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BrawlBox Data Viewer - Version 0.

Copyright © 2009 - 2015 Bryan Moulton, BlackJax96, libertyernie & Sammi Husky
This program is provided as-is without any warranty, implied or otherwise.
By using this program, the end user agrees to take full responsibility
regarding its proper and lawful use. The authors/hosts/distributors cannot be
held responsible for any damage resulting in the use of this program, nor can
they be held accountable for the manner in which it is used.
|************ Change Log ************|
- v0.76 - BrawlLib v0.23
Hotfix 3 (5/26/2015)
. Fixed bug setting "NeedsNormalMatrixArray" in MDL0 header again, woops
. Fixed bug rendering GLSL shaders that use transparency on a computer with a l
ocale other than English
. Fixed bug writing SCN0s (would work in Dolphin Emulator, but not on the actua
l Wii hardware)
. Added option to MDL0 materials to export the automatically generated GLSL ver
tex and fragment shaders for learning, reference, or external use
. Updated CHR0 editor "Transform All" group box to be enabled even when no anim
ation is selected
Hotfix 2 (5/21/2015)
. Fixed bug setting an MDL0 bone's next sibling offset
. Fixed bug setting "NeedsNormalMatrixArray" in MDL0 header (caused issues with
lighting in-game)
. Somewhat fixed display of MDL0 textures using projection mapping
Hotfix 1 (5/21/2015)
. Fixed issue where the model editor would sometimes hang indefinitely upon clo
. Fixed issue where sometimes after selecting an SCN0, you couldn't edit it
Initial Release (5/20/2015)
. Added support for shaders in the viewport! This means that (nearly) all objec
t, material and shader settings will show in the viewport.
Models will now render more closely to how they should in-game. (View -> Model
-> Shaders, on by default).
SCN0 scene lighting, fog and ambient lights can be applied to a model and edite
d in realtime by linking the model's materials to a corresponding lightset
and fog entry and then selecting the SCN0 in the model editor after changing th
e edit type to SCN.
NOTE that this feature (rendering shaders in general) is not flawless. Here's a
list of things that DO NOT WORK:
- Indirect textures, including normal maps and fur maps
- Projection (texture stays the same in relation to the screen), Env Spe
c (texture faces point between ref camera and ref light), Env Light (texture fac
es light) texture reference map modes
- Blending of some intensity textures (there's a hard line where the tex
ture should blend into the background nicely instead)
- Binormals for texture coordinates (Binormals are not supported by Braw
lBox at all)
- "Emboss Map" for texture reference "Type", "EmbossSource" and "EmbossL

. visibility b one. (View -> Viewport -> Transform Control -> Tr anslate/Rotate/Scale -> World/Local) . You can also change the bone's Bone Index in the array."CompareBeforeTexture" under Z Mode in material properties (this allow s for comparing depth before any texture transparency is applied) . This also allows for some other "uni ntentional features". Translate. Fixed support for loading a background image in the model editor .da e while preserving all other edits made in BrawlBox) .ight" (under XF TexGen Flags) . so this option chan ges the tool to work in the order of Rotate.General -> Hide main window: hides the main brawlbox window when the m odel editor is open. double click to open that file in the main window. Right click a file in the list for more options. . Fixed bug dealing with saving RSAR sound archives after making any edits . Especially useful for stage editing. This allow s you to make changes to things such as MDL0 materials and shaders and see your changes immediately show on the model. Fixed support for viewing an SCN0 camera in first person in the model editor ( View -> Viewport -> 1st Person SCN0 Camera) . Added option to add multiple "draw calls" to an MDL0 object. Changed SCN0 right click menu to display but not highlight a newly added node (this allows you to add many entries at once with the shortcut keys) . such as whe n viewing bones that are close together (like fingers). "After Rotation" is off by default. Added option to change the bone/vertex transform tool to World or Local space (only world is available for vertex selections). Rotate. . (View -> Viewport -> Transform Control -> Translate -> After Rotation) . Changed the model editor to not close the main window upon opening. . This allows you t o render the same object more than once using a different material. SCN0 lighting may still be applied. Added options to model editor settings dialog (Options -> Settings): . World means that the coordinate axes are relative to the floor. Useful for reducing visual clutter. Expand the right panel in the model editor and change the dropdown to "Files". but allows you to inject bones without affecting the bone indi ces of others.General -> Scale bone with camera: This will keep each bone at a fixed size on the screen. . Added options to MDL0 bone right click menu to move the current bone to the en d of the bone array or regenerate the bone array (all bone indices are reassigne d). uv and color sets in an MDL0 in the MDL0 right click menu under "Auto Name Assets". This doesn't have an eff ect on heirarchy. draw priority. . and/or XLU/OPA draw pass. Local is default and means that the coordinate axes are relative to that bone. normal. Fixed bug where collisions would not rotate with their attached bone properly . allowing you to open models and animations from multiple files at once. Updated the "Reimport Meshes" option in the MDL0 right click menu to handle a wider variety of scenarios (this button will allow you to reimport the meshes of a model from a Collada . . and dragging on an axis will only change that axis value in an animation.General -> Per pixel lighting: This renders models with more accurate . Scale. Added options to automatically rename all vertex. Moved "AutoMetalMaterials" option from the MDL0 properties to the right click menu under the name "Regenerate Metal Materials".Current Viewport -> Lighting -> Enabled: This will enable or disable b uilt-in lighting in the viewport. . Transforms are applied in order of Translate. (Thing s can get wonky) .General -> Display bones as points: This will render each bone as a po int instead of an orb with axes. and dragging on an axis may affect mu ltiple axis values in an animation. such as opening more than one model editor at once. Added "After Rotation" option to change the local bone/vertex translation tool to apply before or after the bone's rotation. Added file manager to model editor. Scale. .

