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Reed's Revenue Rocketship

"The model is a business design, not an educational program..." Maria De La

On the Rocketship | EduShyster
Added by rdsathene 9 months ago

EduShyster: Your book is meant to chronicle the takeoff of a high-performing charter school but to me it
read more like a cautionary tale. You made the
strongest case I've seen for why Silicon Valley-style
disruption and education are a mismatch.

All Things Education: A Rocketship to Disappointment
Added by rdsathene 2 years ago

John Merrow came out recently with a segment about Rocketship charter
schools, touting high test scores among their low-income students. Merrow
looks at Rocketship through the lens of a provocative metaphor: Is
Rocketship doing what Ford did with the Model T, i.e, mass producing quality
education? First of all: Yuck.

Schools Matter: My Big Break to Become a CGO and

Added by rdsathene 2 years ago

In what can only be described as the cruelest joke ever pulled on a corporate
headhunter, someone gave my name to Monisha Dozier of Bellwether
Education Partners (the high-rolling charter advocacy outfit where crook,
Andy Rotherham, labors as thought leader) my name, yes, someone gave
Bellwether my name, as a possible candidate for the Chief Growth Officer of
a chain of corporate charter chain gangs known as Rocketship Education.

Schools Matter: "The model is a business design, not an

educational program..."
Added by rdsathene 2 years ago

If the Ravenswood City School District school board agrees with the district's
superintendent, it looks like one Rocketship won't be launching in East Palo
Alto and East Menlo Park anytime soon. From Rocketship Education,
praised for its reliance on cheap labor "hybrid" model and funded in part by
the Broad Foundation, was hammered for their "unsound education







9 months

Schools Matter: Free-Market, Disruptive Innovation, and the

Commodification of Learning
Added by rdsathene 2 years ago

In spite of a woefully few success stories here and there, when you confront
the daunting challenge of turning around 5,000 of America's worst-performing
schools, you have to think entirely outside the box.

Can High-Quality Schools Be Mass Produced? Diane

Ravitch's blog
Added by rdsathene 2 years ago

John Merrow raised this question in his PBS show about Rocketship
I have not visited one of these schools so do not pass judgement on them. I
can say without qualification that I would not want my grandchildren to attend
a school where children spent two hours a day in front of a computer screen
doing point and click. I have heard that these charters offer no art or music. I
hope thats not true. I will wait to hear from others.
But the key question here is: Is it possible to mass produce a high quality
My assumption here is that the goal is to cut costs by replacing teachers with
computers and having a system that can be managed by inexperienced,
low-cost teachers.
My answer is that the question is an oxymoron. Any school that is mass
produced [i.e., teacher-proofed] cannot be high quality. Just as one cannot
mass produce a string quartet, or mass produce great families, or great
anything, one cannot mass produce a great school. A high quality school has
a culture made up of its principal and teachers. They cannot be mass
produced. Period.
John Merrows show last night was called: Profiling Rocketship Education
Rocketship Education operates seven schools in San Jose, California that
are among the top performing low income schools in the state. The dream
was to eventually serve one million students. Although others have tried,
nobody has successfully mass produced a high quality, cost effective school
model. Will Rocketship be the first?

Jersey Jazzman: You Don't Mess With the Rocketship
Added by rdsathene 2 years ago

Yesterday, I detailed how an "obscene" amount of

money is coming into the Perth Amboy, NJ school
board race. Three of the wealthy Californians who
have pumped of thousands of dollars into the
campaign - Greg Penner, Arthur Rock, and David
Goldberg - are also partners in Rocketship Education,
a charter school management company.

Jersey Jazzman: How To Buy a School Board Race 3000

Miles Away
Added by rdsathene 2 years ago

Why would California multi-millionaires be interested in

a school board race in the small city of Perth Amboy,
NJ? It seems absurd, and yet it's true: four wealthy
Californians and one wealthy Coloradan - heavy hitters
in the tech, financial, and health care sectors - have
contributed tens of thousands of dollars to a slate of
candidates running for the school board in Perth
Amboy, a city of 50,000 with a majority Hispanic

Jersey Jazzman: UPDATE: California Billionaires Mostly

Fail in Perth Amboy

Added by rdsathene 2 years ago

UPDATE: The "Better Schools Now!" Facebook page

pulled the message I captured below. Super-duper
classy! As I reported last week, a group of wealthy
Californians and Coloradans - many affiliated with
Rocketship Education, a charter management
company - poured a ton of money into the Perth
Amboy, NJ school board race.

Jersey Jazzman: Joel Klein Is Smelling That $$$!
Added by rdsathene 2 years ago

Rick Hess: Joel, what can you tell us about the new job? Joel Klein: I'll be
the CEO of the Education Division at News Corp. It's a just-launched division
in which we'll be looking at a variety of possible acquisitions and

Rocketship's Corporate Sponsors
Added by rdsathene 2 years ago


More from Robert D. Skeels
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More On Rocketship Schools, by Barbara Miner Larry

Miller's Blog: Educate All Students!
Added by rdsathene 2 years ago

Do Milwaukees children deserve art and music classes?

