Agreement: This is an occupancy agreement
as a license to occupy premises.
This is not a Residential Tenancy
Agreement/lease for the purpose of The
Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (ACT).

House: The premise is a two-bed room
apartment with two bathrooms. The Licensee
is permitted to occupy one bedroom and the
common area.
Common area: Includes the kitchen and
living room, laundry bathroom, hallway and
toilet in the apartment.
Licensee: Refers to the person or persons
occupying the bedroom and the Common area
of the shared premises as specified above,
but not exclusive possession of the
apartment. Licensee does not constitute a
tenant and this is not a lease agreement.
Where there is a couple occupying the
room/s, the term ’Licensee’ includes both
Licensees. Term ‘He’ includes ‘She’.
Main householder/Licensor: refers to the
person in charge of collecting money and
other costs from the Licensee and deal with
all other accommodation matters. The main
householder occupies the same common area
(and possibly one of the bedrooms) and has
access to all of premises and is excluded
from paying electricity or major cleaning
at the premises provided he does not use
the services.

Deposit: Amount is collected by the
Licensor to cover potential unpaid utility
bills, negligent or accidental damage to
the property and building (including
fixtures) or other contents of the home and
any incidentals incurred not covered
elsewhere in this agreement by the
Shared contributions: (also known as room
fee).Include financial costs of running a
house, including water usage and supply,
sewerage rates, land rates, insurance
premiums, body corporate fees, professional
building modification work performed by a
registered business or corporation, and
upgrades to the property not including
gardening services, and any incidentals
incurred not covered elsewhere in this
Utilities: electricity, this amount
includes supply and usage plus GST.

A. The Licensor and the Licensee have
entered into an agreement for the Licensee
to occupy one of two bedrooms ‘ the……..
room’ in a shared premises at
, ACT .

B. The Licensee has agreed to the house
rules below.
C. The Licensee has sought independent
advice and attempted to negotiate terms
prior to signing this agreement.
D. The House Rules form a condition of
E. The Licensee is to pay $
towards a
holding deposit, before being issued with
one entry key per occupant. The deposit
amount does not include bond payment.
F. Taking priority over clause R, either
the Licensee or the Main householder must
give 21 days written notice to vacate. Email (with recipient received confirmation
facility) constitutes written notice.
G. The Licensee is entitled to use the
common area of the premises with mutual
respect and courtesy to the other residing
occupants and the Main householder.
H. The Licensee is entitled to live in
premises that are fit for habitation,
reasonably clean, in a fair state of repair
and fairly secure. The conditions of the
house on commencement of stay will be
documented by photographs.
I. All occupants are entitled to quiet
enjoyment of the premises. The License is
entitled to full privacy of his bedroom.

J. In the event that shared contributions
increase, the Licensor will give a minimum
eight weeks notice.
K. The Licensee shall be given a reason for
termination of occupancy. The reason may be
a breach, or any trivial reason as the
Licensor think fit.
L. Dispute resolution is to be attempted by
way of a house meeting at a suitable time
to both parties. Where a resolution cannot
be reached, either party may give notice to
M. The Licensor grants the Licensee a
license to use the premises for the term
for the permitted use on a 3 weekly basis.
N. The Licensee acknowledges and agrees
(i) The Licensor retains possession of and
control over the premises, original house
contents and the land and is entitled to
full and free access to them at all times.
Items belonging to the Licensees are not
included in this and may be clearly marked.
(ii) The license agreement is a contractual
right only to occupy the premises in
accordance with the terms of this agreement
and it gives no right to exclusive
possession or other interest in the land or
the premises. The Licensee may not lodge a
caveat against the title of the land.

(iii) The Licensee occupies the premises at
its own risk and:
(iv) The Licensor does not warrant that the
premises are suitable for any purpose other
than basic shared accommodation and:
(v) The Licensee agrees to occupy the
premises in the condition they were at the
commencement date; and
(vi) The licensee is entitled to use those
parts of the common areas as designated by
the licensor from time to time.
(vii) The Licensor may restrict access to
any private area of the building and land.
(viii) The Licensor will not compensate the
licensee where premises become unsuitable
for habitation.
O. The Licensee must:
(i) Comply with any reasonable directions
of the Licensor in relation to the use and
occupation of the premises and any other
area owned, occupied by or under the
control of Licensor.
(ii) Not make any alteration or addition to
the premises, unless such alterations or
additions are consented to in writing by
the Licensor.
(iii) Not do anything or allow anything to
be done which might increase the cost of

