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AFC stand for

AFC is a Pakistani company

Was founder of AFC

It sell 100% halal products.

Contribution In Pakistan’s Economy:

AFC Pakistan has helped develop the local economy from restaurant construction to pap
packaging. Important items produced and bought locally include poultry products, cooking oil,
bakery products and raw materials.

Employing over 1200 people in various capacities and thus providing them with the livelihood.
If each person directly or indirectly contributes to support 05 family members, the total
number of depending on AFC is 6,000 souls, this is other than the suppliers associated with
AFC Pakistan.

The Government of Pakistan receives over Rs.10 million per month from AFC Pakistan as
direct taxes.

Each new outlet developed by AFC Pakistan costs approximately Rs.40 million, which is a huge
amount for our construction industry.

Promoting the local supplier industry (construction related, paper and packaging, cooking oil,
machinery, poultry products, bakery and confectionary items).

Sales tax @ 15% being paid to the Government.

Corporate and individual Income tax.
With holding tax on al payments made to the suppliers, making them a part of the
documented economy.

Improving the standards of Restaurant business in

AFC Pakistan has contributed in providing Halal and Hygienic products to its customers and
managed this through proper training of its human resources. It has created competitive level
for other thus improving the overall industry standards.

AFC Pakistan done for children:

It provides a family like environment where children can also come with their families or alone
and enjoy the healthy and hygienic food. Play areas are also provided for enjoyment.
AFC Pakistan team makes frequent school visit and educates the children about different
social issues.
AFC Pakistan also designs programs especially for children in order to involve them in healthy
activities. (Kiddy Fun Camp as an example)

AFC Pakistan support and social concerns:

Participating in social concerns like protecting the environment (Faryad as an Example).
It also supports various social organizations like “Care and Kindness Society” and visits
handicapped children (SOS and Fountain House) on occasions.
Also contributes an amount to celebrate the National Occasions by sponsoring events
arranged by the Government.

We seek opportunities for investment where others do not look and we examine these
opportunities with open-mindedness, thoroughness and hard-headed practicality.

Mission is to harness and reap the potential of the rapidly developing markets of the Pakistan.
We apply a regional focus to allow us to reap the potential of rapidly expanding markets in the
Pakistan. In the mature capital markets of Europe and the United States, we are well regarded
as innovative and creative niche investors. We believe in the minimization of risk: through the
depth of our senior management and the quality of our professional staff; through exhaustive
and through an emphasis on pre-feasibility.

The great AFC meal you’ve come to love can now be distributed as give away or incentive to
your clients, customers, retailers or sales team, AFC currently has 43 restaurants all over
Pakistan and is currently present in cities namely Karachi, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Hyderabad,
Sialkot, Islamabad, Multan and Peshawar. We for the last seven years stand as the market
leader in the fast food category and our strength lies in the mass appeal of our products and
great service.

Branded Prepaid Coupons:

AFC brings to you prepaid coupons of different meal combo options, which act as great
distributor trade or customer incentives. These exciting incentives are guaranteed to give a
boost to your sales and can make your incentives stand out from the order run of the mill
In order to act as true partners with you, we will print for you branded coupons (minimum
quantity 500 coupons) of your own company or product, which can be redeemed at any of the
AFC restaurant nation wide or restaurants of your choice.

Corporate meeting, seminars & workshops at AFC

Meeting with trade people or customers can also be arranged at KFC.

KFC can arrange all related facilities for the meeting. (Minimum group size – 15 persons). This
facility is available at selected outlets.

Lunch/Dinner for Employees/Dealers/Customers and their

Families at AFC:
Companies can arrange lunch/dinner for their employees/dealers/customers at selected KFC

Outdoor Catering:
AFC can bring complete hassle-free meals and serve at your specified premises.
(Minimum order size – 100 persons). All catering facilities will be provided according to you

Quality Assurance:
At AFC, we take great pride and care to provide you with the best food and dinning experience in the quick
service restaurant business. We believe eating sensibly, combined with appropriate exercise, is the best
solution for a healthy lifestyle to help you, AFC is providing some facts and nutritional information about its
products, so you can make yourself aware about what you are eating.

