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The United States federal government should substantially
curtail its domestic surveillance except for surveillance of
white supremacist hate groups.
White extremist radicalism is on the rise and it is getting
harder to track
By Judy L. Thomas 2015 Only a matter of time? Kansas City Star
Larry Steven McQuilliams “wouldn’t hurt a fly” and was a loyal volunteer, his friends and others say. He performed
at Renaissance festivals, dog-sat for neighbors. ¶ But in November, McQuilliams, 49, fired more than 100 rounds at
several buildings in Austin, Texas, where he had moved from Wichita. The targets included a police headquarters,
federal courthouse and Mexican consulate. After police shot and killed him, they found his map pinpointing nearly
three dozen targets, two of them churches. ¶ Authorities said McQuilliams — who had the words “Let Me Die” written
on his chest — held racist and anti-Semitic beliefs. Police Chief Art Acevedo called McQuilliams a “homegrown

McQuilliams is the face of
domestic extremism today: nondescript, placid, a helpful neighbor.¶ “The wall between
extremism and mainstream has really come down significantly ,” said Brian Levin, director of
the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University-San Bernardino. ¶ Domestic
terrorists used to be easier to identify.¶ Twenty years ago, after the shocking wake-up call of
American extremist.”¶ “Hate was in his heart,” he said.¶ In many ways,

the Oklahoma City bombing, authorities began cracking down on a subculture of extremist groups, many arming
themselves in preparation for a showdown with what they saw as an oppressive federal government. The numbers

at a time when much of law enforcement’s focus
has shifted from domestic to foreign terrorism, a network of extremism is again
spreading throughout the land.¶ “We’re just a penny dropping away from one
or more McVeighs,” said J.J. MacNab, an author who for two decades has been tracking anti-government
extremists, referring to the Oklahoma City bomber. ¶ And this time, extremists are harder to
track.¶ Anti-government groups are more loosely organized , making them more
difficult to infiltrate. White nationalist groups have few strong leaders and are
splintering. And while groups sometimes seem to fight one another as much as their
perceived enemies, that only adds to the noise that law enforcement tries to monitor. ¶
of such groups sharply declined.¶ But today,

“There’s no head to this thing,” said Leonard Zeskind, president of the Kansas City-based Institute for Research and
Education on Human Rights, who has monitored extremist groups for decades. “ Without


they’re out there under no one’s control.”

Continued surveillance is key to combat these groups – the
plan stops it
FBI 12 (“Domestic Threat: White Supremacy Extremism,” 5/22/12, Accessed May
20, 2015,
The Bureau has been investigating the criminal activities of white supremacy
extremists like Ku Klux Klan members since as early as 1918. Today’s extremists are
more challenging than ever. They’re affiliated with a variety of white supremacy groups, and they can be
motivated by any number of religious or political ideologies. We’re also seeing more lone offenders

http://www. The Coming Race War in America] If decent Americans become afraid to stand up to the threats and violence of the white supremacists. and bombings. and witness tampering. Rowan. the rightwing smear of liberal treachery all lead to the conclusion that comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants could be the last straw for the white supremacist] If you put the FAIR-inspired Washington Times article into context. Jr. the last of four Arkansas defendants charged with firebombing the home of an interracial couple was sentenced to federal prison . and religious minorities. and. the federal government. Washington Post. Details In May 2010. September 25th. In recent months. D. an Oregon man pled guilty to mailing a hangman’s noose to the home of the president of a local NAACP chapter in Ohio. threatening to come armed at the next Tea Party march on Washington. 2009. and sharing of intelligence on current and emerging trends. threatening a million man. Details In January 2012. threatening to kill union workers who come to the same health care town hall meetings.S. murder. threatening to kill federal law makers who do not vote to make English the official language. ethnic. explosives violations. we see three keys to turning back the ongoing scourge of white supremacy extremism: Our increased emphasis on the lawful gathering. and counterfeiting—to fund their hate-filled activities. firearms violations. Over the years. counterfeiting and forgery.C. threats and intimidation.splcenter. including civil rights violations. which makes detection of these crimes tougher. things will become worse very fast. They also commit other kinds of crimes—like drug trafficking. tactics. a Washington man was sentenced to 32 years in prison for attempting to bomb a Martin Luther King.C. an Arizona man was sentenced to federal prison after pleading guilty to possessing and transporting improvised explosive devices near the U. Details Moving forward. A few examples: In February 2012. violent factions of larger groups at work. the FBI has led or participated in several significant investigations involving violence or attempted aviolence by self-admitted white supremacists . Chuck Norris’ call to fly a revolutionary flag for a revolutionary movement. armed militia march on D.-Mexico border . solicitation to commit crimes of violence. The context of Minutemen bearing arms to intimidate immigrant workers and children. the white supremacists in the Radical Right–including John Tanton’s network–are preparing for revolution and secession which are code words for a racial civil war to create a white Christian theocracy. and threats. bank and armored car robberies. analyzing. That Causes a Race War Rowan 96 [Carl T.. Details In December 2011. racketeering.. Their tactics include assault. Pierce and his followers will believe that they are in what he calls "a revolutionary phase" in which the federal . Unity Day march in Spokane. Lack of Monitoring Allows White Supremacy to Run Rampant Scaminaci 09 [James Scaminaci III. the federal government has successfully charged white supremacy extremists using a number of federal statutes. White supremacy extremists specifically target racial.and small. even each other. and in some instances. of bringing weapons to town hall meetings.

. and before that from the spineless neglect and indifference of the Nixon and Ford years. We see blacks in political struggle with Hispanics. A race war of destructive proportions that will shock the world is probable because of these facts. flows in part from the denied but obvious racism and contempt for the poor that were so venomous during the Reagan years. but against the Italian mayor of New York. and heinous. as reflected in terrorist bombings.government "can be defeated. and against America as a whole. We see the Muslims at war not only against Jews." The conflict that I foresee will be as crazily complex as it will be violent. But that is history. the increase in murders that are both random and born of rage. We hear black students talk about "the basis of truth" in a speech full of anti-Semitic invective by Nation of Islam minister Khalid Muhammad at Kean College in New Jersey. Catholics. cruel. Rudolph Giuliani." This dreadful upsurge in hurting and hatred in America. And from Los Angeles to Detroit to New York. we see a growing underclass at war against "the establishment. Jews. We now see the skinheads and Ku Klux Klansmen emboldened in their campaigns against blacks.