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Group Members –
Hardik Gandhi – Roll No. 8
Sneha Mhatre – Roll No. 19
Kingslin Nadar – Roll No. 21
Sandeep Nair – Roll No. 23
Sumit Panjwani – Roll No. 26


AGENDA About the Company Mr. Clateo Castellini and his concerns SWOT Analysis Issues DRBC Model Key Takeaways .

Becton & Fairleigh S.S.000 associates in more than 50 countries throughout the world  Manufacturing facilities in 12 countries .  BD employs nearly 30.  First manufacturer of modern stethoscope. insulin syringe and vacuum tubes  Headquartered in Franklin Lakes. Dickinson  Initially as an importer of Medical devices  Later emerged as a major manufacturer of medical supplies & diagnostic equipment.ABOUT THE COMPANY  Founded in 1897 by Maxwell W. U. New Jersey.

Other than US : 50 . needles & tissue collection devices. .80% Pharmaceutical systems – 70% Hypodermic syringes – 50% .ABOUT THE COMPANY  Went public in 1962  By 1996 became the largest producer of medical syringes.15% of BD’s sales to public entities .90% of BD’s sales to public entities Market Leader Diabetes-care devices .In United States : 5 .  Larger supplier of hospital laboratory instrumentation  Products sold in 70 countries  International sales accounts for almost half of revenue.

laboratory professionals and clinicians .ABOUT THE COMPANY  BD focuses 3 worldwide business segments: BD Medical • World’s leading suppliers of medical devices and a leading innovator in injection and infusion-based drug BD Diagnostics • Leading provider of products for the safe collection and transport of diagnostics specimens. clinical researchers. as well as instruments BD Biosciences • World leader in bringing innovative diagnostic and research tools to life scientists.


ABOUT CLATEO CASTELLINI  Chairman and CEO in 1994  Personality traits : Responsible and process oriented  Make things easier at workplace  Carries great amount of experience  Well aware of the company whereabouts  Accepts challenges. result-oriented .

HIS CONCERNS  Improvement in BD’s financial performance  Foresee long term goals  Achieve strong performance after crossing 100th year at BD  His main objectives .Within the company  To reshape the companies culture  To bring ethical practices in effect.Global perspective  Becton Dickinson as best managed & admired company  Becton Dickinson – a company known for eliminating suffering & death from disease in the world . .


needles & tissue collection devices. Long standing reputation within industry • Largest producer of medical syringes.SWOT ANALYSIS Strength • Solid. • Largest supplier of hospital laboratory instrumentation Weakness • Lack of standardized ethical procedures • Employees looking for greater guidance from top management regarding ethical practice to follow • Going through a stressful time of ambitious growth that presents challenges • Products sold in 70 countries • Internal focus on mission and values • Moving into new markets and shifting away from distributor-based sales .

SWOT ANALYSIS Opportunities • Build on existing relationships with customers and vendors worldwide • Aging populations throughout the industrial world • New Emerging markets in China & India Threats • Increased competition within industry • Cultural differences and challenges worldwide • Cope with complex legal & regulatory environment • Dynamic & fast changing market • Become a world leader in ethical and lawful behavioral studies and education .


A prospective customer wanted to go to training in California and visit Disneyland later with his family .ISSUES  BD being an ambitious company needed new customers  Dennis Santucci was a controller of payments  Difficulty distinguishing between normal and acceptable or improper and unlawful payments  Governed under the US Foreign Corruption Practices Act  Ethical Challenges - .A purchasing official wanted a 2% processing fees in cash before placing the order .A purchasing official of a new company wanted computer equipment's and refrigerator as donations .

 Employees had questions about – .Entertainment Costs  Solution – .Gratuities .Approval on such issues by top executives .Global One Company Operations .Started a policy making group . Director of Ethics and Business Practices knew employees needed guidance on such issues.Acceptability of certain issues .ISSUES  Paul McAuliffe.Business heads and regional manager undertook to review the situation .


DRBC MODEL Duties Rights Best Practices Commitment .

discovery of new drugs & vaccines  Legally obligated to act in a socially responsible manner  Refrain from frauds  Protect human health & safety  Business should respect.DRBC MODEL Duties  Ensure best quality of medical products & equipments  Involved in advanced research. protect. and make efforts to restore the environment  Increase its shareholder wealth .

 Society :.To expect increase in shareholder wealth .to anticipate that the company abides by the expect the company to behave in socially responsible manner  Shareholder:- .DRBC MODEL Rights  Consumers :.To raise an issue related to the businesses conducted .To receive notice of a shareholders' meeting .to get best quality medical products  Government :.

DRBC MODEL Best Practices  BD follows .WHO's Best Practices for Injections and Related Procedures Toolkit .Safe Injection Practices Coalition.CDC's Guideline for Isolation Precautions: Preventing Transmission of Infectious Agents in Healthcare Settings 2007  Active Participants in . .United for Medical Research (UMR) .

DRBC MODEL Best Practices  Meeting Unmet Health Needs  Ensuring Good Governance and Ethics  Product Safety and Performance  Protecting the Environment  Making BD an Even Better Place to Work .

National Cancer Coalition .“Helping all people live healthy lives”  BD committed to most ethical business practices  Reduce global environmental impact  Ensure that their customers n suppliers operate in ways environmentally responsible  Committed to Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon.DRBC MODEL Commitments  Purpose .


KEY TAKEAWAYS  A lot of Utilitarianism exists where results are important  A lack of Universalism exists wherein the means don’t justify the ends  Thought Guidelines like Good Clinical Practises exists. various unethical practices are followed by companies  A Stronger Government role should exist to control unethical practises  Ethics and morality to be a part of the companies value system  Companies should follow the policies and not keep it just on paper. .


 There is strong evidence that associations between industry and doctors influence the behavior of the latter in relation to both clinical decision making and the conduct of research.General Ethical issues across the Industry  Medical practitioners and the healthcare industry serve interests that sometimes overlap and sometimes conflict. then real ethical and theological concerns arise. continued. doctors tend to be biased. assuming the body is manipulative in nature according to individual preferences. or stopped? - What should family members and health care professionals do if a patient refuses treatment that promises to be medically helpful? - Who should make health care decisions for patients when they are unable to communicate or decide for themselves? - What should patients do when they do not understand what professionals are saying and feel they are not offered the opportunity to participate in their own health care decisions? .  Clearly articulated procedures are sometimes not well developed to deal with specific issues such as travel subsidies.  In view of the risk of compromising relationships with patients and the integrity of the research process. sponsorship of conferences and continuing education activities. The abuse of technology threatens inherent human dignity and challenges the equal moral status of all human persons  Other ethical issues are that are common in the industry : - - When should life-sustaining treatments like breathing machines or feeding tubes be started. receipt of gifts. and dualities of interest arising in clinical and research settings  Once technologies are directed towards making humans 'better than well'.

 In 2000. company has designed a code of conduct and enforced ethical practices in the long run ( It has been rated as one of the best ethical company couple of years ago) .  The corporation initially had federal lobbyist and had registered lobbying presence across 12 states.The company had paid out a total of $1. - falsified records to generate high payments for minor treatments or treatments that never occurred - Charged laboratory tests that never occurred - Charged for home-health care for patients who did not qualify for it - Falsely labeled ads as “community education” - Ever since these issues occurred.USA and its one of the competitors of BD. refunds and lawsuit settlements admitting that through its subsidiaries it had - - Offered financial incentives to doctors in violation of antikickback laws.COMPANY : HOSPITAL CORPORATION OF AMERICA (HCA)  HCA is based out of Nashville.7billion in fines.