This nutritional data is based on standard portion products guidelines and data from testing facilities, the
Pakistan department of agriculture, and our suppliers. Please note that this information might have little
variation due to regional and seasonal difference, minor difference in product assembly, and other factors.

Food Safety:
Potatoes, Tran’s fat free oil dextrose.
Original Recipe: Salt, herbs and spices, garlic powder.
Milk and Egg: Non fat milk, dried whey and dried egg whites.
Hot and Spicy: COM starch, sodium bicarbonate, sodium, aluminum phosphate, Dextrose,
modified cornstarch, extractives of turmeric.
SHORTENING: Pure vegetable oil (soybean).


Locally produced and processed chicken, Supplied in frozen form.
100% Halal

Serving Total
Calories Cholesteerol CHO Protein
size fat
47(g) 145(g) 9(g) 60(mg) 5(g) 11(g)
161(g) 370(g 19(g) 145(mg) 11(g) 40(g)
Original Recipe-
59(g) 140(g) 8(g) 75(mg) 4(g) 14(g)
Original Recipe-
126(g) 360(g) 25(g) 165(g) 12(g) 22(g)
Hot & Spicy-
53(g) 180(g) 11(g) 60(g) 9(g) 11(g)
Hot & Spicy-
179(g) 450(g) 27(g) 130(mg) 20(g) 33(g)
Hot & Spicy-
60(g) 140(g) 9(g) 65(mg) 4(g) 13(g)
Hot & Spicy-
128(g) 390(g) 28(g) 125(mg) 14(g) 22(g)
Original Recipe-
206(g) 450(g) 27(g) 60(mg) 22(g) 29(g)
Zee Burger 246(g) 640(g) 40(g) 405(mg) 38(g) 32(g)
Hot Wings 144(g) 460(g) 30(g) 125(mg) 22(g) 25(g)
Corn on the Cob
82(g) 90(g) 0.5(g) 0(mg) 19(g) 2(g)
French Fries 100(g) 136(g) 3.7(g) 1(mg) 23.3(g) 2.3(g)
Food, fun & Festivity, this is what AFC is all leading the market since its inception, AFC
provides the ultimate chicken meals for a chicken loving people. Be it colonel sanders secret
original recipe chicken or the hot & spicy version, every bite brings a yum on our face. At AFC
we can proudly say, “We do chicken right”.


Rs. 180 Rs. 210

Rs. 130

Rs.215 Rs. 215

Rs.200 Rs.150
We provide our customers with the quality of our great tasting food; our fast, friendly service; our clean
restaurants and facilities; the value of our food and the Fri-Chik's experience.

Working at Fri-Chiks a job is never just a job it's a wealth of experience and skills, strongly accepted by the

We strongly suggest that before you apply for any position in Fri-Chiks Pakistan, you should seek maximum
useful information. Not only it will help you to choose the right career but also help you to get through the
hiring process successfully. We, at Fri-Chiks Pakistan feel proud to guide you and provide any information
you may required.

Image As An Employer:
Our overall image and local reputation as an employer is shaped daily by many factors, including the
benefits programs, compensation package, fun working place coupled with numerous enthusiasm activities,
employee development programs, and our world renowned best people practices.

Employees, the key ingredient play a vital role each day in shaping our over all employment image through
their performance behavior. Realizing our people strength we provide the best employment experience to
our employees in order to achieve the goal of giving the worlds best quick-service restaurant experience to
our valued customers. We strive to recruit the best, hire the best, and provide the best place to work.

Rs. 220 Rs.930

Rs. 230
Rs. 150 Rs.170

Rs. 210 Rs. 200

Sammi Corporation was established as forest products importer in 1954 but has expanded its
business to become a dynamic trading company in Korea. From the 1950's, Sammi has been
challenging the world market with a great emphasis on conforming to international
requirements for the timely delivery of top-grade industrial products, such as Stainless steel,
Coated steel, Automotive parts, Wood products & various raw material.

