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WebSphere for Dummies …
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IBM Software Group | WebSphere software

ƒ The First Application Server
ƒ What is WebSphere?
ƒ The WebSphere Product Family on System i5




IBM Software Group | WebSphere software

AS/400… The First Application Server …
•Younger than PC
technology and able to run
multiple workloads on a
single Server
•Serving thousands of
Users on a Single
•Ran 2000+ RPG and
COBOL Applications the
first Day!

Born June 1988

The AS stood for
Application System


IBM Software Group | WebSphere software

Later the next Decade (mid-late 90’s) …
•Sun Microsystems create Java and developers begin to write Applets
•The Web Application Server is created and Servlets did the heavy lifting
•PC Clients could now be thin

What could be missing…




PC Client



Legacy & ERP


IBM Software Group | WebSphere software

What is WebSphere?
In the Beginning
Point Products
Base Application Server

Performance Pack
ƒ Load balancing
ƒ Caching
ƒ File replication


Java Servlet







IBM Software Group | WebSphere software

What is WebSphere?
Then came
Extend, Integrate and Optimize your




IBM Software Group | WebSphere software What is WebSphere? Today Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) ƒ WebSphere Started as a Web Application Server in 1998 ƒ In 2000 IBM Launched “It’s a Different Kind of World. You need a Different Kind of Software” and the WebSphere Brand was created ƒ In 2002 WebSphere Application Server surpassed BEA with the highest “Market Share” for Web Application Servers 7 7 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Like any new building project you start with the Foundation… WebSphere Application Server is the Foundation for running Java Applications 8 8 4 .

IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Why use a WebSphere Application Server? ƒ Needs? You have Java Stuff to Run You want to keep your Options Open You want the option for High Availability ƒ WebSphere Products? WebSphere Application Server Express (WAS) WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment (WAS ND) ƒ Why System i5? Because it’s In there! You can try it out right away with useful applications 9 9 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software WebSphere Application Server Express It’s a place to run your Java Stuff Included with i5/OS It’s designed to Install in minutes on i5/OS It supports the latest J2EE Framework for developing new Applications H T T P S e r v l e t s E J B s It’s services that provide access to your Data (JDBC) ERP WAS It’s Administration to Manage your Applications i5/OS (aka OS/400) It’s a foundation for other WebSphere Products 10 10 5 .

IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Web Performance Monitor for i5/OS Available with V5R4 and latest HTTP Server PTF’s i5/OS i5/OS Exclusive Exclusive Monitor response time and resource usage 11 11 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software What’s new in Web Administration for i5/OS – Web Performance Advisor i5/OS i5/OS Exclusive Exclusive 12 12 6 .

Middle East. New IBM Welcome Page 2. Survey Creator application. The IBM Telephone Directory .IBM Software Group | WebSphere software WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment H T T P S e r v l e t s EJBs ƒ WebSphere Application Server – Express v6 now available with every i5 and upgrade to i5/OS V5R3  Maintenance now part of Software Subscription ƒ IBM Business Solutions  Tightly integrated with i5/OS since V5R3  Delivered as a no charge LPP: 5722BZ1  Includes: 14 14 7 . 3. Africa WASND E J B s EJBs WASND Backup ERP WASND i5/OS (aka OS/400) Provides HA for Java Apps! EJBs WASND Asia Pacific Americas Cloning! Fail Over! Clustering! 13 13 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software WebSphere Application Server Express http://www.

WebSphere Development Studio Client Advanced Edition ƒ Why System i5? You most likely have it already! 16 16 8 .IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Do you Buy or Do You Build? WebSphere Development Studio Client If you have a complier you already have this Or Are entitled to it! Buy OR Build 15 15 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Why use WebSphere Development Studio Client? ƒ Needs? You want one tool to edit everything You want to make the old stuff look new You need to keep up with the new stuff coming ƒ WebSphere Products? WebSphere Development Studio Client.