etc. Added new reimport meshes button to MDL0 right click menu. This will move all selected vertices to an averag e point between all of them. Support for viewing lines and points in the texture coordinate renderer . Tools -> Live Texture Folder. . Added support for rotating and scaling vertex selections (you can use E.22b Hotfix 1 (3/1/2015) . but it usually looks better than per vertex lighting (especially with specular highlights). Renamed several MDL0 shader/material property/value names to be more intuitive and consistent . Updated interpolation viewer to handle two keyframes on one frame (used for st ep or linear interpolation) . Fixed bug with animated GIF importer (right click BRRES -> Import -> Animated GIF) where some GIFs would have transparent pixels in frames where colored pixel s should be . Initial Release (2/28/2015) . When on frame 0 (the bind frame). Fixed bug where textures with no object references would overwrite the node tree definition . When changing a color in the color array editor in the model editor. Fixed bug saving/reading SCN0 lights. . Added "Average" button to vertex editor (the vertex editor is accessible by pr essing J in the model editor).v0. Fixed bug reloading a texture with the realtime texture folder (in the model e ditor. Added option to enable or disable billboard bones in the model viewer (View -> Model -> Billboard Bones) . .75b . this is a checkbox that allows you to move bones without movi ng any rigged model meshes (good for stage making) . R. Fixed parsing RGBA6 color entries . Support for viewing just about all texture reference properties (min/mag filte r.BrawlLib v0. T to change the transform control). Doesn't seem to have any issues anymore. sha ders. SCN0 light/ambient/specular color. SCN0s saved in older versions of BrawlBo x may not open properly anymore . etc) . bone tree edits. Fixed interpolation between the first and last keyframes on a looped animation if they are not the on THE first and last frames . vis bones. Added "Bone Edit Mode" to the CHR0 editor in the model editor. This isn't what the Wii uses. This allows you to edit an image externally and BrawlBox will load it on the model without any interaction necessary) . This allows you to update the meshes of an MDL0 without resetting any custom materials. Fixed undo/redo in the model calculations. Fixed bug copying and pasting entire animation frames or single bone e ntry frames to and from the bind state (frame 0). Added option to display SCN0 light and camera indicators in the model viewer w hen editing an SCN0 (View -> Animations -> Show SCN0 Lights/Cameras) . . Added support for changing some CHR0 entry flags (go to the bone entry itself and view its properties) that were not previously available to edit. a mismatch would not be detected and reported to the u ser . Fixed bug where if the MDL0 node tree definition didn't have any entri es but the bone tree did. UV wrap mode. Support for changing an MDL0 object's single bind influence without the object itself moving (also good for stage making) . . They are no t currently supported by the model editor. the chang ed color will immediately reflect in the viewer as you change the value in the d ialog (CLR0. Fixed bug importing normals properly from Collada dae under certain circumstan ces . lod bias. scale/rotation/translation. palette) in relation to t he texture coordinates in the texcoord renderer . .

v0. Fixed bug with the model not updating when editing the bind state (fra . Fixed bug where selecting a radio button in an attribute grid without having a cell selected caused an error . Fixed bug where pasting a bone frame would swap the Y and Z values.BrawlLib v0. Fixed bug where an imported MDL0 would allow restoring. Fixed bug where when pasting a bone frame in the CHR0 editor. Added the option to delete or not delete all associated assets that ar e not assigned to another object when deleting an MDL0 object . . and DOL fil es do not load correctly.22 Hotfix 2 (2/21/2015) . Moved all settings into the one settings dialog. Fixed bug where an MDL0 replaced with an imported model could not be r estored to the original .75 . . Fixed bug that occured when changing if an animation looped or not in the viewer and then trying to view the loop frame . Added several more property descriptions to materials and shaders. Added support for editing the current or default camera precisely in t he settings dialog . Fixed bug when selecting an animation that has less than 2 frames when the previous animation looped . Ed iting and saving is a work in progress! You cannot save any changes. . Fixed bug where textures being read by the live texture folder tool in the model viewer were "in use" and could not be saved over again . Fixed bug encoding SRT0 keyframes . everythi ng would be keyframed even if only one of the paste options was unchecked . Fixed bug where MDL0 material blend mode values were read and written incorrectly . Fixed bug where framecount would be set wrong on a looped and interpol ated animation in the model viewer . Fixed bug with frame count when creating a new interpolated animation node from scratch . Fixed bug importing a model with objects but no materials for them . . Fixed bug where some controls in the collision editor were missing. Fixed bug in model viewer where setting an SRT0's matrix mode via the animation's right click menu didn't actually set it . Fixed bug writing SHP0 vertex set target names . . Fixed bug where the loop frame would not be retained after inserting o r removing a frame in the model editor . Added support for multiple viewports in the model viewer! Go to View > Viewport -> Add New Viewport and try it out! .. Fixed bug where an extra bone named TopN would be added to the importe d bone tree (this is only supposed to be added to models with no bones) Initial Release (2/19/2015): . Updated the module editor to parse and run faster and use less RAM. Fixed bug where saving a file with unmodified compressed children woul d result in the file being corrupted Hotfix 1 (2/20/2015): . but would cras h when trying to do so because there is nothing to restore to. Fixed bug checking and unchecking bones in the model viewer . Fixed bug where no editor would be visible next to the playback panel in the model editor upon first opening the window and opening the bottom panel . Added support for changing the current viewport's projection under Vie w -> Viewport -> Projection . found under "Options -> Settings" . Mor e to come later.

