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Marbas: Goetic Demon of the blazing Roar

-by Zeleoh-

During the recent weeks I was searching for a spirit who could heal my neck pain. I decided to search
in the Goetia and my luck found the spirit Marbas. He's described as a fiery lion which, apart from
other habilities such as answering questions about the occult and teaching mechanics, heals and
produces illnesses. I decided to invoke the feline prince and ask him for his healing habilities.

-Marbas Sigil-

I visualized his seal and mantralized his name before going to sleep. I decided that, being sleep a
natural state of deep trance and also a self-healing state, a dream work would be an effective choice.
Apart from feeling enormous ammounts of energy and feeling density in the atmosphere before
falling asleep, I had a strange dream. It was very realistic and surrealist, and a couple of days after the
dreamwork, my neck was completely healed.
The dream was like this:

I was surrounded by darkness. there was no floor; I was floating in the middle of a dark ambit. After a few
seconds, a big door appeared in front of me. Its bright colours contrasted with the surrounding darkness. It had
gothic decorations. The door evoked in me a blazing desire of opening the door, and a shining light filtered
through the gate. On the other side, a tiny garden appeared. Athough it was little, the vegetation in it produced
a conforting feeling. But this illusion desappeared after two seconds, when suddenly all the plants and grass
became turned rotten. Also, a huge ammount of flies where fluttering arround. Their buzz was so strong that it
became disgusting. Horrorified, I ran to the other corner of the garden. Suddenly, I felt something in my
trousers. After looking inside, my commotion reached the peak: two white cicadas, thre grasshoppers and a few
moths were inside of my pants. After this horrorifying scene, suddenly all insects disappeared, and another
gothic door was standing in the bottom of the garden, like the previous one. There was a curious, fat boy
guarding the portal. He told me: "In the other side of the door, a person waits for you. He wants to heal you".
He dissapeared, and after leaving the garden I decided to explore the stage. Flewing over it, I realized that the
garden was surrounded by the nothingness. Then I decided to open the door. As in the beginning of the dream, I
was in a dark ambit. A huge humanoid, dark figure was standing in front of me. His flaming eyes were
terrifying. He suddenly jumped towards me and, with a bizarre movement, I realized he had healed me.

This dream, apart from disgusting, inspired me in the way of being more chritic, and see the two faces
of things. This idea is refletced on the dream, when firstly I see a little eden but, clearing my vision, I

see what really looks like.

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