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Dangers of desire

Desire is the most dangerous thing and is the greatest impediment in the path of Devotion. In Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu, Lord
Chaitanya instructs,

Make a firm decision to leave all types of desires and then enter the path of devotion otherwise you will attain nothing.
You have spent uncountable lives begging. You have gone on a pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi, Tirupati and other holy places.
You have prayed to so many different forms of Durga and Hanuman. What did you do? Begged for material things, how
foolish you can be? This is like asking for slippers and shoes at a sweet shop!
There is nothing but unlimited bliss in God. Why then are you asking for the world, which brings you nothing but misery in
the end? You are still not satisfied with infinite lives of material enjoyment!
The fact is that you have enjoyed celestial pleasures innumerable times and yet you ask for trivial earthly pleasure! Material
desire cannot leave you completely until you get free from the bondage of Maya. Therefore, one has to abandon all desires.
The example of Prahlad on this subject is very beautiful. When Lord Narasimha killed Hiranyakashipu, all the divine
personalities like Brahma, Shankar and others were present. Celestial gods were also there. They discussed among
themselves, How should we offer thanks to the lord for performing such a wonderful deed for us?
Even in the material world it is customary to welcome celebrities in an appropriate manner. They wondered, But which one
of us will go forward to greet Lord Narasimha, who was standing in a fearsome form with a garland of Hiranyakashipus
entrails around his neck! He was radiating effulgence equal to millions of suns.
Brahma ji was first approached by the celestial God. They said You are the creator of this universe and you are the son of
the supreme lord. You please go forward and greet him.
But Brahma fearfully declined saying, I dont have the courage to face him.
Shankar ji was requested, You have the power to destroy the entire universe by opening your third eye. Please go forward
and greet him. Shankar ji refused, No, No I dont dare.
When the great personalities like Brahma and Shankar refused, how would Indra and other celestial gods have the courage to
go near him? Everyone was scared, and no one could decide who should go forward.
Even in the material world if a mother is angry and scolding someone, the son is fearful about approaching her at that time,
he thinks, I better remain quite. Mom is angry right now. She may give me a slap!
Finally, everyone decided to send Prahlad, because Lord Narasimha had appeared for his protection. God is very loving and
can do anything for his devotees. Therefore all of them requested Prahlad to go and thank him for specially gracing them by
his appearance.
Prahlad happily agreed and marched forward. Small children have no fear. As adults you are scared of prominent
personalities. Seeing Prahlad, Lord Narasimha immediately lifted him into his lap with great love and affection and said, My
dear son! All my devotees ask me for a boon when I appear before them so, you should ask too.
But Prahlad was no ordinary son. While still in his mothers womb, Sage Narada had graced him with complete scriptural
knowledge. At the age of four years, Prahlad had started giving this knowledge to his classmates!
Prahlad said, My friends! There is no effort involved in practicing devotion to God. He is seated within you. You do not
need to go to any religious place. Just honestly and truly accept and believe that He is seated within you, you just dont have
this faith.
Now Prahlad was puzzled when Lord Narasimha instead him to ask for a boon. He thought, Do I still have any desires left
that are causing him to insist that I ask for a boon?
Am I a beggar that I should ask? That servant who asks for something from his master is not a true servant.
So Prahlad said, My Lord! May I say something? Lord Narasimha said, Why not? I simply want you to ask for a boon.
Prahlad said, My Lord! A servant who asks his master for something is not a true servant, but a businessman. What is a
A true servant always serves his master, but never asks for anything. It is only the master who has the right to ask for
something from his servant; he can order, bring me water, and massage my feet and so on. A servant is not supposed to
behave like this.
So Prahlad said, My Lord! I am your servant and you are insisting that I ask you for something! Lord Narasimha said, I
am aware of this, but I am very eager to offer a boon to my devotees when I meet them for the first time.
Prahlad thought to himself, He is forcing me too much. Let me think of something. He said, My Lord! I am a servant who
asks for nothing from his master. You also want nothing from me. What do I have to give you? My body, mind and intellect
are all material and unworthy of you. Everything of yours is divine.
Thus, neither you nor I want anything from each other. Then why are you repeatedly insisting that I ask you for something?
Lord Narasimha said, My dear son! It is all right that you desire nothing. Nevertheless, all devotees ask for something or the
other. Prahlad thought to himself, He is still insisting. So he said, My dear Lord! Please grace me so that I may never ask
for anything from you ever. The all-knowing and all-powerful Lord had to accept defeat before such a selfless devotee like
Prahlad further said, My lord! If worldly desires arise in someone the power of his senses, his mental prowess, the power of
his life- force, bodily strength, patient, modesty, wealth, truthfulness, intelligence and dignity- all these are lost.
Desire is so dangerous that a man loses all control over himself. To fulfill that desire he may even lie and commit all kinds of
sins. Desire is such a disease that even Indra, the king of heaven, cannot escape it.
There is no end to material desire. The emperor of the entire earth desires to attain the celestial abodes. After arriving there,
he wants the position of Indra, He wants to attain the position of Brahma. This disease of desire is endless.
The one who becomes completely free of material desires, becomes equal to God!