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(1). Fill in the blanks with one of the following words:

counterfoil, runway, overdraft, aisle, branches, departure lounge, withdraw, conveyor belt,
expenditure, airliner
1. The government intends to cut its __________ by 10% next year.
2. It was this, unfinished, _________ that my plane landed on.
3. Its a good idea when you write a cheque to fill in the ________ for keeping a better record
of your spending.
4. When we bought our tickets we requested an ________ seat as it was my first flight and I
couldnt bear to watch out the window.
5. The bank offers ________ facilities.
6. Launching a new ________ is a complicated business.
7. The bank has ________ all over the country so it will be easy for you to use the credit card.
8. We checked in our luggage and went through to the ________ ________.
9. You can ________ money at any time from the account without penalty.
10. Baggage is placed on the ________ ________ to go through the X-ray machine.

(2). Fill in the blanks:

glossary, boot, textbook, bonnet, Whos Who, overtake, browse, headrest, rear, guidebook,
1. The guest list sounds like a ________ ________ of top American businessmen.
2. The new model from Ford motors has a bigger ________.
3. He found Jill in the gallery shop silently ________ through some books.
4. Always check your rear view mirror before you ________ another car.
5. I looked under the ________ and clouds of smoke poured out the engine must have been
6. A trailer was attached to the ________ of the truck.
7. Open most astronomy ________ and you will find a statement somewhere that calls the Sun
an average star.
8. His car had custom ________ that were studded with buttons made of bone.
9. Our driver rolled up his window and backed away, lightly tapping the front ________ of the
car behind.
10. We also booked hotels in advance, since the ________ said that they tended to be busy.
11. The book is well illustrated and includes problems and a ________ but has a scanty index.

(3). Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition:

in, at, on, through, by, from, up


You have to check ________ at 10:30.

Its faster to travel ________ plane.
You must go ________ all the formalities before boarding.
He borrowed 15 ________ me last week and he still hasnt paid me back.


Youll receive a statement ________ regular intervals.

Would you fill ________ this form so we can move forward with your registration?
Im afraid youll have to look ________ the meaning yourself.
The librarian said the book was ________ the counter.

(4). Fill in the blanks:

prescription, graduate, plot, ward, usherette, grant, performance, chemist, compulsory,

appointment, foyer

Without a student ________, I'd never even have gone into higher education.
Many flu medication are available without a ________.
Ill see you downstairs in the ________ before the play begins.
We both ________ from the same high school in Queens.
If you want I can stop by and have the ________ prepare this mixture.
It was hilarious and much appreciated by the select audience of ________, theatre staff and
7. Maths and English are ________ for all students.
8. When her baby was due, Barbara was admitted to the maternity ________ of Mercy
9. The play had a conventional ________ about love and marriage.
10. She made an ________ for her son to see the doctor.
11. The evening ________ of Romeo and Juliet will begin at 8:00 pm.
(5). Fill in the blanks:

estate agent, polling station, landlord, takeaway, ballot box, napkin, coalition, block, cutlery,
right-wing, self-contained, crockery, one-party state, surveyor, cramped, eat out
1. Such thinking is fashionable among ________ politicians.
2. The ________ had promised to redecorate the bedrooms before we moved in.
3. The ________ will require a knowledge of your possibilities in order to advise you over a
certain property.
4. They can be neatly eaten with your hands - sometimes a ________ isn't even needed!
5. When we arrived at the ________ ________ we discovered the voting was over.
6. The house at Number 14 was replaced by a ________of flats.
7. The conventional image of a ceramic is of a hard material used to make items such as
________ and tiles.
8. Please drop the presidential votes in the right ________ ________, while the government
ones in the left one.
9. Since its such a special occasion, why dont we ________ ________ for a change?
10. Our ________ ________ did a really good job: we managed to find this beautiful cottage at a
reasonable price!
11. Romania used to be an ________ ________ but things have changed after the revolution.
12. At the staff restaurant, everything must be available in a hurry with an optional ________
13. Conditions on board ship were extremely ________ and uncomfortable.
14. Besides the blue plates, the ________ seemed to be made of silver.

