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Everyone desires to reach for the pinnacle either be it in career or in life. It is for
the big that everyone wishes. People are alike in having this desire. But everyone
does not have the same zeal to realize their desires. Only the passion for it,
sincere efforts in a proper direction and perseverance in hard work leads to the
zenith in career or life. People are totally different from each other in this case. I
got acquainted about the similarity when I started reading people and about the
difference when I started reading the world. With the same view about the life
and efforts, I set my objective to pursue a career and research in computer
science field. Going for the graduation in Eastern Michigan University is yet
another step for my objective accomplishment. I intend to follow this up with a
PhD and later, a career in research and teaching. Infact, my predilection for
computer science field was not at spur-of-the-moment or made up; it is due to
many instances that I have come across right from the captivation of my senses
during my first laboratory exercise in BASIC (Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic
Instruction Code) in school. I was motivated by the fact that human created a
machine whose accuracy and speed of performing the operations surpasses that
of human. Contemplation in me about computers went for a long time after the
exercise and made me to take a decision of pursuing a career in computer field.
Right from giving direction to the cricket ball rather than just hitting was due to
my firm belief that Logic is neither a science nor an art, but a dodge, which I
happened to read unexpectedly in one science museum. With that quote, I
became certain that having logical and aptitude skills can excel me in any field.
In fact, man's attempts at logically modeling objects of study and then using
these models to reason, predict, draw new meanings and interpretations have
always captivated me. I realized that logical and problem solving skills are
imperative on my part to secure a career in computer science field. For the same
reason, I opted for mathematics and science as core subjects in twelfth standard.
I was exposed to basic concepts in those subjects and tested on the basis of
computational skills and problem solving techniques I am using. I performed
exceptionally well and secured a rank in top 1% in the class of 100 students.
Added achievement was that I was able to get a rank in top 5% among nearly two
hundred thousand people who were tested in common engineering entrance
examination. My hard work paid-off and I have joined Jawaharlal Nehru
Technological University, a reputed and deemed university for engineering
disciplines. In consonance with my interests, computer science was my obvious
choice in under graduation due to my fascination for it. My undergraduate
preparation has given me a very substantial knowledge of the basic areas of
Computer Science. Our curriculum provided us a strong foothold on programming

languages like JAVA, C, and C++ which serve as the medium of interaction between the
programmer and the system. I have always strived to develop a clear
understanding of the basic concepts and acquire an insight into the Science of
Computing. Overall, I did reasonably well.

Having acquired a firm foundation in the various areas of Computer Science, I am

sure that my forte is Data base systems & Data mining and I find that my
motivation, as well as my aptitude, is the strongest in this field Data base
systems & Data mining. It has wide range of applications both in scientific and
engineering fields. Long lasting scope of Data base systems & Data mining and
the fact that it has enabled hundreds of organizations to achieve remarkable
results in many areas have just stimulated my urge and interest for it. My
appetite to explore more about Data base systems & Data mining lead me to plan
my final year project on B+ -Tree Concurrency Control Algorithms in Real-

time environment. Operations on B+ -Tree are crucial while maximizing

concurrency in a Database System. In real-time environment in which each
such operation has associated deadline it is more crucial. There are
specialized algorithms for the purpose. As a part of the project, I will be
doing performance evaluation of these algorithms.
Apart from delving deep in to the field of Data base systems & Data mining, I
have tried to broaden my perspectives in other fields of Computer Science as
well. In my junior year I presented a paper on Broadband over Power lines (BPL)
in a national technical symposium. BPL is a technique of serving broad band
internet through power lines. The presentation involved an exhaustive study of
the various factors that affect the implementation of BPL concept in real time
considering all the factors by which it may get affected and providing the
possible and till date solutions to them. Paper presentation has done rounds in
the jury and finally fetched me 2 nd best presentation honor among nearly 70
presentations that symposium received. From then, confidence and eloquence in
speech became my ineffaceable assets.
But my immense appetence to excel and interest in Data base systems & Data
mining field have enthused me to pursue graduate studies. My decision to go for
Eastern Michigan University was based on a careful examination of the
department catalogue and information from faculty members, websites and
alumni. Within no time I got acknowledged that your university is highly rated
among other universities in United States, provides excellent resources and stateof-the-art facilities and has sound academic environment for graduation. The
Data base systems & Data mining program at Eastern Michigan university is
considered to be one of the best programs in the world in this field. Staff of
Eastern Michigan University include eminent faculty for Data base systems &
Data mining field, which I feel is an advantage to my interest which is the same. I
am greatly inspired by the thought that I will be guided, if admitted, by the
erudite professors like Mr. Hartmut F.W.Hoft & Mr. William Sverdilk, who are
exemplary personalities with several years of experience in the field of Computer
Science. I feel finding a reputed university with scholarly faculty members for the
field which I am interested in is delectation to me and will make a big leap in my
career and introduce me to the world of professionalism where my exceptional
skills are explored.
I believe that the essence of university education lies in the success of the
symbiotic relationship between the student, and his department. With your
repute in the field of my choice, you do have a lot to offer me, and at the same

time, I am confident of contributing meaningfully to the academic endeavors at

your University. It is with this in mind that I am looking forward to a long and
rewarding relationship with you.