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Transport infrastructure and

international connections:
Transport includes roadway, rail, air, and sea options.
Americas Walking City has a compact size ideal for walking
or bicycling. 162 bus routes (7th busiest local bus agency in
USA). Two rail networks, first is metro: the 4th busiest one in
States, it has 4 lines. The 2nd is common user rail network
which operates mostly to suburbs and other cities. Water
transportation works during the season, is it possible to use
water taxi from the Airport to the City. Boston has one main
airport situated in the city, but it is also uses two smaller
airports in eastern Massachusetts.
City has a big problem with parkings, it is really difficult to find
a spot.

Transport includes roadway and air. Bus transport system handle up to 72% of
the daily transport demand. One airport (direct connections to Europe only to
Madrid and Amsterdam). Easier to go to Bogota (the capital of Columbia) and
then do Cali by bus or plane, a lot of connections.

buses, trams, Mtro, Autoroutes, trains and planes.
Metro: 14 lines
Trains: a lot of connections between suburbs and other cities
Buses and Trams: 60 lines
International connections:
Trains: super fast trains connect i.e. London (2h 15min of travel time),
Brussels (1h 22min), Amsterdam, Cologne etc.
Flights: 3 airports

Buses, taxi (very important and popular), airport (biggest in Kenia and 7th in

Transport is provided by road, rail, river and bay ferries, footpaths, bikepaths,
sea and air.
Buses: (1200 buses)
Rail: network of suburban railways that carry commuters, long distance
passengers, and freight
Ferry Services on the River
Third biggest airport in Australia

Buses, Ferries, Taxis, Airport, Seaport

Existing venues
My subjective rank (range 0-10):
9 Paris (France)
8 Brisbane (Australia)
7 Cali (Colombia)
7 Boston (USA)
5 Beirut (Lebanon)
4 Nairobi (Kenia)

Baseball and Football stadiums, two arenas (ice hockey, athletics).

The Estadio Olimpico Pascual Guerrero: Football stadium 55k (the
biggest in Columbia). The stadium and the sports complex that
surrounds it were, from the 1950s to the 1970s, one of the finest
and most modern sports complexes in Latin America, and led to
references of Cali as the "Sports Capital of America".

A feasibility study has mooted the idea of beach volleyball in the
shadow of the Eiffel Tower, archery on the Invalides Esplanade near
the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte and fencing in the Grand Palais

The Stade de France that held football's 1998 World Cup final and
Roland Garros, the venue for the French Open tennis, would also be
With so many existing venues on the draft plan, only a new
swimming pool and a village for the 10,000 athletes would have to
be built.

Football stadium 15k, National stadium 30k (+aquatic centre, indoor
gymnasium, handball and volleyball training courts)

Stadiums: 50k, 42k, 25k, 25k Sports and Athletics Centre: 49k,

Sports City (multi-use): 50k, Stadiums: 18k, 10k