15. I was tired of sharing my towels or dishes, so I decided it was time to get my own ________
16. The elections resulted in a two-party ________ government.
(6). Fill in the gaps:

tipsy, shipyard, compulsive gambler, boom, sip, punters, dam, spirits, chain-smoke, slump,
1. Canada enjoyed a real economic ________ in the postwar years.
2. Although he ________ cigarettes, his hands were unstained.
3. The engineers and labourers would sometimes appear from the ________ with their black
4. The ________ burst under the weight of water.
5. He is almost all the time at the casino Im afraid he might be turning into a ________
6. A tiger had been ravaging the countryside and killing the villagers' ________.
7. After the second glass of wine I was feeling a little________.
8. But it's a good bet that this ________ will be back on the course next year.
9. ________ are more expensive than beer, but they get you drunk faster.
10. She ________ water all the way through the interview.
11. The ________ in the property market is making it difficult for people to sell their homes.

(7). Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition:

up, of, into, down, for, in, of, to


Russia exports wood ________ the UK.

There is a boom ______ the IT market.
After taking ________ my order, the waiter rushed to the kitchen.
He was so fond ________ his niece that he left her the family business.
Would you mind washing ________ the dishes for me please?
I cant wait to move ________ my new flat!
He left to become a doctor at the age ________ 20.
Who did you vote ________?

(8). Fill in the blanks:

oath, breakdown, bow, warders, settle, detain, baton, spokesperson, inquest, embassy, lyrics,
plain clothes

Police ________ two suspects for questioning.

He wrote some great music, but the ________ weren't that good.
Both sides blamed each other for the ________ of the talks.
He was heavily guarded, two ________ being in the room with him and another at the door.
There were police in ________ ________ in the crowd.
The conductor raised his ________ and soon the orchestra started playing.
The police held an ________ into the death of a 54-year-old woman.

8. A government ________ has denied the allegations of corruption.

9. Violins are played with ________.
10. Travellers in Spain who are worried about the situation are advised to contact the British
________ in Madrid.
11. He admitted that he had lied under________.
12. Id like to get this matter ________ once and for all!
(9). Fill in the blanks:

drought, fare, rubble, arson, drown, cut off, escalator, rack, toll, outbreak, overcome, doubledecker, rush hour
1. He ________ in a boating accident.
2. I got caught in the morning ________ ________ and I couldnt make it in time for work.
3. The engineer was working on the freezer when he was ________ by gas.
4. They took the ________ down to the lower level and the Grillapolis caf.
5. Central Africa is suffering one of the worst ________ of the century.
6. The bombings took a heavy ________, killing hundreds of Londoners.
7. I tried to make it in time, but all the roads are blocked with the ________ of fallen buildings.
8. In winter, the town is often ________ ________ by snow.
9. A range of bus sizes is available from the mini-bus to the large ________.
10. A one-week stay in Majorca costs $779 including air ________.
11. Doctors are very concerned about an ________ of tuberculosis in an East London School.
12. He lifted the suitcase down from the ________.
13. The school was destroyed in an ________ attack.

(10). Fill in the blanks:

off-the-peg, go out, rink, refund, bridegroom, pitch, till, drift apart, train, try on, toss a coin,
1. Her ________, Petruchio, has a wardrobe full of Georgio Armani suits.
2. The football team is currently ________ in Hampshire.
3. Even the most expensive and well-cut suit took on the appearance of a cheap ________ item.
4. Teddy and Maria never really argued - they just ________ ________.
5. What a lovely dress! Why dont you ________ ________ to see if it fits you?
6. A permanent 5-inch thick ice ________ is created at the beginning of the hockey season.
7. Her parents gave their ________ to the marriage.
8. You must return your purchase within 14 days for a full ________.
9. We should ________ ________ ________ to see who goes first.
10. The village has attractive playing fields, with a football and cricket ________.
11. How long have you two lovebirds been ________ ________ together?
12. Next time you have the ________ open, could you give me some change?

