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Trustees’ Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Greek
Ashland Theological Seminary ● 910 Center Street ● Ashland, OH 44805
(419) 289-1373 ●
Ph.D. (Religion/New Testament), Emory University, 1995. Dissertation: “Despising
Shame: The Social Function of the Rhetoric of Honor and Dishonor in the Epistle to the
Hebrews” (advisor: Luke T. Johnson).
M. Div., Princeton Theological Seminary, 1990. Thesis: “Paul’s Defense Of His
Apostolate In 2 Corinthians: Conflicting Understandings of Apostolic Legitimation and
Their Implications for the Gospel” (advisor: J. Christiaan Beker).
A. B. (English), Princeton University, 1987. Thesis: “Old Wine, New Wineskins: The
Reform of Anglican Homiletics during the Seventeenth Century” (advisor: Seth Lerer).

Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland, OH
Professor, 2002-present; Associate Professor, 1998-2002; Assistant Professor,
Courses taught: New Testament Introduction; Biblical Greek; Exegetical Greek;
Latin; Specialized Exegesis Courses (Galatians; 2 Corinthians; 1 and 2
Thessalonians; Hebrews; James & Jude; 1 Peter; the Revelation of John); Judaism
in the Second Temple Period; The Apocrypha and the Christian Church;
Apocalyptic Literature; Dead Sea Scrolls; Social-Scientific and Rhetorical
Approaches to Biblical Interpretation; Senior Seminar in Biblical Studies; Biblical
Foundations of Formational Counseling (D. Min. Program)
Colombo Theological Seminary, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Visiting Professor of New Testament, Fall 2010, Summer 2013
Courses Taught: Exegesis of Galatians (August 2010); Exegesis of Revelation
(September 2010); Hebrews (July 2013); 2 Corinthians (July 2013)
Trinity School for Ministry, Pittsburgh, PA
Visiting Professor of New Testament, Summer 2010


Course Taught: Introduction to the Apocrypha, June 2010
Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA
Visiting Professor of New Testament, Summer 2004
Course Taught: New Testament Exegesis: Exegesis of 1 Peter
Candler School of Theology, Atlanta, GA
Assistant Instructor, 1994-1995; Adjunct Faculty, 1992-1994;
Courses Taught: Exegesis of the Revelation of John (NT 339); Introduction to the
Apocrypha (OT 352); New Testament Greek (BL 331 and 333); Social Sciences and
NT Interpretation (NT 320).

Galatians (Baylor Handbooks on the Greek New Testament; Waco: Baylor University
Press, 2014).
The Jewish Teachers of Jesus, James, and Jude: What Earliest Christianity Learned from the
Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2012).
The Letter to the Hebrews in Social-Scientific Perspective (Cascade Companions; Eugene,
OR: Cascade, 2012).
Jude, in James and Jude, with John Painter (Paideia Commentaries; Grand Rapids, MI:
Baker Academic, 2012).
The Apocrypha (Core Biblical Studies; Nashville: Abingdon, 2012).
Global Readings: A Sri Lankan Commentary on the Letter to the Galatians (Eugene, OR:
Cascade Books, 2011). Sinhalese translation (Kohuwala, Sri Lanka: CTS Publishing,
Seeing Things John’s Way: The Rhetoric of the Book of Revelation (Louisville, KY:
Westminster John Knox Press, 2009).
Despising Shame: Honor Discourse and Community Maintenance in the Epistle to the Hebrews
(Revised Edition) (Studia Biblica 21; Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2008).