Sammi is a Korean Organization performing business in different fields having different

concerns in a group like Sammi Corporation, Sammi Construction, Sammi Daewoo Pakistan
Express Bus Service Ltd etc. Sammi is a combination of two Korean words i.e. Sam and Mi,
and its meaning is ‘Three Beauties’. Sammi entered Pakistan at the start of 2004 with the
acquisition of Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service Ltd.

Sammi has enhanced the growth of Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service after holding the
fort. In pursuit of its commitment and with the passion of growth, Sammi Daewoo shined
through several major cities of the country, in the year 2005.

The confidence of the people of Pakistan, in our service strengthened our aim to get around
every nook and corner of the country. Our excellent service features has brought us,
competitive to Airlines, Railways and other road transport services.

1990s saw the demise of public sector organizations in transport services. Many of us must
have thought with concern about the future of this sector as well as the possible hardships for
the traveling public. Private sector in transport service was disorganized and persisted with
low service quality. Heretofore road transport services were never organized on scientific lines
with corporate culture. However immediately after launching of Lahore – Islamabad Motorway
(M-2) in November 1997, Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service (DPEBSL) was incorporated
which launched its express bus service between Lahore – Rawalpindi / Islamabad in April
1998. This service, owing to its peculiar quality features setting new standards of safety,
security, reliability, luxury, comforts and regularity, soon became popular and first choice of
the traveling public. Sammi Corporation, Seoul, Korea took over DPEBSL in 2004 which led to
accelerated growth and expansion of Sammi-Daewoo Express Bus Service in Pakistan.

SAMMMI DAEWOO PAKISTAN EXPRESS BUS SERVICE is the largest road transport company in
Pakistan with its presence in more than 30 cities. For the very first time in history of traveling
services, we set standards that were considered to be the icons of Airlines e.g Hostess,
Refreshment and Audio/Video Entertainment. From very outset SAMMI Daewoo has been
pursuing its plan to develop nationwide network of its service. In only nine years of its
existence, this service has already been extended almost all the major cities of Punjab as well
as NWFP. In 2007 the people of Sindh will also find this service at their threshold including
Karachi – the biggest city of Pakistan.

Sammi-Daewoo Express Bus Service operating throughout the length and breadth of Pakistan
facilitating the people to transport themselves and their belongings to / from every nook and
corner of the country. Linking Pakistan with its neighbors and trade partners as well as
providing them with safe corridors to pass through.

The period of our existence comprises of our march towards our vision. Blessed with the
confidence of our clients, our pace to materialize our vision is progressive far from any signs
of tiring journey. Equipped with the courtesy of our team members, holding the tools of
quality like luxury, comfort, safety, economy and punctuality we continue to penetrate
deeper and deeper into the hearts of our clients. Our endeavor is guided by the principles that
we have to hand down to our successors such systems, techniques and methods that lead to
a world that is green in environment, traffic flow, safety, security.

Business Areas:
1. Express Bus Service

2. City Bus Service

3. Cargo Service
Route Launching:
Launching of Abbotabad ~ Karachi ~ Abbotabad route on July 31,2009

Launching of Faisalabad ~ Karachi route on May 22,2009

Launching of Rawalpindi ~ Karachi route on September 25, 2008

Launching of Lahore ~ Karachi and Multan~Karachi routes on May 23, 2008

Launching of Haripur

Launching of Karachi~Hyderabad Bus Service (September 10th 2007)

When & How Make An Advance Reservation:

Advance reservation starts 48 hours before the departure till half an hour before.

Advance reservation can be made by two ways

1. Through making a phone call at information and booking center of that particular terminal.
2. Through reservation window at that terminal.

At all of our main terminals, U.A.N. Number i.e. 111-007-008 is being operated. You can call
to this number from your local city or can use the city code in prefix where you want to call.
However at sub-terminals, contact numbers are different for each city and thus get numbers
through this website in ‘Midway Stopovers’ Section in Destinations link.

