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Dear Mr.


I would like to reveal my thoughts on the subject of climate change in

which, it presents a danger to us and our future generation and generations
to come. There are certain amounts of Scientists and also indications that
climate change is happening at an alarming rate compared to what they
thought in the past. We have a significant amount of years before this
becomes impossible to change and/or bring back.

Greenhouse gas emissions (Gases that catch raised temperatures in the

atmosphere) EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Climate Change Site
and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control Change (IPCC) have
2,000 Scientists stating that 60% to 70% of these gases are needed to let
our environment become leveled, stable if you will. I also believe that our
Government needs to do whatever necessary to lessen our greenhouse gas
emissions soon.

In 1961 to 2003 the rate of the sea level rising was about 1.8 mm each year
and 3.1mm each year in 1993 to 2003it shows the rise to be more in the long
run, sea rising has even more suggested that the climate has recently
warmed and most likely from human activity such as the ones mentioned

The main influences that have caused the rise in sea level are thermal
growth and warming of the oceans, some in part in Greenland and
Antarctica. On Antarctica alone 70% of the ice that is present is the worlds
fresh water; the ice sheets are continually making ice in snowfall and then
have a reduction of ice traveling across the sea. In 2004 (ACIA) Arctic Climate
Impact Assessment, believes that the warming in the local areas of
Greenland will be around 33 Celsius in the next 100 years, and the sheets of
ice are to be getting so warm that in the long term the rise in Greenlands
sea will be around 7m.

I would like to share some of the important issues in which I hope that you
and our Government can address:

1. Decrease carbon dioxide from power plants that fire coal

2. Decrease the 15% manmade carbon dioxide (from cars, ships, trains, and
planes, and the other 85% of other atmospheric CO2 comes from buildings,
agriculture, and industry explains Doyle Rice from USA Today.

3. Increase in Natures energy that also replenishes new energy like tides,
plant growth, sunlight, and other of natures occurrences, clarified the
International Energy Agency.

4. Encourage the people to partake in renewable energy.

In order for our nation and for the children this is the time to change our way
of life for our national energy policy, and lure our country away from fossil

Our continuing habit with fossil fuel is harmful for the health of humans,
decomposes land, oceans, and contaminates earth. We need to find cleaner
and better, and dependable energy that is healthy for all walks of life, we are
the ones who have made this mess now it is going to take all of us to clean it
up and make it healthier for us and our future generations.

I know that climate change is just one of our many issues in the world today
and the demanding times, we cannot wait any longer to help the climate
change before it is too, late.


Jarel Thomas