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Contra corporate candidate Alex Johnson

A compendium of articles and essays against the #LAUSD candidacy of
neoliberal corporate reformer Alex Johnson, whose only concern is ensuring
bigger profits and market share for the lucrative charter school industry.

The case against Alex Johnson
Added by rdsathene 9 months ago

The original draft of this essay was written in midJune, 2014. The figures cited in the piece are
indicative of the Form-460 information available at that
time. I will be writing another piece which discusses
the currently fundraising figures soon.


Added by rdsathene 9 months ago

Larry Aubry 07/24/14 The runoff election to fill the unexpired term of
deceased LA school board member Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte is now
also a referendum on big money and sleazy politics orchestrated by Los
Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. His candidate is Alex

Mark Ridley-Thomas and Crony, Alex Johnson - An

Insidious Virus Within the Black Community
Added by rdsathene 9 months ago


L.A. Unified school board race turns negative, focuses on

reputation - LA Times
Added by rdsathene 9 months ago

George McKenna has the sort of resume that would

appear to make him a natural frontrunner in an
important contest this month for the Los Angeles







8 months

Board of Education . He has five decades of

experience as a local educator, much of it in key
leadership positions where he was responsible for
some of the region's lowest achieving schools.

George McKenna Campaign Under Attack - LA Sentinel
Added by rdsathene 9 months ago

Long time educator and child advocate George

McKenna didn't know his over 40 years of service on
the front lines and in the trenches of education in
some of California's poorest and most underserved
schools and school districts was a piece of cake
compared to the political road that he would need to
travel to the Los Angeles Unified School Board District #1 seat.

Alex Johnsons corporate SuperPAC run by Eli Broads Dan

students must pledge to capitalism Chang
Added by rdsathene 9 months ago

Quote's context sheds better light on LAUSD candidate

George McKenna - LA Times
Added by rdsathene 9 months ago

It was one line from a column of mine about the

response of Los Angeles Unified officials to revelations
of child abuse by a teacher at Miramonte Elementary.
I'd quoted senior administrator George McKenna
telling a community meeting that Miramonte's principal
was not to blame and parents "ought to be grateful" for
the principal's leadership.

Why TNN Is Endorsing George Mckenna For the South LA

LAUSD Board Seat - Run Off Election Aug 12
Added by rdsathene 9 months ago

" What can one say about a person, [Alex Johnson]

who 9 months ago people only knew as the tall quiet
young man who carried Mark Ridley-Thomas' coat,
who is attempting to tarnish the legacy of one of
America's most decorated educators, a true icon in
South LA and urban education, with lies and
misrepresentations about his record and the
unforgivable false claim that he enabled and excused
child molestation?

Alex Johnson's shameful campaign attacks on George

McKenna - LA Times
Added by rdsathene 9 months ago

To the editor: I agree with Sandy Banks' assessment of Alex Johnson's

attacks on George McKenna in their campaign for a seat on the L.A. Unified
School District Board of Education. ("Quote's context sheds better light on
LAUSD candidate George McKenna," Column, July 25) I voted for Johnson
in the primary.

The Assassination of George McKenna
Added by rdsathene 9 months ago

VOICES- THIS IS IT! --- For the past seven months,

the people of Los Angeles County have been engaged
in a great war against the politicians we elected to
represent us.

The Difference Between Johnson and McKenna

Added by rdsathene 9 months ago

Did you know there's an election in three weeks? If

you do not live in LAUSD's first district, you might be
excused from awareness of it, though not if you drive
anywhere within that district.

Hutchinson Report commentary/George McKenna Aug. 8,

Added by rdsathene 8 months ago

The LAUSD board election matters; voters should turn out LA Times
Added by rdsathene 9 months ago

On Aug. 12, voters in Los Angeles Unified School

District Board of Education District 1 will choose
between Alex Johnson and George McKenna. The
winner will join the LAUSD's seven-member board and
will represent some of the region's poorest
communities, desperately in need of quality schools.

Why a billion dollars for iPads? What happened ...
Added by rdsathene 9 months ago

Is there any billionaire, charter profiteer, poverty pimp, or

right-wing ideologue that Alex Johnson won't take money
Added by rdsathene 9 months ago

In calling for a special election, what Mark RidleyThomas, Alex Johnson, Rev. Tulloss, Corri Revere,
and the charter schools along with their billionaire
puppet masters are really saying is we have to hurt
the children to protect the children.-Celes King IV
We've looked at some of Alex "ALEC" Johnson's
funders during the primary election in The case
against Alex Johnson.