When Where Purchase The Ticket:

Ticket can be purchased at any time after reservation till fifteen minutes before the departure.
All reservations are cancelled and seat can be issued to other passengers after this time (i.e.
fifteen minutes before the departure).

Ticket can be purchased from the advance ticketing counter till half an hour before the
departure. Current ticketing starts at half an hour before the departure, tickets can be
purchased from the specific ticketing counters.

Send Some Goods To Other Cities:

Daewoo has a separate cargo division. For delivery of goods, cargo service is available 24 x 7
at each terminal. Moreover Cargo Pick up Points are also available in Lahore, Rawalpindi,
Multan and Faisalabad.
How Launch Complaints Or Submit The Suggestions:
There are different ways to launch a complaint to Sammi Daewoo i.e.:

1. At terminal, write your complaint with complete address and contact numbers in the
Complaint / Suggestion Book placed in passenger lounge or near ticketing office. You can also
demand Complaint / Suggestion Book from the staff on duty in Terminal Office.

2. During travel in our bus, ask for Complaint / Suggestion Book from Hostess / Steward and
write the complaint in clarity with complete address and contact numbers.

3. Contact Complaints Department through email address written in ‘Contact Us’ section on
this website.

4. Send your written complaint by Post or Fax written on some Letter Head or Proper
Document having all necessary particulars i.e. address, contact number etc. Letter having
improper identification and incomplete particulars will not be treated as registered complaint
and will not be inquired.

Being a thriving icon in the market of Customer Services, Daewoo Pakistan provides a striking
and attractive opportunity for a bright and professional career in different business divisions.
Joining Daewoo, not only you can employ your best possible skills but can also buff up you
abilities and value for more prosperous future.

Time is the most precious asset at this age. At Sammi Daewoo, safety of this asset is
guaranteed. Punctuality & regularity is the key feature of our service, which is assured by
leaving no stone unturned in making timely departures and arrivals. The passengers are
valuable to us, so as their time.

Audio/Visual Entertainment:
Daewoo is committed to make your journey full of comfort & excitement. Traveling starts with
recitation of ‘Journey Prayer', followed by Audio Visual Entertainment including:

• Audio Songs.
• Family Movies, Dramas, Songs and Documentaries.
• Switching System with Multiple Choices of Audio & Video
• All esteemed daily Newspapers are also available in the bus.
• Provision of Head Phones with every seat for an undisturbed enjoyment.

Trained Crew:
Quality service can be provided by quality conscious people. The only way to maintain the
level of quality of our service is to engage the best possible human resources. For this
purpose company has a defined procedure of human resource intake. Especially the crew is
selected after an extensive screening process and continues with intensive training programs.
The training & development department designs and arranges these training programs. These
training programs are specially designed by keeping in view the job responsibilities of each
role. Each person inducted in the company has to be passed through these programs prior to
join the duty. Apart from these orientation programs, department also arranges refresher
courses and other professional development programs.

Also customized training programs are arranged by each department to enhance the
capabilities of its employee in specific fields. Training programs, for the Crew, are necessary in
this regard. On job trainings and refresher courses are held for drivers, hostesses and guards
by their departments.

Our commitment to excellence requires trained human resource. Our training programs,
especially for crew, reflect the quality consciousness of the Company. As a result, the crew
consists of a courteous hostess, a driver equipped with modern techniques and a disciplined

State of the art technology is harmonized with skilled and professional technicians under the
supervision of Korean Expertise to ensure the optimized maintenance of buses which develop
the unique and fundamental feature of Sammi Daewoo. This is the reason that even on
unpredictable road conditions in the region, our buses are employed to ensure luxurious,
comfortable and reliable public transport service in Pakistan.

Security And Safety:

Sammi Daewoo assures its passengers a safe & secure journey. For this purpose a separate
Security Department is working with highly professional staff. Almost all staff members are
Ex-Army officials. The best way to ensure the most reliable security is to put the best possible
candidate for the job in the position. That's why the Security Department uses an extensive
screening process when hiring and continues with intensive candidate evaluation for specific
The Security Department is committed to deliver quality security services to our passengers
through defined procedures and measures. We have formalized and automated systems that
enable us for effective and efficient results.