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InterVarsity Press Consultant. SBL (SECSOR) Graduate Student Paper Award (1994). Deacon. . Journal for the Study of New Testament (1997-2003). ex-officio as interim Director of the Chapel. Emory University. 2005 (An Introduction to the New Testament: Contexts. Other Editorial Board. 2011-2014) Academic Affairs Committee (2005-2006. chair. Editorial Board. Library Committee (1995-2001. Ashland Theological Seminary (2002-2003). ACADEMIC SERVICE: Society of Biblical Literature Co-chair (with Loren Johns). 2007-2010. Function of Non-Canonical Literature Section (2009present). Spiritual Formation. Methods & Ministry Formation [InterVarsity. External Dissertation Examiner. Rhetoric and the New Testament Section (2004-2010). Founding Chair. Chapel. Rhetoric of Religious Antiquity Project (1999-present). Elected to the Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas (2001). United Methodist Publishing House (Disciple Series) PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS MAINTAINED Society of Biblical Literature Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas (SNTS) Ordination as an Elder in Full Connection in the Florida Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church (Elder. SBL Regional Scholar (1995). Reference and Academic Books. Steering Committee. 2004-2005). 1991-1992). Rhetoric of Religious Antiquity Seminar (2005-2010). and Student Life Committee (2003-2004. 2004-present. Fuller Theological Seminary External Reviewer. 2010-2011). Editorial Board. Ashland Theological Seminary Department Chair. Andrews University Seminary Studies. Assistant Instructorship (1994-1995). 2011-2014) Personal and Professional Development Committee (2001-2005. 1995-2004). 1997-2001). Best Teaching Practices Consultation (2004-2010). Steering Committee. Biblical Studies (2005-2006. 2004]). Graduate Fellowship (1990-1994).deSilva-20 ECPA Gold Medallion Award Finalist. Recruitment Committee. chair. 2007-2010. Emory Studies in Early Christianity (1999-present). Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Tuition Fellowship (1990-1991.

OH (1998-2014). and Musica Alta. Interim Chapel Co-ordinator. GA (Spring semester. Princeton Singers. Nassau Christian Center. 2009 and 2010. Akron. Tenor soloist with Candler Choraliers. Substitute Preacher at various churches (primarily those where I have also been employed as Minister of Music [see below]).deSilva-21 EMPLOYMENT IN PASTORAL MINISTRY One unit of Clinical Pastoral Education at Akron General Medical Center. United Methodist Church Ohio East Area. St. Port Charlotte United Methodist Church. Organist/Choirmaster. Assistant Organist. Swimming. OH (August 1995 to June 1998). Port Charlotte. and Justin Alexander (1/24/2001). NJ (September 1985 to June 1990). Conference Organist. Religious Affiliation: United Methodist Ethnicity: Sinhalese-American Hobbies: Music. Friedenskirche (Evangelisch-methodistische Kirche). Campus Minister for Westminster Choir College. Christ Our Hope Lutheran Church. Intern at St. Helmetta. . Christ United Methodist Church. Princeton University Glee Club. Cooking. FL (July 2014-present). George's Episcopal Church. Guest Organist. and Director of the Seminary Chapel Choir. Candler Choraliers. Atlanta Bach Choir. Director of Choirs. Ashland. First United Methodist Church. GA (August 1990 to July 1995). Atlanta. three sons: James Adrian (3/16/1995). Ashland Theological Seminary (2003-2004). Accompanist. John Austin (7/4/1998). George's Episcopal Church. Atlanta. EMPLOYMENT IN MUSIC MINISTRY Organist/Director of Music. Interim Organist/Director of Ashland Seminary Chapel Choir (Spring 1997). Helmetta. Racquetball. Organist/Choirmaster. Riverdale. Germany (2006-2007). Ashland. Ohio (Summer 2003). NJ (September 1987 to 1989). Emory University. Organist. PERSONAL INFORMATION Family: Married to Donna Jean Heitman deSilva. Organist/Director of Music. 1991). GA (1991-1992). Tuebingen. NJ (Fall 1989 to Spring 1990). Emory University. Biking. Princeton.

Issaquah. Reid Senior Academic Editor. Charlesworth Princeton Theological Seminary CN 821 Princeton. Johnson Emory University 668 Clifton Road NE Atlanta. NJ 08542 Dr. E.deSilva-22 REFERENCES Dr. James H. S. Luke T. InterVarsity Press 16736 — 235th Ave. GA 30307 Dr. Daniel G. WA 98027 .