Vile opportunist Alex Johnson's shameless accusations of

paid Rev. Jesse Jackson endorsements
Added by rdsathene 8 months ago

First published on Schools Matter on August 10, 2014

First published on Schools Matter on August 10, 2014

I would say Marguerite is turning in her grave, but her
family hasn't even had time to bury her before the very
forces she fought against on the Board and political
opportunists are seeking to harm the schools and
children she fought so passionately to protect.

Alex Johnson, who ducked my interview and at least six

candidate forums, asks why Dr. McKenna wont respond to
the Deasy School Report?
Added by rdsathene 8 months ago

He has dodged multiple requests for policy positions,

undoubtably because he is a hand puppet for the
neoliberal corporate education reformers. - Robert D.
Skeels Neoliberal corporate education reform
candidate for Los Angeles Unified School District
(LAUSD) Alex Johnson holds a Juris Doctor, while I
am merely a first year law student.

A Few Reasons You Should Vote for George McKenna in

Los Angeles School Board Race | Diane Ravitch's blog
Added by rdsathene 8 months ago

Ellen Lubic of Los Angeles sent the following roundup of editorials and news
stories endorsing George McKenna for the school board race in Los
Angeles. Control of the board hinges on the outcome of this election. The
vote takes place August 12.
Ellen Lubic writes:
Forgive this very long comment below. It is the latest blog post of Scott
Folsom, the well known advocate for public schools and their students. His
blog site is 4lakids.
Herein, Scott covers just about all there is to date on this lopsided District 1
BoE race between the verified and highly qualified educator, McKenna vs.
the empty suit being created by the big bucks of the privatizers, Johnson.
At the bottom of this long exposition, Scott offers the ways we can all help
get McKenna elected.
On August 12th there will be an election to determine who gets to fill the
final 10 months of the late Marguerite Poindexter LaMottes seat on the
LAUSD Board of Education. August 12th is also the first day of school for the
new school year. And as the kids head back to the classroom the adults are
behaving badly.
Theres a theme here; you will read below differing accounts of the goings
on/shenanigans/dirty politics in District One. The L.A. Times reendorsement of Dr. McKenna and that of AALA, the administrators union.
Sandy Banks attempt to be fair+even-handed though in telling the truth
she cannot help but side with the truth. The Red Queens intellectual
outrage. The L.A. Sentinels grassroots outrage tempered with pure
political intimidation, fearful in naming the name of the Powerbroker-WhoShall-Not-Be-Named. (Does the name Lord Valdemort ring a bell?) And the
angry censored Soulvine columns of Betty Pleasant; the editor pulled the
plug on her L.A. Wave op-eds the past two weeks lest He-Who-Must-NotBe-Offended/The Outside-Operator-in-Chief take offense.
4LAKids has already declared our support for Dr. McKenna. In attempted
equal-time/fair-play I have yet to find an article supporting Dr. McKennas
opponent that doesnt reek of framing, spin and paid political wordcraft. Or
lies.of this LAUSD school board election - Los
I am
That said opponent has a name, it is Alex Johnson. And he has
1. He Education
is the Assistant
Senior Deputy for Education and Public
Safety to County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas the overlord of this
by rdsathene
9 months
And 2: He
has aago
lot of money backing his candidacy. That money
translates into a lot of campaign posters and election mailers and robocalls.
I receive
a mailer
from Alex
He has
sold by MRT, the charter
is the educational
for County
school promoters,
the Gatesadvisor
and Broads
and Waltons and Deasys the
Mark eform,
has nooperators who have been
forces of $chool
Inc. the
very outside
and noOne
school. else. Community activist
given more schools
in District
than in
Tamar are preachers who tow
Betty Pleasant
the Johnson
Monica Garcia
were elected
to the
[Mark Ridley
line because
they have
charter school and preschool
an County
with L.A.
they believe would be jeopardized if they
didnt back Johnson.
A special Political Action Committee has been formed to promote Johnson

Mayor Sam's Sister City - Home of Los Angeles Politics
Added by rdsathene 9 months ago

How low and vile will the likes of Los Angeles County
Board of Supervisor Mark "Home Renovation-Thomas"
and his allies within the "Fail Mayor Antonio
Villar/former LAUSD School Board President Monica,
Gorda Boo Boo, Garcia Education Machine" descend
in besmirching the Character of LAUSD Education
Icon George McKenna?





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