(11). Fill in the gaps:

clash, eligible, soap opera, withdraw, gossip columns, welfare state, retaliate, commercials,
ceasefire, indoctrinated, subsidized

1. Their aim is to reduce peoples dependency on the ________ ________.

2. As a result of the Paris peace negotiations, most American forces ________ from Vietnam in
3. Networks show more toy ________ just before Christmas.
4. Citizens were ________ into believing that their leader was the source of all wisdom and
5. This is a glossy ________ ________ about four black professional women helping one
another through a bad year in Phoenix.
6. The government had failed in numerous attempts to achieve a ________ through negotiation.
7. Last month disagreements about who should be ________ to vote brought registration to a
8. Harriet read film and ________ ________ voraciously.
9. Many day care facilities are ________ by the city.
10. Iranian and Iraqi troops ________ on the border.
11. Later that day, whites ________ by killing a young black delivery driver.
(12). Fill in the blanks:

nag, tongue-tied, vacancies, sob, frictions, commute, grief, perks, faint, row, increment,
retire, resentment, stammer

Everyone should have the right to a pension when they ________.

"Please don't leave me," he ________.
The contract includes a salary ________ every six months.
Nervousness affects people in different ways. While some people become ________, others
cannot stop talking.
5. One of the ________ of working for a fashion designer is that you get to wear lots of nice
6. Forgive me, he ________, if I press when I should not.
7. Skilled workers are few, and employers are having trouble filling ________.
8. My parents often have ________, but my dad does most of the shouting.
9. He felt considerable ________ towards Sheila for making him work late.
10. Theres nothing wrong between me and my mother, just the usual ________ between parents
and their teenage children.
11. Many may eventually be able to work from home rather than ________ to an office.
12. Look, I don't want to keep ________ you, but would you please take your stuff out of the
living room?
13. A second set of shadows appeared; at first long and ________, they shortened and sharpened
14. When my child died I might have given way to ________ as I loved him very much.
(13). Fill in the blanks:

conceited, widow, pram, ladder, deliver, privacy, daydream, contemptuous, hearse, ruthless,
midwife, achievement, boast, pride, cots, inherit
1. Stevens slowly worked his way up the corporate ________.
2. Obviously the ________ and mourning coaches were rented, but certainly not the coffin.


We don't like failing - it hurts our ________.

A ________ is designated to deliver family planning services.
Neil seemed lost in a ________, and didn't hear what I said.
I don't want to sound ________, but we are the experts here.
The press has been asked to respect the ________ of the Royal Family during this very
difficult time.
8. I didnt know she had given birth but the other day I saw her pushing a ________ down the
9. Who will ________ the house when he dies?
10. These men are ________ terrorists and will kill anyone who tries to stop them.
11. Winning three gold medals is a remarkable ________.
12. The daughters slept in one bed, the parents in another, the son on a ________.
13. I don't want to ________, but I was the first woman ever to win the competition.
14. The birth was so quick that my husband had to ________ the baby himself.
15. He was very ________ of popular writers, whom he described as having no talent.
16. Mr Jarvis died yesterday, leaving a ________ and four children.
(14). Fill in the blanks:

snaps, hoardings, pace, dealer, reproduction, navy, classified advertisements, bullet-proof,

