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Athumani Mkanda

Oracle DBA (Contractor) - Ishglo-One Corp
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Over 4 years of Oracle DBA experience with ORACLE 10g, 11g, on UNIX/Sun Solaris/AIX and Windows.
Strong technical and analytical skills with excellent interpersonal and communications abilities.
Proficient in Installation, Troubleshoot, Maintenance and technical Support for Oracle (10g and 11g)
Databases, Grid Control and OEM.
Highly skilled in Oracle DBA - Installation, Administration, creating Backup & Recovery Strategy
Implementation, Performance Monitoring/Tuning and Database Security for Databases having more than
300+ users.
Excellent writing and organizational skills.


Oracle DBA (Contractor)
Ishglo-One Corp - Frederick, MD - May 2012 to Present
Client: CarMax Inc.
Performs regular health checkup of production and test databases and performance of Oracle application
Installed Oracle 10g and 11g on Unix, Linux and Windows, applied patches; upgrade Oracle server and
application tools, maintained the software at the latest stable release level and tested and verified the
installed components.
Apply Oracle Critical Patch Update (CPU) patches on our databases every quarter.
Installed and configured RMAN to backup production databases.
Performs backup and recovery using RMAN, Flashback Technology and user managed backups.
Proactive Database tuning to keep hit ratios at a minimum standard guideline using STATSPACK and
AWR reports.
Performs Database tuning such as memory tuning, Application tuning using tools like TKPROF, EXPLAIN
Performs database physical and logical design and procedures for Production, Development, Q&A, Test and

1 to 10. Created databases and developed procedure to migrate and refresh databases between the development and production environments. Performed database design tasks such as enforcing referential integrity standards. stored procedures.0.4. packages.2. sequences. partitions. functions. backup and recovery. On-call database support. and refreshing Materialized Views as needed by the development team. validating constraints. triggers. Setup technical procedures and administrative policies for production. Used Oracle Transparent Data Encryption to encrypt tables and Tablespaces that contains PII data. create database tables and table dependencies such as indexes.0. test and development databases physical design. . Upgraded several databases from Oracle 10. Creating and managing LOBs. Installed and verified the database software on the database server. Creating Regular views.2-11. tuning.0. Planned. Supporting standby database and performs failover and switchover from primary to standby database when needed using TAF. materialized views etc. views.Training servers. Utilized Oracle 10g Data Pump IMPORT and EXPORT utilities to implement hot standby database (Data Guard) for production database setup and successfully performed active failover in the event of production failure.2. Performed various DBA Maintenance task such as rebuilding indexes. reorganizing tables using the move command. prepared and scheduled software installation.2. Allocated system storage and plan future storage requirements for the database systems. administration. maintenance.