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How To Remove Device In "my Devices" - Sync ...

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How To Remove Device In "my Devices"

Started by god_snowman , Mar 05 2015 04:16 PM

Assume I have 3 devices, deviceA, deviceB, and deviceC.

All 3 devices were using the same Sync account, i.e. I see all 3 devices in "My device
Then, I removed Sync on deviceB.
On deviceA or deviceC, in "My devices", I am still able to see deviceB.

So my question is how can I remove a device (deviceB in this example) in "My devic
Thank you!


I am having this same problem as well. Would be nice to be able to remove items of

The only way I found to remove a device ist on the device itself.
Inside the "My devices" list you can remove the current device.

As you already removed sync on the device, this would not work anymore. Perhaps
identity and hope that it will reuse the old device entry, instead of duplicating it.

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31-03-15 18:28

How To Remove Device In "my Devices" - Sync ...

If you don't plan to use Pro, you can also wait the 30 days, as the My devices only w


wweich's way of removing it prior to uninstalling btsync definitely seems the best w

Though it looks like there is a way to do it on Windows but it doesn't seem to propa
Not sure if there will be any repurcusions after the trial is over either...

In \AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync\.SyncUserXXXXXXXX\ there is a devices

folders and read through the info.dat files, finding two old devices I don't use anym
BTSync and those two devices no longer show in MyDevices.
But on my Android they still do.

What's interesting is that the .SyncUserXXXXX folder is synced (note the folder ico

subfolder with the standard IgnoreList and such). I assume this is [only] synced acr
but if so, then why didn't my folder deletions propagate? R/O?
Interesting that BTSync can sync a directory invisible to the UI

Although it is a

to keeps the whole MyDevices thing in sync.


After reinstalling BT Sync I doubled one of my devices... What can I do? Maybe BitT

I have this problem too.

I had to reinstall btsync from scratch on several of my devices and after reregisterin
devices list.
We need a way to remove old devices.

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31-03-15 18:28

How To Remove Device In "my Devices" - Sync ...


Easy - go into Options > Preferences > Advanced > More Options and set the Peer E
all old devices will disappear.


TheMarkJC, on 11 Mar 2015 - 12:56 PM, said:

Easy - go into Options > Preferences > Advanced > More Options and set the Peer Expiration D
will disappear.

Not quite so easy! - this setting refers to "peers", and not to the "devices" listed und

I have the same problem. I'm guessing we'll have to wait for a software update.


I have the same problem and for me it is urgent, because one of my devies has been
remove it?

I would like to go for the pro version, but this really is an important feature, so I ho

@all, @kramttocs

Although "My devices" uses sync folder to propagate your folders, it uses different m

"peer_expiration_days" won't affect it. We are aware of the issue with cleaning up d
appear there again - and we plan to address it in future builds.

You cannot delete your files remotely - as they will move into Archive instead of act

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31-03-15 18:28

How To Remove Device In "my Devices" - Sync ...

remote device from "My devices" mesh, so you'll need to re-generate your identity,

identity and link all your other devices to this new identity. If there are some 1.4 fol
regenerate keys.

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31-03-15 18:28