armoured vehicles, remote, enlargement, publicise, tap, prints, air force, bug
1. She bought the painting from a Swiss art ________.
2. I could see three soldiers in the cockpit of an ________ ________, two with helmets, one
with a black beret.
3. She did a series of interviews to ________ her new book.
4. I'm really enjoying the relaxed ________ of life of Jamaica.
5. It was such an important conflict that we even had the ________ ________ ready to step in.
6. Patrick was showing his holiday ________ to everyone in the office.
7. I quickly browsed through the columns of ________ ________ in the hope that I might find
a suitable house for my family.
8. Security agents ________ their offices and managed to get some evidence against them.
9. I had an ________ of my graduation photo done for my grandparents.
10. Later we realized our phones had been ________ and the police knew everything.
11. The book contains excellent colour ________ of Monets paintings.
12. The ________ is considering buying six new warships.
13. After 20 years of city life, they moved to a ________ farmhouse in North Wales.
14. Police officers need to wear ________ vests during interventions just in case.
15. Health professionals say children are influenced by advertising on ________ and in
newspapers and magazines.
16. ________ look way better than the original negative!

(15). Fill in the blanks:

knob, engaged, depth, range, plug, dive, socket, shallow, mountaineers, lead, cliff, peak,
1. Roger was standing at the edge of the pool ready to ________.


Unless the number is ________, will we be able to let them know about the change of plans.
Most ________ dream of climbing Everest.
She picked up the ________ and dialled his number.
We decided to set this summer for the best-known mountain ________ in the world: The
6. The keyboard ________ in at the back of the computer.
7. We couldnt go fishing since the lake was too ________ for our boat.
8. Keep away from the edge of the ________ - you might fall!
9. No wonder the TV wasnt working, he had forgotten to plug it into the wall ________.
10. The ________ of the pond varies with the rainfall.
11. We installed a ________ which allows us to adjust the water level of the tank.
12. It is one of the most difficult ________ to climb but were up for the challenge.
13. Our radio wasnt working anymore and after trying everything we found out that the
________ was cut.
(16). Fill in the blanks:

shop floor, deadlock, stationery, word processor, white collar, shorthand, on the dole, printer,
labour relations, redundant, foreman, typewriter, filling cabinet, shop steward

The firm prided itself on its good ________ ________.

Candidates may use any system of ________ writing.
In his new office there was an empty ________ ________ waiting for the files to go in.
Ann Bailey sells ________ at the store from which Revel buys his maps.
He spoke as though he were a rich landowner instead of just the ________ of a modest
building firm.
6. Staff working in the office, on the ________ ________ and in the warehouse may well
communicate via the internal telephone system.
7. The ________ ________ or computer can take over much that used to be printed.
8. Businesses are closing and making people ________.
9. The future of high-quality printing in businesses belongs to laser ________.
10. Job cuts are already being made and newly-qualified nurses are going straight ________
________ ________.
11. For his last manuscript he used an old ________.
12. The economic recession has put many ________ ________ workers in danger of losing their
13. The talks have reached a complete ________.
14. The ________ ________ had ordered fancy new machines and given virtually everyone in
manufacturing a big raise.
(17). Find the word defined as following:
1. to make a series of long low sounds, especially a long distance away from you r________
2. to make a long loud high sound or cry s________
3. when objects make a noise as they rub against each other (leaves, papers, clothes etc)
4. to make a loud unpleasant noise (hard objects) c________
5. to make a long high noise when someone opens it, walks on it, sits on it (a door, wooden
floor, old bed, or stair creaks) c________

6. to make a deep, very loud noise r________

7. liquid hits or falls on something and makes a noise s________
8. to make a low continuous sound h________
9. to make a short high noise or cry that is not loud s________
10. the loud ringing sound made by a bell p________
11. to shake small metal things together so that they make a sound, or to make this sound
(18). Match each animal with the sound it makes:

