groups of words,
which the law of averages indicated was impossible for this to be coincidence. Even
though the law of probability and averages clearly indicated there was something
amazing to be considered here, the paper was met with scepticism by many leading
mathematicians, claiming that with letter jumps such as these, it could be possible
for meaningful text to be found in any large written piece of work. Witztum,
Rosenberg & Rips and others carried out tests on other large Jewish written works,
to find that, although some words did indeed present themselves, it was extremely
rare and well within the law of probability, and even then, word grouping almost
never made any sense.

This alone should have been enough to at least cause serious debate and
consideration, but with the religious nature of the findings, it was clear further proof
would be needed. However, even for Witztum, Rosenberg and Rips, the realization
or concept that prophetic events and personalities could be embedded in the
scriptures by the finger of God had not been fully realized or looked into at that point,
although they suspected this may be the case.

1994 Follow-up Paper

A second study was undertaken by Witztum, Rosenberg and Rips, resulting in a
second paper being put forward, this time focusing on a more specific theme. The
researchers selected the names of thirty-four of the most prominent rabbis and
Jewish sages who had lived from the beginning of the ninth, to the end of the
eighteenth centuries, and ‘all’ many hundreds of years future from the period that the
Torah had been penned. These rabbis and sages had the longest biographies found
in the ‘Encyclopaedia of Great Men in Israel’, a well-respected Jewish reference

They asked the computer program to search the text of the Torah for ‘close word
pairs’ coded at equally spaced intervals that contained the desired search criteria,
which in this case was the names of these prominent sages and rabbis, paired also
with their dates of birth or death (using the authentic names for the Hebrew months
and days). This type of search was especially relevant, because the Jewish people
celebrate the memory of their famous sages or teachers by commemorating the
dates of their deaths.

Even Witztum, Rosenberg, Rips and their team were not prepared for the results
from the completed search. Incredibly, the computer program found ‘every single
one of the thirty-four names of these famous rabbis and sages embedded in the text
of just the first book of the Torah, Genesis!
Each name of a rabbi was paired in significantly close proximity to the ‘correct and
actual’ date of his birth or the date of his death. The odds against this occurring by
chance were accurately calculated by the Israeli mathematicians to be only one
chance in 775,000,000!

The scientists and editors at the ‘Statistical Science Journal’ who had reviewed the
experimental data were naturally amazed. Having no explanation demanded that the
Israeli scientists run the computer test program again on another sample group.

Third test and sample group

This time they searched for the names of a second group of thirty-two prominent
Jewish sages listed from the same encyclopaedia. To the complete astonishment of
the sceptical reviewers, the results were equally successful! The combined tests had
revealed that the names and birth or death dates of every single one of the 66 most
prominent and famous Jewish teachers or sages were encoded in close proximity
with the text of just the book of Genesis, without even needing to venture into the
other four books of the Torah! The overwhelming evidence from the tested, checked
and re-tested data had become so indisputable, that the journal editors had no
choice but reluctantly agreed that they must publish the article and findings, in its
August 1994 issue, under the title “Equidistant Letter Sequences in the book of
Genesis”. Robert Kass, the editor of Statistical Science, wrote this comment
about the study:
“Our referees were baffled: their prior beliefs made them think the book of Genesis
could not possibly contain meaningful references to modern day individuals, yet
when the authors carried out additional analysis and checks, the effect persisted.
The paper is thus offered to statistical science readers as a challenging puzzle”.
After many years of careful analysis, by many scholars throughout the world, the
experiment remains fully credible.

Testing On Other Hebrew Texts Outside Of The Bible

In October 1995, an article in Bible Review magazine by Dr. Jeffrey Satinover,
reported that the mathematical probability that these 66 names of Jewish sages
paired with their dates of birth or death occur by chance in an ancient text like
Genesis is less than 1 chance in 2.5 billion!