IBM Software Group | WebSphere software WebSphere Development Studio Client V7.0 http://www.0 9 Edits your ILE Programs Remote System Explorer Debug Plug-Ins Rational Application Developer (Subset) 9PC based Debugging Environment 9This is Eclipse IDE to support RSE and other plug-ins Features: •Selective Install allows you to load the plug-ins you’ll use •Much lighter-weight Integrated Development Environment •Minimum of 256MB of RAM Required 18 18 9 . deploy portlets and web services 9Eclipse IDE 9Web Page and Java Design 17 17 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software New! Selective Installation Features for Flexibility You can now easily transition SEU users to Remote System Explorer WebSphere Development Studio Client SEU.0 9Edit and debug your RPG/COBOL apps Remote System Explorer iSeries Projects 9Web Components 9Web Interactive Wizard Web Tools for iSeries Java Tools for iSeries 9Reface 5250 Apps from DDS IBM WebFacing Tool HATS Toolkit 9Also CODE 400 and VisualAge RPG Rational Application Developer (Subset) All your Compilers and Bundled with WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries (5722-WDS) Host compilers C/C++ COBOL RPG ADTS WebSphere Development Studio Client v7. etc. 9Change Management 9Remote Development Support 9Wizards to speed along Java Development 9Reface any 5250 screen.

html/ WDScAE has all the features for WDSc plus… WebSphere Development Studio Client AE and Handle System Screens 9Easier Integration with Rational Clear Case (IBM Change Mgmt Solution) Remote System Explorer iSeries Projects Web Tools for iSeries Portal Toolkit 9Design Portlets from WebFaced Apps or HATS IBM WebFacing Tool HATS Toolkit 9Deploy Portlets 9Enterprise Java Bean Development Rational Application Developer (Full Function RAD) 9i5 joblog support in RAD Log and Trace Analyzer WAScAE is sold per developer via Passport advantage 19 19 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Application Modernization 5250 Refacing Turning Green to GUI… or a portlet or a web service Improved user interface and workflow Integration with WebSphere Portal 20 20 10 .0 9 New Application Design Component (Visualize Applications) 9 Single Sign-on with EIM 9Deploy Cascading Style sheets. Software Group | WebSphere software WebSphere Development Studio Client Advanced Edition http://www.

IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Why Modernize Applications? ƒ Needs? Executives don’t like Green Screens i5 newbies like to point and click You want to use those cheaper Standard Edition boxes ƒ WebSphere Products? IBM WebFacing Tool or HATS Toolkit for developing the modernized screens IBM WebFacing Deployment Tool with HATS Technology (WDHT) ƒ Why System i5? You already have the tools Now you have better pricing and deployment options 21 21 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software What Can Be Re-Faced? The IBM WebFacing Tool Requires RPG/COBOL Screen Data Definitions (DDS) 22 HATS Toolkit Can Render any RPG/COBOL Screen 22 11

html One to One or Many to One 23 23 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Screen Deployment Options The IBM WebFacing Tool http://www.html HATS Toolkit GUI GUI Portal Requires WDScAE Portal Rich Client Web Service Requires WDScAE 24 24 12 .com/software/awdtools/wdt400/about/ Software Group | WebSphere software Screen Transformation The IBM WebFacing Tool One to One HATS Toolkit http://www.html •Both •Bothtools toolscan canweb webenable enableexisting existingILE ILEPrograms Programs •Development •DevelopmentTools Toolsfor forboth bothtools toolsare areshipped shippedwith with the theIBM IBMWebSphere WebSphere Development DevelopmentStudio StudioCD CDbundle bundle •Both •Bothtools toolswill willneed needthe theIBM IBMWebfacing Webfacing Deployment Tool with HATS Deployment Tool with HATSTechnology Technology(WDHT) (WDHT) take full advantage of their capabilities and take full advantage of their capabilities andto to deploy deploythe thescreens screenswhen whencompleted completed 26 26 13 .IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Multiple System Support The IBM WebFacing Tool HATS Toolkit HATS Toolkit One System to One Set of Refaced Screens Multiple Systems Supported 25 25 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software The 5250 Refacing Bottom Line The IBM WebFacing Tool http://www.

IBM Software Group | WebSphere software WebFacing Deployment Tool with HATS Technology (WDHT) V7.0 ƒ Announcement Letter: 207-034 ƒ Used to deploy both IBM Webfacing and HATS modernized applications ƒ Replaces HATS for iSeries offering  New tier based pricing model New Newfor fori5/OS i5/OS V5R4 V5R4 ƒ Eliminates OLTP charge for HATS users  Removes significant cost barrier for HATS sales in iSeries accounts ƒ Automatic transfer to new product for HATS customers at renewal ƒ Allows WebFaced applications to handle system or unexpected screens ƒ Can deploy both HATS and WebFaced Apps as a Single EAR file 27 27 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software People Integration Portal Servers Provide A flexible Framework for building exactly what your end users need 28 28 14 .

