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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Housing Committee
Summary of Meeting of July 13, 2015
In the absence of committee chair Matt Martin, who was attending to a family matter, Brandyn
McElroy, president of the civic association, called the meeting to order shortly after 6 p.m. in the
offices of Godman Guild Association. The persons in attendance introduced themselves.
Grant Park. Steve Bollinger said Wagenbrenner Development has 25 homes in contract for
construction in Grant Park along North Grant Avenue; two additional contracts are likely to be
signed this week. He said Wagenbrenner Development is working on plans for grading the
development site east of North Grant Street. He expects to return to the committee in August
with further information on the site plan. He said the Grant Commons apartments along East 11th
Avenue are now 100 percent leased.
Commercial building. Jeanne Cabral, an architect, presented plans from Isaac Yassin for
renovation of a commercial building at 1171-1175 N. Grant Ave. She said the parking deficit is
nine spaces and will require a parking variance. She reported potential letters of support from
nearby property owners that would share parking. Renovation includes development of a coffee
shop, a smoke shop, and manufacturing space, but there wouldnt be alcohol served. Mr. Yassin
responded to a question about why he would place a smoke shop in that location.
One resident expressed concerns that the proposed business would have only two parking spaces
and that the outdoor patio would create noise in a densely populated neighborhood. Ms. Cabral
noted the building currently is a commercial structure. Mr. Yassin said he would be willing to
lease the building for a year and allow the neighborhood to monitor the activity at the building.
In response to a residents question, Mr. Yassin suggested that his smoke shop might be similar to
the Monte Cristo hookah business, but without the alcohol license.
Mr. McElroy said that he has heard from residents that they prefer to see other businesses come
into Weinland Park, such as a restaurant, rather than a smoke shop. Residents would support a
coffee shop. Another resident pointed out that the University Area Commission has had
difficulties in the past with parking variances and outdoor patios.
House for narrow lot. John Gifford explained his site plan for 1386 N. Sixth St. (at northeast
corner of East Eighth Avenue) to build an owner-occupied, single-family home. The narrow lot
(only 15.3 feet wide) requires a number of variances to build the house. Joyce Hughes said the
University Area Commissions Zoning Committee recommended approval of Mr. Giffords
proposed variances. In response to a question, Mr. Gifford said he would like to start

construction of the house as soon as possible. Ms. Hughes moved, and Rory Krupp seconded the
motion, that the Housing Committee recommend approval of the variances needed to construct
the house. The motion was adopted on a voice vote.
Goal-setting. Mr. McElroy asked that residents think about goals for housing in Weinland Park
in advance of the next Housing Committee meeting. Steve Sterrett explained that the Weinland
Park Collaborative (WPC) would like the civic association to set housing goals that could guide
decisions on the disposition of the WPCs portfolio of duplexes and vacant lots. The committee
members discussed the need for goals and the possibilities for the housing projects.
The business of the Housing Committee being concluded, Mr. McElroy adjourned the meeting at
7:35 p.m.

Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.