Interestingly researchers attempted to discover if the same phenomena occurred

within other Hebrew texts than the Bible, such as the Samaritan version of the Torah,
such as the Samaritan Pentateuch, which although on the surface seems similar to
the Jewish Torah, has many variations within, that often changes the emphasis, and
has not stayed completely faithful to the genuine scribing of the Torah. The
researchers could not find significant numbers of word pairs when the tests were run,
and the same negative result was found when testing the Talmud, Tobit or

Tolstoy’s War & Peace

Much has been made of the statement many have clung to as proof against the
codes in the Bible being inspired, in regards to codes being found in Tolstoy’s War &

Close to the start of the studies regarding the ELS codes, sceptical scholars carried
out searches using the same technique on Tolstoy’s War and Peace. They claimed
that they had found equal word pairs on finalizing their search on this Hebrew novel.
These searches were done around the same time as Witztum, Rosenberg and Rips
completed the third sample group. However, these claims were blown completely out
of all proportion to an unbelievable degree. True enough some word pairs were
found, however, the word pairs found bore as much relationship together as say the
words ‘egg’ and ‘car’ relate to one another. In the Torah codes however, as we have
seen, not only do the word pairs have full meaningful relationship with each other,
they accurately display the most amazing details of actual historical people and their
births or deaths, showing prior knowledge of future personalities and events that only
a higher power that far exceeds our own is capable of.

This claim regarding the search within War and Peace since then has been clung too
and used relentlessly as some kind of proof against the reality of the codes within
Genesis. Even though, since that period of investigation, many thousands of new
codes have been found throughout the whole of the Old Testament, bearing witness
to staggering accurate knowledge of future events that prove to be so startling, it
should leave any reasonable minded investigator in absolute awe or at least leave
them with many questions regarding their faith with God. The reality for many who
still attempt to use the War and Peace argument as a way to cast doubt over the
ELS Codes, is that a great number of them simply have a hang-up over the religious
nature of the codes or have alternative agendas. Their claims still circulate today;
leading many to doubt the ELS Bible codes credibility, and without ‘any’ foundation
whatsoever. Statisticians and leading Mathematicians still agree on the
phenomenon’s credibility and the accuracy of the statistics, and a challenge that was
put forward to any leading mathematician or Statistician to disprove the findings still
stands, and no successful attempt has been made.

Such a Travesty
It is also fair to say that the very worst thing to happen with the ELS Bible codes is to
produce the software for general use to the public. In doing so, and unlike the
leading scholars in this field who had ultimate respect for the Word of God. People
have run amuck with God’s word. Using the software for attempting to guess the
future to disastrous results. Instead of using the software for the purpose of looking
back to see how God clearly knew the future, has lead to many false prophetic
claims that did not come to pass, because it is not possible to use this software
accurately for fortune telling, as it would be very much like shooting in the dark.
Whereas when we look back at history to see how God knew the past before it
happened, we had full historical references to guide us. It is also against God’s law
to fortune tell!

Because of this unfortunate disrespect for the sacred Scriptures, this activity has
done more to damage the ELS Codes credibility than anything else! This activity
does not disprove the ELS Codes in any way, but like the boy who falsely cried wolf
too many times, the people simply throw out any serious attention to its reality, and it
quickly has become just another oddity, being placed on the same level as crop
circles and UFO sightings.

So now we have a very basic rundown of the history and reality of these codes, we
can now go and take an astonishing look at some of the amazing findings God has
encoded within His Word to mankind.

Nazi Holocaust Codes

For the Jewish ELS code researchers, it was an understandable desire to wonder if
there were other ELS Bible codes embedded in the Torah, and maybe even more
natural that they would firstly search for ELS codes relating to the Nazi Holocaust,
that saw the annihilation of more than six million Jews alone, which is without
question the most terrible tragedy in Jewish history.

They opened out by asking the software to search for the obvious phrases: Hitler,
Nazis, and holocaust. The computer found that each word was indeed encoded
together in a cluster within the passage in: Deuteronomy 10:17 - 22
For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and
awesome, who shows no partiality nor takes a bribe. 18He administers justice for the
fatherless and the widow, and loves the stranger, giving him food and clothing.
Therefore love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt. 20You shall
fear the Lord your God; you shall serve Him, and to Him you shall hold fast, and take
oaths in His name. 21He is your praise, and He is your God, who has done for you
these great and awesome things which your eyes have seen. 22Your fathers went
down to Egypt with seventy persons, and now the Lord your God has made you as
the stars of heaven in multitude.

