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The Treadway Tire Company was a major supplier of tires to companies such as Ford, GM, and
Chrysler. They employ about 9,000 employees, both hourly and salaried, in North America
(Skinner & Beckham, 2008).
In 2000, the Lima Plant underwent a $100 million expansion and modernization. They became
the top plant for productivity and quality ratings. When the Greenville plant shutdown in 2006,
the Lima plant had to absorb that volume, the Lima plant was now open 24/7. They had 4
rotating shifts, most employees worked 12 hour shifts. The 50 foremen split the responsibility of
these shifts. (Skinner & Beckham, 2008).
The Lima plant had a high turnover for the foreman position. 23 of the 50 foremen turned over in
2007. They were unhappy because of a lack of communication; they felt isolated from the rest of
the plant. They felt undervalued, and they saw no clear path to advancement. (Skinner &
Beckham, 2008).
Treadway can reduce turnover by offering a clear path for advancement, and better
communication between all levels within the plant. Provide better training, and a better work
Treadway’s upper management needs to communicate and build trusting relationships with
employees so they know and feel that they are relevant. (Llopis, 2012). Open up advancement
opportunities, employees are motivated to achieve if they have the ability to advance. (Llopis,
2012). Employees need training and development so they can do well in their position and be
prepared to advance to higher positions. (Heathman, 2015).
Turnover can be greatly reduced by providing formal training, and development so they can
advance. Lines of communication between all employee levels must open so everyone is in the
loop on what is happening within the plant.
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