Added animated GIF to PAT0 + textures converter. SRT0. Added support for opening GCT files directly from the File -> Open dia log or via command line (BrawlBox. Fixed bug where a raw data node would appear when opening an unrecogni zable file format instead of showing a message .gct") . Added checkboxes to bone tree view in the model viewer .exe "<path>. Fixed bug where animations did not set the frame count in the model vi ewer .21b Hotfix 1 (1/7/2015): .74b . Added support for editing SCLA (no new entry adding yet . Loop frame is no longer included when playing an animation. Updated splitters in the main BrawlBox window to update the controls a s they are dragged . Fixed bug dragging the last keyframe in the interpolation editor . Fixed bug with the texture coordinate renderer where random lines woul d appear . transform tool scaling. Updated color property grid editor to display before and after colors with alpha and okay/cancel buttons . SHP0. the loop frame is only for interpolation from the last frame to the first and therefore only included for CHR0. Added support for setting BrawlBox as the default GCT editor so that y ou can double click a GCT to open it directly in the editor (Skips opening Brawl Box) . Fixed bug where IA4 alpha and intensity were swapped . such as bone/vertex select ion. This is ho w it works in-game. Added helpful text that displays on the model viewer's animation playb ack panel to clarify if the last frame is the loop frame (this frame is not read by the game.BrawlLib v0.exe /gct "<path>"). Updated the texture coordinate renderer to display lines in neon green (to stand out from the texture) and show object dropdown to change what coordin ates are shown . Fixed bug setting mini model previewer camera when highlighting a coll ision node . Fixed bug where vertex translations could not be undone . Fixed bug where the file's compression type was not displayed . SRT0. and SCN0 . . Fixed several bugs involving the loop frame . it is used for interpolation) . or (B rawlBox. and light recalculation .me 0) in the model viewer . Fixed several orthographic projection bugs. and SCN0 . (BrawlBox.found in Bra wl stages next to the STPM entry) . Fixed bug where the loop frame was not included in the frame count whe n parsing CHR0. only alpha. Updated color array editor right click menu paste to allow for pasting only color.v0. Added hexadecimal color code textbox to color picker control . or both . Right click BRRES -> Import -> Animated GIF . Fixed bug where part of the animation edit control at the bottom of th e model viewer would be cut off when the scroll bar became visible Initial Release (1/6/2015): . Fixed bug setting the frame index in the interpolation editor .exe /gct). Moved "Edit All Models" option from File -> Options -> Settings in the previous version to "Target Model -> Edit All". billboard bones. Updated "Snap bones to collisions" setting to snap while translating a bone instead of when the bone is released . Updated Collada model importer to rig unrigged objects to their own bo ne located at the center of their mesh . SHP0.

Branch offset destinations are now included in the module section edit or's list box. and object boxes separately under View->Model->'Bounding Boxes' in the model viewer . Brawlbox can now check for updates on startup (can be enabled via Tool s->Settings) or when you go to Help->"Check for updates" and automatically insta ll that update for you. Added the option to manually set a bone's billboard reference bone. requires rooms linked via ADSJ.GSND sound files .GDOR Adventure door files. Added tool to search for animations at the top of the animation list i n the model viewer . .. .ADSJ StepJump files. Fixed bug where PMD models could no longer be imported . required to link rooms and levels.BrawlLib v0. . Renamed MDL0 material "ZCompareLoc" property to "CompareBeforeTexture" and added it under "Z Mode". in another folder or in place of the current version. EFLS. Fixed bug where isotropic animations (isotropic means all the values a re the same. Added TPL. BrawlBox now displays redirected nodes with their own icon . Fixed embedded module files (common2 and common3) not parsing. Added option to zoom precisely in the model viewer by pressing the mid dle mouse button and dragging . . . Support for adding new BLOC to ARC via right click. Fixed bug when trying to view the interpolation of SHP0 nodes . . Added option to MDL0 right click menu to recalculate and set bounding boxes at bind state (model and visibility bone boxes) . Support for editing and adding the following nodes found in BLOC archi ves: . Fixed bug where detaching and reattaching the model panel as a separat e window did not work . Moved option to edit all models out of the dropdown in the model viewe r and into the settings area under Options->Settings . Fixed bug where MDL0 textures that aren't used by any object were writ ten to the model (metal00 for Brawl models). REFF and REFT as nodes that can be created from scrat ch . so this is usually scale) were not parsed correctly . . . Branch opcodes are now highlighted in purple in the module section edi tor. Fixed bug where PAT0 animations did not save texture/palette names pro perly . Removed MDL0 material light channel count and instead added "enabled" to each light channel's properties . . . Fixed bug where replacing an MDL0 bone node would remove its children . Added options to render visibility bone boxes. highlighted in blue. Fixed model viewer screenshot hotkeys .74. Added option to render the bounding boxes that have been written to th e model on frame 0 (the bind state) instead of rendering the auto-calculated one s.v0. Support for item frequency nodes. model boxes. Command destinations are highlighted in gree n. Fixed bug where billboard bones did not apply in the model panel . This option is located under Options->Settings in the model viewer . Fixed setting redirect index. . Support for adding new collision nodes to ARC via right click. Fixed bug where the vertex editor did not appear in the model viewer w hen using the "J" hotkey .21 . . REL Section 5 object parser has been added back . Fixed bug when opening the collision editor . Fixed bug where models no longer clipped with the floor in the model v iewer .(12/25/2014) . .