Some of the security & safety measures followed are:

Life insurance of each passenger.

A team of skilled guards at all terminals.

Deputation of alert armed guard in the bus.

Security checking of passengers at boarding time.

Lost & Found department for the security of luggage.

Movie capturing of all passengers before the departure

Before boarding, carry-on baggage of each passenger is checked.

Terms And Conditions For Passengers:

1. Confirmed booking is cancelled 15-minutes before scheduled departure time
if the passenger doesn’t report at the ticketing counter for buying ticket. Late
comers would be accommodated in the same departure subject to the
availability of seats.
2. Passengers having no advance booking are requested to get their names
included in waiting list and get waiting numbers. They will be accommodated
on availability of seats in the order of their waiting numbers.
3. If a passenger having advance ticketing gets it cancelled before the
departure, he / she will be charged with 30% cancellation charges.
4. If a passenger having advance ticket reports at the Terminal Office after the
bus departs and doesn’t avail the next departure, his ticket will not be
5. Full ticket will be charged for children of 4 years and above.
6. Passengers are requested to check / confirm the cash balance before leaving
the ticketing counter. Company will not be responsible for any short balance
claimed after leaving the counter once.
7. For the purpose of safety and security, passengers are requested to
cooperate with the staff performing security scanning / body search at the
time of boarding.
8. Passengers, who missed the bus for which they had tickets, are requested to
report at the ticketing office and avoid catching the bus by running after it or
by other vehicle lest some accident occurs. They will be accommodated in
next departure subject to the availability of seats.
9. Passengers are requested to ensure the loading of their luggage (if any) in
the luggage compartment of the bus and carefully collect the luggage tags.
They are strictly prohibited to put any cash, jewelry, prize bonds, or any
precious / delicate item in such luggage lest it is lost or damaged. The
company will entertain no claim in this regard.
10. Luggage weighing upto 30 Kgs per ticket is allowed free of charge in
the bus. In case of excess luggage, ELT (Extra Luggage Tariff) will be
charged as per company policy. Passengers are requested to take ELT Slip
from the loader at any cost.
11. In case of luggage (other than the hand luggage) is misplaced / lost
Departure Available For
Terminal Address Phone # Time Fare
Available For
Karachi Terminal Gulshan Zahoor Line area, near Ali
Jinnah Shuttle 021-
Raza Imambargah Main M-A 0:45 20/-
Point 2793292
Jinnah Road Karachi
Abbottabad Madni Plaza, Main Kara Karam
Terminal Mansehra Highway, near General Bus Stand, 0:35 25/-
Rahim Yar Khan Rahim Yar Near White Palace Hotel, Shahi 068-
Stopover Road, Rahim Yar Khan 0:20 15/-
Khan 5889780-1
Peshawar PDA Commercial Complex, Block-
Hayatabad, 091-
Terminal II, Phase-V Sector B-3, Hayatabad, 0:35 20/-
Peshawar 5824939
Rawalpindi Al-Habib Hotel behind Sitara 051-
Terminal G-7, Islamabad Market Markaz G-7, Islamabad 0:30 20/-

In Sargodha:
Sargodha, known for Pakistan Air Force base, is situated on the lower Jhelum Canal. It is a
center for trade in cotton and other agricultural commodities. Sargodha has manufactures in
hosiery, textiles, chemicals, and soap. Sargodha has very rich agricultural land and a division includes khushab, mianwali, bhakar, and sargodha itself. Daewoo Express Bus
Service started its operation in Sargodha in October 1999.

Contact Information

Departure Available For

Source Via Destination Luxury Fare VIP Fare PP Fare
Sargodha Rawalpindi Rs.410.00 /- Rs.0.00/- Rs.0/-
Sargodha Faisalabad Rs.200.00 /- Rs.0.00/- Rs.0/-
Sargodha Lahore Rs.380.00 /- Rs.0.00/- Rs.0/-