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Mychel L.


Education & Honors

Ph.D in Sociology, Washington State University Pullman, Wa.
Fully funded assistantship with stipend
M.A. in Sociology with a graduate certificate in Womens Studies,
May 2009
University of South Florida (USF)- Tampa, Florida
Fully funded assistantship with stipend
Certified by the USF Center for 21st Century Teaching
Excellence for completing 20 hours of teaching workshops
B.A. in Sociology, minors in Womens Studies and Anthropology in
Multicultural Studies, University of Central Florida (UCF) Orlando, Florida
Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Recipient

May 2015 (expected)

Fall 2009- present
May 2009
Fall 2007-Spring 2009
Summer 2008

May 2007
2004 2007

Current Research Interests

Womens, Gender, and Feminist Studies
Stratification/ Inequality

Military and Education

Current Memberships
American Sociological Association (ASA)
Pacific Sociological Association (PSA)

Academic Experience
Publications Submitted
Department Chairs Perspectives on Gender, Working Parents,
and Departmental Climate: Pathways for Transformation
Amy Wharton and Mychel L. Estevez
o Submitted to Advances in Gender Research 9: Gender Transformations in the Academy
I would even take a cut in pay.": The Power of the Motherhood
Ideology in Curtailing Women's Career Expectations and
Negotiations"Elizabeth C. Harris and Mychel L. Estevez
o Submitted to the Journal of Family Issues

Publications in Progress
Creating Collegiality: Chairs, Departmental Climate, and
Faculty Work Amy Wharton and Mychel L. Estevez

Governance and Accountability among Women in their

Workplaces- Mychel L. Estevez and Elizabeth C. Harris

Research Assistantship
Worked with Amy Wharton on research related to the
ADVANCE grant.

Summer 2012

Conference Presentations
ROTC Cadets Beliefs about Ethics and Obedience to
OrdersEstevez, Mychel at the American Sociological

August 2014

Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco. Round Table


Creating Collegiality: Chairs, Departmental Climate, and

Faculty WorkWharton, Amy and Mychel L. Estevez American

August 2013

Sociological Association Annual Meeting, New York. Round Table


Gender Ideology Versus Motherhood Ideology: How Do These

Differentially Affect Womens Expectations at Work? - Harris,
Elizabeth and Mychel Estevez.

August 2011

Shifting Maternal Expectations of Employers Pacific

Sociological Association (PSA) - Harris, Elizabeth and Mychel

March 2011

. Governance and Accountability among Women in their

Workplaces. PSA- Estevez, Mychel and Elizabeth Harris

March 2011

Interrogating Identity, presented at Emerging Paradigms: An

Interdisciplinary Perspective Graduate Student Conference
sponsored by the Graduate Organization Council at USF

April 2009

Passing Through Life: A Racialized Journey, presented at

Speaking of Method: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Research
Symposium sponsored by the USF Graduate Communication
Association (GCA)

April 2009

An Overview of the Effects of the Militarization of Education


August 2008

and Future Research Questions, Society for the Study of

Social Problems
Conference Travel Funding Award ($300), Department of
Sociology, USF
Service and Leadership
Organizing a paper session for the PSA Committee on LGBTQ
Persons for the regional conference in 2015.
Elected to serve on the Presidents Commission for Gender,
Identity, Expression and Sexual Orientation (GIESO). Currently
serving as Secretary of the commission.
Served on the Undergraduate Committee of the Sociology
Graduate Student Organization

M.A. Thesis
Identities Constructed by Practitioners of Alternative Medicine
(Dr. Laurel Graham, committee chair)

Spring 2011- current

Fall 2011- Spring 2011

April 2009

Teaching Experience
Instructor at Portland State University (PSU)
Gender and Sexualities (2 classes of 36 students)
o Designed and taught.
o Working with two mentors who are running three
mentoring sessions each.
Instructor at Washington State University-Vancouver (WSUV)
Urban Poverty (3 students)
Sociology of Gender (3 students)
Sociology of Education (24 students)
o Designed and taught.
Sociology of Gender (24 students)
o Designed and taught.
Marital and Sexual Lifestyles (8 students)
o Designed and taught.
Sociology of Education (10 students)
o Designed and taught.
Intersections of Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality (40
o Designed and taught class; incorporated a disability
Social Inequalities/ Soc 340 (40 students)

Fall 2014

Summer 2014
Summer 2014
Spring 2014
Fall 2013
Summer 2013
Summer 2013
Spring 2013

Fall 2012

o Designed and taught.

Instructor at Washington State University (WSU)
Sociology of Family/ Soc 351 (50 students)
o WSU Online class
Sociology of Gender/ Soc 384 (23 students)
o Designed and taught the class via Academic Media
Services (AMS) to a branch campus using multi-campus
Graduate Teaching Assistant at WSU
I assisted in classes ranging from 100 to 500 students including
Social Inequality, Introduction to Sociology, and Social
Problems. In the course of my assignments I have led discussion
sessions (of 30 students each), graded and created exams from
scratch, and run laboratory experiments.
Instructor at University of South Florida (USF)
Social Problems (55 students)
o Designed and taught the course.
Graduate Teaching Assistant at USF
I assisted in large (250-350 student) Introduction to Sociology
and Social Problems classes. Duties included organizing and
performing lectures periodically and grading assignments.

Summer 2012
Spring 2012

Fall 2009- Spring


Spring 2009

Fall 2007-Fall

Funding Opportunities

CAS Graduate Student Professional Development Funds

o Awarded $750

Spring 2014

Morgan, Gordon D & Izola P Graduate Fellowship

o Awarded $1000

Spring 2013

CAS Graduate Student Professional Development Funds

o Awarded $750

Spring 2013

Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline for project titled

The Role of the Workplace in the Construction of Intensive
Motherhood IdentitiesJulie Kmec, Elizabeth C. Harris, and
Mychel L. Estevez
o Applied for $7000, awarded $0

Summer 2010

Non-Academic Professional Experience

Ophelia Project and Boys Initiative (OPBI) of Tampa Bay, Intern
Tampa, Fl
fFacilitated girls groups of 5 to 15 girls. The groups met once or
twice a week for an hour depending on the group and were
based out of their middle school or a community center.
Adversaries to Allies and Friendship curricula were used to
guide the groups. I also compiled information for the data-base
on program participants and created a database on Excel
documenting existing programs, curricula, and research on
topics such as bullying, relational aggression, gang and violence
prevention, and leadership development, etc.

Summer 2008

Substitute Teacher
Hired and trained by Hillsborough County Public Schools to be
a substitute teacher at the high school level.

Spring 2008- Spring


American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Central Florida, Intern

Orlando, Florida
Conducted Internet and government database research on a
variety of topics including cataloging the range of progressive
groups in the state, the variety of sexual education curriculum in
public school systems, and instances of police brutality.
Provided office support such as file organization and arranged
for technical support for office setup.
Grayson for Congress, Campaign Office Assistant Orlando, Florida
Provided office support, created and updated computer
databases, and managed payroll issues.

May 2007 June 2007

July 2006 August