insurance to the Licensor or place that
insurance at risk. A copy of the building
insurance terms pamphlet may be provided.
(iv) Not bring any substances on to the
premises which constitute a health hazard
or danger to persons.
(v) Not interfere with the legal rights of
others and not cause psychological harm to
others on the premises by way of example
and not limitation, the Licensee agrees not
(i) intentionally cause injury or harm to
another person.
(ii) cause real or perceived violence or
threats of violence.
(iii) bully or intimidate another person.
(iv) cause damage to the real or personal
property of another person in the Room or
on the premises.
(v) leave any part of the premises or Room in
an unclean state.
(vi) consume excessive amounts of alcohol.
(vii) consume, possess or distribute illegal
(viii) disrespect the rights and beliefs of
other persons
(ix) threaten the safety of the person of the
Licensee or other persons.
(x) behave offensively to others.
(xi) smoke within the room and house,
including within 15 metres of the same.
(xii) produce excessive or loud noise.

P. The Licensor is not responsible in any

way for any damage, loss, injury or death
by misadventure suffered within the
premises, the building or land, or in
relation to any of them by the Licensee
unless the Licensor had been negligent (but
only to the extent of the Licensor's
Q. The licensee indemnifies the licensor,
and its agent, contractors and invitees,
against any claim or proceedings that is
made or commenced, and against any
liability, loss, damage or expense that any
of them incurs or suffers as a result of
any act or omission by the licensee, or as
a result of a breach of this license
agreement by the licensee.
R. In the event that the house is to
undergo renovations, sale or redevelopment,
the Licensor will give a minimum four weeks
S. The Licensee resides on a temporary
basis. By entering into this agreement, the
Licensee agrees to terminate this agreement
and vacate the premises on or before
201…. if a new
agreement is not entered into.

For the general well being of all residents
and to ensure that all residents enjoy a
maximum of convenience, comfort and

privacy, it is necessary to have some
rules. These rules are intended to keep
annoyance to minimum and to prove
guidelines for all residents. These rules
are included as in integral part of the
occupancy agreement between the main
householder and the Licensee, and are in
addition to the license agreement clauses
as set out above.



Main householder/Licensor:


The following rules form a condition of
1. The Licensee is to pay shared
contributions for the running of the house
as disbursements on a two weekly basis.
Currently at $ ,
per person per week. Paid 4 weekly
starting from the day of move in.
Negotiations for subsidised payments will
not be entered into. The amount of $..
does not includes fee of utilities such as
2. Either the Licensee or the Licensor must
give 21 days notice to vacate.
3. Licensee agrees to pay for his utilities
(and for reconnection or set up costs of

electricity services for the period he
resides). The Licensee will pay when
ACTEWAGL invoice is issued. Provided the
Licensee requires a separate
telephone/internet/cable TV services he is
to pay the full cost of connection and
service rental accounts for the services.
Where licensee requires update of
electricity costs he is to pay for special
meter reading fee set by ACTEWAGL.

4. Licensee agrees to participate in
regular (weekly) premises cleaning duties,
including cleaning of floors, shower and
chemically degreasing kitchen stove and
range hood, dusting etc, completed in one
session. Particular emphasis is on removing
any small traces or large build up of oil
or grease on the rangehood.
5. The Licensee is to notify the Main
householder of any damage to the property
within 24 hours of the Licensee becoming
aware of it by phone message or e-mail
(subject to receiving by Licensor) or be
fully liable for the damage.
6. The Licensee agrees to pay for any
damages caused by him/her to property,
whether negligent or accidental.
7. The premises is a smoke free
8. The bedroom is unfurnished; no nails,

glue or hooks are to be applied to walls,
doors or ceiling. 3M hooks with easy peel
non marking to the wall are permitted.
9. One entrance key and foyer key plus a
letter box key (shared) is issued for each
person listed in the agreement.
10. Each bedroom is to be occupied only by
persons listed in the agreement.
11. Any further requests not mentioned are
to be approved by the Licensor.
12. Room inspections are to be carried out
3 weekly at a reasonable time of the day
with the Licensee present. Where cleaning
is not satisfactory a reinspection will be
followed up within seven days.
13. The Licensee agrees to pay all
outstanding debts and above expenses before
vacating the premises or receiving the
deposit. The deposit will be returned to
the Licensee upon completely vacating the
room and after the weekly
cleaning/gardening and due monies have been
paid. Deposit return is attempted by way of
bank deposit to Licensee’s bank account
within 3 business days of vacating the
premises. If the Licensee requires
immediate payment, the Licensee is to
organise a conference venue such as the
conflict resolution centre or similar where
exchange of money and written receipt can
be supervised by an independent third