The word Hitler (in Hebrew) was spelled out at a 22 letter interval. Several of the
names of concentration death camps were found embedded within this same text,
beginning with the second to last appearances of the Hebrew letter ‘bet’ in the
passage. The researchers counted every 13th letter from left to right and found that
the coded letters spelled out the phrase 'b’yam marah Auschwitz' which means “In
the bitter sea of Auschwitz.”

As they carried the counting forward another 13-letters, they came to the letter ‘resh’.
From the ‘resh’ they counted every 22nd letter from left to right, and connected to the
word ‘Hitler’, probably the greatest ever enemy of the Jews. The actual names of
two of the concentration camps, ‘Auschwitz’ and ‘Belsen’, were also encoded close
to ‘Hitler’ and ‘Berlin’ in a cluster of encoded words hidden within the surface text of
Deuteronomy. In addition, the researchers found the words ‘Germany, Poland,
Genecide, Plagues, Cremetoria, Fuhrer and Mein Kampf’.

The researchers also discovered that Deuteronomy 33:16 also contained a hidden
message about the Nazi holocaust. Beginning with the first Hebrew letter ‘mem’, they
counted every 246th letter from left to right, and found the encoded word ‘Melek
Natzim’, which means ‘king of the Nazis.’ This passage revealed another
fascinating code found in Deuteronomy 32:52. Beginning with the letter ‘aleph’, and
counting from left to right every 670 letters spells the name “Aik’man”, a Hebrew
variant “Eichmann.” Adolph Eichmann was the wicked Nazi official designed the
‘Final Solution’, the evil system of concentration death camps used in the holocaust.

The series of hidden codes concluded in Deuteronomy 33:21. Many Jews have
asked why the prophecies of the Bible say nothing about the holocaust. Yet here,
hidden within Deuteronomy, we have clear revelation and prophetic knowledge of
the Holocaust in startling detail.

It’s also worth considering here, how the words ‘Hitler’, ‘Nazis’, ‘Holocaust’ and
others, are listed under the surface text passages of Deuteronomy, where God is
clearly indicating that the Jews will be ‘as the stars of Heaven in multitude’
Deuteronomy 10:17 – 22
The desire to hate, and indeed wipe out the Jews has always come from, and will
always come from one place: the heart of Satan! Satan hates the Jew, and with good
reason! Jesus, the Messiah, that has brought salvation to all mankind, and also has
sealed the eventual destruction of Satan himself, came from within the Jewish
people as promised to Abraham and to the Jewish Fathers.
The Jews were created as a nation through the promised and miraculous birth of
Isaac to Abraham and Sarah, who were unsuccessful during life when trying for
children, and now well beyond their years to achieve the dream. God promised that
not only would they have a son in their old age, but that through this son a mighty
nation would grow so huge in number, as to be like the stars, and also that through
him, all the nations of the Earth would be blessed! (Fulfilled in Jesus Christ)

In short, because of such mighty promises from God, Satan desires to counter these
promises. Why? Well, firstly because it is clear that the reason for Satan’s fall was
mainly through the pride that had grown in his heart, which led him to desire to rise
up above God, usurp Him and receive worship as only God should.

If Satan could create a situation whereby one of God’s promises was undone, this, in
Satan’s mind would make God fallible. It also, in Satan’s heart at least, makes
himself even more powerful than God. This could never happen, as God knows all
things, even the end from the beginning, and is all-powerful or omnipotent and
omnipresent. But there is the nature of pride. He can’t believe this!

Have you ever looked down the passage of time and read the history of the Jewish
people? Both BC and AD, time after time after time, the Jews, wherever they rest or
wander, eventually the peoples of the nations surrounding or housing them, wind-up
wanting to annihilate them! Read your old testament, and read your history books
too! The Jew’s have been beaten, sacked, persecuted, murdered and chased out of
just about every nation (as well as in their own nation) they have tried to settle in!
Their existence is nothing short of a miracle!

