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Lengua Extranjera IV




March 2015
First of all, this case doesnt mention if he was fired or hes still working for the
company, so that would be the first step, knowing his current work status.

Once I know that, I have to analyze his situation very carefully. It is clear that
the company had or has been taking advantage of his talent in order to drum
up financial benefits without paying him for his work. On the other hand the
company has acted under illegallity since they are not paying taxes for this
work. Obviously this involves that my potential client could be also a potential
accomplice, in case he knew, since the beginning, what he was doing.
As a lawyer my ethic is based on helping people when they ask for it, but in
cases like this, before accepting, it is my obligation to be fair. Not only do I
have to take the clients opinion into account, but also, I need to investigate
the company. What they do, possible legal backgrounds and if its necessary,
monitor their activities in order to not having biased or misleading information.
As a part of all of this, its important to gather as many evidence as I can. Its
also important not to generate lots of buzz during the process because at the
end, in a potential trial, this could affect the results.
We already know that according to the law, if somebody or a company doesnt
pay taxes it could lead to get, since big fines to even many years in jail, so it is
very important to define responsibilities in this case.
What I have here is one of many cases there have been, a worker who doesnt
get paid for his work. Money that maybe they have promised to him in
exchange for helping them to increase business and earnings.At this point I
must emphasize that the critical point is in knowing if he knew that what he
was doing was ilegal, or not,and if this work was a part of his activities in the
As conclusion I cant not refuse helping people, because thats my job, but I
cant accept helping any people so easily until I have made some investigation
of every case.This is a thing of moral duty and follow my professional
convictions. Any professional can not be someone who only looks for his/her
personal benefit. It comes to helping others acting and working honestly.
Here I have a man who is making accusations to a company for not paying him
for his work, but he doesnt have evidence to demonstrate he has the reason. It
takes me to think that he is probably lying. Besides, he has done something
illegal. My advice for him would be to let this thing fly and forget it, because in
case of legal action he could lose more than he could win because of what he
has done, the company could say and demosntrate that he was an accomplice.
So in case hes still working for this company it would be easier to gather
information to show their illegal activities, and in case the company is closed,
they would have the obligation to pay all their workers including him.