Fixed several SCN0 rebuilding bugs including when changing the frame c ount or using animated color arrays would cause the file to save improperly . .txt files. such as billboard bones and the scaling of the bone edit control.) . Fixed always asking to save after opening the collision editor. MDL0 and MDL0 material properties. Fixed frame counts on looped animations with keyframes (CHR0. Fixed Collada importer bug that occured when the imported model had so me rigged and some unrigged objects. Note: there are problems with this. regard less if things were changed. . Section editor now displays number of selected bytes.txt (pads the left si de with an asterisk). . Added experimental support for orthographic projection in the viewport . . . SCN0): there is an extra loop frame at the end . . SH P0. (bone controls. . (see details here: https://github. Added a small dialog in the collision editor to rotate/translate/scale selected planes by specific values. GCT editor saves unchecked codes as disabled in . SRT0. before the object's vTable. Improved pixel format conversion. Fixed alignment of the frame indicator with the mouse when dragging it in the interpolation editor. . Model editor now displays bones that are not part of the currently sel ected model at half opacity. Game&Watch's animations now display properl y. Fixed BBox crashing when no vertices exist in Target model. while perspective cameras look OUT from their origin point. Toggleable under Menu->Options->Environment Settings->Orthographic. . . . Changing tool via options->viewer->bone control or shortcuts E. . rather than leng th of the full section. for example. etc. . Now. . overlays. Unrigged objects are now rigged to the firs t bone. . Fixed Collada importer bug that occured when mesh nodes were nested in side another. (bottom status bar) . the second ov erwrote the first. ca using the imported object's mesh to be out of place. . allowing you to jump to that location. Can now render properly in th . . . . Fixed Collada importer bug that occured when the imported model had no normals.R. Added proper texture matrix support that uses the Texture Matrix Mode included in SRT0. GCT editor now allows multiline descriptions in .Right click on methods allows you to open the Method's Assembl y in section editor.PPC disassembler now stops at branch commands in addition to b lr. Added a live texture folder to the model previewer.Added a button to the disassembler that is only visible when a branch command is selected.Right click on inheritance items will open the section editor to THAT INSTANCE'S declaration. Object / Method editor has been added to the module editor pending a b etter UI for it. Fixed shader0's tex ref not being set when importing . Fixed IA8 texture bug where alpha and intensity were swapped . . Fixed bug where if two keyframes were on the same frame.dae files. Select a folder un der Menu->Tools->"Live Texture Folder" and any textures with names that match th e model's textures will be auto-loaded on the model when modified. Better support for MDL0 billboard bones. furthering its acuracy. and T now updates Tool dropdown and vice versa. Fixed bug where opening environment settings would radically enlarge v arious rendered items. Fixed scaling of bone control in the model previewer when changing the "Y Field Of View" in the environment settings window under Menu->Options . Orthographic cameras look AT their origin point. Their bind matrices were not multiplied with the previous node. Saving as GCT will not save disabled codes . and in a red color.

v0. . No type = white . and/or drag) .73b. bones. The attribute grid from Ikarus is now used to edit STDT data in stages . If a floor collision is visible in the model previewer. Collisions are now color coded by type.GMOT (moving things with chr0 animations) .20b . Interpolation Editor changes (TheShyGuy) Display -> Linear -> Edit Values As Linear (toggle on/off) When editing values (e.GDOR (doors) .(6/28/2014) . Floors = cyan . .BLOC Archives . Added the option to view property descriptions if they are available ( Can be enabled in Tools->Settings). . Added support for viewing and exporting Subspace Emissary data formats . Added a "Zoom Extents" Button to the model previewer which will zoom t he camera to the selected bone. . etc).v0. . BrawlBox icon replaced with 256x256 version .e viewer and be properly set in the bone's properties. Options to display only certain coords and expo rt as a texture coming soon.20a . Module names internalized (rather then pulled from external text file) and shown in properties as ModuleName . Ledge grab collisions have their appropriate link rendered pur ple. Added property descriptions to some MDL0 material and bone properties.BrawlLib v0. Walls = green . Read-only support added for collision nodes in the model viewer (right -click the ARC node containing both models and collisions and click "Preview All ") . . Model previewer now has the abiility to render the stage boundries as well as respawn and spawn areas . with 3D rot/trans/scale controls). Fallthrough platforms are rendered yellow. shaders. Update OpenTK library to latest stable release for optimizations .GSND (Sound effects) . . Most currently available descriptions are lo cated in the properties of nodes found in MDL0 (materials.BrawlLib v0. not the interpolated one Options -> Generate Tangents (toggle on/off) Sub-options: Alter Selected Tangent On Drag Alter Ajdacent Tangent (on create.BrawlLib v0.GSND files are now fully editable . s tart from the linear value displayed.GMOV (Moving things w/o chr0 animations) . .GEG1 (Enemy spawning) . delete.g. Added a texture coordinate viewer when selecting MDL0 material referen ce nodes and MDL0 texture nodes.v0. making the Stage Module Converter dialo g unnecessary . Spawn areas turn red when they're too far away from the floor .(8/14/2014) . More descriptions coming soon. BLOC archives are now rebuildable .20 . . Ceilings = red . you can snap t o it while dragging a bone with the translation tool (Options -> Settings -> Sna p dragged bones to floor collisions) .73a. rebuilding not implemented.73.(6/3/2014) . REL files: stage ID (where applicable) and item ID (Online Training Ro om only) can be edited in property grid.

