Take comfort from eons that precede and will follow. Look beneath nature’s skirt to see the underside of opposites. From the bounty of the infinite I map a finite universe; From the bounty of the finite I map an infinity of worlds. This in which, that out of which and the into which are one. Life’s retribution, death’s promise; each to the other owes what’s due. A vortex spins inside an egg— a cell splits itself from itself. Fire flees from water. Cold flies from hot. Air extricates itself from earth and earth folds back into earth. A sphere of fire forms like bark around its tree containing everything I am or was ever meant to be. Heaven’s wheels are hollow and are full of flames that will flare from time to time through random holes to char the night sky blacker. Starlight pierces heaven as lightning cleaves a cloud. Held in equipoise in the empyrean like a glutton who cannot make a choice when food is ranged all ‘round him, the earth is indifferent to all in equal measure. I know where my feet are planted.

Earth is the drum on which I beat like an angry child to make the thunder come.