We should be asking ourselves why? Why this tiny nation, surrounded by mighty
nations is so hated and persecuted? Why the jealousy or hate wherever they go?

God loves them! He created them and turned them into a nation that would be used
by Him to deliver His truth and Word to the world! God also keeps His promises too,
and He made these promises concerning Israel again and again to the Jewish
Satan hates God! He also hates Christ, and he clearly hates the Jewish people! He
hates you and me too! Jesus told us that Satan is the father of lies, and knows
nothing but how to kill, steal and destroy!
"The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they
might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. I am the good
shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep." (John 10:10-11)

Here is why these verses in Deuteronomy, under the surface text, contain codes
regarding Satan’s largest attempt to-date to annihilate the Jewish people. Because
these are the very verses that let me and you understand why the Holocaust
happened! Simply because God promised that the Jew's would be "as the stars of
heaven in multitude. "
The discovery of complex Hebrew codes that reveal supernatural and prophetic
accurate knowledge about the future has caused tremendous consternation in the
academic and much of the religious communities. The Bible Code phenomenon
challenges the long-held beliefs of liberal scholars, who generally reject the
supernatural origin, as well as the verbal inspiration of the Bible. Pushing them to
make a choice to either harden their hearts to what is clearly or unquestionably proof
of the divine origin of the Holy Scriptures, and continue to be the very enemy of the
God they claim to believe in. Or indeed, to allow these wonderful evidences to at
least cause them to re-think their position, which would allow them to be led to
salvation, through the eternal truth of God’s Word and Spirit.

In the light of the evidence presented here

(for which there is much more to come), and all that has been discussed, there has
to be one burning question that sits at the very heart of the Bible and the Bible Code
phenomena, important primarily to both Christian and Jew alike, but of equal
(whether realised or not) importance to all faiths or belief structures. “Does the Bible
contain embedded ELS Codes in the Old Testament, that confirm that Jesus Christ
is indeed the promised Jewish Messiah and God’s chosen Saviour to mankind?”

The eternal question has been answered in the Bible itself, yet reinforced in the ELS
Bible Codes by a Jewish scholar by the name of Yacov Rambsel.

Many years of research have resulted in some of the most astonishing discoveries in
2000 years. Using the same method, yet without the aid of modern computers, which
is an amazing achievement in itself. Yacov has found and verified thousands of
insights, hidden just beneath the surface of the Hebrew Scriptures. His most
significant discovery is finding the name of Jesus (Yeshua) encoded in many familiar
Old Testament passages beginning in Genesis. Messages verifying overwhelming
evidence that God inspired the human authors of the Hebrew Scriptures to write the
text in a very precise pattern of letters to convey His truths to humankind.

Yeshua (Jesus) Is My Name

One of the most astonishing discoveries brought to light in his first book ‘YESHUA’,
was that the Hebrew name for Jesus, which is Yeshua was encoded within the
Hebrew text of virtually ‘all’ of the messianic passages of the Old Testament. The
name Yeshua (Jesus) is spelled out with four Hebrew letters (remember, Hebrew
reads from right to left) yod, shin, vav, and ayin. He was thrilled when he found the
name Yeshua encoded in Isaiah 53:10. This famous prophecy foretelling the future
grief of the suffering Messiah and His atoning sacrifice, when he offered Himself as
the sacrificial lamb of God, a perfect sacrifice on the cross: “Yet it pleased the Lord
to bruise him; he has put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for
sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the Lord
shall prosper in his hand”. (Isaiah 53:10)

The words “Yeshua Shmi” meaning “Yeshua is my name” or “Jesus is my name” in

the full English, are encoded in this messianic verse beginning with the second
Hebrew letter ‘yod’, within the phrase “He shall prolong “ ‘ys’arik’, and counting every
20th letter from left to right.

Critics cause further investigation (Thank goodness for critics!)

This discovery, together with the finding of “Yeshua” encoded in dozens of other
well-known messianic prophecies in the Old Testament has thrilled hundreds of
thousands of readers.