17 . Started to add Maya .19L (libertyernie's fork) BrawlBox will display an error dialog if it tries to start without Ope The BrawlBox "About" screen now shows what version of BrawlLib is bein Unknown nodes export as .71. nTK.(12/7/2013) . .BrawlLib v0. g used . Fixed problem adding a new word to a static module .v0. Added several new options to the model importer settings dialog. any spaces aft er hex lines would cause reading problems . Finished.19L . Added option to change a relocation command's target module .dat files See also the changelog of BrawlLib 0.(12/25/2013) .5 . Fixed bug where if codes where recognized in a GCT. Added a tristripper and integrated it into Brawllib. . Added support for writing string type user data properly . (Breakable Blocks) (Punch Sliders) (Step jumps from one level to another) encoding for empty strings (5/3/2014) .anim animation importing and exporting. Fixed header and alignment in module rebuilder . Fixed the right click menu on a static module . Updated GCT editor to have checkboxes next to codes . they would be disp layed as recognized and unrecognized .69b.ADSJ .v0. Fixed bug where hex lines in a GCT would be read incorrectly . . Fixed error when trying to view an SCN0 camera entry .GMPS . Fixed a bug where exported Collada models would have _ID added to the end of all bone and object names.72. Fixed problem painting the GUI when closing the model viewer . Fixed bug where when opening a TXT in the code manager. This allows for m esh optimization for smaller filesize and less in-game lag.BrawlLib v0. Added option to code manager to display all remembered codes . Added "Optimize" option to the MDL0/object right click menus.GBLK .BrawlLib v0. Fixed error reading float values with commas in anim parser . Updated Collada model exporter to Collada 1.70. . Fixed MSBin . inclu ding tristripper algorithm options .16b .v0.18 . Added toggles for texture matrices in model object properties . Fixed problem where the bounding box would not be generated for import ed models .(10/18/13) . This feat ure is still a work in progress and does not work properly yet. Fixed bug where only the command list with the same module id would be applied .v0. Fixed display error of CLR0 primary color in its editor .BrawlLib v0. Removed the Imports folder from REL tree.5 ..BrawlLib v0.v0. fixed and added PMD importer . .16 . Fixed error in collision viewer with displaying and selecting plans/li nks anchored to bones . Fixed display error of SHP0 framecount in its editor . This wil l allow you to re-optimize meshes that have already been encoded. as its generation is now ful ly automatic . Updated Collada model importer to support Collada 1.dll .69.(11/19/13) .

no more external settings file.. Added "Recent Files" under File in the main menu strip . Fixed issue with mini model viewer when first loaded . .BrawlLib v0. Fixed crash when saving a PCS with compression already set to LZ77 . Fixed issue when opening collision viewer for the first time . RSEQ) when they are outside of th e RSAR . . Added a texture resize function to the Texture Converter dialog .changing the FPS (Frames Per Second) value now works accurately . Moved collision editor and model viewer code out of Brawllib and into Brawlbox . Removed buttons to toggle playback and bones panels . Added a Re-Encode option to the right click menus of TEX0. save GCT wi th text info. Updated the display of TPL entries . . Made animation frames able to be copied and pasted in different instan ces of Brawlbox . RBNK. imported. and open GCTs using a database of saved codes if it contains no te xt info. Fixed bug where the model previewer would lock itself if you closed it while playing an animation . Fixed BRSTM encoder issue . Fixed shortcut text for the button to toggle bones . Added a help window to the collision editor .(5/27/2013) . Removed wireframe mode from the polygons button and moved it to a sepe rate menu button . . Added support for adding REFF entries . Fixed "Replace All" button on ARC right click menu .15c . Added interpolation editor located under Tools in the model viewer Added DOL & REL section editor Finished DOL & REL rebuilders Added option to sync first and last keyframes (useful for looping anim ations) . and T PL textures . Fixed bug where the frame count and loop animation properties were gon e . . Added support for viewing THPs (video and audio may desync though) . Fixed problem where texture matrices would be removed but leave empty bytes in the object . Updated the keyframe panel in the model viewer .15d . Fixed animation framerate in model viewer (defaults to 60) . Added a code manager for GCT files. Added bones panel to the keyframes panel in the model previewer . Model viewer settings can be exported. Fixed saving RSAR files (RWSD.(6/22/2013) . and reset to default. Updated the Collada model import settings dialog . . REFT.68c. Added option to move the model viewer panel into a new window and back .BrawlLib v0. Can read/write to TXT. Added option to generate animation tangents automatically or not . Updated model viewer to internally retain all changes to settings. Added full support for RunLength and Extended LZ77 compression .v0. Fixed collision plane culling (was inside-out) and removed 2D selectio n overlay from collision viewer .68d. Added option to create a link directly on a plane in the collision edi tor .v0. Fixed U8 parser/rebuilder . Fixed MDL0 object importer .useful for dual monitors . Removed moveset editor (Moveset editing moved to Ikarus) .