By Barbara Miner Jan. 5, 2013 View from the Heartland MJS Blog
Do young children deserve art and music classes?
Or, instead of art and music, should kindergarten and first-graders spend two
hours a day in Dilbert-like cubicles, keyboarding answers into computers
while uncertified aides monitor the room and maintain order?
Such questions should be part of a much-needed public discussion on the
City of Milwaukees expectations for its charter schools.
A PBS Learning Matters report on Dec. 29 provided a fascinating glimpse at
the privately run Rocketship Education network of charter schools in
California that, beginning next year, will be in Milwaukee. The show, which
aired Dec. 29, is available online and is worth the nine minutes it takes to
The PBS report looks at both strengths and weaknesses in the Rocketship
approach and focuses on the Rocketship Mosaic school in San Jose, Calif. It
begins by likening Rocketships business plan to Henry Ford and his massproduced, assembly line Model T that became the first innovative and
affordable car available to the masses. The show also has scenes of
energized students, known as Rocketeers, chanting about their potential, and
interviews with supportive parents and enthusiastic young teachers.
But the PBS story raises some tough questions for instance the lack of art
and music at Rocketship Mosaic, that the computer learning labs arent
working as planned, and that half the teachers have less than two years
In November 2011, the Milwaukee Common Council approved Rocketship to

Schools Matter: Rocketship Education, or Dud Missile?
Added by rdsathene 1 year ago

From Alternet under the title Charters Get Kids Cubicle

Ready: Rocketship charter schools are backed by
some of the biggest names in the tech world and claim
high test scores. But the schools look a lot like
miniature call centers. From Silicon Valley, the
Rocketship chain of charter schools is hoping to
expand across the country.

Rocketship dealt a setback
Added by rdsathene 1 year ago

SAN JOSE -- The South Bay movement to fast-track

the opening of charter schools has been dealt a
setback, with a court ruling that county school boards
can't override local ordinances while deciding where to
place campuses.

Do Poor Kids Deserve Lower-Quality Education Than Rich

Kids? Evaluating School Privatization Proposals in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Added by rdsathene 11 months ago

To truly improve education in Milwaukee, we must

start with the assumption that poor children are no
less deserving of a quality education than rich children.
As such, the schools that privileged suburban parents
demand for their children should be the yardstick we
use to measure the adequacy of education in the city.

California School Board Rejects Rocketship Charter School

| Economic Policy Institute
Added by rdsathene 11 months ago

Last Thursday, the Alum Rock school district, part of metropolitan San Jose,
California, voted to reject a charter school application from the Rocketship
chain of schools. As I detailed in a recent paper, Rocketship's model, which
relies on cheaper, inexperienced teachers and completely replacing teachers
with computer applications for a significant part of the day, ...

Rocketship Education sputters in expansion, classroom
Added by rdsathene 10 months ago

By Sharon Noguchi

POSTED: 06/28/2014 07:02:16 PM PDT 0
COMMENTS| . SAN JOSE -- Rocketship Education
shot to national prominence by operating charter
schools that produced stellar test scores from poor
and immigrant students with a model focused on highenergy teaching, computerized learning and frequent

Lawsuit: Rocketship under fire from four school boards in its

home base, Santa Clara County, California | Larry Miller's
Blog: Educate All Students!
Added by rdsathene 1 year ago

The miracle English language-only charter management model

(Rocketship), originating from San Jose California, was recruited to
Milwaukee by the MMAC, Schools That Can, the Mayor, the Common
Council President, Howard Fuller and Deborah McGriff. Their goal is to
establish 8 Rocketships in Milwaukee communities to directly compete with
Milwaukee Public Schools.
In the Spring last year, Rocketship staff and teachers went to the doors of
MPS schools, on the southside, as parents were picking up their children at
the end of the school day. They attempted to convince families to pull their
children from MPS while berating MPS programs.
Rocketship schools in California consistently have lower numbers of special
education students than their surrounding public schools. They do not offer
art and music. They are opposed to bi-lingual programming.
And they have been exposed for having a fundamental flaw in their original
design. Rocketship schools are founded on use of learning labs. Learning
labs are staffed by hourly employees who lack teaching credentials.
Rocketship says that the learning labs save enough money for each school
to hire 6 fewer teachers yearly, saving up to half a million dollars a year. The
problem admitted in a PBS report is that the learning labs dont work,
even though students spend 25% of their day in the lab, sitting in front of

Lawsuit targets Rocketship schools in Santa Clara County

Posted: 02/05/2014 San Jose Mercury News By Sharon Noguchi
SAN JOSE In another blow to the flagging fortunes of Rocketship
charter schools, four Santa Clara County school districts on Tuesday filed

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