1. lion
2. cat
3. horse
4. cock
5. sheep
6. donkey
7. snake
8. wolf
9. hen
10. dog

miaow, purr
bark, growl

(19). Fill in the blanks:

limp, sniff, stagger, peer, cough, puff, pant, frown, sneeze, stray, glare, stammer, groan, peep,
trudge, glance, crawl, stroll
1. Cats make him ________ - I think hes allergic to the fur.
2. The man ________ nervously at his watch.
3. Stop ________ and blow your nose.
4. "Sorry I'm so late, Maxie'' he said, ________ breathlessly.
5. They ________ along the riverbank, enjoying the evening sun.
6. He just sat there in silence, ________ angrily.
7. Patterson often ________ during speeches.
8. Bobby ________ around the corner to see if anyone was coming.
9. The old man ________ drunkenly to his feet.
10. Mrs Gold ________ at the children, who were getting mud all over their clothes.
11. We ________ home through the snow.
12. Matthew ________ and cleared his throat.
13. She ________ painfully over to a chair and sat down.
14. Everyone ________ as Scott began to tell another one of his stupid jokes.
15. Roger ________ into the dark corridor to see what was making the noise.
16. They were allowed little opportunity to ________ from their group.
17. He came in ________ after running up the steps.
18. The baby started to ________ across the floor.

(20). Match each item on the left with the most suitable phrase on the right:
1. He flexed
2. She nodded


in agreement.
his arms and listened to what he had to say.
after waiting in the same place for so long.
on the sofa after a hard days work.

3. He craned
4. He shivered
5. He shrugged
6. He sobbed
7. He folded
8. She curtseyed
9. He dozed
10. He tapped
11. She fidgeted

e. when she was introduced to the President.

f. the table in time to the song.
g. when he heard the bad news.
h. his muscles for everyone to see that he had been working out.
i. his neck to see better.
j. his shoulders.
k. with cold.

(21). Find the most suitable word for the following:

1. chiuveta = w________
2. abajur (de la lampa) = l________
3. raft = s________
4. carpeta (de pus pe jos) = r________
5. saltea (de pat) = m________
6. canapea = s________
7. draperie = c________
8. perna pentru decor = c________
9. scaun cu trei picioare = s________
10. cearsaf = s________
(22). Fill in the blanks:

axe, nail, rope, spanner, nut, pin, screw, spade, thread, fork, bolt, safety pin, drawing pin,
penknife, saw, chisel, drill

She was knitting a cloth with gold and silver ________.

Billy used his ________ to carve his name on the chair.
They used a piece of ________ to tie the clerk up.
________ ________ are usually used for news on boards.
Fix the frame in position and tighten the ________.
Julian used an ________ to chop down the old apple tree.
The ________ is strong enough to bore through solid rock.
A ________ may have fallen off the planes forward door.
To his surprise, he found the hexagonal ________ on the ledge in the garage where it was
meant to be.
10. If you really need a ________ just go and ask the carpenter on the other side of the shop to
borrow you one.
11. The maroon dress was neatly folded, and the coral necklace carefully pinned with a large
________ on it.
12. The woman stuck her ________ in the ground and began digging a hole.
13. The key was hanging on a ________ by the door.
14. He kept a big map with ________ marking each of his friends birthplaces.
15. Use a wrench to loosen the ________.
16. Remember that garden ________ he borrowed?
17. He used the ________ to cut the plank in two.

(23). Fill in the blanks:

flock, swarm, shoal, stack, suite, clump, pack, herd, bundle, mob, fleet, congregation
1. No hyena wants to fight outside the ________.
2. When the prayer ended, the entire ________ sat down.
3. Peaceful and lively, the fish is best in small ________ because loners or pairs become
4. A ________ of fans caused millions of pounds worth of damage in the area surrounding the
5. The shepherds who had brought their ________ across must know the safest route.
6. The eight bedrooms are very comfortable, many have en ________ facilities.
7. He put his hand on his pocket, and pulled out a large ________ of 50 notes.
8. The dead sheep was covered with ________ of flies.
9. When they eventually withdrew they took with them four thousand slaves and great
________ of cattle.
10. Bright green lizards were scuttling over a ________ of tree-roots twice as tall as him.
11. We have the largest ________ of trucks in the state.
12. Next to the bottles was a tall ________ of plastic cups.