Fixed when the last frame of an animation is deleted when clicking ". . Set text overlays to not display by default and added a button to togg le them on . Fixed importing a model with no materials .68. This feature is not yet available. Set point/line smooth to off by default and added a button to toggle i t on . "Export as Single Matrix" 3ds Max export setting for DAE models is not necessary to check anymore . Fixed bone translation tool . Added RSAR sound importer . Fixed bug opening a model with objects that have incorrect vertex form at flags .(5/5/2013) .BrawlLib v0. Updated BRRES "Edit All" dialog . Added "Original Path" string value for all NW4R nodes. Fixed background image to load immediately . Fixed loop points when importing an RSAR sound .15b . Fixed when vertices are moved when modified by a SHP0 . Added TPL support . all OpenGL coded has been modified to use OpenTK. their effects cannot be literally displayed yet) . MDL0 Objects updated: now support both an OPA and XLU material. Changed shortcut when zooming to increase/decrease camera zoom/transla te/rotate speeds from Control to Alt . Changed shortcut to delete the current frame to Shift + Backspace . Finished SCN0 Editor . . Revised and added new options to model viewer settings window . Added support for editing REFF files . . Began working on rendering materials & shaders using GLSL. Works just as good as the TEX0 image import er now .15 . Updated UserData handling . Fixed "Null weights" MDL0 error .v0. Fixed problem where edited models would explode in-game . mode l viewer help.9 REFF . Added ability to drag and drop tree nodes.. Hold shift to add node as a child . Updated MDL0 Material Properties . Added support to compress U8 Archives to YAZ0 format with RunLength co mpression . save camera. Fixed random green/blue/yellow color overlays when clicking bones . Finished REFT and REFF rebuilders ." .(4/28/2013) . Added RSAR file viewer . Edited animation editors in model viewer to be a bit more compact . load background image . Added support for v1. Fixed duplicated objects to be independent from the original .68b. Added drop down color picker for any RGBA pixel property . Fixed REFT image importer. added "DrawPriority" value and added the ability to change linked vertex/normal/color/ uv nodes.v0. SCN0 rebuilder bugfixes . Fixed problem with PAT0 animations and different palettes . Added various model viewer buttons: take screenshot. Finished RSAR rebuilder . Added SCN0 & CLR0 editors to the model viewer (however.BrawlLib v0. Fixed model import problem where all normals and unweighted objects wo uld be rotated forward 90 degrees . Finished TPL rebuilder .

14 New moveset editor & rebuilder SCN0 rebuilder revised PAT0 rebuilder revised New text animation importer for use with a specific maxscript for 3ds . WAV files now parse correctly when there is text info in the header . InsertChild now adds node in right location on node tree ..wav file exporter . Fixed CHR0/SRT0 manual editors . Added support for all RSAR versions .BrawlLib v0. Article Data3 now read correctly. . Culture Invariant Float. Fixed when an offset parameter is pasted back into moveset code .v0. SubActions can have same names . Loads animations from U8 files correctly .14b . . Added support for stereo RSAR sounds . Made RSAR file list sortable by columns . "Part2" entries updated to UserData entries with full support . Move up/down for events doesn't randomly throw an error . Added new parameter node for external GFX using new text file "GFXFile s. Added buttons to display model and object bounding boxes and to render normals .BrawlLib v0. will not freeze entry article . External subroutine removal doesn't corrupt save file . (7/7/2012) . Made bones. . Added REL stage converter coded by libertyernie to REL right click men u . Implemented vertex editor . Added support for RWAR and RWAV formats. Undo and Redo buttons re-coded .67. Added new parameter node handling for events . located in other versions of RWSD and RBNK . RBNK. Updated Stage Model Converter .txt" for the gfx file names. SCN0 fully editable and rebuildable . Added support for modifying RWSD. vertices and the bone scale/rotation/translation controls highlight when you move the mouse over them . Auto removal of FADEF00D and FADE0D8A events created by PSA . Finished bone translation and scale controls in the model previewer . Fixed SRT0 flag handling . Fixed loop point retrieval for RSAR sounds . CLR0 parsing/rebuilding remade. Fixed problem with importing mono audio files . Better lighting in model viewer . Model Visibility works perfectly in viewer . Removed all unknowns from all formats found in BRRES files. . Fixed . Event changes in viewer updates on the selected frame right after bein g modified . . had some problems before and did not work. and RSEQ files. Offset editor fixed up.67b. Added a donate button to the About menu dropdown (yay!) . Added left and right buttons to texture previewer to view the differen t mipmaps . Setting an offset doesn't require the value to already have an offset .(7/23/2012) . Names originally written down by Eternal Yoshi. .Parse on most parse uses . All flags are fully known as well. . Corrected SHP0 morphing between multiple destinations . Full editing support and v4 support . RSEQ MML code is not yet editable yet.v0. Model visibility switch nodes sync in number between references . Multi-Channel BRSTMs are now previewable .