14. Parking of Licensee’s car is to be
parked in the designated are in the
basement where available. Bicycles are
permitted in the designated yard and
allocated areas as per body corporate
15. Overnight guests are to be introduced
to all occupants. Any visitors who intend
staying overnight more than 2 days are to
apply for accommodation at the above
premises. All visitors are to be approved
before entry by the Licensor (see clause
16. The Licensee will not require the
Licensor or the owner to make improvements,
increase/remove furniture/electrical
appliances/goods or make alterations to the
property including that of security.
17. In the event of breach to these rules,
the Licensee may be required to vacate the
premises within 7 days. This clause will
take precedence over the general 21 days
notice to vacate.
18. No pets allowed without written
19. Licensee is to permit potential house
buyers or tradesmen to inspect or repair
all rooms of the house, provided a minimum
of 24 hours notice is given.

20. No person other than the Licensee is
encouraged to enter the Licensee’s bedroom
without permission, except in absolute
necessity, concern for hygiene, safety,
noise abatement or suspicion of unlawful
21. Licensee will closely follow the
recycling guidelines stipulated by the body
corporate and will not contaminate the
recycling bin with other than recycling
22. Bicycles or parts of are not permitted inside
the premises.
23. Where frying of food (with oil or
otherwise) is not alfresco style in the
alfresco balcony area, the Licensee is to
remove all traces of oil in the kitchen by
oven cleaning solution (purchased by the
Licensee) within 7 days.
24. Shoes other than washed indoor slippers are
not to be worn inside the house. Where shoes are
worn and stains resulted, the licensee is to
immediately shampoo the carpet (chemical
purchased by licensee) in all areas accessible to
25. Where the Licensee vacates early or is
required to vacate the room within seven
days there is no refund for
accommodation/utilities payments already
26. The Licensee accepts the condition of

the property and the bedroom at first
inspection and may notify the Licensor in
writing within the first 3 days as to which areas of
the premises are not clean relative to the rest of
the property. The Licensor may take photographs
of important items of the premises to show the
condition and make available to the Licensee in a
media storage device for comments and future
references. Licensee is to return media storage
device as soon as practical or incur replacement
fee. A detailed inventory will also be signed by all
parties within seven days.
27. Where the Licensee pays by electronic bank
transfer, his bank receipt of payment constitutes as
‘’the receipt’’ for payment subject to funds cleared
and received by the payee. Rent money is not
accepted via banks transfer.
28. The Licensee provides his bank details for
future return of deposit or incorrect payments.
29. Where there is more than one Licensee
occupying a room as a couple, both are jointly
liable to their obligations for this agreement.
30. Care to be taken when operating window blinds
which should be left fully extended and open by
tilting the louvres.
31. Licensee is to replace light globes to same type

as per inventory and replace smoke detector
batteries as needed.
32. Care to be taken when removing and washing
the window blinds.
32. Licensee is not to engage in any unlawful
activity on premises.
33. Whirlpool slit system air conditioner is removed
from service and not to be used. Similarly spa bath
jets in master bedroom bathtub are removed from
34. Change of mind after entering this agreement
or after paying any deposit will incur one week
room fee if cancellation is within five days, plus
disbursements for out of pocket expenses. if
cancellation is after five days, the terms relating to
ending of this contract will prevail.
35. Dishes to be washed and kitchen tidied up for
next occupant within 12 hours of using the kitchen.
36. Licensee is to observe current and updates of
body corporate rules.
37. The bedroom is unfurnished. Where
Licensee agrees to the make use of
furniture and whitegoods items belonging to
Licensor, the Licensee is to be fully
responsible for the furniture and
whitegoods and will not claim for
maintaining of the items and is responsible
for negligent damage to the items. Where
items cannot be repaired, the Licensee is
to organise disposal at his or her cost.

The Licensee is responsible for damage to
the premises as a result of use of these
items. The Licensor can request the return
of these items for any reason at fourteen
days notice.
38. Where the Licensee requires access to
parking basement, he is to pay a refundable
security deposit of $60 for access swipe card.
39. Licensee is to attend to all gas/electrical
appliances on the premises whether provided by
the licensee or licensor while in use and must do
all things necessary to reduce any damage
incurred whilst using those appliances.
40. Licensee is not to adjust or tamper with hot
water system without permission.
41. Licensee agrees to have carpet dry cleaned at
move out or every 6 months whichever sooner.

Move in date…………………………………………

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