(24). Match each item on the left with the most suitable phrase on the right:

an arsonist
a stowaway
a mugger
a forger
a vandal
a smuggler
a pickpocket
a deserter
a bigamist

a. brings goods into a country illegally without paying tax

hides on a ship or plane to get a free journey
c. marries illegally, being married already
d. sets fire to property illegally
e. is a soldier who runs away from the army
f. attacks and robs people, often in the street
someone who deliberately damages things, especially
public property
makes counterfeit (false) money or signatures
i. someone who steals things from people's pockets, especially
in a crowd

(25). Match each item on the left with the most suitable phrase on the right:
1. a dustman
2. a fishmonger
3. a jockey
4. a window dresser
5. a curator
6. an auctioneer
7. an undertaker
8. a typist
9. a docker
10. a bricklayer
11. a chauffeur

a. treats peoples feet

represents his or her country at an embassy
c. makes arrangements for funerals
collects rubbish from peoples houses
e. someone who is in charge of a museum or zoo
f. someone who owns or works in a shop that sells meat
loads and unloads ships in a port
sells fish from a shop
i. drive someones car for them
j. arranges shop-window display
sells valuable objects at an auction
l. someone who rides horses in races
makes brick buildings and walls

12. a chiropodist
13. a midwife
14. a butcher
15. a diplomat

n. delivers babies
o. a secretary whose main job is to type letters

(26). Find the person defined as following:


likes to open the windows or be outside f________ a________ f________

is intellectual and likes serious literature, art, music h________
is not very active or energetic l________
seems to enjoy preventing others from enjoying themselves k________
is slow s________
is clever and ambitious and will get promotion and success h________ f________
someone who chooses to work a lot, so that they do not have time to do anything else
8. is inquisitive and pokes his or her nose into other peoples business n________ p________
9. cant stop talking c________
10. is confused or forgetful s________
(27). Fill in the blanks:

laces, shorts, button, tie, tee-shirt, crease, skirt, sleeve, apron, sole, cap, zip, overcoat, buckle,
waistcoat, lapel, seam, cuff

A flower was pinned to his ________.

Only these ________ with Yankees and Mets logos are hot pink and bright red.
Your shoe ________ are undone.
Trousers should be fitted with a quick-release ________.
I'll see if I can iron some of those ________ out of your dress.
He'd had time to wash the dishes and take off his rubber gloves and ________.
When he gets closer we can see that one of his shirt ________ is unbuttoned and the sleeve
is frayed.
8. I usually wear a ________ when I go jogging.
9. He took his gold watch out of his ________ pocket and snapped it open.
10. She undid the ________ of her blouse and hurried to shower.
11. In winter he usually wears an ________ over his suite.
12. The women wear tight bodices over a long flowing ________.
13. I sat on the rocky slope not wanting to stain my white ________ on the grass.
14. I cant open my bag the ________ has stuck.
15. Neil's shirt was torn at the shoulder ________.
16. Amanda wears only shoes with rubber ________, her feet are very sensitive.
17. Why can female staff in Canterbury wear casual clothes but the men have to wear shirts and
18. John was wearing a collarless shirt with the ________ rolled up.
(28). Fill in the blanks:

forearm, forehead, wrist, ankle, eyelid, calf, eyelashes, shin, thigh, chin, waist, cheek, thumb,
jaw, hip
1. His black hair was tousled, blown by the wind, shining strands of it across his brown
2. Ellie leaned back against the school piano, her gray skirt revealing her ________.
3. He couldnt bear hearing another word so he punched him on the _________.
4. Pinch the nostrils together between your ________ and finger to stop the bleeding.
5. The room spun. Her ________ fluttered and she fainted.
6. The dress emphasized her tiny ________.
7. The moon was bright and it lit his blue eyes and his ________ shadowed his cheeks.
8. His reminder of her is the tattoo on his left ________.
9. For a sprained ________ use rest, ice, compression and elevation.
10. He rubbed his ________ thoughtfully.
11. She stood there with her hands on her ________ glaring at him.
12. Shes been unable to play since January because of a torn ________ muscle.
13. A ________ guard is pulled over the whole thing.
14. She always wore a gold watch on her ________.
15. I kissed Mom on the ________ and said good night.