Fixed the v5 CHR0 saving bug.66. Added animation porter .v0. Various bug fixes . . Finished DAE parser.66b. Fixed "Clean" button and the keyframe viewer.13 New SRT0 editor & rebuilder New SHP0 editor & rebuilder New PAT0 editor & revised rebuilder New Model Previewer . SRT0 and STPM rebuilding .12c . Added the ability to drag files into the model previewer to view all t . Added a new menu to the model previewer Many bugfixes .65. .BrawlLib v0. . Previewer now allows saving viewer settings . Fixed tons of bugs! .(1/28/2012) . for the most part.13b .65c. . .64d. Changed GX enums to be easier to understand . Added new node icons .12b . Added an MDL0 object importer and duplicator . Changed around material values . Added undo and redo functions in the model previewer. Added "Rename All" and "Edit All" buttons to BRRES nodes. Made MDL0 nodes modulate their values and each other more closely .v0.BrawlLib v0. Added support for viewing multiple models in the model previewer (CTRL +H opens model switcher).BrawlLib v0. .(2/4/2012) . Added support for v5 CHR0s and v10 and v11 MDL0s.12 Finished the DAE model importer! Finished the model rebuilder completely (everything is now editable).v0.v0. .v0.BrawlLib v0. Added SCN0. Texture matrices can now be used without any problems in-game (moving textures) . . Added stage default support for DAE importer . . .(4/17/2012) . . Various bug fixes .BrawlLib v0. . Added minor REFF support.BrawlLib v0. . Added REFT image importer and rebuilder . Finished Wavefront OBJ exporter (Right click an MDL0 object and export it as OBJ) . Fixed up the DAE exporter again . Finalized shader editing. Finished model rebuilder. Edited viewer based on feedback .Max . (11/8/2011) . Added support for editing most MDL0 shader values. Changed the way models are rendered. .(08/31/2011) . . . . Undo and Redo buttons have been fixed for the model viewer and added t o the collision viewer (All coded by Xiggah) . (4/10/2012) .v0.65b. Updated MDL0 Shader display .11d (BlackJax96 takes over development fro m here on) . . Added support for v8 supports different animation editors All animation types & versions supported . . .

Added color dialog for CLR0 and PLT0 editing. one with transparency and one without.v0. (01/31/2010) . . Color lists now have two color columns. Fixed save dialog extension bug.v0.63d. . Fixed minor bug that was affecting the way non-textured polygons are r endered (alloy models). .(01/18/2010) . Added features to BRSTM converter dialog. . Added RSAR file list. .10c Various bugfixes Added VIS editor Animation frames now interpolate properly. .10d .v0.09b . Fixed a bug that was causing decal textures to link improperly in MDL files. . . Many bugfixes and small additions/changes to things . .(01/06/2010) . Added various features to collision editor. . . Fixed rendering bug related to materials without textures. . .v0.v0. . Added brstm converter. Added minor support for EFLS resources. . Also.(01/19/2010) . New Median Cut quantizer using method from GIMP library.BrawlLib v0.BrawlLib v0. Fixed CHR bug that was causing long animations to cut short.09 Added support for CLR0 nodes. Added minor support for single-color CLR0 entries. . Added bone tree editing functions. .62 . . Fixed animation encoder bug.08 Added audio playback controls. (12/24/2009) . . .63b.BrawlLib v0. numbered extensions will now ha ve real extension added. .BrawlLib v0. .v0. . Rot and Scale labels for editing keyframes in the model previewer.he models in the file. .10b . Added support for stage collision files. .62b. Added editor for stage collision files. . Added CopyAll/PasteAll/Clean/Clear controls to animation editor. Fixes many crashing problems. .BrawlLib v0. Added support for RWSD/RBNK/RSEQ files.v0. . Increased maximum frame delay for animation playback. .61 . CopyAll/PasteAll in model viewer now saves the animation state globall y. Fixed bug dealing with single CLR entries saving improperly. Fixed bug in MSBin parser/decoder dealing with empty strings. (01/05/2010) . .63 . .10 . .BrawlLib v0.63c. Fixed image encoding bug related to image format on older systems. Fixed bug in CI4 encoder that was corrupting image blocks.(02/08/2010) . Fixed bug in OpenGL rendering dealing with depth buffer precision. . . .BrawlLib v0. Added support for editing/saving MRG files. . Added floor option to model viewer. . Added gradient generator to color list. Added right click menus to the Trans.

.(12/01/2009) .1. which allows for faster i mport/export. (11/30/2009) . . . . . . Please see BrawlLib. . . .60 . Certain resources now automatically convert with the Export/Replace(st ring) command. Added cut/copy/paste/insert/delete buttons to animation panel. Fixed bug with GLPanel not closing properly. . This allows other reso urces to change size. Added CHR0 encoder/decoder.v0. (No audio features yet) Improved CMPR algorithm using modified code from the NVidia Texture To Lowered OpenGL version to 1. .BrawlLib v0. Various menu improvements/features. More BRES entries now link to the string table. Added support for the following new controls from BrawlLib: ModelPanel TextureConverterDialog . Animation length can be set from the playback panel. (Use ResourceEntry.07c . Various improvements to the model editor: Added option panel.Bui ld) . .BrawlLib v0. Fixed a bug in the MSBin encoder for border entries. Added editor for MSBin messages. Various improvements to node stability. Re-added RSAR support with new organization. Fixed a bug in the MSBin encoder for border entries. Fixed a bug that was causing PAC files to export uncompressed regardle ss of setting.BrawlLib v0. . Adjusted keyboard controls. Now all textures are rendered u ntil it can be fixed. Due to new rebuild enhancements. .60c. including: Animation previewer/editor. Improved OpenGL initialization/support. Mainly TEX0Node.05 . .BrawlLib v0. ed.59 . Fixed various bugs with the CHR0 encoder.v0. .BrawlLib v0. .v0. . . New menu system. Added tons of features to model editor. Most new features are library improvements.txt fo r more details. Added context menu for animation list.v0.58b. Added editor for CHR0 keyframes. an d deleted. .07b Fixed various bugs with the CHR0 encoder. . . . Improved model editor features/controls. .60b. Added MSBinEditor for editing MSBin messages. renamed.07 . Support for binary string trees has been added.(11/24/2009) . Fixed a bug in the CHR0 decoder..(10/24/2009) . ols. . Re-integration with BrawlLib is nearly complete. . Fixed issue with texture layers. CHR0 entries can now be manipulated. Audio support still i sn't finished. nodes can now be created.v0. (11/08/2009) .06 Re-added settings dialog. with KeyframeCollection class. . and changed the way mipmaps are generat Added FileAssociation and FileType classes.

