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IT professional with 8 + years of experience seeking a position in the area of
OS/Systems Administration and to pursue a challenging career in an organization that
gives me tremendous scope for professional improvement and an opportunity to
contribute back to the organization and the professional to the best of my knowledge and
Technical Skills
Red Hat Linux/ Centos / Ubuntu / Solaris 10/ VMWARE /Oracle Enterprise Linux/
Network / Database Administration.
Monitoring Tool: Nagios, Enterprise Manager Grid Control.
Knowledge on Scripting such as Shell/Perl.
Bachelors in Computer Science
RED HAT Certified Engineer
Professional Experience:
Sr System Administrator

Jan 2013 to till date

Installation and configuration of Linux for new build environment.
Configuration of network equipment for newly builds servers.
Database Administration on like Linux.
Server Hardware support like Dell Power Edge, Hp Proliant, and Sun X series.
Adding Disks and creating Slices and File system Administration.
NFS configuration & administration.
Kernel re-configuration & parameter tuning.
Monitoring & troubleshooting with performance related issues
Managing all rebooting & part replacement activities.
Managing upgrade of Linux.
User Management & Administration.
File system management.
Ticket assessment on daily basis.
Creating SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).
Swap space management.
Job Scheduling and Automating process using CRON.

Application related issues. Trouble shooting User's login & home directory related issues. removing User ID from a group. System Administrator Apr 2010 . configuration. Monitoring of All UNIX/Linux flavor like SunOS. Installation and configuration of MySql. Implementation of systems & scheduling automated and manual backups/restored to take production data and archive log files backup. Linux. modification. Users Creation and Granting file access Permissions. Performing User ID creation. Monitoring system logs and the root's email for important messages such as errors and warnings or hardware fail errors. CISCO router installation and configurations. Monitoring system logs and root's email for important messages such as errors and warnings or hardware failure errors. Confidential Sr. adding User ID to a group as a primary or secondary group. Installation of Antivirus and Troubleshooting with virus related issues. system monitoring. Security implementation by using ACL’s & special file permissions.Installation of patches and packages. Handling Domain related Issues. Network Printers. Basic creation and troubleshooting on scripting like Shell/Perl. Active Directory user ID creation. Samba Server configuration with Samba Clients. Configuring and managing network interfaces.Mar 2010 Responsibilities: Providing value added customer services by attending to customer queries and issues Attending Escalation Calls Logged by Client. Performing system administration activities including installation. Installation and configuration of Fedora. troubleshooting. Confidential Desktop Support Engineer Feb 2007 . Effectively resolving any networking related issues. Creation of groups. . Red Hat Linux.Dec 2012 Responsibilities: FTP Creation. Managing Disk File Systems. modification and deletion. Server Performance. deletion and maintain server security. Creating File system and configure to available network through NFS.