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The Henley Forum for

Organisational Learning and

Knowledge Strategies

Henley Forum Meeting Thursday 17th September 2015

Changing mindsets and behaviours
Draft agenda



Welcome and networking

Dr Sharon Varney, Henley Forum


Title TBA
Description TBA
Professor Patricia Riddell, University of Reading


KM - Driving behavioural change by understanding client needs

Having completed his MBA Management Challenge on behavioural change
in law firms, Stuart is well-placed to examine how KM can be applied to
encourage behavioural change in the legal services context. He will talk
about some examples he has come across in practice including; asking
clients what they really want; interpreting the answers to identify where
they see value; utilising these insights to develop more client-centric legal
services; and identifying barriers to improving service delivery.
Stuart Hopper, Director of Knowledge Management, Baker & McKenzie




Members Showcase: Mindset and behaviour change in

membership organisations
Michael will be sharing some of his experience of working to change
mindsets and behaviours in membership organisations and networks such
as RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), regeneration networks and
in the Citizens Advice service.
Michael Craven, Citizens Advice


Introduction to the workshops

Note: Numbers are strictly limited for the Kings Play, so please sign up
before the event
Kings Play

Knowledge Caf accelerating


The session will allow you to

discover meta-skills (related to
This knowledge caf style workshop
emotional intelligence) of a truly
will focus on the challenge of
human and efficient leader. The play accelerating change by inspiring
draws on tools designed to trigger people to reflect on the foundations
transformational learning at
of their beliefs, attitudes and

individual and group level and

strengthens leadership skills.
Participants experience the Kings
Play through active participation,
followed by a debriefing on the
experience and a group discussion.
Through this process, the dynamics
shaping contributions to the
business agenda are opened for
Dr Sabine Mueller, Burgundy School
of Business Dijon / Reines et Roi

It will introduce you to cultureQs a
change accelerator that uses
powerful questions to inspire
participants to reflect on the
foundations of their beliefs, attitudes
and behaviours.
While engaging in deep meaningful
conversations, people connect
quickly, enabling the invisible
borders that hinder collaboration to
fall away.
Eric Lynn, cultureQs




So why would anyone want to change their mindset?

The final session of the day will start by addressing a fundamental
question: why would anyone want to change their mindset in the first
place? It will consider how reflective practice can enhance awareness.
And it will conclude by enabling you to capture your reflections on the day.
Dr Chris Dalton, Henley Business School



Session Leaders Biographies

Patricia Riddell
Stuart Hopper
Stuart is Director of Knowledge for the Global Mergers & Acquisitions
Practice at Baker & McKenzie. He combines a practical focus on the
effective delivery of services, with his areas of specialism which
include strategic knowledge management and business planning.
Together, these give him a strongly commercial approach, enabling
him to combine all of the elements necessary to deliver value to
clients, including operational efficiency, practice management and
development, business strategy, the hands-on integration of
knowledge management with business development and training, as
well as other aspects of practice support across a culturally diverse,
global organisation.
Stuart has over 20 years' experience as a qualified solicitor in multinational firms, having worked in UK, Spain and the British Virgin
Islands. He is a regular speaker at KM conferences and contributor to
various publications. He holds an MA from Oxford and an MBA from
Henley. Stuart also chairs the Advisory Group to the Social Mobility
Foundation and is on the Executive Panel for McKinsey Quarterly.

Michael Craven

Sabine Mueller
Born and raised in Germany, Sabine is a personal coach and
associate lecturer in entrepreneurship and personal development at
the Burgundy School of Business in Dijon, France.
She possesses 10 years of professional experience in planning and
implementing international seminars on entrepreneurial learning and
personal leadership in diverse cultural settings. Sabine holds a
masters in education & psychology, a postgraduate diploma in
coaching and a PhD in entrepreneurship education.
The objective of her work is to help individuals and groups access
their creative resources and to be more authentic as a means to lead
a fulfilled life. She is a co-founder of the initiative Reines et Rois
(Queens and Kings) that offers the systemic tool the kings game to
private and professional target groups in Europe.

Eric Lynn

Chris Dalton
Sharon Varney
Dr Sharon Varney is a specialist in developing organisations and
people. She works at a strategic level, helping to create more
effective organisations, and engages at a very human level
supporting people to manage personal change and transition.
Sharon developed her cross-sector learning and change expertise as
a senior manager working in large, global organisations. She was
Group Head of Learning and Communications for an engineering and
construction company in the offshore oil and gas business. Previously
she was Vice President for international learning and development at
a US bank
Sharon now runs her own consulting practice space for learning and is a member of the faculty team at Henley Business School.