MDL0 support has been improved. Fixed a bug that was causing unknown files to disappear entirely.55b . .58 .(09/28/2009) . (Tha nks lavamage) . Added OpenGL support with basic functions. Added minor speed tweak to LZ77 decompression. . Added a progress bar for those long compression jobs. . Fixed a bug with pre-paletted textures that was causing them to recrea te the palette improperly.03 . . Name has changed to BrawlBox (previously SmashBox) . Re-wrote the LZ77 algorithm for increased speed. . Fixed many bugs dealing with node memory: BRES entries properly adjust offsets in OnRebuild. .(10/02/2009) .v0. All images are now exported in 32-bit format. GLModel can be attached to ModelPanel for rendering. TEX0Node and PLT0Node can no w be written to.v0. Moved MDL0 node classes to separate folder for organization. .BrawlLib v0. Added support for TGA images. BRESGroup addresses change on rebuild. Added GLPanel/ModelPanel controls . . BRES entries now do post-processing. .(09/29/2009) . allowing for the creation of BrawlLib. Parent nodes (ARC/BRES) don't release sources until rebuild is c omplete. .v. Discovered another portion of model files that needs an entry in the B RES string table.01 .v0. Initial release . . Added audio playback control for use with brsar and brstm files. . . Initialization flag is set so nodes know when to initialize from a raw source. Began support for OpenGL/Models with OGL natives and GLPanel.057 . Various properties from ResourceTreeNode. Added the ability to construct a resource tree from scratch.(10/11/2009) . Due to compatibility problems with paletted images and transparent col ors.(08/09/2009) . You can now use SaveAs on the current working file.02 . . . Audio nodes/controls have been temporarily disabled until BrawlLib can be updated. .04 . and link groups/nodes to the bina ry tree.wav format. Now has minor Linux support. .BrawlLib v0. GLModel objects can now be created from MDL0Node. (08/23/2009) Added support for brstm files. . FileMaps now hold on to a FileStream object until the map is closed. . .(08/04/2009) . ..BrawlLib v0.BrawlLib v0. . . so long as changes have been made. Increased support for brsar audio packages. (Thanks kid craft 24/sonic master) . . Program has been separated.56 . . Added the ability to export audio to . The texture replacer will now default to the original texture/palette/ mip settings. .

AnmScn (SCN0) c. Remade node structure (again).. Nodes will only be interpreted as they are browsed. . . .v0. PCS files compress a little faster.v0. still doesn't support indexed tex . . Confirmed successful rebuilding of stage files. .(08/01/2009) . This helps with sp eed and compatibility.(07/25/2009) . .v0.v0. .51 . Added some support for CHR0 and CLR0 animations. c. Fixed a bug dealing with vertex/color data types by removing vertex pa rsing. . s: (08/03/2009) Fixed various issues with Common pac files. .52c .53b .(07/29/2009) . Fixed a bug during texture replacing that was causing problems in some files (common pacs). AnmTexPat (PAT0) . (Entry viewing only) . Was causing assembly problems. Helps with large/embedded files. Added various improvements to MDL0 file browsing. Added child-only properties .54 . Character selection port now supported. .55 . jpg.52 .(06/28/2009) . Archives are rebuilt entirely when they are saved. Texture replacing works fairly well.v0. so long as the same texture forma t is used. raits are . TGA) . . . still waiting on Started incorporating change tracking which offers improvements such a a. Fixed an issue with certain compressed files.(07/16/2009) . Fixed a few small bugs with brres generation. Added About window. AnmVis (VIS0) b. All texture formats are now supported for replacing. Fixed an issue with character files with transformations. AnmTexSrt (SRT0) e. A bit more support for MDL0 files (can browse data info) . Added some support for MDL0 and brsar files. Only portions of the tree that have changed will be re-built. gif. . Unchanged nodes will be copied back as-is. . Removed Managed DirectX 9 dependency. Active discovery. .(07/23/2009) . AnmTexShp (SHP0) d.v0. . Confirmed texture replacement works.v0.53 . Added support for more image formats (bmp.v0.(07/17/2009) . b.52b . . Added minor support for the following brres resources (fixes some text ure replacing issues): a. . Confirmed successful rebuilding of 'common' files. Texture replacer has been updated to allow indexed textures. Nodes can now be inserted/deleted/moved.

50 .aspx?id=17718 * A video card that supports OpenGL 1. / Pokemon / Creatures / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS / Konami Digital Entertainment Co. / SEGA . Embedded PCS nodes are better supported .5.v0..Net Framework v4.aspx?id=40773 (Web insta ller) * BrawlLib: Microsoft . allows for better data replacement . / S HIGESATO ITOI / APE Inc. Ltd.1 is required to ena ble shaders). . Program can display/generate mipmaps.aspx?id=40779 (Offline i nstaller) http://www.1 http://www. (Use the arrows on the preview p anel to change mip level) PCS entries are now re-packed before saving .0 http://www. Inc. Inc.© 2008 Nintendo and HAL Labor atory.Net Framework v4. / GAME FREAK Inc. ==================================== |********* Acknowledgements *********| ==================================== Super Smash Brothers Brawl is copyrighted property . Node move/resize or higher (OpenGL 2. Characters are copyrighted by the following: © Nintendo / HAL . Original release ==================================== |*********** Requirements ***********| ==================================== * BrawlBox: Microsoft .com/en-us/download/details.