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Greg R.

Bonita Springs, Fl.


Professional Sales Representative with twenty-nine years of experience in achieving exceptional
sales results. Proven abilities in sales, training and development, and marketing with a strong
desire for accomplishment and results. Demonstrated leadership, problem solving, and customer
rapport. Excellent communication skills, time management, and organizational expertise. An
energetic, self-directed and highly motivated individual.

White Aluminum - Fort Myers, Florida

October 2013 - Present

Sales Professional

Expertise in presenting and selling remodeling projects in residential and commercial markets
Responsible for project management from point of sale through completion
Recognized by management and by my customers for excellent problem solving skills
Special achievement awards for highest “close percentage” and for number of cold calls per month

Cintas Fire Protection - Fort Myers, Florida

August 2012 - August 2013

FST Professional Sales Representative

Extensive experience in selling and servicing fire extinguishers, emergency lights, & exit light
Expertise in retaining existing customer base
Recognized by management for expertise in creating new accounts by Cold-Calling at an average of 7-10
per day.
Attended and excelled at SSR College Core Services

Genentech (formerly Roche Laboratories Inc.)

March 1986 - January 2012
Medical Representative – Quincy, IL.
January 2004 - January 2012
Territory customers included Oncology clinics, Nurse/P/A, Family practice, Internal Medicine, Cardiology,
Rheumatology, Gynecology, Endocrinology, & Infusion Centers. Responsible for total office call
 2008 PRESIDENT’S CLUB AWARD and Ranked 1 st in Midwest Region
 2009 Ranked 9th in Midwest Region
 2010 Ranked 11th in Midwest Region
 2011 Ranked 10th in Midwest Region
 Numerous Special Achievement Awards and numerous Product Sales Awards
 Earned awards for accepting tasks and challenges outside my designated job responsibilities.
 Recognized as a strong asset to the region and division for developing Boniva role-play examples and
sharing best practices for the practical application of new sales tools and reprints
 1st in division for all product sales in 2008
 1st in division for Boniva IV 2007,2008, 2009,2010,2011
 1st in division Boniva Market share & Market Share Change 2006
 1st in division for all products in 2005
 Assisted in preparations & presented at trimester meetings

Hospital Sales Acute Care

January 1993- January 2004
Products included Rocephin, Versed, Kytril Toradol IV & Oral and territory customers include Oncology clinics,
Infectious Disease, Hospital Pharmacy, Anesthesiologists, Pulmonary medicine, Endocrinology, Infusion Centers, &
P&T Committees
 Numerous Special Achievement/Product Sales Awards
 Rocephin Achievements include: Blessing Hospital increased sales from 90,000 a year to 500,000 year
 Grim-Smith Hospital increased antibiotic sales from zero to over 100,000 a year
 Versed Achievements include: Blessing Hospital increased sales from 50,000 a year to 200,000 a year
 Boone County Hospital increased antibiotic sales from 30,000 a year to over 150,000 a year
 Kytril Achievements include: Hannibal Oncology Clinic removed Zofran & replaced with Kytril as the
“work horse” anti-emetic
 Boone County Hospital increased anti-emetic sales from 1,000 a year to over 10,000 a year
 Toradol Achievements include: 1st in the nation in IV/Oral sales
 Hospital Formulary acceptance on all 13 hospitals in my territory
 Number one non-narcotic pain medicine at all Emergency & Oncology clinics

Syntex/Roche Pharmaceuticals

March 1986- January 1993
Products included Naprosyn, & Anaprox DS and territory customers included Oncology Clinics, Family practice,
Rheumatology, Orthopedic surgery, Gynecology, & Ambulatory care clinics
 Divisional AWARD WINNER 1988, 1989, & 1990
 2nd place “Rookie of the Year” in the region 1986
 Division Trainer for three years
 Naprosyn Achievements include: 1st or 2nd in division sales every year
 Market Share increase in all products from 25% to over 65%
 Anaprox DS Achievements include: 1st in division sales every year
 1st in sales with Gynecologists

Bachelor Degree - Business Administration, Minnesota State University - Mankato, Minnesota

Dale Carnegie Effective Communication Skills
Advanced Sales Training Techniques
Evidence Based Selling
Building Effective Business Relationships
Word /Excel/PowerPoint
Mac- Pro/Book

United States Navy - Four Years
 Special Intelligence Specialists
 Top Secret Special Intelligence Clearance
 F.B. I. Background Clearance