Weather. WebSphere Portal Enable Workplace Services Express. Stocks Portlets can easily be generated from HATS and the IBM Webfacing Tool (in WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries Advanced Edition) ƒ Many iSeries Enterprise Edition Customers are entitled to Workplace Services Express 30 Portlets News News Weather Weather Stocks Stocks 30 15 .IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Why use a Portal Server? ƒ Needs? Every one wants to see their own stuff Stop the surfing between applications One sign-on for everything ƒ IBM Products? WebSphere Portal Express. Workplace Collaboration Services ƒ Why System i5? You may be entitled to this already You have the tools to make this useful 29 29 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Portal Servers Deliver the Content your Users Need ƒ Portlets Small Applications Most Portal Servers ship basic Portlets: News.

99 HBO This This Portlet Portlet triggers triggers these these Portlets Portlets Cost 9.88 32 16 .78 -.75 26. 50 West.41 15. 95 Cable TV IP Phone Broadband 31 31 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Lines of Business need a different approach Customer Service Reps want a single interface to see everything Customer Service View Mega Communications Company e-mail From Date Allan Customer Account Subject or 3/07/07 New Job Post Cust Number CorpHR 3/07/07 New HMO BobR or 3/07/07 Great Review! Cust Name Phone Submit Submit LLBean 3/07/07 Order is in Current Services 32 Last Bill Service Since Cost Service Broadband 11/2006 49.95 HBO 3/1998 9.95 Base TV 2/1996 24.IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Portals allow you to customize the Users Environment Executives are looking for a view of the company and Industry An Executive View Mega Communications Company e-mail NYSE MegaCom Cablevsion Time Warner From Date Subject JimC 3/07/07 East Results CEO 3/07/07 East Results Adam 3/07/07 Wasn’t my Team Mary 3/07/07 West is Great! 50.99 Wedding Crashers 1.20 +5.95 Broadband 49.31 Broadband Division Performance East.09 -.99 Total 86. 25 Central.95 Base TV 24.

00 Base TV 24.6 Teamspaces IBM WebSphere Portal Express 6. and Portal Express Plus • Based on WebSphere Portal 6.3 IBM WebSphere Portal Express 5.0 – Simplifying our portfolio IBM WebSphere Portal Express Next IBM Workplace Services Express 2.95 Payment Rcvd 3-02-2007 88.99 Your Services Online Statement Service Cost Date Cost Broadband 49.2.00 HBO 9.0.0 • Improved development platform • Includes core capabilities for document management and web content management • Out of the box capabilities • Includes Lotus Component Designer 34 17 .0 January 2007 • Next release of Portal Express.2.3 34 • Follow on release of WebSphere Portal Express and next release of Workplace Services Express • Additional capabilities planned in document management and team collaboration • Migration for WSE 2.99 Borat ( R) $3.0.IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Customers are looking for Self-Service Customers would rather visit a web site that call a 1-800 Number A Customer View Mega Communications New Service from Mega Communications! Try the Mega Triple Play Add IP Phone for Just $14.99 Flicka (PG) Special $1.95 Service Date 2-22-2007 88.99 Balance 0.95 a month! On Pay Preview this Month The Departed (R) $3.00 33 33 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software IBM WebSphere Portal Express Version 6.6 IBM WebSphere Portal Express Plus 5.

IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Provide Better Customer Service Electronic Commerce Extends your business to the Web Or Provides a platform for Business to Business 35 35 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Why Electronic Commerce? ƒ Needs? You want your site to look like the big guys! You want better customer self service You don’t have a rocket scientists to run it ƒ WebSphere Products? WebSphere Commerce Express. WebSphere Commerce Professional Edition. WebSphere Commerce Business Edition ƒ Why System i5? Can scale as big as you can grow Doesn’t break easily and doesn’t take an Army to run 36 36 18 .

