By Chris Greene


Follow the spiral Like you follow a rainbow Follow the spiral Like you follow a snake Smiles and flashing colours Between each collapsing law of reality Deeper and deeper The fractals divide Into colourful prisms Deeper and deeper Into little black dots

A Partnership of Individualists
She sat beside the river Crying in the shade Of the weeping willow tree Watching her tears Become ripples In the stream that slowly pases by He watches the sky Waiting for another downpour Or maybe a thunderstorm The static in the air Promises a bolt of lightning If he doesn't move his feet They won't drop the paintings They have for each other So their stories go unheard Like drifting rock and ice Destined to touch As colliding monologues

The restless sand glides across the dunes Skipping from each still wave to the next Over the sleeping landscape The cry of a wandering wind Echoes across all of the infinite horizons Unsettling the seas of repitition Doomed to forever haunt Those who tread Through it's mind melting heat Time loses all meaning As the beginning and end Get lost in forgotten footsteps The present is all that exists here All there is to think about

Eternal Degradation
The old sun fades out Into the blankets of space We witness a death That leaves behind a seed of rebirth Without our painful, fog coloured tears We would never appreciate The warmth and clarity Of the phoenix coloured sun That shines in it's place Slowly fading Into the blankets of space

The Apple
One day an apple fell into the sky Forgot how the laws of gravity apply

Slipping and sliding We speak the most stupidity In our sentences of complexity and intelligence Why is it the landscape around us moves But we remain still? As we build our cozy rooms And decadent sculptures From the skeletons of those we haven't met Our friends and family And ourselves Sleep tightly, The happiest of dreams Are nightmares When we realise there is no awakening

Mapping Reality
The gaping hole In this perspective of existence Ignites a flame Inside my head Putting all the pieces together Just to watch them rearrange Forming a new blueprint A new dimension to fall through Both frustrating and beautiful I love to watch the way You change whats around me Until I doubt that It used to be any different Feeling frost and fire inside me Clashing with the outside world I taste what it is to be real And to live in the shadow As nothing at all Silent destruction Flows around me Giving birth to a new perception And the infinite others that are lost Though impossible To realise everything I know perfection is all it could be

Lemon Sun
I don't believe in life or death Just in wandering and sleeping Kissing existence under a lemon flavoured sun Ahh.. the old lemon sun Tomorrow I hope it will taste Juicy and sweet like a tropical pineapple It does some days But chances are it wont I learnt the other day That if I didn't exist The sun wouldn't taste like lemon Or pineapple It would just be the yellow Of a daffodil in winter

Future Plans
When I die I want to die of exhaustion Dropping into a pool Of my own sweat and blood Finally getting my chance to sleep I'd rather be burned Than watch the sun outside slowly diminish I'm going to lie on the ground in pain Laughing at the man I could have been Sitting in the dark Sculpting his past into perfect memories Desperately clutching them Like grains of sand Slowly slipping through his hands Living in the illusion Of possession

There's a face looking at me An old, ugly face in the clouds Talks to me in a tsk tsk voice Calls me hideous, disgusting, useless I lie down and smile Like the mud around me And stare At that fucking ugly face

Virgin of Death
One day while walking Through the woods Just out of town I stumbled upon a man Lying face down In a dirty old pond A symphony of silence Orchestrated the graceful rotations He performed Gliding from one side of the pool to the other In a manner that was artistically clumsy Never having seen anyone so still before I sat mesmerised for hours Until an old woman arrived And told me in an exhausted voice She was here to clean up the mess

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