(29). Match each item from the left column with one from the right one:
1. an ounce
2. a bunch
3. a packet
4. a bar
5. a tin
6. a pint
7. a pair
8. a pound
9. an acre
10. a roll


of flowers
of soap
of shoes
of land
of tobacco
of potatoes
of cigarettes
of sardines
of film
of milk

(30). Add the following prefixes to form new words:

ex-, post-, super-, sub-, counter1. ____terranean (caves)

2. ____-husband
3. ____-war
4. ____attack
5. ____natural (things)
6. ____espionage (department)
7. ____-servicemen
8. ____graduate (studies)
9. ____way
10. ____human
11. ____marine

(31). Add the following prefixes to form new words:

de-, pre-, over-, inter-, pro1. ____-school (group)

2. ____crowded
3. ____-continental
4. ____-British
5. ____sleep
6. ____-city (services)
7. ____forested (area)
8. ____eat
9. ____historic (times)
10. ____railed (train)
11. ____work
12. ____national (sports)
(32). Add the following prefixes to form new words:

ir-, in-, dis-, im-, il-, un-

1. a(n) ____respectful pupil

2. a(n) ____literate person
3. to ____button a jacket
4. a(n) ____responsible boy
5. a(n) ____familiar city
6. a(n) ____possible plan
7. a(n) ____curable illness
8. to ____obey an order
9. a(n) ____resistible temptation
10. a(n) ____logical answer
11. a(n) ____moral action
12. a(n) ____secure feeling
13. ____legible handwriting
14. to ____like cheese
15. a(n) ____believable story
16. a(n) ____expensive present
17. a(n) ____patient motorist
18. a(n) ____replaceable work of art
(33). Fill in the blanks:

harmful, amateurish, thoughtful, monkish, friendless, smallish, thoughtless, sevenish,

darkish, harmless
1. In spite of his wealth and success, he died isolated and ________.
2. It was a surprisingly ________ movie.
3. I dont remember what time it was when I left my office, perhaps ________.

4. As yet there is no proof that genetically modified foods are ________ to humans.
5. In winter at 6 oclock its already getting ________ outside.
6. Let us be kind and ________ and not hurt other people.
7. The M3 coupe is a ________ car that's comfortable enough for four people.
8. Male mosquitoes are completely ________ - it's only the females that bite.
9. Even though hes almost eighteen he still has very ________ attitudes.
10. That certainly wasn't the intent, and we're sorry for any hurt this ________ headline caused.
(34). Fill in the blanks:

waterproof, employer, houseful, employee, cupful, foolproof, thankful, heatproof,

teaspoonful, mouthful

The girl went to the sink and pumped a ________ of water.

We will need a reference from your last ________ before we can send you a contract.
Joey had a ________ of cookies.
Place in a ________ dish and sprinkle the grated cheese over the top.
We were three glowing faces and three pairs of shining eyes in a ________ of mad black
dancing ghosts.
6. Place a ________ of the mushroom mixture in the centre of each top piece of filo.
7. We are a multi-national corporation with 140,000 ________ worldwide.
8. The Gore-tex fabric manages to be completely ________, and yet allows body moisture to
9. I get up every day ________ that I have a job and kids and a nice house.
10. I thought this method was ________ until four customer orders went missing.
(35). From the verbs below make nouns describing people by adding:

-er, -ist, -or, -ar, -ian

1. teach - ________
2. psychiatry - ________
3. electricity - ________
4. beg - ________
5. translate - ________
6. rob - ________
7. Paris - ________
8. survive - ________
9. supply - ________
10. bicycle - ________
11. elect - ________
12. history - ________
13. lie - ________
14. buy - ________
15. economy - ________
16. travel - ________
17. flower - ________
18. language - ________

