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Level: Ninth Classes

Iraqi Kurdistan Region
Peshmarga Basic School
First Term Final Examination
Date:10 ,January,2015
First Sitting

Question (1)

Note: attempt all the questions.

Subject: English
Time: : Hour and a half
(Hr 1:30)
(40 Marks)

:Read the following passage carefully
Teachers are used to confiscating students' mobile phones or at least asking for them
to be put away , but soon the mobile handset could become a major classroom tool for
teaching and learning . Currently , three schools in the Richmond area are taking part in a
revolutionary M-Learning project which will involve students using mobile phones . The
scheme started three months ago and since then students have been very motivated to take
. part in the project
The UK has one of the highest numbers of mobile phone users , with about 80% of house.holds owning at least one . A growing number of phones have internet connections
They are a lot easier to use than computers and are pocketable , so that you can take them
. almost anywhere
Students can use the phones to get access to learning materials and for foreign languages ;
there are endless possibilities . Mobiles can also be used for field trips and outdoor
activities where students make calls with their mobiles and send pictures back to friends
. working at school
:For questions 1,2and3, read the above-passage and choose from the one suggested
1. The aim of using M-learning project is to ____students .

A. motivate
B. control
C. connect
D. disconnect
2. The underlined word they refers to ____.
A. schools
B. materials
C. mobiles
D. all of them
3. The ____ has the highest numbers of mobile phone users.
B. United States
C.United Kingdom
4. ___ stole things from other people's houses at night .
A. Deacon Brodie
B. Conan Doyle C. Sean Connery D. James Bond
5. Asma el-Bakri was a____.
A. writer B. guitarist
C. doctor
D. film-maker
6. ____ was the most important mechanical invention in history.
A. The plane
B. television phone
D.The wheel
7. You use camera _____ photos.
A. take
B. takes
C. taking
D. to take
8. Alin____to music every day .
A. listen
B. listened
C. listens
D. listening
9. When ____ James IV build Holyrood palace?
A. does
B. do
C. was
D. did
10. A machine which ____by Gutenberg could record books .
A. invented
B. was invented
C. was inventing
D. is invent

The word (finally) is _____ .11. A. The past tense of the verb (break) is ____. to D. great C. A. of B. floor-ground 16. an adjective B. perform D. montuan C. post-box C. give it the title: (Shakespeare) (Marks 10) Where was he born? Who did he marry? How many children did they have? How many plays did he write? When did he die? (in Stratford)-1 (Anna Hathaway)-2 (three)-3 (37 plays)-4 (23 April. Capitalization and Neatness while answering the following questions and use the given information between the brackets to write a paragraph about a great English writer. breaked B. Annie would like _____ the bagpipes. a verb D. muntain 18. a noun 17. wood D. play B. monutain B. tooth C. broken D. an adverb C. city-center B. A. ____you turn the blue button. listen 15. A. The odd (different) word is _____ .1616)-5 =========================================================================== ---------THE END--------Best Luck for All EXAMINER: Hama Mahmoud Ibrahim TEACHERS OF ENGLISH Dilpak Muhammad Ibrahim Awaz Ali Lateef . A. for 12. soon 20. A. what 13. Choose the word that rhymes with (straight) _____ . A. when D. A. hear B. playing 14. disc-jockey D. to play C. bread B. Punctuation marks. food B. broked C. lead ************************************************************************* Question (2) pay special attention to the following points: Dictation. why B. the sound gets louder . read D. They are talking ____ Dave and Jade . watch C. A. plays D. The sound /U/ is found in _____ . A. broke 19.who C. in C. The correct spelling of (montain) is_____ . Which matching is not correct ____. mountain D.