Narmada Bachao Andolan

The Narmada Bachao Dam 30 major,135 medium and 3000 minor dams over Narmada river in Maharashtra, UP and Gujarat. It includes Sardar Sarovar Project which will irrigate 187 lakh hectares of land. 1450 Kw electricity will also be generated, but at what cost? 26,000 hectares forest land and 11,320 hectares of agricultural land will be submerged and 67,000 people will be displaced help for resettlement ,the problem would not be solved. These tribals can not adopt well in alien environment, as their culture is quite different. Providing agricultural land will also be of no use because many are not at all interested in agriculture. A distinct culture will be extinct. The leader of the ‘Narmada Bachao Andolan’ is Medha Patkar who started movement against this project. This ‘andolan’ is against the exploitation of nature and violation of human rights. This is an project which is mythical in nature leading to iconological degreadation.

Chandigarh Case
Recently it has come in the newspaper that I Chandigarh 5000 trees are cut ruthlessly by the administration for IT park. The trees have been cut illegally to make land available for a new six-lane road, leading upto the site of the new IT park and the tree-clearing operation are without mandatory environmental clearances, according to environment conscious resident.

An ecosystem is an assemblage of organisms(animals, plants and other living organisms) living together with their environment, functioning as a loose unit. That is a dynamic and complex whole interacting as an ecological unit. Here all the organisms are balanced with each other and their environment. Land, air, water and their interconnection with all the animate and inanimate objects including human beings, together constitute ecology. Disturbance in any one of these segments will affect badly over the whole ecosystem. Today’s petrol and diesel create too much pollution. Modern technologies also create pollution. Again the violation of ethical values and human rights lead to ecological degradation. Ethical values are related to what we should do and what we should not do. If we attain something at the cost of others it is unethical practice. If we achieve something following righteous means, it indicates that we are having ethical values within us. We cut the trees, break the mountains to build new roads, to build more buildings. We do not bother about the consequences because we never give a deep thought to it. We only think about the amenities we would get. What about the pollution, what about ethics? Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose had proved long back, trees and plants are living entities. We know killing a living human being is a crime, killing or cutting trees also a crime and we cut the trees we are criminals. Trees provide us food, shelter, clothing which we require for our survival and do not ask anything in lieu of that. Are we doing justice with them? We do exploit them and exploitation is always unethical. Consider the case of Yamuna River. If you look the colour of water near Yamunetri it is so clean, so pure. But look at it near Delhi, it is so contaminated, so unclean! Why? It is the fault of us.

We are responsible for this. All the nearby industries throw their wasteful affluents into this river. Consequently water has become polluted and thus we are killing thousands of objects that are living on this riverbed. We kill domestic animals for non-vegetarian food or for making sandals. We kill elephants to get the ivory. We are building dams or cutting trees for the need of modern civilization. But at what cost? If we do not think from ethical point of view, if we think like a self-centered person and do the cost-benefit analysis, we will be perplexed to see that we are ultimately running in loss. Disbalanced ecosystem affect badly over all the living entities. Therefore, we must take care of nature. we should show respect to her because she is always providing selfless service to us through its various resources, without expecting anything in return. From this discussion we can realize that violation of ethical values lead to environmental deregulation. Should we give a second thought before taking such actions? Therefore Indian ethos emphasizes that nature and we, the human beings are interdependent and also interconnected because all of us are part of the supreme soul. Therefore we must respect nature and do not do any injustice with her. Here we can consider the relationship between the trees and human beings. Plants and trees when engaged in photosynthesis produce oxygen which is beneficial for us. During our respiration process we intake that oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide which is harmful for us but is useful for the trees. Thus both the trees and we are interdependent on each other. In the same manner if we cut the trees, we ourselves cannot survive because we would not get the oxygen. Therefore we must take maintained and everyone living on the mother earth can live a peaceful, harmonious and balanced life.

If any organization takes care environment while running the business it would help to create a healthy environment. From long term point of view it will develop a trustworthy relationship with the members of the society who are also in some way or the other their customers. These customer would be loyal to this organization. Thus indirectly it would help the company to grow and earn more profit. Here we can give the example of ‘the orchid’.

The Orchid: The Eco-friendly Organization:
The orchid, Asia’s first certified eco-friendly five-star hotel and world’s only Ecotel to be certified as ISO: 14000. There is natural light in the atrium (entrance) which saves electrical energy. The architectural design is such that the shy roof supplies natural light, doubly layered domes reduce heat and sound. The swimming pool is located on the roof-tip. It acts as an insulator from heat. Activities Conducted: The orchid sponsored street play arranged by MCGM for environmental awareness. It arranged inter-school competition to old plastic bags. The school in return will get cloth bags. The schoolthat collected highest average number of bags per student was to be invited for a felicitation programme and dinner. ‘Green-team staffs’ of the orchid planted several drumstick saplings near the hotel and were accountable for the nourishments till monsoon started. While taking care of their growth, they used the various resources carefully and shown sensitiveness for environmental protection and focusing on sustainable development and are ever

conscious of the ecology. For instance, use PPE containing 1520%, fly ash compared to OPC or ordinary Portland cement. Reusable PED wall panels derived from fertilized waste are used for internal partition in lieu of red brick made from topsoil of the earth. They used water-based paint with minimum use of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). They take every possible care to save water, one of the most precious resources that sustain life. They save upto 50% water by using taps containing special aerators. They use rubber-wood after processing and upgrading for interior like window frames. This portion is not used because it is very soft in nature. After producing rubber, sap tree is cut down. Instead of ordinary bulbs they use PL lamps which gives light like ordinary bulbs but consume only 25% of energy compared to that. Eco-friendly R22 air-conditioners and refrigerators are used in the hotel. Instead of cut flowers, they use living husky green plants. They sponsor for seminars on environment protection. People living in surrounding locality and other service industries are becoming conscious about their responsibility to mother earth.

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