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Forsaken World Live Chat Transcript (07/20/15

Question 1: Is Forsaken World still going to have gender locked classes without any
customization other than cash fashion items?
---Answer: Not quite! At launch, classes will be gender-locked. However, you can find various
clothing and hairstyles, etc in the world.
Question 2: Will it be too much to handle on some older phones and tablets or do we
need a new state-of-the-art phone?
---Answer: You'll need iOS 6.1 or Android 4.0 or above.
Question 3: How strong can each character be?
---Answer: The current level cap is Level 70.
Question 4: Is the game just going to have a central public town for players and a map of
levels, or will it be an open world where we can go from town to town?
---Answer: It will be an open world!
Question 5: We Love You Fedeen!
----Answer: We love you too!
Question 6: Would you PLEASE make tournaments based upon user levels? Example if
max level is 140: 89-99, 100-119, 120-129, 130-140. That way it would balance the powers
from the weaker to strongest.
---Answer: Arena battles and such will be matched by level.
Question 7: Why (if you are) keeping the classes gender locked if the audience does NOT
want this?
---Answer: Dev priorities. Gotta fix things before we can change things.
Question 8: Would you please! Let us trade items, money or any other kind of stuff?
---Answer: You can. Auction system and mail trades.
Question 9: Is there any chances are you going to increase the graphical game quality?
In next update.
---Answer: You can optimize your graphical performance in the game.
Question 10: Do you plan on releasing more characters after the initial release?
---Answer: There are indeed plans for future expansions.
Question 11: How connected will players be to the developers?
---Answer: You can find some of us in the game! See you there!

Question 12: “Is there gonna be an auction house?”
---Answer: You betcha!
Question 13: Will we be able to trade equipment with other players?
---Answer: Only unbound items may be traded.
Question 14: Can I get 23 meat pizzas, a supreme, and a triple cheese w/ three 2-liter
bottles of mountain dew?
---Answer: I think you’ve got the wrong number. But count me in for that pizza party!
Question 15: Could you separate in game tournaments by levels?
---Answer: Arena battles will be sorted into level-based groups.
Question 16: What type of mobile device will it play BEST on? (Not just OS)
---Answer: As with anything, newer devices will typically showcase the best performance. Only
iOS and Android are supported.
Question 17: What about this game is going to make me want to keep playing?
---Answer: So far, the community is great. You must search within yourself for the answers you
Question 18: Are there different types of currency?
---Answer: Yes. You have 2 types of leaves and also gold.
Question 19: Are there any pets and will they affect combat or loot items for you?
---Answer: There is a comprehensive mounts system, and mounts provide buffs for your
Question 20: Is there any system to reduce fatigue? Or gain stamina?
---Answer: You can get free Stamina twice per day, amongst other options.
Question 21: Will there be any jumping option?”
---Answer: There is! Swipe up with one finger.
Question 22: What about this game do u believe will keep players wanting to play?
---Answer: The world is massive, and there’s new loot around every corner. We already see new
friendships forming as our players.
Question 23: Are there ranged weapons?
---Answer: There are ranged classes — Cleric, Kindred and Mage all have ranged abilities.
Question 24: Are IOS and Android cross platform?
---Answer: Yes! You can all play together

Question 25: Are there going to be quests that require a group?
---Answer: Yes. To learn more, play FWM and find out.
Question 26: What exactly will cost actual money in this game?
---Answer: You can recharge your account with in-game currency by spending real money.
Question 27: Is this a port of the PC version, or was it built for just for mobile?
---Answer: It is a new game!
Question 28: What is the Max number of Guild members?
---Answer: Max membership will increase by 5 when the Guild Level is raised. Max Guild Level
is 10.
Question 29: What are you guys doing to prevent from hackers/cheaters?
---Answer: The game is always-online, so there can be no client-side hacking.
Question 30: What if we already started the desktop version of Forsaken World? Will we
be able to play with existing characters, like with Arc?
---Answer: It’s a new game. You’ll need to start again on the mobile version
Question 31: How do I apply to be a Game Master?
---Answer: We are not currently accepting applications for GMs. However, we are looking for
forum mods.
Question 32: Is Canada server separate to US server?
---Answer: There will be a server for the Americas and one for EU.
Question 33: Will I be able to attack and kill other players since it’s an open world or do I
need to join a pvp server for that?
---Answer: You can enable or disable PVP for your character in the open world.
Question 34: How many classes are going to be in the game?
---Answer: The game will launch with 5 classes. Warrior, Assassin, Cleric, Kindred and Mage.
Question 35: What is the best recommendation for a noob who hasn't played this before?
---Answer: Try the Warrior. He’s very tough and hard to kill — a forgiving character for new
Question 36: Who wrote the story for the game?
---Answer: The story was created by the developers and localized by us here at Fedeen.

Question 37: How often will a quest be assigned?

---Answer: Most levels have numerous quests available, but sometimes players will need to
level up before taking on new quests.
Question 38: Any graphical difference between iOS and Android?
---Answer: Nope, it’s the same game.
Question 39: Will in-app purchase be for cosmetic items or are there some pay to win
items included such exp boosts, or the option to buy in game currency?
---Answer: You can spend money on all these things and more.
Question 40: Which class will be the hardest to master?
---Answer: The Mage is pretty squishy. The Assassin is also a bit of a glass cannon. Good luck!
Question 41: Would I be able to use a game controller to play the game?
---Answer: This feature may be included in future updates.
Question 42: And would my pc acct be the same for mobile?
---Answer: You can login with your Arc account, but you’ll need to make a new character.
Question 43: Will it be like order and chaos where items bind to character or will there be
more freedom to buy sell and trade?
---Answer: The game has both bound and unbound items.
Question 44: Is there any major difference between mobile and PC?
---Answer: This is a new game. It's more streamlined for mobile. Fewer classes to start, no
flying mounts, humans only for now. The social play aspects are as strong.
Question 45: Is there any job openings available?
---Answer: We are currently looking for forum moderators!
Question 46: Is Forsaken World being supported on non Android/IOS Devices?
--Answer: Currently we only support Android and IOS devices.
Question 47: Are there any quests that will be exclusive?
--Answer: Some quests require that you level your character to a certain point before you can
Question 48: Any other exciting upcoming titles from Fedeen?
---Answer: Yes! We’ve soft-launched an awesome TD game called Cairo’s Tale:Cluster Clucked
in Canada.

Question 49: What other titles can be expect from Fedeen in the near future?

---Answer: We are also working on the sure-to-be-excellent Torchlight Mobile. Any Torchlight
fans in the house?
Question 50: Will you be using PreLaunch.Me in the future?
---Answer: We definitely liked the platform this time and would be open to working together