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Skype: mattia.baruzzo

Current position
Doctoral student at the “Sapienza” University of Rome, at the third and last year of the Doctoral
school in Social and developmental psychology and educational research,
Curriculum in Psychology of interaction, communication and socialization,
under the supervision of Prof. Cristina Zucchermaglio and Dr. Francesca Alby.


Alby F., Zucchermaglio C., and Baruzzo M. (2015). Diagnostic Decision Making in Oncology:
Creating Shared Knowledge and Managing Complexity. Mind, Culture and Activity, 22 (1), 422. doi: 10.1080/10749039.2014.981642.


Zucchermaglio C., Alby F., and Baruzzo M. (2013). Repertori culturali nelle narrazioni di
malate oncologiche. Salute e Società, 1, 33-43. doi: 10.3280/SES2013-001004.


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oncology. Research on Language and Social Interaction


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2015). Diverse prospettive di oncologo e paziente: la co-costruzione di una comprensione
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Fatigante M., Alby F., Zucchermaglio C., and Baruzzo, M. (submitted, February, 2015). Managing information in oncologist-patient communication: explaining cancer in clear and uncertain scenarios. Patient Education and Counseling.


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Believe this Illness Makes People Stronger.” Social and Cultural Resources for Coping with
Cancer. Culture & Psychology.


Alby F., Baruzzo M., Fatigante M., e Zucchermaglio C., 2014. Problem setting and
treatment decisions in breast cancer consultations. 109th American Sociological Association
Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA, 16-19 agosto 2014.


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Zucchermaglio C., Alby F., Fatigante M., e Baruzzo M., 2013. Cosa considerare come
“malattia rilevante” nella fase di anamnesi? Le diverse prospettive di oncologo e
pazienti/familiari e lo sviluppo di una comprensione condivisa. XII Congresso Nazionale

07/2014 Visiting student at the Center for Language. University of Padua. Università di Padova. Data session. Sviluppo dell’Empowerment nelle Narrazioni delle Pazienti Oncologiche.. XI Congresso Nazionale della Sezione di Psicologia Sociale dell'AIP.. Education 04/2014 . Alby F. 2012. Baruzzo M. marks: 110 Cum Laude 09/2009 – 05/2010 Pre-Lauream internship and MSc thesis work. 8-10 11/2011. “Sapienza” University of Rome 2010 MSc in Experimental psychology and cognitive sciences. Decisional Practices in Medicine between Polyphonic Narratives and Small Talks. Department of Social and Developmental Psychology. Alby F. The communication of certainty and uncertainty: Linguistic. 5-7 luglio 2013 5) Baruzzo M. 3-5 ottobre 2012. Interaction. 2013. Lisbon Methodological schools “Conversation Analysis: A Training Workshop in Analyzing Data. Psychological. marks: 110/110 2008 BSc in Psychological.” Directed by Prof. Communication. Paul Drew and Prof. 4th International Conference on Conversation Analysis & Clinical Encounters.” Directed by Prof. Christian Heath. 26 settembre 2013.. UCLA 09/2011 . Inserito nel Simposio “Chi Controlla Chi? Un Confronto tra Teorie e Metodi per lo Studio del Potere-in-Interazione”. Università di Macerata. cognitive and psychobiological sciences. Philosophical aspects.. e Zucchermaglio C.della Sezione di Psicologia Sociale AIP. University of York. Interactional Aspects of Prescribing Medical Therapy in First Oncological Encounters. (2012) Voices of cancer patients: sharing narratives for facing chemotherapy. Inserito nel Panel “Doctor .07/2012 Professional internship at the Interaction and Culture Laboratory. University of Loughborough.Patient Interaction”. Conversation Conference. 4) Baruzzo M. Alexa Hepburn. Discourse. 21-23 settembre 2012. Erasmus Programme at ISPA. 2012. 6) Baruzzo M. 1-3 11/2013 “Workplace studies: video and the analysis of social interaction and materiality. 7) Zucchermaglio C. and Culture. Loughborough University. University of Trento. May 2015 Mattia Baruzzo . Università di Chieti. 20-23 marzo 2012...