For many these findings are adequate enough proof, yet for some, more proof is
needed. Some who genuinely need re-assuring and some who oppose anything that
seems to put their own belief structure down. Such persons do not see that the
important thing here for all faiths and peoples is to get to the truth at all costs. If the
evidence is there that leads you to truth, it shouldn’t matter if it agrees with your own
understanding or faith. By opposing what is clearly given as evidence, simply out of a
sense of one-upmanship, simply shows that a person doing such a thing is not a
seeker of the truth at all, but a protector of their own castle as it where. Such persons
are not interested in such evidences, and are not seeking salvation or truth, but are
instead, at war against truth.

Yacov Rambsel was received well by the majority of his readers, and the book was
an immensely huge success. However there were those that made the claim that the
word Yeshua, being only four Hebrew letters long, would likely come up in just about
any long piece of text that the software was put too.
He defended by showing that the likelihood of Yeshua coming up so many times,
and especially appearing within the surface text of the Old Testament that was
agreed to be dealing with the future messiah, known as messianic prophecies, was
one in many thousands chance. This did not silence the critics, and it also cast a
shadow over the immense truth of his and other respected mathematicians findings.

So Yacov set out to go much further, being confident that, if Yeshua (Jesus) was so
clearly exposed within these messianic prophecies throughout the Old Testament as
he had discovered. Then there would be other prophetic codes and evidences
relating to Jesus (Yeshua), his life, his disciples, friends, enemies, death,
resurrection etc… and if they were there, he would find them.

The result was the discovery of over 40 names of individuals and places associated
with the crucifixion of Jesus (Yeshua) of Nazareth, encoded within the ‘suffering
servant’ messianic prophecies, in Isaiah 52 & 53 alone! Written centuries before the
birth of Jesus (Yeshua).

I am convinced that any reasonable minded, unbiased reader will be thrilled with
these unprecedented discoveries as I have been, and that maybe peoples faith and
hope will be strengthened to trust in the salvation that God, who loves all men
regardless of their past, and desires that all mankind be saved, and who desires that
we all come to the knowledge of Him, the creator and lover of mankind, that we find
our way to His salvation, by this great act of selfless love towards us all.

The Name Of Jesus & His Disciples

God, in his immense creativity, has embroidered such a depth of information that
criss-crosses in all directions, layer upon layer of divine authorship within these
Hebrew texts, for these final generations to discover, who suffer the largest
onslaught to faith and the truth of the Holy Bible more than any generation before.
This alone reveals the foreknowledge, and love of a beautiful God and creator.

Encoded within these few chapters of Isaiah in the Old Testament are many names
of people, places and events in the life of God’s Messiah Jesus Christ, that are
recorded for us as a witness to their fulfilment in the New Testament. It reads as
though the history of Christ’s crucifixion was written down for us, centuries before the
events took place.

All things are known by God, and He reveals these things to His servants, and those
that believe and love Him. It is one thing to receive the information or knowledge. It is
another altogether to have God reveal His truths to the heart, and my desire is that
we come to see the mighty love and salvation that a wonderful creator has revealed
to the base and lowly, as well as the learned that still have an open and truthful

If we read the New Testament accounts of those in power during the time of Jesus’
(Yeshua’s) crucifixion, we should expect to see the same names as those involved,
written within or under the surface text of the greatest Messianic prophecy that
predicts Jesus’ crucifixion, Isaiah 52 & 53!

'At this point, I would encourage readers to read the accounts of Jesus’ trial
and crucifixion towards the end of the Gospels in the New Testament, and also
read chapters 52 & 53 of the Old Testament prophet Isaiah to fully understand
and appreciate this discovery.'

In Isaiah 52:15, starting with the 3rd letter of the 7th word, and counting every 41st
letter from right to left, spells out the name “Caiaphas” (Kayafa in the original
In Isaiah 53:3, starting with the 5th letter in the 6th word, and counting every 45th letter
from left to right spells “Annas” (Ahnan in Hebrew).

In Isaiah 53:11, starting with the 1st letter of the 2nd word, and counting every 14th
from left to right spells out “the desperate (despairing)” (Levis noash Levim).