yet complete solution enabling growing midmarket companies to do business on the Web. Professional Deliver a consistent. Commerce-Express An easily installed. Data Mining •Advanced Roles and Relationships •Live Help Collaboration •Collaborative Workspaces •Collaborative Filtering •Reseller Hosting •Advanced Product Search Aids •Supplier Enablement •Improved Scalability •Buy-Side Support •Clustering Support •Multi-round RFQ Advanced Multichannel Extended Demand Chain 37 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Application.IBM Software Group | WebSphere software IBM Commerce Options Enterprise Optimize both direct and indirect channels by capturing and deploying best practices across the extended demand chain. affordable. •Targeted Marketing 37 Entry e-Commerce •Channel Management •Contract and Policy Management •Advanced Analytics. personalized user experience across multiple channels to maximize customer loyalty and walletshare. Partner and Process Integration Business Integration It’s about keeping up with change! Without throwing away what you have 38 38 19 .

this is icing 39 39 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Before… Learn to speak Russian Learn to speak NY Learn to speak French How How much much does does itit cost cost you you to to constantly constantly adapt adapt applications applications so so they they can can talk talk to to each each other. WebSphere ESB. WebSphere Message Broker ƒ Why System i5? MQ API’s are easily coded by RPG/COBOL folks i5 is already highly available.IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Why Integrate Applications? ƒ Needs? You can’t afford to hire new people You need reliable data movement ƒ WebSphere Products? WebSphere MQ. other. Datapower. or or integrate? integrate? Le ar spe n to Fre ak nch Sales •Speak English ak spe to n n a r i a Le Russ Learn to speak French Learn to speak English Learn to Speak NY Shipping •Speak NY 40 Learn to speak English NY ak pe s to arn Le Le ar spe n to En ak glis h A/R •Speak Russian Learn to speak Russian Finance •Speak French 40 20 .

IBM Software Group | WebSphere software After… with IBM WebSphere MQ Visual Basic PGM RPG PGM Message Message WebSphere MQ Client WebSphere MQ Client Sales A/R C++ PGM Java PGM WebSphere MQ WebSphere MQ Client WebSphere MQ Client Shipping Finance Guaranteed Message Delivery Full Message Auditing and Security Support for over 80 Platform Configurations 41 41 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Enterprise Service Bus capabilities Flexible connectivity infrastructure for integrating applications. and services to power your SOA Color = Data type Shape = Protocol 42 42 21 . data.

IBM Software Group | WebSphere software ESB Capabilities: Routing Shipping System `ROUTES messages between services Commerce S/W 43 43 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software ESB Capabilities: Transformation Shipping System `TRANSFORMS message formats between requestor and service Shipping Master Customer Master Lname (Char 15) Lastname( Char 20) Fname (Char 15) Firstname (Char 20) Zipcde (Char 5) Address1 (Char 25) Addr1 (Char 30) City (Char 20) City (Char 20) State (Char 20) State (Char 2) Zipcode (char 5) etc 44 etc Customer Master 44 22 .

</address> Customer Address Change Etc… 45 45 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software ESB Capabilities: Publication/Subscription Billing System Shipping System Warranty System HANDLES business events between disparate sources Customer Address Change 46 46 23 .IBM Software Group | WebSphere software ESB Capabilities: Conversion Customer Master CONVERTS transport protocols between requestor and service JDBC UPDATE CUSTMAST RECORD=1 Name=“John Smith”. etc… XML <name>John Smith</name> <address>100 Main St. Address = “100 Main St.”.

offloading XML traffic to speed up processing with minimum network disruption. Runs Runs in in aa System System ii LPAR LPAR 47 47 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Why Integrating with Partners? ƒ Needs? You need to do EDI with Partners You can’t afford a Value Added Network ƒ WebSphere Products? WebSphere Partner Gateway Express ƒ Why System i5? Don’t throw away what you have ƒ Leverages existing EDI Translators 48 48 24 . SOD SOD i5/OS i5/OS 2007 2007 A Network Appliance ESB: The Datapower XA35 is a hardware implementation of an Enterprise Service Bus. built on top of and leveraging WebSphere Application Server.IBM Software Group | WebSphere software What are the IBM ESB offerings A Basic ESB: 1 2 WebSphere ESB V6. Datapower Datapower XA35 XA35 An Advanced ESB: 3 WebSphere Message Broker V6. Facilitates SOA for Web services. Delivers an advanced Enterprise Service Bus facilitating SOA for existing (non-Web Services) applications. built on top of and leveraging WebSphere MQ. Uniquely able to connect to WebSphere MQ networks. a new product delivering an Enterprise Service Bus. a new version of our proven product. It accelerates infrastructure implementation.

