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ABC: System for Sequential
Logic Synthesis and Formal
ABC is always changing but the current snapshot is
believed to be stable.

67565dc Improving Wlc_Ntk_t data-structu…

alanmi · yesterday

1 commit
Pushed to alanmi/abc
1b9cba0 Do not add reset logic to un-initial…

alanmi · yesterday

To compile ABC as a binary, download and unzip the
code, then type make .
To compile ABC as a static library, comment out
#define ABC_LIB in file "src/base/main/main.c", then
type make libabc.a .
When ABC is used as a static library, two additional
procedures, Abc_Start() and Abc_Stop() , are
provided for starting and quitting the ABC framework in
the calling application. A simple demo program (file
src/demo.c) shows how to create a stand-alone
program performing DAG-aware AIG rewriting, by
calling APIs of ABC compiled as a static library.
To build the demo program

1 commit
Pushed to alanmi/abc
0530cd5 Clarifying 'cec' and 'dsec' usage …

alanmi · yesterday

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Pushed to alanmi/abc
c3493db Verilog benchmark generation co…

alanmi · 3 days ago

1 commit
Pushed to alanmi/abc
9e9df6d Improved bit-blasting of various o…

alanmi · 3 days ago

Copy and libabc.a to the working
Run gcc -Wall -g -c demo.c -o demo.o
Run gcc -g -o demo demo.o libabc.a -lm

1 commit

-ldl -rdynamic -lreadline -ltermcap

alanmi · 4 days ago


To run the demo program, give it a file with the logic
network in AIGER or BLIF. For example:

Pushed to alanmi/abc
3f768fa Improved bit-blasting of adders a…

1 commit
Pushed to alanmi/abc
31c9ac3 Print-out for char arrays.

[...] ~/abc> demo
alanmi · 5 days ago
: i/o = 257/ 224 lat =
0 and =
2396 lev
: i/o = 257/ 224 lat =
0 and =
1851 lev
1 commit
Networks are equivalent.
Reading =
0.00 sec
Rewriting =
0.18 sec
= to alanmi/abc

The same can be produced by running the binary in
the command-line mode:

f5fffde Print-out for char arrays.

alanmi · 5 days ago

[...] ~/abc> ./abc
1 commit
UC Berkeley, ABC 1.01 (compiled Oct 6 2012 19:05:18)
Pushed to alanmi/abc
abc 01> r; b; ps; b; rw -l; rw -lz; b; rw -lz; b; ps; c
83586b2 Assertion fail after 'print_supp -w'.

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Saturday 18 July 2015 03:25 PM

b. ABC command line: "r If the bug still persists. b.g. add -DABC_NAMESPACE=xxx to OPTFLAGS. ps. ACTIONS 224 224 lat = lat = and = and = [. 2. try touching all files as follows: find .org/pthreadswin32/ for pthreads on Windows Precompiled DLLs are available from ftp://sourceware. The output of the ldd command run on the exeutable (e. rw -lz. please provide the following information: 1.alanmi / ABC — Bitbucket https://bitbucket. Versions of relevant tools or packages used. If compilation fails because readline is missing. ABC version (when it was downloaded from BitBucket) 2. rw -lz.] ~/abc> . alanmi ABC i10 : i/o = 257/ i10 : i/o = 257/ Networks are equivalent. r · 2015-07-12 4. Linux distribution and version (32-bit or 64-bit) 3. rw -l. If compilation does not start because of the cyclic dependency check. i10 : i/o = 257/ 224 lat i10 : i/o = 257/ 224 lat Networks are equivalent. If compilation fails because pthreads are missing. b. install 'pthread' library or compile with make PTHREADS=0 See http://sourceware. Troubleshooting: ldd abc ).. Commits Branches Pull requests Wiki Downloads Pushed to alanmi/abc bf96d80 Adding new Python API 'is_func_… NAVIGATION Issues 2396alanmi lev· 2015-07-12 1851 lev 1 commit or in the batch mode: Clone  0 0 33 alanmi · 2015-07-12 To compile as C code (default): make sure that CC=gcc and ABC_NAMESPACE is not defined.alanmi rw -l = 0 and 1 commit = 0 and Overview Compiling as C or C++ Source The current version of ABC can be compiled with C compiler or C++ compiler. If compilation fails in file "src/base 2 of 3 Saturday 18 July 2015 03:25 PM . The exact command-line and error message when trying to run the tool 4. install 'readline' library or compile with make READLINE=0 3. rw -l. b./ -type f -exec touch "{}" \. Bug reporting: Please try to reproduce all the reported bugs and unexpected features using the latest version of ABC available from https://bitbucket. Compare Fork Pushed to alanmi/abc 3aaa228 Compiler warning. To compile as C++ code with namespaces: make sure that CC=g++ and ABC_NAMESPACE is set to the name of the requested namespace. To compile as C++ code without namespaces: make sure that CC=g++ and ABC_NAMESPACE is not defined.. For example. ps./abc -c "r i10.

Perhaps you can add these steps in the readme to help folks compiling this on" Comment out calls to Libs_Init() and Libs_End() in "src/base/main/ alanmi ABC /main/libSupport. Also readline which is not available by default on most Sol10 /s/qrl9svlf0ylxy8p/ABC_GettingStarted. Also modified CFLAGS to add the local include files for readline and LIBS to add the local libreadline.dropbox. Good luck! This system is maintained by Alan Mishchenko alanmi@berkeley." Overview Source Commits Branches Pull requests Issues Wiki Downloads 33 The following tutorial is kindly offered by Ana Petkovska from EPFL: https://www. Consider also using ZZ framework developed by Niklas Een: https://bitbucket. 2014 Blog · Support · Plans & pricing · Documentation · API · Site status · Version info · Terms of service · Privacy policy JIRA 3 of 3 · Confluence · Bamboo · Stash · SourceTree · HipChat Saturday 18 July 2015 03:25 PM .2 package from sunfreeware. needs to be and installed it locally. there is no comprehensive regression test. try the following: Remove "src/base/main/ This file was last modified on June 18.c". ACTIONS Clone  Compare The following comment was added by Krish Sundaresan: Fork NAVIGATION "I found that the code does compile correctly on Solaris if gcc is used (instead of g++ that I was using for some reason).pdf Final remarks: Unfortunately. readline requires adding '-lcurses' to Makefile.c" from "src/base/main/module.alanmi / ABC — Bitbucket https://bitbucket. On some systems. I downloaded the readline-5.c" 5.a.