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Republic of the Philippines


Second Judicial Region
Tuguegarao City, Cagayan



Of my stenographic notes taken down
during the continuation of the presentation
of petitioners evidence in the above-entitled case
before Judge Lyliha L. Abella-Aquino
on September 10, 2014
PRESENT: Judge Lyliha L.Abella-Aquini = Presiding



ATTY. DONATO: Your honor, we are offering the testimony of the witness as an
expert witness in the field of psychology and human behaviour; that she conducted
neuro psychological examination of the parties; that she reduced her examination
in writing and she will likewise identify her report; the witness will explain her
findings particularly on the fact that the respondent is found to have been suffering

from gender identity disorder with narcicistic disorder or form of psychological

incapacity; the psychological incapacity of the respondent is marked with
antecendents, gravity and incurability; the witness will likewise explain the nature
of breath of the gender of the identity disorder, with narcicistic disorder by the
respondent; she will differentiate this disorder from homosexuality and bisexuality;
the witness will also explain what will happen to the individual and to the family of
the person suffering from that disorder; the witness will finally explain her
recommendation as contained in her report.
COURT: Comment fiscal.
PROS. GERON: We admit the expertise of Dr. Balagan in the field of psychology
and human behaviour.
ATTY. DONATO: Thank you fiscal. Your honor, by way of manifestation, we
prepared a judicial affidavit of the witness but we would like to speculate
questions. May we be allowed to conduct additional questions considering the
nature of the testimony of the witness, your honor.
COURT: Proceed.
Q: In your report which you reduced into writing there was a part regarding the
interpretative summary, am I correct?
A: Ye sir.
Q: In that portion you said that the respondent is suffering from gender identity
disorder with narcicistic disorder. In laymans term doctor, can you tell us what is
A: Gender identity disorder as stipulated in the diagnostic statistical manmual 4
and 5 is a kind of psychological which characterizes distress, distraught anxiety
depression on the part of the individual suffering from it. The distraught anxiety
depression is caused by the physical field of the individual to accept her gender. So
there is incongruence between his sex and her gender of preference.
Q: Doctor, you said that there is an incongruence of their gender and their
preference. How this disorder different from homosexuality?
A: Homosexuality is the desire to be with the partner of the same gender. We see
homosexual around but we cannot say that they are suffering from gender identity
disorder because if there is acceptance of their sexual foundation, they would not

experience distress. Distress and anxiety can be manifested in maladaptive

behaviors. So for homosexual act at times, that is how others perceive them
because they show unconventional behaviors. But it does not necessarily mean that
they are suffering from a disorder for as long as distress would not lead to personal,
interpersonal or social and occupational functioning, we cannot consider it as a
Q: Madam witness, you also mentioned in your report that the person suffering
from gender identity disorder may that happen to both male and female; now my
question is, how this disorder different from bisexualism?
A: Bisexualism is again another form of a gender sexual orientation. And
bisexualism is characterized usually by this strong feeling to be weald