In addition, in Isaiah 53:9, starting with the 2nd letter in the 13th word, and counting
every 7th letter from left to right, spells “evil Roman city” (rah eer Romi)

The New Testament confirms the names of the high priest of that day in Luke 3:2:

“Annas and Caiaphas being the high priests, the word of God came to John the son
of Zacharias in the wilderness.”

That the high priests were involved in the crucifixion is evident from the Gospel of
John 19:15:

“But they cried out, “Away with Him, away with Him, crucify Him. Pilate saith unto
them, ‘Shall I crucify your king?’, The chief priests answered, ‘We have no king but
Caesar’” [The Roman emperor]

And again here in John 11:49 – 50:

And one of them, Caiaphas, being high priest that year, said to them, “You know
nothing at all, 50nor do you consider that it is expedient for us that one man should
die for the people, and not that the whole nation should perish.” 51Now this he did
not say on his own authority; but being high priest that year he prophesied that
Jesus would die for the nation, 52and not for that nation only, but also that He would
gather together in one the children of God who were scattered abroad.
The Names Of The Disciples
In Isaiah 53:12, starting with the 3rd letter in the 2nd word and counting every 55th
letter from left to right, spells out the words “The disciples”.

The disciples of Jesus (Yeshua) and their meanings are encoded as follows:

1. Simon (shimon) Peter (Petros)

In Isaiah 53:10, starting with the 5th letter in the 11th word, and continuing every 14th
letter from left to right, spells “Peter” (Petros)

2. James, son of Zabbadee (Ya’akov ben Zabedai)

In Isaiah 52:2, starting with the 3rd letter in the 9th word, and counting every 34th letter
from left to right, spells out the word “James” (Ya’akov)

3. John (Yochanan – James’ brother)

In Isaiah 53:10, starting with the 4th letter, in the 11th word, and counting every 28th
letter from left to right, spells out “John” (Yochanan)

4. Andrew (And’drai – Peter’s brother)

In Isaiah 53:4, starting with the 1st letter, in the 11th word, which is “God” (Elohim),
and counting every 48th letter from left to right, spells “Andrew fears God”
(And’drahi yirel)
Also, the adjacent letters spell out “the finding of My Spirit” (ruchi metz’mayi)
The name “Zion” (Tziyon) shows up in this same area at 96 letter intervals. Note that
John 1:40-41 says:
One of the two who heard John speak, and followed Him, was Andrew, Simon
Peter’s brother. 41He first found his own brother Simon, and said to him, “We have
found the Messiah” (which is translated, the Christ - HaMashiach).

5. Philip (Pilipos)
In Isaiah 53:5, starting with the 3rd letter, in the 10th word, and counting every 133rd
letter from left to right, spells out “Philip” (Pilipos)

6. Thomas (Toma)
In Isaiah 53:2, starting with the 1st letter in the 8th word, and counting every 35th letter
from right to left, spells “Thomas” (Toma)

7. Matthew (Mattai)
(There are 3 ways of spelling Matthew in Hebrew – Mattai, Mattiyahu and Mati.
In Isaiah 53:8, starting with the first letter in the twelfth word and counting every 295th
letter from left to right, spells “Matthew” (Mattai)

8. James (Ya’akov) (son of Alphaeus. Ben Chalipi s. Ben Chalipi a’akov)

In Isaiah 42:2, starting with the 4th letter in the 3rd word, and counting every 20th letter
from left to right, spells out “James” (Ya’akov)

9. Simon (Shimon - the Zelotes)

In Isaiah 52:14, starting with the 1st letter in the 2nd word, and counting every 47th
letter from left to right spells “Simon” (Shimon)

10. Thaddaeus (Taddai)

In Isaiah 53:12, starting with the 1st letter of the 8th word and counting every 15th letter
from left to right spells “Thaddaeus”

11 Matthias
In Isaiah 53:5, starting with the 4th letter in the 7th word, and counting every 11th letter
from left to right, spells “Matthias”
This is the name of the disciple who was chosen by lot to replace the traitor Judas

This study will continue soon, so check back soon

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