Gentran. WebSphere Integration Developer.e. WebSphere ESB and WebSphere Process Server. EXTOL. HATS Studio with WDHT The IBM SOA Foundation: WebSphere Business Modeler.) WAS AS2 Provides: •Secure and Reliable Delivery •Non-Repudiation EDI Translator WebSphere Partner Gateway Express Internet E R P EDI EDI 810 810 i5/OS Supplier 49 49 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Why Business Process Management? SOA? ƒ Needs? Your getting killed keeping up with changes You need something that will be around awhile (standards) ƒ WebSphere Products? WebSphere Business Server Express Plus. WebSphere Business Monitor ƒ Why System i5? You have to tools to get started today … and the foundation to deploy them 50 50 25 . etc.IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Provides AS2 Support for EDI over the Internet IBM System i5 EDI EDI 850 850 (i.

IBM Software Group | WebSphere software What are the barriers to business flexibility? ƒ Infrastructure built over time. no roadmap ƒ Point application buys ƒ No standards on business process – need best practices ƒ The inability to reuse 51 51 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Don’t throw away what you have… Re-Use it! 52 52 26 .

lines code are determined by a code(*) in in column 6. . though free-formatting RPG particular is columnarcircumstances. * *The various lines code are determined by a The purpose various * *letter code inofcolumn 6. though free-formatting * *Historically is allowed under is purpose allowed of under particular circumstances.IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Reuse: Using tools you may be entitled to Modernize RPG and COBOL Batch Applications WDSc: Web Services Wizard RPG RPGApplication Application * "F" (file) specs define files and other i/o devices * "F" (file) define files other i/o devices FARMstF1 UF specs E K Disk and Rename(ARMST:RARMST) FARMstF1 UF E K Disk Rename(ARMST:RARMST) Web Service H T T P * "D" specs are used to define variables * "D" specs are Sused to define 6p variables D pCusNo 0 pCusNo D DpName SS 30a6p 0 pName 30a D DpAddr1 SS 30a D pAddr1 S 30a D pAddr2 S 30a pAddr2 30a D DpCity SS 25a pCity 25a D DpState SS 2a pState D DpZip SS 10a2a D pZip S 10a Web Service *Historically RPG is columnar in nature. . . . in nature. 53 53 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software 5250 Applications Deployed as a Web Service …Created with the HATS Toolkit and Deployed with WDHT Uses the HATS Toolkit in WDSc V7.0 Web Service Web 5250 Data stream ƒ ƒ ƒ 54 Build self-service transactions Zero footprint View through your favorite browser 54 27 . . 7 denotes a comment line * *Anletter asterisk column * An asterisk (*) in column 7 denotes a comment line ERP WAS i5/OS (aka OS/400) .

C++. The discussion in the book covers the server and client side implementations that include:  ProgramCall in IBM Toolbox for Java  HATS  DB2 Web services  PHP  Web services client for ILE (RPG. Software Group | WebSphere software What if you already have MQ? Web Services Appliance WebSphere Datapower XI50 ƒWebSphere Datapower is a SOA Hardware Appliance designed to provide high speed web services routing.html?Op en 56 28 . COBOL)  Java-Server Faces (JSF) 56 ƒ http://www. web services security and legacy application modernization ƒIt acts like an WebSphere MQ Client ƒIt can deploy RPG and COBOL applications as web services using WebSphere MQ to communicate with backend applications MQ MQ XML/Web XML/Web Service Service Client Apps 55 55 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Building SOA-based Solutions for IBM System i5 Platform ƒ SG24-7284 ƒ This book provides the detailed information about multiple ways for building SOA-based solutions around System i platform.

IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Yes Get Haircut Nails and Makeup Select Handbag Enough Cash Match Blouse No One Place to access All your Services Cash Blouse Handbag Jewelry High End Jewelry Shoppe Nails Makeup ATM Upscale Dept Store Main Street Salon 57 MALL Shoes Suit Makeup Haircut Then you design your Plan of attack! Select Suit Get Cash Nails Haircut Get Jewelry Get Shoes Shoes Shopping Center 57 Outlets IBM Software Group | WebSphere software WebSphere Business Modeler Enough Credit Yes No Approve Credit? Tools help the Business Analyst design the Process Web Page HTTP Adapter Take Order DMZ Server Create Invoice E-mail Confirmation Invoice Confirmation Check Inventory iSeries Adapter Shipping iSeries Adapter JDE Business Adapter SMTP Adapter Web Service Adapter WebSphere Adapters FedEx Finance WAS 58 FedEx WebService WebSphere Process Server Apply Order Entry Shipping Inventory Commerce Web Svr WCS Adapter Check Credit Calculate Shipping ERP I5/OS Adapters Leverage your Assets! E-Mail IT Architect/Systems Programmer WebSphere ESB Add to O/E Sys Business Analyst Shopping Cart Check Inventory Home Page Intel/Linux Server 58 29 .

Times & Costs Future State Case Analysis with Unlimited Resources Case Analysis with Unlimited Resources Probability 32.IBM Software Group | WebSphere software WebSphere Business Modeler Business Level Modeling And Simulation • Designed for business users • Import models directly from Visio • Hundreds of process templates available • Optimize all aspects of your business – set KPI’s and metrics • Collaborate with subject matter experts through the Publishing Server Model. Redesigning Enterprise Processes for e-business Current State . and analyze • Enhanced analysis and simulation capabilities. Clean hand-off to I/T • Rapid and accurate deployment of your solutions • Business modeling is the starting point for IT deployment (WID) 59 59 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Model and Simulate the Process WebSphere Business Modeler Existing Processes Run simulation to estimate savings and support the business case for the process change 67% of processes fail because their impact was not known prior to execution Omar Sawy.91% 60 Average Process Time (Min:sec) 10:11 Average Cost Case Case Description $5. simulate.40 1 Direct mail.38 60 30 . Complex Probability Average Process Time (Min:sec) Average Cost 35. Fully understand impacts before deploying.57% 8:16 $4.Times & Costs – .

Components 61 61 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Accelerated Solution Assembly Java call to RPG Application Sell additional services based on customer profile Human Task get Approved Human intervention Approved/on suspect Denied applications to prevent fraud Imported EIS System Call Credit Rating service from an existing application Business State Machine WS-BPEL Business Process Flexibly building business processes based on standards Business Rules If Approved then Send letter offering Enable rapidlygold Adapting to business events changing customer If NOT decision Approved point Send letter offering Credit counseling service 62 62 31 .IBM Software Group | WebSphere software WebSphere Integration Developer Accelerated Solution Assembly ƒ The complete toolbox for building composite applications  An Assembly Editor for wiring solutions together  All the tools you need for building solution components (Editors for BPEL. Business Rules…. Mediations. Adapters.)  One. easy to learn user interface based on Eclipse ƒ Architected for reuse and flexibility  Simplified component interfaces  Plug-and-play solution components One Tool. Many uses Integrating services across the enterprise: Processes. One set of skills.

IBM Software Group | WebSphere software WebSphere Process Server* The Engine Room of Business Process Management ƒ Robust execution of business processes  Reliable. secure. open standards  Single integrated runtime for all SOA based process automation ƒ Supports all aspects of process integration      Process flows Business rules Human steps Services State machines ƒ Rapid process change ensuring business agility  Reuse existing services that you already have and create new services for future use.  Build process flows without knowing where the information is coming from (late binding of services)  Business rules control the execution sequence of the process and can change dynamically *SOD 2007 63 63 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software WebSphere Business Monitor Achieve Real-time Visibility into Processes Scorecards Key Performance Indicators for business units Collaboration Work with teams to resolve situations Business Alerts Notification of situations that require response Reports & Analyses Understanding trends by combining real-time performance and historical information External Information Information affecting performance 64 64 32 . scalable.