(36). From the verbs below make nouns by adding:

-sis, -y, -ure, -ance, -ence

1. apologize - ________
2. differ - ________
3. hypnotize - ________
4. enclose - ________
5. enter - ________
6. diagnose - ________
7. offend - ________
8. analyse - ________
9. insure - ________
10. expire - ________
11. close - ________
12. defend - ________
13. forge - ________
14. resemble - ________
15. sign - ________

(37). From the verbs below make nouns by adding:

-sion, -age, -al

1. marry - ________
2. include - ________
3. discuss - ________
4. propose - ________
5. use - ________
6. try - ________
7. stop - ________
8. extend - ________
9. renew - ________
10. store - ________
11. divide - ________
12. arrive - ________

(38). From the verbs below make nouns by adding:

-tion, -ion, -ment


govern - ________
suggest - ________
deceive - ________
pronounce - ________
postpone - ________
predict - ________

7. satisfy - ________
8. advertise - ________
9. addict - ________
10. repeat - ________
11. agree - ________
12. select - ________
(39). From the adjectives below make nouns by adding:

-cy, -ness, -ance, -ity, -ence

1. Christian - ________
2. important - ________
3. fluent - ________
4. quiet - ________
5. present - ________
6. elegant - ________
7. fond - ________
8. equal - ________
9. obstinate - ________
10. convenient - ________

(40). From the adjectives below make nouns by adding:

-iness, -ty, -ion, -y, -ment

1. courteous - ________
2. gay - ________
3. naughty - ________
4. content - ________
5. perfect - ________
6. lazy - ________
7. necessary - ________
8. cautious - ________
9. furious - ________
10. holy - ________
11. brief - ________
12. tense - ________
13. hypocritical - ________
14. excited - ________

(41). From the nouns below make adjectives by adding:

-ical, -ic

sympathy - ________
clerk - ________
art - ________
energy - ________


grammar - ________
photography - ________
crisis - ________
medicine - ________

(42). From the verbs below make adjectives by adding:

-ive, -able

talk - ________
adjust - ________
produce - ________
break - ________
depend - ________
deceive - ________
cure - ________
destroy - ________

(43). Fill in the blanks:

commencement, stating, notify, prior to, enquire, further, attire, in excess of, attend, prior,
commence, provide, undertake

1. I remember asking my private secretary to ________ what would be the main subjects of our
2. The airline says that some flights may be cancelled without ________ warning.
3. An allocation plan should be given to each student at the ________ of training, setting out
the holiday periods.
4. Employees are expected and required to ________ team meetings.
5. Two new studies have been ________ to determine the effects of the chemicals.
6. Swimsuits are the ________ of the brave and very slim.
7. Passengers are requested to ________ a member of staff if they see suspicious packages.
8. Free parking is ________ for hotel guests.
9. All the arrangements should be completed ________ ________ your departure.
10. The director earns an annual salary ________ ________ ________ $100,000.
11. Justice Cohen ________ clearly that no further action would be taken.
a. excellent, the best
12. Your first evaluation will be six months after you ________ employment.
b. famous people, especially in literary,
13. The cheese's flavor and texture may be ________ improved during the aging period.
arts, entertainment circles
c. attractive, empty-headed young woman
(44). Match each item on the left with the most suitable phrase on the right:
d. to react very emotionally or excitedly
e. boring, poor quality
1. fringe
f. non-conventional
2. bin it
g. drunk
3. bent
h. corrupt
4. the glitterati
i. cost a lot of money
5. drop out
j. fool, stupid person
6. airhead
k. throw it away
7. crummy
l. abbreviation for favourite
8. hunk
m. masculine, attractive man
n. give up normal education or work for an
unconventional lifestyle
o. to criticise

9. legless
10. fave
11. flip
12. cats whiskers
13. cost an arm and a leg
14. bad-mouth
15. bimbo

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