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Proposal to increase Government Price of

Lands in Lahore by 10 Per cent
Published May 21, 2014 | By Gohar Bhatti

Work has just begun to increase the
government prices of lands in Lahore and
formal announcement of schedule is expected
on 27th June. There is a proposal to increase
the prices by 10 per cent on the whole of all
the commercial, residential and agricultural
lands. The schedule will be implemented from
1st July, 2014. In next schedule 14 different
rates pertaining to Defence Housing Authority
will be fixed whereas 14 different rates of
changes reflected in new schedule are: Mall
Road per Marla price has been changed from
26 Lac 87 Thousand to 27 Lac 70 thousand,
Hall Road from 22 Lac to 23 Lac whereas Jail
Road from 19 Lac 35 Thousand to 20 Lac
rupees has been proposed. In the same way
Gulberg Main Bulevard from 19 Lac 50
Thousand to 21 Lac 60 thousand, Gulberg
Main Market from 17 Lac 70 thousand to 26
Lac rupees has been proposed.

Race Course from 10 Lac 76 thousand to 11 Lac 60 thousand. Urdu Bazar from 11 Lac 30 thousand to 12 Lac 30 thousand. Frozpur Road Mozang to Shama Cinema from 14 Lac 80 thousand to 15 Lac 80 thousand. Suha Bazar from 29 Lac 50 thousand to 31 Lac 50 thousand and in Azam Market per marla government price has increased from 25 Lac 80 thousand rupees to 26 Lac Lac 80 thousand. . On the same pattern the price per Marla on Ravi Road has been increased from 16 Lac 10 thousand to 17 Lac 20 thousand. MCleod Road from 14 Lac 50 thousand to 15 Lac 50 thousand has been propsed. Rang Mahal from 29 Lac 50 thousand to 31 Lac 40 thousand.MM Alam Road from 13 Lac 95 thousand to 14 Lac 95 thousand. New Anarkali from 18 Lac 80 thousand to 20 Lac 20 thousand.

. A Committee has been formed including subRegistrars of 9 Registration branches responsible for the registration of properties in Lahore. Mcleod Road and almost all prominent commercial and residential areas by 10 Per cent. In the last year the 25 per cent increase propsed by the Collector in the schedule was rejected. Objections on the schedule will be received till 15 June. that will review all the proposals in this regard and will give the final shape to the schedule. 2014 after which registration of properties in all concerned registration branches will be done as per the new schedule. New Schedule will be enforced on First of July.There is a suggestion to increase per marla price of Garden Town. 2014 and addressed accordingly. Model Town.

Corporation fees will be received by the relevant staff of every department in every branch on the spot whereas the stamp papers will be got issued from the State Bank and its recovery will also be through challan forms.As per the Letter issued by Board of Revenue Punjab. The rate increased in the commercial areas will be received through stamp duty and registration fees by the bank for which an official challan will be issued. the increase must have to be reasonable regarding all the immobeable properties falling in the limits of urban Lahore and rating area and the schedule was issued with the same motive. Stamp Paper .

.amount will be deposited in state bank on Challan form which will be issued two days later and will also be got attested by the treasury branch.