WDHT 9WebSphere Portal Real-time visibility into process performance enabling process intervention and continuous improvement 65 65 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software The Entire WebSphere Portfolio CAN run on System i 9WAS Express & WAS ND 9WDSc and WDScAE 9IBM Webfacing.IBM Software Group | WebSphere software End-to-end process capabilities for your SOA IBM SOA Foundation: Express Plus & Enable 9WebSphere MQ 9WebSphere Partner Gateway Express 9WBI Server Express & Express Plus 9WESB & WebSphere Process Server (SOD 2007) 9WebSphere Commerce Express. HATS making plug-and-play of components a reality Easy-to-use integration to simplify and speed the assembly of composite applications WebSphere ESB* Connectivity infrastructure for integrating applications and services to power your SOA WebSphere Business Modeler http://www. Pro and Business Edition Other WebSphere Products can still run here… and here… and here! You get the Picture IBM Virtualization Engine allows you to manage all these environments! 66 66 33 .com/software/integration/wid/ Flexible deployment of business Simple to use process modeling for the business analyst to help maximize process and business resource re-use *SOD on WebSphere Process Server* WebSphere Integration Developer GA 2007 WebSphere Business Monitor

com/developerworks/ IBM Global Services – System i Practice ¾ ibm.jsp 68 34 .IBM Software Group | WebSphere software 67 67 IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Your KEY WebSphere on System i Resources! To Better Understand the WebSphere Software Platform on System i! WebSphere on System i… Start Here! WebSphere and other SWG System i References ¾ iSociety ibm.jsp?tab=lan dings/portalbuzz To Leverage WebSphere Partner Programs! IBM PartnerWorld ¾ IBM Custom Technology Center ¾ Business Partners in WebSphere Portal Catalog ¾ IBM Web Lecture Services .System i College ¾ To Build WebSphere Software Platform Skills and Solutions! System Ii Developers Road Atlas ¾ IBM IT Education Services – System i Training ¾ 68 Virtual Innovation Center Online ¾ iSeries Benchmark Centers ¾ IBM developerWorks ¾ ibm.html IBM Redbooks – System i Domain ¾ /portal_login.

Java and all Java-based trademarks are trademarks of Sun Microsystems. Performance is based on measurements and projections using standard IBM benchmarks in a controlled environment. including vendor announcements and vendor worldwide homepages. and the workload processed. All rights reserved. Other company. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other and represent goals and objectives only. or both: Instruction: Refer to the following URL: http://www. Intel Inside. and the Windows logo are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States. Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States.shtml. Contact your local IBM office or IBM authorized reseller for the full text of the specific Statement of Direction. The actual throughput or performance that any user will experience will vary depending upon considerations such as the amount of multiprogramming in the user's job stream. capability. Edit the list below.IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Trademarks and Disclaimers 8 IBM Corporation 1994-2006. and Pentium are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. or both. All statements regarding IBM future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice. References in this document to IBM products or services do not imply that IBM intends to make them available in every country. Intel. function or delivery schedules with respect to any future products. or both. Sources for non-IBM list prices and performance numbers are taken from publicly available information. Intel Logo. Therefore. IBM has not tested these products and cannot confirm the accuracy of performance. product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. The information is presented here to communicate IBM's current investment and development activities as a good faith effort to help with our customers' future planning. Intel Inside logo. Celeron. or any other claims related to non-IBM products. other countries. Actual environmental costs and performance characteristics may vary by customer. Such commitments are only made in IBM product announcements. Such information is not intended as a definitive statement of a commitment to specific levels of performance. Changes may be incorporated in production models. Intel Centrino. Windows NT. 69 69 35 . Intel Centrino logo. Inc. Some information addresses anticipated future capabilities. and special attribution companies which follow so they coincide with your presentation. All customer examples described are presented as illustrations of how those customers have used IBM products and the results they may have achieved. published announcement material. other countries. IBM subsidiary Information concerning non-IBM products was obtained from a supplier of these products. in the United States. no assurance can be given that an individual user will achieve throughput or performance improvements equivalent to the ratios stated here. Intel Xeon. The following terms are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States. other countries. the storage configuration. AS/400 eServer AS/400e i5/OS System i5 iSeries Blue Gene IBM OS/400 e-business on demand IBM (logo) System i Rational is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation and Rational Software Corporation in the United States. other countries. Questions on the capability of non-IBM products should be addressed to the supplier of those products. Microsoft. or other publicly available sources and does not constitute an endorsement of such products by IBM. or both. Windows. Photographs shown are of engineering prototypes. Itanium. or both. Information is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind. the I/O configuration. Intel SpeedStep. other countries.